Gaping babe toying her asshole and pussy

Gaping babe toying her asshole and pussy
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Author's Note, Part 2: As a thank you to loyal readers, I have uploaded a map of the island into the forum. Just search Map of the Island if you're interested. I'm trying to figure out a way to share non-nude pictures of the cast of characters without violating forum rules. Chapter 12 I came to with a splitting headache. I didn't know where I was. The waning light suggested at least a few minutes had gone by, but not hours. I seemed to be upright, but my arms were killing me and my shoulders were in agony.

I stumbled around, getting my legs under me and taking the pressure off my tortured upper extremities as I brought myself more or less erect.

My legs seemed to be tethered and were limited in their movements. My arms wouldn't move at all. I squinted upward and saw my wrists were bound with what looked like vines. I shook my head in confusion, bringing on waves of nausea. I might have a concussion, I thought. What the hell is going on? I soon found my legs were bound, as well. I seemed to be tied up, naked and spread-eagled, between two trees.

I felt something in my mouth, and realized some type of fabric was jammed in my mouth. I tried to spit it out, but had no success. I tried yelling for help, but muffled groans were all I could produce. "He's awake," I heard a voice say off to my left. I tried to turn my head to see who it was, but couldn't get my head around far enough.

"Fucking pervert," said the voice, dripping venom. A white hot pain across my ass caused me to scream into the gag in my mouth and brought tears to my eyes. "When will Mary get here?" the voice said. "A few more minutes," another one said. "I told Toni to run." I groaned again. What the fuck was going on? Were there more terrorists on the island?

That seemed farfetched. Finally, I at least found out who my captors were. Stepping into view all around me came 6 teenage girls. They all wore fierce expressions and some variety of lower body covering. Some had bathing suits, some underwear, some UnderArmor.

One wore a leather skirt. All were topless. Two had knives strapped to their hips. Several were holding spears, and all of them had what looked like war paint covering their faces and chests. I finally realized I was looking at the field hockey team. Had they gone feral? Maybe the whole hunting thing had gone to their heads. They looked like something out of a pornographic version of Lord of the Flies.

The one who had been talking was Alexis, I recalled. She was a tall, statuesque blond of probably 18. Her hair was in a long braid down her back. She wore black runderwear bottoms, leaving her firm B-cup breasts bare. She had on some sort of athletic sandals.

Her torso was painted in swirls of black, spirals and zigzags that circled her boobs and trailed onto her back. Stripes of black and red covered her face. She looked like some terrifying nightmare of an Amazon warrior, and I guess that was the point.

These girls apparently took their hunting duties seriously. I tried to say something to her through the gag, to plead for her to let me go, but incomprehensible sounds were all that I managed. I shook my hands in their ties, but I was held fast. I got another whack in the ass with a spear for my troubles, and I realized why caning is such an effective punishment in Singapore. It hurts like hell! "Shut up you filthy pervert!" growled the girl next to Alexis.

Hannah was her name, and I recalled she was the co-captain. She was a petite redhead, with fair skin, now marred by multicolored swirls of paint. Where the fuck did they get body paint?

Did they travel with it? Then again, maybe it was just repurposed makeup. She sported the leather skirt, and nothing else but sneakers. Her full breasts hung heavily on her chest, the pale pink nipples rather small for the size of the tits.

Despite her small stature, she looked even more intimidating than Alexis, partly because of the scowl disfiguring her otherwise cute face, and partly because she was brandishing the spear that had now struck me twice. Sara and Nina were both about 5' 8", black haired and olive complected. Sara's hair was straight, and Nina's curly.

They both wore bikini bottoms and sneakers, and were covered in the obligatory body paint. I guessed Sara to be Iranian and thought perhaps Nina might have been of Jewish descent.

Sara had a huge knife strapped to her hip, while Nina held another spear. They had their arms draped over one another's shoulders, and their bare breasts rubbed against each other entrancingly, catching my eye despite my predicament. The lone black girl was Samantha, I remembered. She was tall like Alexis, probably 5' 10". She had a wild mass of tight curls springing from her head.

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Her C-cup breasts sat high on her chest, and were encircled by rings of red paint. Between the bare breasts, the paint, and her spear, she looked like she had walked out of a National Geographic story. The bright red panties she wore over her generous ass spoiled the effect somewhat, however. Two more blond girls had sat down off to the side and seemed to be sharpening a bamboo pole into another spear.

I could only hope it wasn't meant to be used on me in some terrible ritual. The last girl was Emily, I remembered. She was the youngest, and had minimal paint on her. She wore black shorts, and her long light brown hair fell over her shoulders, nearly covering her small, pointy breasts. She was the only one not holding a weapon, and also seemed to be the only one not enjoying my captivity. She looked nervous and out of sorts, and kept glancing at Alexis, perhaps for guidance.

Despite my circumstances, I was still surrounded by a lot of very attractive female flesh, and my dick was waving in the breeze in front of them. I didn't quite have an erection, but it wasn't flaccid anymore. Samantha noticed and her dark face broke into a smile.

"Hey, look!" she said to the others. "He's getting a boner!" "God, he really is a sicko. He must not be able to control himself," said Sara. "You're not molesting us, you pig!" she spat out, her lovely face contorted in anger. "We have ways of dealing with your kind. God, some men are so disgusting!" What did I do to piss these girls off?

I wondered. I wished I could ask them, but the gag prevented me from any communication. Samantha strode over and grabbed my dangling meat, pulling on it none too gently.

She laughed as it began to enlarge in her hand. "You want to use this on me, huh?" she asked. "I don't have much use for it, I'm afraid. You see, we prefer the company of women. We only occasionally bring boys in the group, and when we do they do exactly as we tell them.

