Big load in her mouth and anal ass fuck

Big load in her mouth and anal ass fuck
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Summer of 79- Chapter 2 I was up early the next morning, mom and dad hadn't left for work yet and I was given a short list of chores to do around the house, the usual stuff like mowing the grass, doing the dishes and the ever constant "clean your room". The dishes were no problem and I'd already picked up my room in preparation for my "student" later that morning. I figured I'd have just enough time to get the grass cut and take a quick shower before Gail got there so I jumped on the mower and got going.

I was just getting finished with the yard when I saw Gail coming up the driveway. I shut the mower off and said "Hi" "Hi yourself" she smiled "you're up early for a change" "Yeah, mom and dad wanted me to do some things around the house so I thought I'd start early before it got too hot out here. Wanna come in?" I said She smiled and followed me into the house. "I need to grab a shower and get some of this grass off me, I'll be out in a minute.

Go on and make yourself comfortable." I told her. I headed for my room and grabbed a pair of gym shorts and then stepped into the bathroom and turned on the shower. Our house was kind of old and at certain times of the year the doors wouldn't close all the way so I didn't think anything of it when the bathroom door didn't shut all the way, leaving about a 2 inch gap.

As I stripped and got into the shower I thought I saw some movement by the door but again, I didn't pay any attention to it. As I soaped up I was thinking what I was going to "teach" my 15 year old "student" that day.

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Maybe oral but then again, heavy petting was the next logical step. Yeah, I decided, heavy petting and then if we had time later I could try introducing her to oral pleasures. My cock was starting to swell just from thinking about it and as I let the water run over my back I reached down and gave myself a few long, slow strokes. Turning my head I could just make out a shy blue eye peeking through the gap in the door.

I knew she couldn't really see much because of the steam but it was sweet to know she was looking.

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I shut off the water and got toweled off. Tried to brush my hair and pulled on my gym shorts and walked out into the front room where Gail was waiting on the couch. "So what are we gonna do today?" she asked. "Well I thought we'd do more of what we were doing yesterday and add a few new things into it, I don't want to go too fast and overload your brain." I said smiling. "How's that sound to you?" "Sounds fine to me." She grinned.

I noticed that today she wasn't wearing her swim suit; instead she had on a pair of super short cut off jeans, the crotch of which was only about an inch wide and a pink tube top. "Where's you swim suit, didn't you all practice this morning?" I asked as I sat down beside her.

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"Yeah, we did but I took a shower in the locker room at the pool before I came over. I've got it in my bag, I'll go put it on if you want me to." She said "No, that's cool.

You look really nice by the way. So, you want to get started?" I leaned over closer to her and gave her a light, lingering kiss, teasing her lips with my tongue like I had done yesterday. She responded with her own tongue and put her arms around my neck. I slid my hands over her back and shoulders and down her sides as I deepened the kiss and put more passion into it, sliding my tongue deeper into her mouth. We kissed like that for a few minutes and I began sliding my hand over her flat belly and up over her tits.

Gently squeezing her nipples as I went, Gail moaned into my mouth and seemed to melt against me. I hooked a finger into the top of her tube top and slowly pulled it down and off her small, firm, 15 year old tits freeing her pink nipples. When I moved my hand back up and onto her bare tit she drew in her breath and stiffened up some. "Relax Gail, remember what I told you yesterday, I'm not going to hurt you." I whispered in her ear.

"I,I know, I'm just kind of nervous is all."She said. "You want me to stop?"I asked. She looked frightened and said, "No! Please don't, I really want to learn how to…how to do it." "Ok then, you really have to try to relax.

You know, Rick is going to want to do all this too don't you?" I said. "He already told me last night I was getting better at kissing," she said smiling, "I almost told him I had some lessons but then I thought he probably wouldn't take it so well.

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You know, me getting lessons from you and all." "Shit!" I thought. "That's all I fucking need!" "No, I don't think he would, maybe we should just forget these lessons and stop now." I said. "No please, I promise I won't tell him! Please Chris, you have to teach me!

