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The Girls Next Door (Part 2) I got lots of good feedback for part one, but some readers wanted more details. I won't get too graphic but I'll try to elaborate on some of the fun my young friends have come to me to learn about.

In Part 1 I explained that Cindy was the first to visit me. Cindy is a lovely blonde goddess-ette with B cups and a bare wisp of golden pubic hair. I mentioned in part 1 that she wore very sexy pink panties for a 14 year old. After I pulled her T-shirt over her head I caressed her perfect young body paying special attention to her breasts. The feel of them reminded me of when I was her age. It had been 30 plus years since I had felt such perfect young titties. They were so firm and responded to my touch instantly.

I moved my way down her flat tummy, which made her laugh because it tickled, until I found the elastic of those tiny panties.

I glided a finger under the edge and asked if this was Okay. She said, "You can do whatever you want." I told her that we could do whatever SHE wanted, that what I wanted wasn't important, and that this was all for her pleasure. I said I wanted her to be spoiled rotten to ensure she would come back for more. At that she just smiled like she had just discovered a treasure.

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I slid my hand under her panties and found the softest mound I'd ever had the extreme pleasure of massaging. When my finger found her clit she jumped and gasped out loud as she came. I asked if she liked that and she explained that it never felt that good when she did it.

I peeled off her panties and examined them and found them to be the thong variety. "Let me guess, your mom didn't buy these for you, did she?" She said that she bought them at the mall while her mom was getting her hair done, and that she keeps them hidden because if her mom found them she'd have a fit.

I told her that I loved to buy sexy things for my girlfriends and asked if she would model for me if I bought her some things. She agreed whole-heartedly and kissed me to seal the deal. Her lips were so soft that I just kept on kissing for several minutes finally probing her mouth deeply, tickling the roof of her mouth with my tongue.

She was surprised when she had another orgasm. I kissed and licked her fine young body all the way down to her pussy, which was quite wet by then. I probed the entrance to her vagina with my tongue and found her hymen intact. I told her that if she came back for more visits we could stretch her cherry so that when she had sex it wouldn't hurt. I slid the tip of one finger inside and rolled it around a little.

She moaned softly. Since I didn't have condoms I decided to save her cherry for later and concentrated on licking her soft folds. I pressed back the soft flesh and pressed my lips to her clitty and began to hum. This drove her wild with pleasure and she came again panting hard. I held her close for a few minutes as her hand explored my body until it found my erect cock.


She told me she had tried to suck her boyfriend's but he came real quick, and asked if she could try mine. She was good for a first timer. I showed her how to go real slow and concentrate on how it felt for her, reminding her how my tongue had felt in her mouth. She rubbed the head against the roof of her mouth and soon had another orgasm. As she lay there recovering I asked if the other girls needed proof that she had been with me, so I wrote a note for her to show them.

It just said YUMMMM……Next! Rebecca was "Next". She sat on the bed stroking me, explained she had done it with her boyfriend once but wanted a real man. She rolled a condom on me and climbed on, lowering her tight pussy onto me slowly as I removed her shirt to get at her ample knockers. I prefer little ones but hers were perfect large C's. She started pumping me slowly.

I had come for Sandra earlier so I just lay there and watched Rebecca enjoy herself. Soon she was thrashing around like a girl gone wild and when she came she almost fell off the bed. She said to leave the condom on for the next girl and I told her to come back sometime when we could take our time. She assured me she would.

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Anna was next. Anna has strawberry blond hair like her mother's and has small breasts even for a 14 year old. She said she had been using her mom's toys but wanted to try sex "for real". I kissed and licked her all over and ate her beautiful pussy like a starving man.

I love redheads. The pale skin contrasted by fire red hair really does it for me.

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After she came for me I stood up holding her feet up in the air and guided my covered member into her. I concentrated on her G-spot and pulled out a few times to glide over her clit.

As she came again I pushed back inside and held her tightly. As she dressed to leave I told her to come over anytime. My last visitor that early morning was Julie who's mom is of Latin descent, giving her a permanent tan and black hair. Like I said she was kind of shy but very curious. Her boyfriend had asked her for sex but she wanted to wait.

He suggested she should let him do it back door style but she didn't trust his aim. I told her I would help her get comfortable with it.


We lay together caressing and cuddling and soon I was licking her pussy and probing her butt with a very wet finger. I applied some lube to her and me and slowly pressed at her entrance. I told her to push like she was trying to fart. Each time she did my cock would slide in a little further, but the sensation made her clench.

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Each time I petted her and helped her relax. After a while I was all the way in. I stayed still to allow her to get used to it, but then she started moving her butt around and squeezing my cock, so I started slowly moving in and out. She learned to love it very quickly. I couldn't hold back anymore and started pumping harder. After we both came I held her and asked if she'd like to try again sometime.

She said yes and told me I was so gentle that she would let me teach her anything. I mentioned that all of the girls at the party had been back to "visit".

I have popped all the remaining cherries and all the girls now love anal and oral. One day, Cindy and Rebecca came over after school and we made love for about two hours.


I even introduced them to girl/girl love. As they left to go home for dinner, Sandra was just reaching for the doorbell. I expected a scene resulting in my imprisonment, but Sandra just said, "Hi Girls". And came in for an after-nooner.

I had some excuses ready but she never said a word about the girls being there. We made love for 45 minutes and when I finally stopped without coming, she just gave me a wicked smile. The 12 year-old Angela has her party this Saturday and Anna has informed me that the younger girls are always asking her and her friends about boys and sex.

Lately Angela has been asking me questions as well. I have told her that I'm open to any questions she might have and that I'll always answer her honestly. The other day Sandra, the girls and I were relaxing in the hot tub when Sandra excused herself to use the restroom. Angela leaned over to Anna and whispered something to her. All I heard was Anna's response, I think that would be Okay." Angela slid over next to me and put her hand on my cock.

I didn't say anything, just kissed her on the forehead. When we heard the toilet in the pool house flush she slid back to the other side.

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I think I'll like living here.