You're not dealing with helpless children now, buddy." She let go of my now rigid prick, and slapped it painfully with her hand. I shouted into the gag once more, suddenly getting a bad feeling where all this was going. "Hey girls! Come on over. It looks like we've tamed this snake. It seems pretty helpless. We can do whatever we want with it.

I think it's time the girls molested the guy." They crowded around me, poking and prodding my dick gleefully. Someone pinched the head painfully. Another girl grabbed ahold of my nuts and squeezed, but fortunately stopped just short of crushing them and making me puke into the gag.

I heard one girl asking another, "Have you seen a penis this big before? I haven't. It's kind of exciting, don't you think?" Sara and Nina took turns spanking me, all the while kissing each other, obviously aroused by the situation. My head was in a whirl, the combination of naked, young breasts all around me, a mixture of painful and pleasurable stimuli to my genitals, and my complete exposure in front of these girls was way outside of my experience. My body didn't know whether to be turned on or terrified.

I ended up a little of both, with tremors wracking my body but my cock standing at full attention. When one slim finger inserted itself up my ass, I groaned and closed my eyes.

Some part of me was actually beginning to like this, as sick as that seemed. My eyes flew open as a new voice spoke up. "What's going on here? What are you doing to Dr. Connor?" It was Mary, one of the coaches. She and another young girl, this one a lovely Italian-looking beauty, were standing breathless in the clearing. It looked like they had run all the way here.

Alexis answered her. "Toni caught him molesting two girls. She ran and told me, and I went back and found him by the stream. They must have gotten away, because he was by himself when I got there. I knocked him out and we dragged him to our camp. We tied him up, figuring we would teach him a lesson. I sent Toni to get you, so we could figure out what to do with the pervert." Mary eyed me speculatively. "I'm not sure what to think," she said.

"Remember, he saved Danielle's life, and has helped a lot of people. I find it hard to picture him as a child molester. Maybe we should get his side of the story." "I know what I saw, Mary," said Toni angrily. "He was making these poor girls go down on him, just like that football player did to me." She was near tears. "I believe you honey," Mary said, wrapping her arms around the distressed girl, "but maybe there's more to the story.

I think we should ask him"." She removed my gag, leaving me tied between the two trees. She eyed my boner, still jauntily poking out, with a wry expression. "I'm not sure what kind of lesson they were teaching you, but it looks like you weren't suffering too much. All right, buster, talk." The girls gathered round, waiting to hear what I had to say. I thought hard, as it seemed my fate depended on convincing this tribe of modern-day Amazons that I was an OK guy.

"I'll admit, I had a sexual encounter with those girls," I began. "Toni didn't imagine it. " Angry mutters rumbled through the gallery, like some courtroom drama. "I told you so!" Toni said defensively. "But I didn't force them to do anything. If anything it was the other way around." Mary's eyebrow raised. "You mean you were molested by two young girls?" "No, I mean it wasn't my idea.

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They caught me sleeping in the nude and started fondling me. When I woke up they asked me to show them what to do with boys. Well, not asked, insisted. I confess they had some leverage on me they used to get their way.

I'm not going to go into that with you, but they were very persuasive. I will admit it didn't take much for me to become a willing participant." I saw the hostile, incredulous looks the girls were giving me, and chose my next words carefully. "Look, I have one weakness in my life, and that's the female body.

I love women and girls. I love everything about them.

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I love the way they laugh. I love the way they whisper to each other. A giggle, a smile, a wistful expression. The way they play with their hair. They drive me crazy. When they are sad, I want to comfort them. When they are happy I want to laugh with them. And always, I want to pleasure them. To join my body with theirs and create joy. I love they way women look, sound, smell, feel, and taste. And I will confess that it's not just grown women.

Girls are even more precious. They are so innocent and trusting, and their emotions are so genuine. I find them the most wonderful creatures on the planet. And yes, I'm physically attracted to them. But I would never hurt them or make them do anything they don't want to do. I control myself and have always adhered to the rules of society. "But something about this island has changed that. I feel like we are making our own society here. We've been through so much hardship and horror, we should make one another feel good.

If I can make a girl smile, or a woman feel good, or anyone enjoy their body to its fullest, how can that be wrong? "I look around and see you are a tight bunch. You obviously care for each other and look out for each other.

In fact, that's almost as much of a turn-on as your beauty. But think about this: you aren't adhering to the old rules either. I can tell that most of you are lovers, and that means underage lesbian sex. And Samantha told me you make boys do what you want, and I don't think she meant serving you tea and crumpets. I suspect she meant bondage and discipline, which means physical restraint and mild torture. Not exactly kosher, according to our old society." Some of the girls had the grace to look a little abashed, but I could tell I hadn't convinced all of them.

I turned to Mary again. "And finally, I am assuming that you have probably participated in sexual activity with some of these girls. According to the law, that's no less wrong than what I did with those girls. Personally, it doesn't bother me. The law doesn't always equal what's right and wrong.

Everyone here obviously trusts you and to me that indicates you are not hurting them. But if you are going to judge me by those old standards, you have to judge yourself by those same standards." I turned to Toni. "I don't know what happened to you, but it sounds terrible.

Anyone who turns sex into coercion deserves whatever punishment you can devise for them. But I am not like that. I can promise you, if I ever had the chance to show you how good it could be between a man and a woman, I would change your mind about men. Physical intimacy should be about mutual consent, not force. As much as women can do for each other, there are some things only a man can do.

