Pussy fingering and blowjob at beach

Pussy fingering and blowjob at beach
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The first time I sucked dick I'm a 35 year old happily married white guy who just also happens to be addicted to sucking cock.

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I love to eat cum. That is my favorite past time. I never did get turned on by men or felt feminine at all, I just happen to be in love with nice juices cock's. I'm lucky I have the wife I do, and we have a great sex life. She allows me to swallow all the dick I want, and she even sets me up with guys who want a blow job.


She love's to watch me suck another man's cock. So now I'm fortunate and lucky enough that I suck 1 or 2 cock's everyday. Sometimes more.

But this is a different story than the one I want to tell you. I want to tell you about the first time I ever sucked a dick, and how I became addicted to it. It was wonderful. I was just 13 years old, still wet behind the ear's, and a virgin. I didn't know the ways of the world at that age. I grew up in North East Los Angeles, in a town called, "Highland Park".

This was a town with a heavy Hispanic population and there were a lot of Mexican Cholo gangs there. But being a long haired white kid, they never paid me any mind and left me alone for the most part. One morning I decided to ditch school for whatever reason, and I went and hid out in the town's park which was also named, "Highland Park".

There were a few people in the park that morning, so I figured I would have privacy in the restroom to jack off. I had just started masturbating for the first time a couple of months earlier, so I was jacking off every chance I could. There was only one toilet in this little restroom and it had no door on it. So I almost didn't jack off.

But I looked out the door a few times and saw that there was no one close to the restroom and decided to go through with it. It made me excited to think I might get caught.


So there I was, jacking off and feeling pretty horny as I was watching my hand stroke my cock, when a man walked in and saw me going at it. At first, I was so into masturbating that I didn't even see him standing there. It was when he said something to me that I saw him.

He said, "You want to suck my dick"? I was startled to say the least as I jerked my head up and saw him standing there with his pants and underwear down around his ankles, with the biggest dick I have ever seen even to this day.

He was an older Hispanic man, probably around 40 years old or so. His big ass cock was huge man. It was uncircumsized, super, super fat, and hung half way down his thigh, between his balls and his knee-caps. I froze and just stared at it with amazement, that I forgot I still had my dick in my hand. Then he said, "Well? You going to suck my dick or what?" I replied, "No". Then he stepped up in my face, grabbed his huge dick with his hand and put it up to my mouth. As I was staring at the head of his dick almost touching my lips, he said, "Ya you want it.

You look like a dick sucker." I looked up in his eye's and said, "I don't want to." he looked at me for a second and then he pulled his pants up and said as he was walking out of the restroom, "To bad kid. You would have loved it." then he was gone. Right away I jumped up and put my shorts back on and left the restroom. I went under a tree and thought about what had just happen and what almost happened.

Different thoughts starting going through my head. First thought was, I was glad the guy didn't make suck his dick. Then the next thought was how I was still horny because I didn't get to finish jacking off. The last thought would fill my mind and not go away. I kept thinking about what he said, me looking like a dick sucker and how I would love doing that.

I couldn't get that thought out of my head. Then all of a sudden, I was standing there wishing I would have said yes to the man. So I ran back to restroom to catch him. When he wasn't there, I ran all over the park looking for him. I couldn't believe it, I was running like a mad man to find a guy who wanted me to suck his dick. I still laugh at that memory. But anyways, I was running past a bench were two Cholo gang bangers were sitting and drinking 40 ouncer's.

They yelled at me to come over to the bench and when I did, they asked me what I was doing. I told them that I was looking for an older Mexican man and if they had seen him. They told me they hadn't seen the guy, but wanted to know what I wanted with him. I was only 13, I didn't think about my answer before I said it.

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I said, "He wants me to suck his dick." One of them said, "If you want to suck dick white boy, start by sucking mine right now." the other Cholo said, "when your done with him you little bitch, you can suck mine." I said, "Ok, lets go to the rest room." the excitement of wanting to try that was overwhelming. But then he said, "No, get under the bench and suck my dick, right here, right now." I said, "Here?

In public? Somebody will see me." He said, "I don't give a fuck if somebody see's you. Get down here and suck my fucking dick, NOW!" ( Remember. Everything they say is in a gang accent if you want to call it that.) I wanted to try sucking dick so bad, that I got down under that bench and opened his pants and pulled his cock out.


He had a very nice looking dick. Not nearly as big as the man in the rest room, but pretty big for a 13 years old to put in his mouth. I would say he was a bit bigger than average.

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He was uncircumsized as well and had very nice, tight, and smooth round balls. I began to play with his cock as I started kissing his balls. I had no idea what to do, at that point I had never received or given a blow job. So I kept kisses it mostly with a few licks here and there, when he said to me, "Stop playing around with it white boy, and suck it.

If you don't suck it good, then I'll just fuck the shit out of your tight little white asshole. How that's sound?" That didn't sound good to me. I didn't want my butthole touched. So I learned real fast how to suck a dick. And the more I did it, the more I loved it, the better I did it until he was moaning with pleasure, Then all of a sudden, he put his hand on my head and held it in place as I felt his cock swell up in my mouth and explode.

Squirt after squirt of hot tasty cum was shooting into my mouth and down my throat, and I loved every drop of it. I continued to swallow as he continued to cum, until I ate the very last drop I could milk out of his juicy cock. I told them that was the best thing I ever tasted. I then went to the other side and pulled his cock out and began sucking it.

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He to had a very nice dick except that he was cimcumsized. Beautiful man! I sucked his dick with so much passion that he almost blew a hole in the back of my head when he had an orgasm.

After I was done sucking the both of them off, I knew I was addicted to it. I asked them if they hang out in the park often so that I may return and suck their dicks again. They told me they and their friends hang out there all the time. Well, needless to say, that I spent years in the park sucking dicks.

I sucked a lot of dicks for that matter. But I never once caught anything, nor has anybody ever raped my butthole. All I have done with another man in 22 years, is suck dick, and loved every one of them. That's my first time sucking dick people.

I hope you enjoyed me sharing this with you.

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I love this site, so please keep your stories coming.