Thank you blowjob for thebossxx

Thank you blowjob for thebossxx
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I was awoken by a tingling feeling in my cock and balls, could it have been a 'thank you' for last night? I had a slight hangover and a dirty feeling in my mouth which tasted kind of metallic. I opened my eyes to automatically raise my arm, covering my eyes from the rays of light attacking me from the sun roof. I hadn't even noticed that there was a sun roof the night before, maybe it was cloudy and the stars where hidden.

After my eyes adjusted to the light, I retrieved my arm and looked down to see Bethany on her knees, playing with my balls. She winked at me as soon as we made eye contact. She lowered her head and began delicately licking the shaft of my peen. I had a semi already, but as soon as I saw Bethany, it didn't take more than two seconds to become solid.

I'm pretty sure I skipped a couple of heart beats to fill my cock. It has been the first time I had seen Bethany naked completely sober, and the first time I had been in such a beautiful position sober. Although I do have to admit, stimuli's and senses are peaked when you are high on weed, but this was still a feeling to be savoured. "Hey there stud." she said to me, licking the side of my cock as she did.

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"Of hey there miss Cali, when did you come from America?" She giggled a little before beginning to lick all around my mushroom tip, I could feel a little buzz and tingle in my cock head as she did this, I guess she had taken a breath mint.

A few weeks back whilst I was sitting in business next to Bethany, just as friends.

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Mike was telling us stories about how his 22 year old fuck-buddy chewed on mints before giving him blowjobs, and that it made his cock feel like it was on fire. We didn't know weather to believe him about the fuck friend, no one had met her yet so we had our doubts. (turns out he wasn't lying, and oh jesus she is a babe) "I feel like some morning sex, don't you?" she said to me with the cutest of smiles I had ever seen.

I just nodded as I closed my eyes, the moment was perfection. It had to be up there with shaking the hand of god and knocking out Mike Tyson. Then she did something I did not expect, the last time she had sucked my cock, she had only been able to take about 3 inches of my 7, it didn't matter much to me, I never thought that it would feel any different as the only stimuli are in the cock head.

Turns out I was wrong, VERY wrong. She put her face at an angle so that it was adjacent to my cock, she lowered herself onto it, as far as she could, her nose was tickling my stomach and I could feel her heart beat at the back of her throat.

A pro could have gone lower but I didn't care, I'de rather be in this position that to fuck a dirty porn star. "Oh baby that's perfect" is all I managed to release, my eyes closed, hands behind my head. I didn't have to do anything, just sit back and enjoy the show. I opened my eyes to see Bethany going up and down my my cock like a pro, occasionally deep throating it to about 5 1/2 inches length.

The back of her throat was warmer than her general mouth area, I had been getting sucked off for a couple minutes and I could already feel the end coming. I had to do something quick, but it was too late, I had reached the point of no return. "I.I'm coming!" I said hesitantly, lifting my head to look forward at Bethany continue to play with my cock head in her mouth. Her lips where sealed shit around the mushroom tip and her tongue was flicking wildly from all angles. I felt that familiar burning sensation in my shaft, the tingling in the balls and cock head, I was coming.

Burst after burst, round after round of cum spurted from my erupting cocked into Bethany's mouth. The moment was bliss. She stopped all movement for me to finish my ejaculation, when I did, she swallowed every last drop of my hard earned juice. "It's sweet, keep eating those pineapples" she said to me, giggling to herself whilst her mouth was still on my cock.

She was hoovering my head from any remaining juices, she had sucked up any lingering seeds from my japseye, she had done a wonderful job. I was now starting to burn a little, my cock was so sensitive after cumming that it hurt.

I placed my hands back behind my head and just stared into her wonderful eyes, I was in love. She continued to lick my cock slowly for a few more minutes, occasionally biting my shaft and tickling my balls with her tongue. She ran her teeth along my shaft before standing up, she walked forward a little and crouched down onto my cock. I could see the crusted semen on the lips of her vagina from the night before, had I really cummed in her? At that moment I remembered that she was on the pill due to her hormonal problems.

She rubbed my cocked along her exotic pussy lips for a few seconds, before placing it at the gateway to heaven, she sat down on my cock. A decent of about 6 seconds and she was sitting flat on my thighs, I was balls deep into her. She let out a little squirm as she reached the bottom, all I could do was smile.

I held out my hand to grab hers, bringing back her hand slowly to my face, I opened her hand and placed a gently kiss into her palm. "I love you" I said to her in a sweet and caring voice. She didn't have to say anything, I knew her emotions already. The actions I had done last night had caused me to gain her trust and affection.