That's the whole focus of my life: making women feel good to the best of my ability. Give me a chance to prove that to you." "A nice speech," Mary said, "but that's just words.

Maybe you do deserve a chance to show us you can be good to women. It would have to be on our terms. Danielle and I have worked hard to create a safe environment for girls who like other girls. We don't hate men; we just never want to be controlled by them. You are right, we do have sexual relations with each other, and it is all consensual. If you are to be given a chance to please us, we have to remain in control.

In fact, I think that's probably a good test of your sincerity: most sexual predators can't get it up if they are not in control of the situation. They have to dominate women. If you can service us according to our instructions, with no power of your own, that would go a long way to convincing us you aren't a molester." "I'll do whatever you want me to," I said sincerely. "You tell me how I can serve you." This was a little weird for me.

Honestly, I usually was the one in control, but mainly because I was driven to please women, not because I wanted to dominate them. If they wanted to hold the reins, I was OK with that. "Samantha, why don't you start," Mary said. "You always liked getting the boys ready and showing them who's in charge. Now you have a grown man here you can do whatever you want with." "With pleasure!" the dark vixen said with an evil grin.

"I think we'll leave you tied up for now, until we're sure you follow commands well." She sauntered over to me, her hips rolling seductively within the red panties, and her large breasts jiggling with each step. Her nipples were now stiff with anticipation as she planned her attack.

She held up her sharp nails for me to see, then reached for my groin with them. I cringed, expecting a vicious clawing, but instead she surprised me by gently raking the nails up my scrotum, and then the length of my shaft. My dick, which had wilted somewhat as I pled my case, instantly sprang to life and a hiss of pleasure escaped my lips.

"Someone's ready to please, I see," she said mockingly. She gripped my bare penis with one hand, and with the other began running a fingernail around the engorged head. At one point she dipped the sharp tip into my pee hole, bringing a sharp yelp from me.

"Let's see how this big meat of yours tastes." She abruptly knelt in front of me and slurped my dick into her mouth. I groaned, and several of the girls chuckled. "You better hope she doesn't bite it off, mister!" Hannah taunted. But Samantha seemed to be only interested in driving me wild with pleasure, not pain.

Her tongue was swirling around my dickhead as she bobbed her head up and down, twisting her hand and sliding it up and down the shaft in counterpoint to her talented mouth. "Oh, Jesus!" I moaned. "Don't stop. That's wonderful!" The sensations immediately ceased as she pulled her mouth from my peter, and were replaced by pain as she tightened her grip on my nuts, using her nails to inflict more pain.

I cried out involuntarily, shocked by the sudden turnaround. "You don't give the orders here!" she said angrily.

"This is all about the girl's pleasure, remember?" "Yes, yes!" I said desperately. "I'm sorry. I was just encouraging you, not telling you what to do. I'm at your mercy." I closed my eyes and waited. "That's better," she said, mollified. "Remember who's in charge here. You want pleasure and not pain? You have to beg for it." "You tell him, Samantha!" yelled Toni.

My eyes opened. She still seemed pretty angry, but many of the other girls were getting aroused by the show, and I saw a few hands touching breasts and slipping down panties, sometimes not even those belonging to the owner of that particular hand.

"Whatever you want me to do, just tell me," I said quietly, my eyes closing again in submission. "Beg me for pleasure," she instructed. "You can call me Mistress Samantha." "I love what you're doing, Mistress Samantha. You're too good to me; I don't deserve it. But if it's your desire, please continue. My life is in your hands." Maybe that was going a little too far, but I figured they wanted to be in control, and I was happy to do whatever they wanted at this point.

Gentle stroking resumed. "That's better," she purred. "But what can you offer me in return for the pleasure I give you?" "I can bring you to ecstasy, Mistress. I can be your sex slave and do whatever your body needs.

Just tell me what you like." She placed her full lips back around my cock, resuming her ministrations as she considered my offer. She pulled my foreskin up over the tip of my erection with her gripping hand, and slipped her tongue into the space between the loose tissue and my swollen glans. Circling slowly, her tongue was bringing me close to orgasm. The fact that there was an audience of half-naked teen girls watching me was intensely arousing, and hastened my approaching climax.

Just when it was getting good, she stopped and stood up. I opened my eyes and found her dark ones staring at me. "You haven't earned release yet, slave," she said with a grin. "You have a lot of work to do to please us first. We're just showing you who's boss." She walked away, leaving my twitching cock poking out into space, the sensation of rising pressure in my balls slowly dissipating.

I knew better than to beg for her to continue, I would just have to be patient and do what they said. Alexis and Hannah came next, holding hands and smiling at each other. In tandem, they each began kissing my cheeks. Their cool hands caressed my buttocks as their kisses moved southward. In seconds they were licking my nipples, pausing every few moments to kiss each other passionately.

Alexis began tickling the skin of my nutsack, her erect nipples rubbing against my leg as she knelt down. Hannah meanwhile started rubbing her crotch up and down my leg, using me like a stripper pole. Soon the aroma of overheated pussy made its way into my nose. "Time to get naked, O my captain!" Hannah sang sweetly. "Right behind you, co-captain," Alexis replied. The two sultry teens shimmied out of their remaining clothes, presenting their gorgeous bodies to me.

Hannah's pubes were an untrimmed bush of fiery orange, while Alexis sported a thin strip of fuzz, well-trimmed and golden blonde. Hannah resumed her gyrations, her now bare pussy leaving trails of glistening juice on my leg as she humped me, her fluffy pubic mound tickling my skin.