All the older girls say you really know what to do and I want you to teach me, please! Don't send me away, I'll do anything you want, just please, teach me what to do!

" She said her blue eyes wide and starting to tear up. "Are you sure you can keep quiet and let me show you what I think you need to know? Are you willing to do what I ask you to do? Will you take my direction and not get upset when I make you do things over again?" I asked her looking into her eyes and trying not to smile my evil little smile.

"Yes, I'll do whatever you say, I swear!"The pleading sound in her voice was just almost too much for me and I had to look away to keep her from seeing me smile.

"Well, I guess we can give it another try but I'm telling you now, you have to keep this between you and me. You tell anyone else and that's it, your lessons will be over for good and you can "Sink or swim, It's up to you." I said, using our swim team coach's favorite term. The whole time we were having this discussion her tits were still exposed over the top of her tube top and my mouth was fairly watering looking at her pert, pink nipples.

The fact that her tube top was pushing her tits up, making them seem bigger than they were was just adding to the show. "O, ok she said quietly." As she finally started to pull her tube top up over her lovely, small tits.

I put my hand over hers to stop her and said, "No, leave it down for now." I leaned in and decided at the last moment to change direction, instead of kissing her lips again I just leaned in and took one of her nipples in my mouth and gave it a soft kiss with some suction and tongue swirling around the nipple. At first she stiffened up but as I kept up a light suction on her sweet nipple her hand came up and ran through my hair.

"Oh mmm that's nice." She said in a quiet breathless voice I leaned back and smiled. "You like that do you? Ok, now when I do it again and you run your hand through my hair use your nails lightly on my head and down the back of my neck. Think you can do that?" I leaned in and took her other nipple into my mouth and gave it the same treatment as its twin had gotten.

Gail did what I'd told her and lightly scratched my head and neck. "Yeah baby, just like that. You're doing real good." I whispered to her. As I was sucking on her tits I was slowly moving my other hand south over her skimpy jean shorts and onto her smooth upper thigh, down to her knee and back up to the junction between her legs.

I reached her pussy and rubbed it through her shorts as she moaned into the top of my head. I moved my hand back up to her tit and heard a little whimper of frustration from her as I did.

"You want to go on to some other things now?" I asked her "Y yes, what, what did you have in mind?" she asked in her shy little girl voice. My cock was almost all the way hard now and was showing a good sized lump in my gym shorts, Gail kept glancing at it.


"I, I think I need to use the bathroom first though, ok?" "Sure, go ahead, it's right down the hall." I said. She got up and was gone for a few minutes before I heard her calling me.

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"I think I waited too long, can I use your dryer I think I peed my pants, I rinsed them out in the sink but now they are wet." She said with her head down and her face turning red with embarrassment. "Sure you can but I think you were just excited and didn't pee in your pants sweet one." I said, trying to sound understanding and not laugh."What are you going to do in the mean time? You can't put those rough jeans shorts on without any underwear that would rub you raw." I pointed out to her.

"Here just leave the shorts off and wrap a towel around your waist." I said handing her a towel from the hall closet. It was nowhere near as big as a beach towel but it did wrap around her. She tucked it in just to the right of her leg, leaving a quite sexy slit showing most of her smooth leg.

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I now had an extremely willing 15 year old, virgin, who was easily one of the hottest girls on the swim team, wearing a bath towel and nothing else around her skinny waist with her perky tits pushing out of the top of her tube top practically begging me to teach her how to fuck standing in my hallway with a pair of soaked panties in her hand.

"Thank you God!" was all I could think. "The dryer is downstairs in about the same place it is at your house.


I gotta go too, feel free." I said. "Thanks." She said as she headed for the stairs."I'll just be a sec." I stepped into the bathroom and right away I noticed the smell of very fresh, excited pussy in the air, lying on the floor at the base of the toilet, right where she'd stepped out of them were her skimpy jeans shorts. I picked them up and just couldn't resist it.

I took a sniff from the damp crotch, sure enough, just fresh pussy, not a hint of piss anywhere. I finished up and folded the shorts up and took them and put them on her swimming bag beside the front door.