All she did was ride my cock slowly, she pulled her knees up so that all was touched the bed was the bottoms of her feet. She began to ride me like a pro, only stopping to change directions at the very top or bottom of my cock.

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She rode me for about a minute before she swivelled round, my cock was still deep inside her which gave me a very strange sensation. She placed her hands down onto the bed and kept her feet flat, she began to ride me perfectly. Her cute butt was in my full view, I reached my hand out and grabbed it, I gave it a gently spank to which she squirmed and groaned to. The familiar sensations occurred again, her pussy muscles tensed around my cock, devouring it with the tight squeeze.

As the friction had gotten to much for both of us, she same at the same time as me. The sudden tightening had pushed me too far. I knew that women could come many times in a row, but I had no idea that men could.

My cock began to furiously squeeze out as much sperm as it could, it felt like a hundred squeezes, but I knew the reality that barely any would come out.

I reached out and grabbed her arms and pulled her back to lie on my chest, she opened her legs and I reached forward, placing my fingers on her pussy lips.

I began to gently massage and rub her lips and clitoris whilst I placed several kisses on her neck, occasionally giving her a gentle bite. I began to thrust into her slowly, still rubbing on her pussy. I had seen this being done many times in porno's, so I was sure that she would like it. She brought her hand back and grabbed a handful of my hair, screaming and moaning, her second orgasm was nigh.

Her legs closed up, trapping my hand in position. None the less I continued my efforts of thrusting and rubbing. This time, I felt the full furiosity of her vaginas squeeze, without coming myself, I could feel the force it was putting on my cock. We both stopped on the spot, catching our breaths she turned around and laid flat on my chest, she brought her lips down and interlocked them with mine.

We passionately kissed for several minutes. As I run my fingers through her hair, I kept my other hand curessing her back, almost tickling at the low amount of pressure I was putting. She would occasionally giggle and shake from the pleasure.

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She lifted her head and we spent a good moment just staring into each others eyes, almost trying to look into each others souls. She mouthed the words 'I love you' to me before coming back down for another kiss. She rolled to the side and placed her head on my chest, I wrapped my arms around her and started run my fingers down her back. We spent a good twenty minutes like this, just talking about random things, complementing each other as we did so. "I can't believe I have known you for four years and we have only been friends.

I feel like 'i wasted all of those years!" she said gently holding a warm voice throughout. "It was all a build up to these moments, without those points in life, we would be somewhere completely different. This would have never happened." I said, sounding all mysterious. "What do you mean?" she said, raising her head to look into my eyes. "Well take Timmie for example, you two where in a relationship for a few weeks.

You broke up and he went crazy last night. If you two where never in a relationship, I would have never punched him last night. Our little love scene on the couch would have never happened." She just looked at me puzzled for a moment before kissing me on the lips and placing her head back down onto my chest. "I guess you are right. Besides, Timmie was a dick, I'm glad you punched him. He really made me feel bad those weeks that we went out. He broke my heart." she said, sounding slightly sad.

"Hey." I whispered into her ear. I pushed myself up and looked into her eyes. "I'm not like that" I whispered to her. "I'll be here for every, my heart belongs to you." She smiled at me and pounced on top of me and began to furiously make out with me.

A sudden knock on the door stopped us in action.

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"Hello?" said a random and deep voice from the other side of the door, followed by several hard knocks on the door. "Open the door, now!" Me and Bethany looked at each other. The pounds on the door had gotten deeper and harder, I quickly jumped off the bed to my jeans, reached intuit he pockets and pulled out my phone.

I looked through the contact list to find Michelle. I rang her and fell back into the bed, holding the phone to my ear. "Heeeeey." came a voice from the phone. "Michelle! I need your he." "I'm not here right now so your going to have to leave me a message! *beep*" "Fuck!" I said, before throwing my phone to the side.

By this time, Bethany was already fully clothed. I got up and put my Jeans on, I didn't have time for boxers, I left them in the room.

Looking around, the only available exit was the window. I ran towards it and opened it, to my dismay we where about 10 foot from the ground. I noticed a balcony sort of thing about a foot to the left of the window, going to another room.

I climbed out the window and quietly called for Bethany. The thuds on the door had now turned to kicks. I knew what was to be done. I jumped across to the balcony, clearing it with ease, my hands where not even used. It was about 2 foot from where we where standing. Being a cautious one, I held my hand out to Bethany, she grabbed onto my hand and jumped to me, I grabbed her in fear of her falling but she was fine. I looked around to see some shrubs stuck onto the wall, I grabbed onto one and pulled onto it.

The shrub broke with the simplest of forces, no way would it hold a person. Turns out in all the movies where you see people climbing on the green plants growing on walls, it's all fake.