Her bright pink inner labia rolled back and forth against my thigh as she ground against me. I resisted turning my body towards her, as much as my dick was begging to try, since I knew that was against the rules. I would take what they gave me, no more. Alexis was now jerking my johnson aggressively, fondling my balls with her other hand as her fingers flew over my swollen flesh. She must have sensed I was getting close to the edge, for she quickly pinched my dickhead in a painful grip, derailing my approaching orgasm and making me moan loudly.

This wonderful, terrible cycle went on and on, with her bringing me to the brink, then shutting me down, for many long minutes. During her sweet torture session I had been dimly aware of Hannah leaving my side. She soon returned with something in her hands. She stood behind me, and I strained to see what she was doing.


She quickly taught me the error of my ways, slapping my ass with a resounding CRACK! and bringing giggles to the spectators. "Uh-uh!

No peeking," she sang out. "It's a surprise!" I turned back to the ring of girls in front of me, several of whom were now stark naked, but not Emily. She no longer looked scared, however, and wore a hungry expression as she stared at Alexis's hands on my cock. The rest of the girls were engaged in activities ranging from passionate kissing to fondling each other to aggressively masturbating in the case of the two blond girls.

All were avidly focused on the scene in front of them. Mary was still clothed, her arms crossed as she leaned up against a tree. A small smile twitched her lips as her protégés went about their work. Hannah seemed to be done with whatever preparations she had begun, and stepped up close behind me.

"I'm about to take control here," she whispered to me. "Let's see you take it like a man." I shivered apprehensively, not knowing what was coming, but both dreading and desiring it. "Missy, get your fingers out of your cunt and bring me the oil and that log." One of the blond girls grabbed a bottle and a chunk of wood and walked behind me.

Hannah apparently stepped up on the wood, raising her height to the same level as mine. "Are you going to be a good boy?" she whispered seductively in my ear. "Yes Mistress Hannah," I replied breathlessly. Soon the feeling of cold liquid squirting onto my anus galvanized me. Whoa! What was going on here? Hannah's small hand began rubbing my butt in a circular motion, smearing thick oil around and into my asshole. A slim finger began gently pushing its way into me, tickling the sensitive tissue and prompting me to push outward, opening the muscle to the questing digit.

Soon she had it buried to the knuckle, massaging my prostate and nearly causing me to shoot my load into Alexis's hair.

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Expert that she was, the tall blonde painfully twisted my foreskin, shutting down yet another climax while Hannah lubed up my Hershey highway. The finger retreated, and I felt a cold plastic object pressed against my bunghole. "Here comes the choo-choo!" she said gaily. "Baby better open wide or it will hurt." I instinctively bore down, gaping my anus as wide as I could. A thick, hard rod plunged into my ass, making me bellow in surprise more than pain.

The girls laughed, and Nina called out, "Fuck him good, Hannah! Work that strap-on!" I had had girlfriends and lovers provide a little anal stimulation from time to time, but I had never experienced this sensation before.

The plastic penis embedded in my ass pistoned in and out, stretching my rectum with each thrust. It was an intense feeling, not exactly painful, but uncomfortable in an erotic way. Hannah put her arms around me and I felt her soft breasts, with their rigid little nipples, pressed against my back as she humped me from the rear.

Alexis sucked my long-suffering cock into her mouth, and each thrust of Hannah's drove my dick into her mouth, doubling the sensations coursing through my nether regions. I wasn't going to last long under this kind of sensory overload, and soon I could feel the cum rising in my tortured peter. With her impeccable timing, Alexis disengaged just before I could spew my load, and Hannah quickly withdrew the dong from my ass as well.

This left my dick straining and twitching, dribbles of semen leaking from the end in an aborted orgasm. I almost cried in frustration as the girls all cheered. "Spoiled!" chanted Toni, delighting in my suffering. Jesus! These girls were good.

I thought my head might explode if they kept this up much longer. "All right," said Alexis. "Let's cut him down and see what he can do for us now that he knows we're in control.

Is that what you want, slave?" "Yes Mistress!" I gasped. "I want to pleasure you! Give me a chance." Anything to end this torment! "Leave his legs tied so he can't escape," she ordered. "Just free his hands." The two blondes did as she asked, laying me on my back with my legs still spread and my now purple boner pointing up into the air, dribbles of cum pooling on my scrotum. "Who's next?" Alexis called out. "We are!" shouted Sara and Nina, striding over to me.

I looked up at them as they stood over me. Sara was an exotic looking beauty with olive skin, dark eyes, and straight black hair. Her modest sized tits were perfect teardrop shapes, the nipples large and erect, pointing upward the way only a young woman's nipples can. She slowly slid off her midnight blue bikini bottoms, revealing plump brown labia devoid of any hair. They gleamed wetly with her juices, the inner lips engorged and dangling down heavily between them.

Nina had shucked off her yellow bottoms as well, uncovering her thick black bush, shaven into a pubic Mohawk. Her small but firm breasts were tipped with light tan nipples perched in the centers of generous areolae. They rose and fell quickly as she panted in her excitement. Sara knelt over my face, her knees on either side of my head. Her musky pussy was hovering just over my nose, and I could smell her powerful aroma as she held open her cunt for me.

"Do you want to lick it?" she asked in a low voice. "Do you want to taste my cunny? Do you want to stick your tongue deep in my crack, huh?" She punctuated each phrase by stroking her fingers up and down her snatch, smearing her honey all over her skin and making me salivate with desire. I nodded cautiously, afraid to talk. "Too bad!" she said cruelly. "You don't get that privilege yet. But maybe if you suck our titties well, we'll let you touch us down there." "Yes Mistress," I croaked.

