GEFISTET Muschi mit Pisse gefüllt

GEFISTET Muschi mit Pisse gefüllt
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Part 3 Decoy & Vengeance "Reece is still in bed, I'll wake him up in a bit later," I faced at Jane and spoke calmly like I knew every step that I had taken in. Jane did not show much of expression, it seemed like she had lost her fun and excitement, as an indication I could obtain from her face. She rolled her eyes and nodded to me.

"Uh huh, perhaps you could do some laundries first. My wife has been getting busier in this week and she doesn't even have time to fold the clothes," I pointed at the basket of laundry right in front of me, on the floor. Jane was a bit hesitated, she did not seem like herself today. Probably the plan of sucking my cock while I was asleep was crashed, so she was unpleasant. However, she was just a maid who had to follow her master's order. She nodded and said okay.

As she squatted down onto the floor, I could see the figure of her body perfectly from the sofa. Her cleavage of her breasts was absolutely amazing and beautiful.

She got fair and smooth skin which always gave her a significant advantage for luring men's attention. The short white skirt was never able to cover her crotch. I was totally startled when I saw her trimmed vagina. My eyes were swelling and my mouth was watering as I had caught that sight. Holly shit! She was not putting on any panties?

That was my first time ever seeing an Asian pussy, tiny and tight as it had been reiterated over and over again in the legend. All of these had already given me an erection.

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My cock was so hard under my short pants and my bulge was very protruding and very noticeable. Jane had yet to notice that and she was still folding the laundries.

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I swallowed hard and stared at her, I knew I had to be slow and steady, despite knowing Jane had a crush on me and she was more willing to have sex with me. However, what would it be to have sex with her while I was awake? I wondered and it could be found out soon. In order to catch her attention, I started having conversation with her.

Be it a joke or just some normal scandals or recent happenings, I brought them up to her so as to keep the conversation alive as well as showing my "eagerness" towards her slim and perfect body. Jane acted like a lady despite her revealing attire would give people a sluttish impression. She giggled every time while I was telling her a joke or the history of my past. Her voice was so sweet and her laugh had captured my heart and almost ceased my heart beat, ironically. My erection was getting stronger until I was not even realising that the head of my cock was actually revealing itself from the side of my pants.

Jane had finally noticed my bulge at my crotch and she lost her giggling as soon as she saw my swelling cock's head. I could see her swallowing hard like she wanted to take my cock into her mouth and suck it hard again.

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But the hesitation had obstructed her instinct. She was almost petrified and lost with the conversation. She approached to me nearer and kept staring at my crotch. I pretended nothing was happening and continued my story.

She had finally taken her step into me as she was an inch away from me. As she placed her hands on my laps, I stopped talking and looked down at her. She did not even look up at me. Then, she craned her neck to my crotch and begun licking the tips of my cock which was revealed from the side of my pants. She licked it slow and several times, before she unfolded my pants so as to reveal more length of my hard cock.

There was no single word between us and she swallowed a full length of my cock and begun sucking it like she was doing to me in those last two nights. I moaned softly and I grabbed her head for the first time to guide her head bobbing up and down on my super hard cock. I was so excited having her sucking me for the first time while I was awake and I could have everything in manipulation as I wished for. I helped her unfolding my pants so that she could reach to my cock easier.

Then, I found her begun to deep throat me so I lifted my backside a bit, so as to undress my pants and show my cock to her entirely. At this moment, I was sitting on the sofa with only a piece of T shirt, spreading my legs and my big hard cock was facing my Asian nanny. My cock was shiny due to the fellatio done by Jane early, and creamy fluid was appeared on the tips and the opening of my cock.

Jane had yet to look up at me for even a second since she stared at my crotch, she fully concentrated on my cock and stuck out her tongue to lick from my balls till the tip and she went down completely to swallow me, sucking and drinking the pre cum I had released earlier. Jane had her both hands on my laps, so as to fondle my laps and spread me wide for her easier and better access to me. "Mmmm…" I groaned louder as Jane's passion on blowing my cock had elevated.

She sucked me wholeheartedly. She was doing a lot better this time. My cock was throbbing hard in her mouth. As I thought I was going to shoot loads of sperms and semen into her mouth again, she released my cock and stood up.

She undressed her tight T shirt in front of me and exposing her tits. Her tits were perky and her nipples were hardening. She went down and lied on my body. I immediately grabbed her tits and put one of her nipples in my mouth sucked it hard. I felt like heaven as my hard cock lied on top of her flat belly and my hands were groping both of her perky tits. I sucked and swallowed, changing from one nipple to another, leaving and spreading my saliva on top of her nipples as I dribbled more and more.

It felt so great to hold a tiny and petite body in my arms. Before I could suck Jane's nipples longer, she lifted herself up and drew herself closer to me. She had my face buried between her breasts as she lowered her body down and grabbing my hard cock into her pussy. I wanted to stop her because I wanted to suck and lick her pussy before the sexual intercourse.