Luckily for us, the door to the balcony was unlocked, we made our way inside and closed the door behind us. I quickly walked to the door and put my ear to it. I could hear fumbling on the other side, I suddenly heard a bang and I knew that the door had been kicked in. I opened the door a crack and saw no one in the hall way. I grabbed onto Bethany's hand and made a quick decent through the hall way. We jolted down the stairs and through the front door, running through the long garden, the security eventually saw us but no chase was broken.

We ran for a while, until the house was not in visible distance to us. I pulled us over to the side of the road to cat our breath. Bethany hauled herself onto me, wrapping her arms around me and planting multiple kisses on my face. "That was sooooo fun!" she said, sounding exhausted. We both laughed and walked home hand in hand. I had remembered that I still have a gram of chrow left in my pocket.

"You feel like waking and baking?" I said, chuckling a little. "It's a bit late now isn't it, we just had a marathon." she chuckled back. "Oh well, fuck it." I said, before making our way to the same park we where at last night.

I sat down onto the bench, followed by Bethany who placed her arm around my waist and leant her head on my shoulder. I removed my equipment and started to roll a joint. I felt calm and easy, unlike last night.

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I ended up rolling a perfect joint, I would say it must have been better than Mike's. I felt proud of myself and placed it in-between my lips. I raised the lighter, flicking it and toked it. The ashes dropped onto my jeans, Bethany was quick to wipe them off with her hand, followed by a gently smile and a kiss on the cheek. I took several tokes from the joint and passed it to Bethany.


She held it in-between her fingers and toked from it like a pro. "I'll teach you to blow smoke-rings some time." I exclaimed. "Oh yeah? Teach me now." she said. "You can't do it outside, the wind will ruin it.


It has to be in-doors." I said. "My house is a smoking zone, my brother smokes all the time, I think he smokes weed as well, this smell is familiar." she said. "Oh yeah, i'm sorry about yesterday, It didn't go well with your dad yesterday." I said. "That's my brother!" "Oh. He looks so-- old?" I said, holding a blank facial expression.

"Yeah well, he's 27." she said, passing the joint back to me. "Why is he still living with you?" I asked, already regretting what I said. There was a silence for a few seconds, which felt like hours.

"My mom passed away and my dad can't pay the rent on his own. My brother helps out." she said, sounding nervous and upset. I instantly wrapped my arm tightly around her and kissed her on the forehead.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know." There was a silence for a couple of minutes, we finished smoking the joint as just sat there, holding each other. "It's a beautiful day huh?" I said, trying to break the tension. "Yeah it really is." she replied. "So did you have fun last night?" I asked her, looking into her eyes. She looked into mine and replied "Yeah I did, thank's for the night, I had a lot of fun." She had the warmest smile on her face, it was the happiest I had seen her for a long time.

All through school, I knew she was upset about something, I just never came about to ask her. I knew the reason, but I still didn't know how to comfort her. "Come on, let's get something to eat." I said, pushing myself off the seat and grabbing her hand. She got up and followed me. I let go of her hand and wrapped my left arm around her waist, she did the same and dropped her head onto my shoulder.

I looked down at my phone, it was 11:24am, the sun was high in the sky and not a cloud was in the sky. We walked to a local coffee shop and we sat down next to each other in the corner.

We wrapped around each other and sat there, waiting for a waitress. Out of no where, a girl from school called Daisy come up to us. "Hey guys, good morning." she said with a smile on her face. We both said hey and smiled back, me and Daisy used to be good friends, but her brother got pissy with me when I dropped him from the rugby team.

"I didn't know you two where a couple" she said. I just pulled a fake smile to move the conversation, I didn't feel like talking to her. "I'll take banana pie pancake and two tea's, no milk or sugar." I said confidently. Daisy nodded and then walked off. Bethany gently pushed me away and looked into my eyes, confused. "How did you know?

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That's my favourite!" she exclaimed. I had over heard Bethany talking in business studies about the foods she liked, we had a group discussion about how much food costs to make and how much they sell them for. (Did you know a coke bottle costs 3 pence to make? They sell those things for A whole pound!) "I have my ways." I said to her, winking. She pulled herself back into me and just rested into my chest.

This was a better moment for me than the sex we had. Holding her made me feel perfect. "You complete me." she whispered ever so gently. She placed her hand on my leg and started running it up and down, playing with the fabric of my jeans. Slowly my cock started to harden, luckily for me It was in a position that it wouldn't be noticed until it was fully hard.

The bell that was hanging above the door rang as it opened, in walked Timmie with two of his friends. They looked over at us and stopped, he stared at us with anger for a while.