The two girls bent over me, Nina's left and Sara's right breast dangling over my lips. I reached up gently and began caressing the dusky globes as they swung alluringly above me. I stroked them from the nipples to the sensitive skin of their armpits, raising goosebumps on the soft flesh. Finally, I pulled Sara's breast to my mouth, touching the tip of my tongue to the little dimple in the center of her nipple.

She sighed and closed her eyes. I continued to fondle Nina's boob as I slurped her friend's tit into my mouth hungrily, working my tongue around the tender nipple, occasionally nibbling it to increase her pleasure. I finally disengaged, blowing for a moment on her wet nipple and causing her to gasp in pleasure as I turned my attention to Nina.

Nina's nipple was smaller and softer, but quickly reached diamond-hardness as I sucked it lustily. I bit down gently behind it, stretching the areola into my mouth with firm suction and rapidly flicking the tip with my tongue. "Oh, yes!" she groaned. "That's very good, slave." I turned my head slightly and worked both breasts into my mouth at once, slurping loudly as I hoovered the jiggling jugs deep between my lips.

I massaged the tits where they met the chests of the two girls, pulling more blood into their mammaries and engorging the tips further. I began rubbing the two nipples together in my mouth, my tongue bathing them in warm saliva as I caressed each tender bud in turn.

The girls were now both gasping, and I heard sounds to suggest they were Frenching each other aggressively as I worked over their tight melons. "Rub our pussies!" Nina commanded, and I quickly obeyed, letting go of the succulent tit flesh in order to begin caressing their sopping slits. I tickled Sara's dangling meat curtains for a while, sliding the thickwet folds between my fingers, while plunging my other hand as deep into Nina's cunt as I could.

With two digits in her dripping snatch, I began to finger fuck her hard, drawing yelps of pleasure from the aroused teen.

I continued working their boobs with my mouth, switching from girl to girl periodically. I alternated between biting and sucking, just to keep the sensations fresh and unpredictable. I dragged my fingers through Sara's snatch, bringing a load of thick cream to her pert little asshole. Lubing her up with her own secretions, I slipped a finger inside, while my thumb probed the depths of her vagina.

She stopped kissing Nina long enough to cry out as I caressed the thin layer of tissue between her twin tunnels. Finally, I pulled out of their warm canals in order to begin frantically rubbing the erect buds at the top of their slippery folds.

As their hoarse cries became louder and wilder, I bit down hard on each breast in turn, chewing the tender flesh almost hard enough to break the skin, and sending each girl into a shuddering climax.

They collapsed on either side of me, breathing heavily, as the audience of girls around me began clapping and cheering. "Not bad, Doc," Mary said approvingly. "Maybe you're telling the truth after all." "Please, let me do one more thing," I begged. I looked at Toni. "I gather you were hurt by a boy once. He forced you to pleasure him without thinking of you at all.

Let me make up for it. Let me pleasure you. I volunteer to give you ecstasy and I ask for nothing in return, just the chance to change your mind about men." The Italian beauty's eyes were filled with pain as she relived the terrible memory that scarred her. Tears dripped from her dark eyes as she looked to Mary for guidance.

"Go ahead, honey," her coach encouraged. "Maybe it will be good for you. He can't hurt you; we're in control here." She hesitantly walked over to stand over me. She slipped off the running shorts she wore, tugging them over the curve of her full hips. She couldn't have been more than 16, but had a lush, womanly figure. Her legs were long and muscular, flaring into a heart-shaped ass that was simply stunning. This was revealed to me as she turned to toss her undies off to the side.

Her flat belly was smooth and well muscled, and her lovely, high breasts—full B-cups—were tipped by small brown areolae with fat nipples in their centers. Her tits were so firm they barely wiggled as she moved, jutting outward proudly in defiance of gravity. She sniffled as she approached, and looked back at the ring of friends around her.

They began encouraging her with calls of "Make him yours, Toni!" and "Take back control!" Sara gave her a hug and Nina a kiss on the cheek as the two stepped away, leaving the girl on her own. She knelt beside me, staring at my throbbing erection. Realizing what this represented to her, I said softly. "Don't worry about that, my beautiful Mistress. My release can wait.

I'm here for your pleasure. What would you like me to do for you?" Silently she looked into my eyes, biting her lip. Then, in answer, slowly straddled my face. "Eat me," she whispered.

I stared at the lovely sight in front of me. Toni's snatch was a lightly furred wonder. Coarse, wavy, dark brown hairs stood in a tight triangle on the flawless skin of her mons.

A few strands grew on the puffy labia beneath, but they were largely hairless and smooth, the skin a shade darker than the light olive complexion of the rest of her. Her inner lips were barely visible between the soft bulges on either side, and were a darker shade still, almost brown.

Unlike the other girls, I could see no dampness nor smell any sign of arousal: she was frightened. I looked upward once more into her eyes and smiled.

"I promise I will make you happy." I planted a soft, slow kiss on her fur patch, inhaling the gentle scent of her. I kissed my way down one labe and up the other, lightly blowing my warm breath along her snatch.

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She was shivering violently, and I reached up to softy rub her lower back, trying to relax her. I slid my hands down to her downy young buttocks, and kneaded the firm flesh like dough.

I started nibbling her labia now, gently taking the skin between my teeth, first one side then the other. Her shivering seemed to be abating, finally, and I could feel some of the tension leaving the muscular legs clamped against my ears. I gently slid my hands down the underside of her ass cheeks, tickling the few hairs near her asshole.

The perfume of her pussy was getting more noticeable now, and she was starting to breathe heavily instead of panting with anxiety. I licked her little slit slowly from bottom to top, then back down again.

