Gallery movieture family gay sex america first time This is some of

Gallery movieture family gay sex america first time This is some of
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It was a new day and she found herself on the rack as usual. She was expecting to see her torturer but he was nowhere to be found. She trembled as she remembered the promise he'd made the previous day and felt her heart racing. She took deep breaths and tried to calm down. Suddenly, the restraints lost their hold on her and she fell to the ground. She looked around again and noticed that the rack and her cage were both gone.

Instead, she was standing in a huge black room…naked. Nobody seemed to be around but her, and it was completely empty except for a chaise lounge. She approached it and felt the rich red velvet of the upholstery with her hand.

It was soft and inviting. She was extremely tired and only wanted to sleep or rest but that was impossible. There was no sleep in hell and resting was out of the question since most of the time she had to keep her guard up. However, seeing no one around, she took her chances and lay down on it. She felt the softness of the velvet on her bare skin and managed to relax. She was lying on her back and her chest was slowly rising and falling with her deep breaths.


She'd finally managed to calm down.and didn't hear him approaching her. He looked at her with prying eyes for a long time. She was naked, her pearly skin and dark hair contrasting against the redness of the velvet.

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She looked peaceful and was almost smiling. Then, she opened her eyes slowly and saw him standing next to her. She panicked and jumped up and away from the chaise lounge. He was naked, too, and remembering their previous encounter she thought "Oh, no, this is bad". He slowly and sensually lay down and smiled at her saying "Hi, doll, come over here" patting the chaise lounge. She found herself walking mechanically straight towards him. She had no control over her own body.

She wanted to scream and run away but no matter how hard she tried, it was useless. She was soon standing next to him as if waiting for further instructions. He looked up at her and began stroking her hips and waist. "I told you I had something special for today. How do you like this place? Quiet, private, and nice, right?" She felt her head nodding and realized she was nothing but his puppet. She then looked down and saw him growing hard already and thought "Oh, no, no, no!" He made her sit on his lap facing him, her legs spread to both sides, straddling him.

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Her arms were wrapped around his neck and his hands were resting on her hips. He gently stroked her and smiled at her. "Kiss me," he suddenly commanded. She pressed her lips against his and brushed gentle kisses on them.


Next, she licked them and softly pushed her tongue inside his mouth. She slowly explored every inch of it and massaged his tongue with hers.

He was on the receiving end this time, or so he wanted to pretend. She hated this. She hated what he was doing and the worst part was that she couldn't do a thing to stop him. When they parted the kiss, he said "I knew you were a good kisser, baby. That was really nice." He looked into her eyes and stroked her hair.

He left a trail of soft kisses down her neck and licked her collarbone. Suddenly, she felt heat building inside her.


Her body was betraying her, she felt her growing arousal and wanted to scream and run away. He noticed and smirked, whispering in her ear "Oh, no, honey, we're just getting started." He kept kissing her and roaming her body with his hands.

He let his fingers explore every inch of her smooth skin. He cupped her breasts and slid lazy fingers down her back all the while looking into her eyes. He went on kissing and licking her front, and then started nibbling her earlobes and neck.

He became increasingly aggressive and dug his fingers on her butt while he nibbled and then bit her nipples. She shook in pain and he seemed to be turned on by it as he began biting harder. She felt tears running down her face and blood trickling down her breasts. Then she realized what he was doing. He was actually drinking from her: he was licking her breasts and sucking the blood from her abused reddened nipples. She looked down at him and found him looking back at her, his lips crimson with her blood and his green eyes lustful and glowing.

In that moment, she felt his erection against her thigh. He suddenly grabbed her hips, lifted her high up in the air and pushed her down in a single motion impaling her in him.

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She opened her eyes widely, screamed in pain, and pulled her head back as he thrust violently. She felt him tearing her apart and couldn't do a thing to stop him. Her back was arched and her arms were wrapped around him. He looked at her, licked his lips and said "I wanna go deeper inside you, princess" in a husky voice.

Her arms immediately unhooked from him and fell back, hands resting on his thighs till she was almost lying on her back on top of him. Her legs were fully stretched out and her feet were resting on the ground as her body violently rocked back and forth farther down into him. She then realized what he'd done: he'd made her change the angle so that he could go deeper inside of her.

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He was filling her completely, he'd never been that deep inside of her and she felt waves of excruciating pain washing over her entire body. The worst part wasn't even the pain but that she couldn't do anything to stop him. It was far worse than being on the rack.

To anyone looking at them, they would've seemed lovers having hot sex, when she was actually being raped. She rode him for what seemed to be hours and, when he was finally done with her, he pushed her back into his arms and held her still while he kissed her tenderly.

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He stroked her long mane and drew soothing circles on the small of her back. Then, he wrapped his arms around her tighter and she felt she was slowly regaining control of herself. She squirmed a little but he was still half hard inside of her and moving on top of him was making him grow hard again so she thought it wiser to stay still.

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He smiled and stroked her back as he said "Say you're mine, sweetheart. Say it." This time he didn't sound angry. He was sweetly whispering in her ear. She felt trapped in his arms. She couldn't move because it'd make things worse so she was choosing not to do it, and it was terrible because he knew it, and was enjoying it. She was lying on top of him, he was still inside her, and there were no restraints holding her there, she was choosing to lie still in his arms.

He looked into her eyes and smiled. She couldn't believe it, he was acting as if they were lovers, as if she'd actually chosen to be with him.and she couldn't take it anymore. She closed her eyes and buried her head on the small of his neck. He felt her tears on his chiseled chest and whispered in her ear "It's ok, beautiful. You'll give in to me. It may take a little longer than I thought, but you will." He stroked her hair and brushed soft kisses on her head while she wept.