However, it was all too late as the tips of my cock had already buried in her. She moaned softly for my swelling head pushing into her pussy.

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She tried to get used to the size first by rubbing the tips of my cock up and down on her pussy lips, then she lower her body down more to increase the penetration. I helped her by grabbing her arse and pushed her down gently and slowly.

The penetration took about five minutes before my entire cock was inside her. Jane was moaning all the way during the penetration. She tried to get used of the size of my cock by squeezing and contracting her pussy from time to time. Another moment which I felt like more than in heaven, the tightest pussy I had ever had which proved the legend of Asian's tight pussy was positive. Jane might not have a hymen to be broken, but she was still extremely tight.

She pounded on my cock with my help as the contraction was in better manipulation. She knew when to contract and when to loose up.

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As I found her had really got accustomed to my size, I showed no mercy and thrust my cock deep into her pussy aggressively, in and out, harder and harder, faster and faster. "Ah&hellip." Jane began moaning in loud voice, I immediately covered her mouth before she could wake Reece up. All these happenings were too fast and too exciting, which nearly put me in a situation where I had ignored the existence of my son, my marriage, which was then in a hazardous stage due to the fact that I had already committed adultery, cheating my wife and fucking the nanny.

I let go of Jane when I heard less voice from her. I had been noticing her perky tits bouncing in front of me as she pounded on my cock.

My mouth was watering again and I could not help myself to bury my face in her breast, suck her nipples and swallow her breast as much as I could. The tension had been fired up and the eruption was approaching. I failed to hold myself with this super tight Asian pussy which drove me crazy, I shot all the sperms and semen, one of the biggest orgasms I ever had, inside Jane's tiny pussy, flooding her with those sticky and thick fluid.

"Oh fuck…" I let out a final moan to calm myself down, before realising I was coming inside her which could have impregnated her. "Damn, I just came inside you. You could get…" Jane shut my mouth and lied beside my head. I could feel heat transferring from our bodies to each other. "Don't worry, my period just ended two days ago." I let out a sign and the anxiety after hearing what she said. I held her in my arms and both of us were gasping for air. She turned her head to me and French kissed me.

I opened my mouth and accepted her invitation so as to tongue her. We shared the passionate kiss for several minutes. As I eyed on the wall clock, I noticed it was already ten o'clock. I released Jane and told her I should get Reece to wake up. She nodded and agreed.

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When she mounted from me, she was dripping my comes and string of thick fluids streamed down from her legs. "Uh huh, may be you need to clean yourself up a bit," I reminded her and she quickly put on her T shirt and grabbed some tissue papers to wipe my comes off from her legs. I was glad that there was no embarrassment between us after what had happened, she was still nursing Reece as usual and we were still having talks and laughs.

…… The incident had got me into tougher position as I did not even know how to face my wife. We had little conversation that night while I got home from work. As usual, she would ask if everything was okay with the nursery and Reece and Jane, I would simply say a word of okay. Then, she would go to bed. …… In the next morning, Jane came and brought me a wine. I was expecting to have sex with her. However, it turned out that Jane brought me a wine and insisted me to drink it.

She said that the wine was brought back from her hometown and it tasted fantastically. I trusted her. I opened up the wine and poured in two cups, one for me and one for her.

We cheered and I sipped the wine. Like she said, the wine was really tasty so I sipped a few more. Suddenly, my vision went blur and I saw two shadows of Jane's head. My head was spinning and I could not stand or sit still. In seconds, I passed out on the sofa. …… While I woke up, I found myself lying on the bed.

I could feel a weight on me. I opened my eyes gently and I could not still move.

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The wine has paralysed me temporarily. I slowly gained back the consciousness but my muscles were still not in my control. As the weight was felt more and more realistic, I realised a woman was riding on top of me. I knew it must be Jane, who else could do this. She was the one tricked me to drink the wine, which passed me out and paralysed me. Was she so desperate having sex with me on my bed? If she was, all she could do was to ask and beg a few more, I could nod my head.

However, what she had done had already crossed the limit which was too much. Hold on a second! The woman on top of me was not Jane, it was another woman. I knew it by seeing a tattoo on top of her belly. I did not come across that tattoo on Jane before. Furthermore, she was weightier than Jane was. Jane was much lighter and her body was slimmer and more petite.

I was only gaining half consciousness and I could hear the woman, who was riding on my cock and moaning a bit. Then, I saw another silhouette walking into the room.

It was Jane. "You've already got what you want. I should leave now and you've to keep your words," Jane said coldly to the woman on top of me. "No, you still have to stay. The plan would go as usual and you could only leave after the result is positive and confirmed." The woman whispered. Result? What result? For heaven's sake, how could Jane let a stranger came in and sexually abused me?

Reece was still in another room. Despite my body was half paralysed, I could still feel my cock throbbing hard in this woman's womb. Her contraction could still be felt and I was having an erection.