Her taste was tangy and sour, with a little hint of the rich organic flavor of pheromones. I knew as she began to lubricate she would become sweeter. Licking faster and faster, I began painting her lips with my saliva, warming and wetting her young snatch with both my mouth and with her own secretions as they began to flow. I finally got a response from her as she began to moan softly.

Now that she was ready, I brought my hands around to the front and carefully pulled apart her pussy lips, exposing the glistening brown inner labia. I continued my tongue bath of her nether regions, working my way from her clitoral hood to her anus, flicking my tongue across the little brown rosebud and drawing a gasp from the now horny girl. I probed her gash with my tongue, plumbing her depths and experiencing all of her delicious flavors: the salt of her sweat on the skin between her inner and outer lips, the sour taste of urine from her pee hole, the bitterness of her asshole, and the rich, sweet musk now flowing from her tight vagina.

Toni now wrapped her hands in my hair and began rocking involuntarily. She was now groaning, "Yes! Yes!" continuously, and I peeked up through the tangle of her bush to watch those pointy tits jiggle back and forth with her motion. She really was a lovely young beauty, and I was glad I could help her see sex as enjoyable again. I slipped my tongue deep into her vagina, and was surprised to feel the tight ring of her hymen, still intact.

I guess the football player had stopped short of raping her, and for that I was grateful. At least she hadn't experienced the worst that men can do.

I plunged my tongue in and out of her love tunnel, lapping up her sweet nectar and bringing her closer and closer to climax. The sensation of the coral pink ridges of her vaginal walls rubbing across my tongue was exquisite, and I took my time exploring her depths.

Finally I attacked her inner labia, sucking them into my mouth and pulling on them first with my lips, then more aggressively with my teeth. I worked my way toward the more sensitive tissues at the top of her cunt, causing her to moan louder and pull my hair unconsciously.

Finally I reached her little clit hood, and using my thumbs slid it back revealing a remarkable sight. Her clit was huge for her age, jutting out pinkly at least ¾ of an inch, lightly glazed with white discharge from her now dripping pussy.

I gently tickled her little erection with the tip of my tongue, bringing her to heights of arousal she had never known. Her moans were now almost barks of pleasure, erupting from her mouth loudly and prompting her friends to cheer her on.

I peered up through the jungle of her pubes to see her now squeezing and pinching her nipples, the firm little cones of her stiff peaks taking a beating as she twisted them savagely. At last I slurped the entire clitoris into my mouth, savoring the salty treasure by rolling it on my tongue and gently caressing its substantial length with my lips. Applying suction, I pulled more blood into the already swollen tissue, engorging it further and bringing a small scream to her lips.

I brought my thumbs in from either side, applying pressure to the deeper, hidden base of her sexual core, while aggressively rubbing the flat of my tongue up and down across the sensitive tissue. Wet, flapping noises emanated from the place where our bodies joined, and I worked her fat clit as hard as I could with my now aching tongue.

Toni let loose with a howl as she reached orgasm, and her body shook with spasms as spurt after spurt of her juices drenched my face. I kept up the frantic pace of my tongue-lashing until she collapsed on the ground next to me.

I untangled the remaining hand from my hair, bringing it to my lips and kissing her palm. I held it gently as she came down from her peak, listening to the cheers and catcalls emanating from our audience. The only thing marring the moment was the agony emanating from my poor, neglected hard-on, which was dying for release.

God, I hope I passed my test, I thought. I can't last much longer. Ignoring the crowd around us, I asked Toni.

"Did you like it? Did I make you feel good?" Yes," she said softly, tears again filling her eyes. "That was nice. I never knew it could be so good with a boy. Thank you." "It was my pleasure," I said with a smile, wiping the teardrops from her cheeks.

She jumped up and ran to Mary, who hugged her tightly and kissed her forehead. Mary turned to me with a smile and said, "Not bad, Dave. That may have been some honest-to-God sexual healing. I think you have passed your test. Now we have one more task for you, which is also your reward for good service." She motioned Emily over and they both stood over me.

The 15 year-old looked terrified but determined. "We have a tradition on the team," Mary continued. "When a new girl joins, she has to 'take' a male, usually a boy, but you'll do. Even though as you figured out most of us prefer feminine companionship, we require every girl to have sex with a boy at least once so she they can make up her own mind if she wants to stick to just girls or wants to include boys as partners.

We had planned on her initiation being I Korea, but I think now is a perfect time. There are two small issues.

First, Emily here is still a virgin, like a lot of our girls when they join. Second, she's on her period right now. You said you like everything about women's bodies, here's your chance to prove it once and for all.

Once she has her climax, you can have yours, too. She's in charge though, your hands will be restrained again so you're not tempted to help." As Sara and Nina retied my wrists, leaving me spread-eagled on the ground, Mary gave the young woman a pep talk. The rest of the girls gathered around me, staring avidly at my naked body, which was on display for them. I checked out Emily as conflicting thoughts whirled through my brain. She was a beautiful girl, with a slender figure, small hips still encased in her black shorts, long, coltish legs, and a narrow torso topped by firm little conical tits, just larger than A-cups.

Her nipples were rosy pink nubs set on slightly darker pink, puffy areolae of maybe an inch across. They made secondary mounds on her breasts so pronounced that her breasts were almost pear-shaped. What a succulent dish, and she hasn't even taken her pants off! On the other hand, I had never eaten out a menstruating woman. Most of my girlfriends in the past would have been horrified at the idea, had I ever even thought to have asked. What if I couldn't stomach it?

I mean, I was up to my elbows in blood on a daily basis, and I had tasted my own before, sucking on a cut finger or two, but this seemed like a different order of magnitude. On the third hand (I must have unusual anatomy), I crave new experiences, especially sexual ones. This would definitely expand my horizons.

Emily finally approached and slid off her shorts, blushing, giving me a wonderful view of her virgin snatch. Like a lot of girls these days, she shaved her pussy, but I guess it had been a few days, since she had a short, uniform growth of light brown stubble on her lovely mound.

Her labia were creamy white within her pronounced tan lines, and the inner lips separated them slightly for their entire length, peeping out of her gash as twin pink strips of tissue, meeting at the top in an inverted Y marking her clitoral hood. The little meaty mound in the middle was a slightly deeper pink, and seemed to be smiling at me. I was definitely pleased to make its acquaintance, and lust was definitely winning out over caution. A white string hanging out of the lower reaches of her cunt demonstrated the presence of a tampon.

She knelt over my face just as Toni had done.

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Her pussy lips parted slightly in this position, splaying open like a pink butterfly. The little string tickled my lips. "You have to pull it out with your teeth," she said, "and get me ready so I come before you do." I looked up into her green eyes with concern, her lovely young face framed by her long hair. "I hope this doesn't hurt you too much, I'm not exactly the smallest guy, and with you being a virgin&hellip." "I've been practicing for a while with a vibrator," she replied.

"I don't think it will be too bad. Go ahead, I'm nervous enough so let's get this done." I gripped the string in my teeth, and turned my head to pull on it. The bloody plug slowly emerged from her vagina, the tight pink walls clinging to it as it emerged. Finally it plopped wetly on my cheek and fell to the ground. Our audience cheered. I could smell her quim now, the usually salty tang now modified by a heavy, rich odor, somehow powerful and organic.

It only slightly resembled the smell of blood I was used to. Instead of the usual dewdrops of juice I was used to seeing, a thin rim of red outlined her open canal, which slowly descended toward my mouth as she settled closer to me. I went for broke, sticking out my tongue and impaling her with it as she landed on my face.

The taste was certainly different. The usual taste of pussy was there, as well as the coppery tang of blood, but the overwhelming, hormonal smell was reflected in an almost meaty flavor of her discharge. I began lapping at her pink slit, rolling her fluids around my mouth like I was tasting a fine wine.

I decided I liked it, but maybe not as much as a clean pussy nicely turned on and dripping honey. Regardless, I had a hot girl's cunt in my mouth, bloody or not, and that was my favorite position to be in. I wasn't sure Emily had ever had a tongue in her snatch before, boy or girl, but she reacted as if it were a new experience, moaning, gasping and writhing around on my face as I licked up and down her slit, applying more and more pressure to those tender inner labia.

I sucked her erect little clitty into my mouth, suckling on it like a nipple for a while, causing loud squeals to emanate from the teen. Her pussy stubble scratched my face lightly as she rode my face, just as my beard stubble must have been prickling her soft labia. She began rocking back and forth faster and faster, grinding her wet and bleeding cunt into my face aggressively. I could barely breathe as she bore down on me, trying to increase the friction to her sensitive tissues, but I gamely kept working her snatch with my aching tongue.

Finally, shivering, she stopped. "I think I'm ready," she said, pulling her sopping cunny off my face. She repositioned herself, and someone kindly wiped the blood off my face with a shirt. Someone else, not so kindly, grabbed my dripping cock and pinched it viciously, at the same time squeezing my nuts and twisting my sack until her nails were stabbing the tender skin. "FUCK!" I bellowed. "What the hell was that for?" "You looked like you weren't going to last very long," Samantha whispered in my ear.

"I had to make sure Emily had time to come. Sorry, sugar." She kissed my cheek, licking the remnants of Emily's pussy leavings off my face with her pink tongue. Emily looked stricken. "I'm sorry, I didn't know she was going to do that to you." "That's OK," I managed, the pain receding. "She was probably right. I was ready to unload any minute.

Now we'll have a little more time." In truth, my cock was already recovering, anticipating the tight embrace of her virginal hole. Emily positioned her dripping gash over my groin, holding my mostly erect penis upright beneath her. A little crease formed between her eyebrows as a determined expression formed on her face.

"Ready, Em?" I asked her with a smile. "Ready Dave," she replied, a small smile relaxing her features slightly. "Let's do this!" And with that she dropped down on me, impaling herself on my re-stiffening boner in one abrupt move. A velvet vise clamped down on my prick as I pierced her slim hole, tearing apart the remnants of her hymen.

God, she was tight! "Oweeeeee!" she cried, "That hurts!" A pained expression marred her cute face, but she held back tears. We remained motionless for a minute as she adjusted to the sensation, her pussy twitching slightly on my now rigid cock. "Relax, if you can," I told her. "Tightening up will only make it worse." I felt the tension slowly leave her body as she breathed herself into a more relaxed state. Catcalls began erupting all around us.

"Take him, Emmy!" "Push through the pain!" "Ride that prick, baby! You can do it!" She began a gentle rocking motion, a slight smile on her lips as she realized this might feel good after all. Her succulent little titties began jiggling hypnotically above me, and I watched them my mouth watering. "Make him suck your tits!" one of the girls called out helpfully, as if reading my mind. Yes, I thought, excellent advice.

She complied, leaning forward until one puffy nipple grazed my lips. I opened wide and traced the pillowy softness of her areola with my tongue, before sucking the pink marshmallow into my mouth.

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Emily let out a gentle "Oooh!" as I began suckling her, mashing that squishy little nipple against the roof of my mouth with my tongue. That lovely, fat peak was like a stress ball for my mouth, just the right size to roll around on my tongue, savoring the spongy pink teat.