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The woman continued. "All the sperms you've collected from Graham had no use. I could not be impregnated despite instilling them into my womb." I was getting more confused and I wanted to know what was happening exactly. Why would a stranger wanted to be impregnated by me so badly? I did not recognise any particular ancestors of mine were superb where I was inheriting the genes.

Jane remained silent and I could tell she must have some unspeakable reasons holding back. The woman grinned evilly and said. "This could be the perfect timing, when my ovulation was just ready for the fertilisation." She turned to Jane. "So be patient, once it's done and succeeded. Your parole will be eliminated and you'd be a free man." Parole? Jane got a parole? "You knew I was framed up. You confiscated my immigration documents and forced me to seduce Graham so that you could take advantage on him.

That was a felony!" Jane yelled. The woman showed no guilt and said. "Hell hath no woman's scorn. What could you do about it? I'm the lieutenant and I could do whatever I want." "The truth will be uncovered soon," Jane reminded her.

Jane was obviously not a threat to her. Now I knew this woman was a cop. But, how could I get bugged with a cop? I did not commit any crimes, not even to mention that this was obviously the wrong way to punish me. As the woman got closer to me, I could finally see her face clearer. She whispered beside my ears. "Graham, you'll pay for what you had done on me" All of the sudden, I had finally realised the woman on top of me was Tiff.

I dated Tiff while I was in university. She was once my sweetheart but not until I found her lying to me and our relationships were getting worse. I decided to break up with her and confessed to her that we should go to our separate ways.

Tiff was a tough woman, no wonder she had become a lieutenant. She was never contented after the break up and accused me for dumping her without any reasons.

Now she came for the vengeance, her motive was to get herself impregnated and accusing me for raping her. Besides, she would also find a way to expose my affair with Jane which could collapse this family and the marriage.

I wanted Jane to help me but she was so helpless, standing beside and watching me with tears running down her face. She sneezed and tried to look somewhere else. Tiff on the other hand continued abusing me, and getting me to have orgasm in a very soon time. I slightly turned my head to Jane and babbled "help me".

Jane was shocked after knowing me was not passed out completely. She knew I had heard the conversation. She frowned and hesitated. Finally, she decided to make the right move, she was determined not to be manipulated by the evil lieutenant and she would fight for the justice. She screamed and darted towards Tiff to collapse her from me.

Then, Jane and Tiff began fighting in the room. Obviously Tiff was stronger than Jane and Jane was being succumbed in no time. "How dare you betray me!" Jane tried to gain herself from the floor as Tiff pulled out the gun and pointed at Jane's head.

She was trying to make a fake murder scene. By killing Jane, she could frame me up for the homicide and replace the gun on my hand. I could be deemed as the first degree murderer because my finger prints would be printed on the gun.

"Good bye, pretty Jane! Your ashes shall be scattered around the South China Sea, you'll be home to South East Asian in no time, but just in ashes," she chortled in a high pitch. Tiff then turned to me and she said. "This is the consequence of dumping me, Graham. I want you to pay all this!" Before Tiff could pull the trigger, the police came in time and darted into my room to shoot Tiff down.

It had finally ended with Tiff lying on the floor, bleeding and breathed in difficulty. She was finally brought down and it was over. With this, Jane did not have to pretend to sneak into my house to become the nanny and to seduce me.

It was all factored by the decoy and vengeance from Tiff. Tiff had set this all up and used Jane as bait to get to me. …… Edinburgh International Airport The incident was finally over and Jane had been confirmed and deemed not as a trespasser by the Royal Judge of Scotland.

Her legal immigrant documents were finally returned to her and she could go home, which should be done few months ago after her graduation in The University of Edinburgh. Rose had known all this after hearing my explanation.

She forgave me and admitted it was a mistake for working around the clock and had neglected me and Reece. She promised to quit the job and nurse Reece. "Thank you for all this.


I'm still sorry for what I had done to you, Graham." Jane said in guilt. I sighed and bit my lips. I nodded and forgave what she did. "It was okay, I knew the intention did not come from you. Tiff was behind all this." Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 0021 to Kuala Lumpur is now ready for boarding.

Passengers please proceed to Gate B1. Thank you. The flight information had been announced. We must say goodbye. "I've to go now. I wish you and your family all the best and an eternal love between you and Rose." Jane said it wholeheartedly.

Rose and I thanked her and I saw her gradually disappearing from the departure hall, before entering the gate, she looked back and smiled to me. I smiled back, too.

As Jane passed the immigration, my heart fell and there was no doubt that I had feeling on her. However, I am already married and I will love my wife, more than anyone else.


The incident had taught us some lessons, we learnt from the mistakes we did and we still have to move on with our life. There are many mistakes which could be committed by a human in his or her life, but, if the person showed determination and let the mistakes be the factor to embellish the life, he or she could always deserve a better life in the future.