The hot young virgin had returned to full arousal by now, the memory of our painful first joining now fading in the face of the pleasurable sensations rocking her tight body. She grunted with each thrust of her pelvis as she ground her erect clit against my pubis, bringing herself closer to climax. She shifted enough to pop the one boob out of my mouth, replacing it with the other, so it could get some loving, too.

I leapt at the chance, slurping the fat, pink point into my mouth happily and gently biting it, bringing a gasp to her lips. She was now moaning almost continuously, furiously sliding her soaking wet snatch up and down my flesh pole as fast as she could.

I was getting pretty close to losing my shit, so I hoped she would come soon; I didn't want to let her down. I began stretching the nipple with my teeth, increasing the stimulation for her tender tit, while flicking the tip of my tongue over the erect nub at the same time.

Her gasps had now progressed to hoarse cries, and her pussy flew up and down my cock at a frantic pace. Something about her having her period made the sensations different on my cock; I could feel every fold and ridge of her love tunnel caress my aching penis. I seemed like there was more friction than usual. Maybe the blood was less slippery than the usual vaginal juices. Regardless, it was a heavenly sensation and I felt my nuts begin to rise, preparing to fire love torpedoes at her womb.

"Hurry up, Emmy!" one of the girls called. "He's about to blow!" Superfluous advice, as it turned out. My teen lover was already there, and she began bucking wildly, harsh, barking sounds erupting from her clenched throat as she climaxed on a penis for the first time. Her passionate heaving ground her stiff clitty against me as she rode me to an ecstatic orgasm.

The spasms of her sweet vaginal muscles on my overworked rod finally sent me into orbit, and I launched a cum rocket up her that might have propelled her into the air if her cunt hadn't been gripping me so tightly.

"Fuck, yes!" I screamed.

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I almost passed out from the intensity of my orgasm. After over an hour of constant stimulation to my aching erection, I could finally let go.

Jet after jet pulsed into Emily's quivering pussy as I unloaded all that stored up lust into her tight tunnel. I was astounded at how much jizz I had in me, considering this was my sixth time today, a new personal record. Emily collapsed onto me, shuddering and covered in sweat. Someone cut my arms free and I wrapped them around her trembling form, hugging her tightly.

The rest of the team crowded around her, stroking her back and hair and congratulating her. Samantha's hand wrapped around my scrotum, much more gently this time, and milked the remaining semen from my overtaxed nuts into my lover's cunny. My softening prick, still warmly embraced in her sweet vagina, shrunk down enough to let a river of white pour out of her full twat, trickling over my ball sack and the warm, kneading fingers and pooling beneath me. "Not bad, white boy," she said.

I looked over to find her licking the mixture of cum, blood, and pussy juice off her hand as she squatted next to me, her red panties finally off and her pussy spread wetly. I reached out to tickle her dangling brown meat curtains playfully, caressing the tight, brillo-pad curls adorning her sex. She closed her eyes and sighed.


"Next time maybe I'll let you in there. You look like you know your way around a pussy." "It's a date," I said with a wink, and turned back to Emily. "How are you doing, sweetie?" I asked gently. "Was that OK for you?" I ran my other hand through her long, beautiful hair. She lifted her head off my chest, her eyes glowing with intensity. "That was fucking AWESOME!" she blurted out. "Now I can't decide whether I like boys or girls better." "Fortunately, you don't have to choose," I said with a chuckle.

"You can even have both at once, if you want." "Oh, yeah!" she said with a predatory expression. "I want to try that next." "Not today for Christ's sake!" I groaned.

"I can barely move. Will you set me free now?" I asked, drumming my still-restrained heels on the ground. Emily's teammates lifter her off me gently, and I let her go reluctantly.

The vines around my ankles were untied, and I staggered to my feet. A helping hand steadied me, and I looked to my right to see Mary, who was all smiles now, holding my arm.

"Impressive!" she said. "Even our usual high school boys don't last that long. We usually have to let them come and give them time to recharge. You almost made it through the whole team." She took my hand and pulled me away from the group hug the girls had now formed. "Let's talk." We walked to the edge of the clearing and she sat down on a fallen log.

I joined her, still panting, my dick hanging between my legs and still dripping semen. It felt a little odd having a serious conversation in this state with a fully dressed woman I barely knew, but hey, stranger things had happed to me. Today, even. "I believe what you told us about the two girls you were with," she began. "Your behavior here was not what I would expect from a sexual predator.

Be careful, though. We'll be watching you. If you hurt a girl, we'll be there to make sure you regret it. If you stick to consensual activity, though, I'll look the other way. As you said, our team's arrangement is not exactly mainstream, either." "It's a deal," I agreed.

"You take care of your girls your way, and I'll take care of mine my way. I think we both love women equally well. If you ever plan on inviting me back for another 'party,' give me some warning so I can save up my energy—you girls almost killed me! And if you ever want to try one of these," I said, hoisting my limp peter with one hand, "just let me know." She looked at my flaccid member, then surprised me by trailing her fingers down the shaft gently. Looking up at my face, she replied, "I might take you up on that, someday.

It's been a long time. I'll have to talk to Danielle about it. Now, you better get cleaned up and head back to camp before they send a search party. I'll have Missy and Angela take you back to the waterfall; you can wash up there and find your way back to the beach." I looked down, realizing my pubes were covered in blood and semen. I looked like the victim of some gruesome sexual accident. We stood up and she beckoned the two younger blondes over to guide me back to familiar territory.

They took my hands, carrying my clothes for me and acting much friendlier now, and we walked out of the woods into the fiery sunset. To be continued.