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Poleshuk Lada second underwater sexy video
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I woke up the next day in a good mood and feeling really refreshed, not just because of the party last night in general but what happened during the party with Kazuna, who I think was now my girlfriend (boy was Aunt Jennifer right) and in fact, she had invited me over that day.

I sprung out of bed and quickly went through my morning routine. Downstairs, after finishing a delicious breakfast made by Maria, I was about to leave and I said, "Aunt Jennifer, I'm going to a friend's house for a while." "When are you coming back?" She asked after coming to the door.


I shrugged. "After lunch or something," "Okay good because we're going to go out to eat for dinner okay?" "Okay," I nodded and began to open the door.

"By the way," she stopped me. "Are you going to…Kazuna's house?" She had a knowing smile and a twinkle in her eyes. I sputtered, "W-well I uh…yeah, I am." She winked and said, "Oh good, now go on, have fun." The twinkle in her eye was shining like a star now and I got a few butterflies in my stomach as I took off on my bike. I found the Yamamoto house, a normal two story house, and parked my bike on her driveway.

At the door, I was just about to press the doorbell when the door swung open, taking me by surprise. "Hey Mike!" greeted Kazuna as she stood with her arms out wide, wearing clothes very similar to the day before. "Come on in!" I walked in and she shut the door behind me. "Are your parents here?" I asked, feeling really stupid and like a goody two-shoes after asking. She replied with a smile. "No, so we have the whole house to ourselves." I nodded. "Sweet, so what do you wanna do?" She shrugged.

"We could watch a movie or something." "Yeah sure but maybe like later or something. Let's do stuff…together." Wow that sounded wrong. "Like what?" We both knew what we wanted to do but we were afraid to even after kissing three times, so we ended up just sitting around snacking and talking again about random stuff, which was perfectly fine by me since it was with Kazuna.

After maybe a half an hour of laughing, eating, and talking, we finally began a movie in her basement where there was a huge plasma TV.

It was some recent suspense film that was actually pretty good but what made it even better was that we were watching it in her basement where there was hardly any sunlight so it was really nice, dark and dare I say it…romantic.

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We sat right next to each other on the couch with me sitting up with my arm around Kazuna on the couch and Kazuna curled up right next to me. Sometime in the middle of the movie she laid her head on my shoulder and boy was I a happy guy right then.

It was like that for the rest of the movie until the credits started to roll when it finally happened. With dramatic music playing in the background, Kazuna lifted up her head and kissed me. I of course kissed her back and so began another make out session. We turned towards each other and held each other's arms while we made out.

Our hands began to roam about on our arms, then our backs and pretty soon everywhere. Our kissing became more intense and our hands began to go places we never thought we would touch. My dick began to stir since I was really hot now. This was going really far as my hand suddenly found itself rubbing the bare back of my partner. I soon felt hers on my back too and my cock was now fully hardened up.

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We were now kissing with the passion of a married couple and I was going absolutely nuts. Our tongues were now darting in each other's mouths and our hands were groping all over, on each other's backs, hair, chest, stomach, legs, and even in between our legs.

We started to take hold of the hem of each other's shirts when we heard the front door slamming shut followed by Mrs. Yamamoto saying something in Japanese which I'm guessing meant "I'm home," and we pried ourselves out from the long, deep kiss.

Looking into each other's eyes we could see a burning fire of…I wasn't really sure what but it felt really good. After smiling and kissing quickly, we stood up and went upstairs.

When her mom saw me, she raised her eyebrow and I felt really nervous as to how she would think of me.

She smiled though and said with a slight Japanese accent, "Oh hello, I didn't know someone was going to come over. What's your name?" "Mike…Sadler." I replied. "I'm a friend of Kazuna." Her eyes lit up.


"Oh so are you Jennifer's…nephew perhaps?" I nodded. "Yeah I am." I said, wondering if the fact that I was Aunt Jennifer's nephew would set me in better terms with the mother of my girlfriend. "Ooh yes! I remember you from the party last night!" She looked at Kazuna and back at me.

"Is that where you guys met?" Kazuna and I exchanged glances and I blushed slightly. "Yeah it was." She nodded with an almost knowing smile then bowed. "Well nice to meet you Mike, now are you going to stay for lunch?" "Oh yeah, Kazuna—er, I mean your daughter said we could go out and grab some stuff at McDonalds or something." Oh no please, you can eat here." She insisted. "I was going to make some sushi." Oh man, sushi. I loved sushi so I decided to stay. "Excellent! It'll be ready in a few, maybe ten minutes." It was then that I noticed how much Kazuna and her mom looked alike.

Same hair, same eyes and same body except Mrs.

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Yamamoto was forty years old and she was much more…bigger. I hadn't really noticed at the party since I had been so focused on Kazuna. Just then, Kazuna's twelve year old sister, whom I had seen at the party, ran by.

I also hadn't payed much attention to her the day before but now I noticed how identical the two sisters looked and how cute a twelve year old version of Kazuna was. "Saki-chan," Mrs. Yamamoto called. "Come say hi to Kazuna's friend." Saki backtracked and with a smile, said in almost perfect English, "Hi, I'm Saki!" I smiled and said back, "Hey Saki, I'm Mike." I held my hand out and she took it in her delicate twelve year old hands.

"Okay, can I go to Erica's house now?" She asked her mom. Her mom said something in Japanese and Saki turned back around and said, "Seeya Mike!" She then took off and was gone. "I'm sorry about Saki," Mrs. Yamamoto apologized. "She was kind of in a hurry. She's usually much more polite." "Oh no, that's okay." I said. "By the way you can call me Akiko-san. The san part means Mrs.

so don't worry about being rude. Yoroshiku," she bowed. I bowed back and replied, "Nice to meet you Akiko-san." She smiled but before she turned around to make lunch, she looked me straight in the eye and winked. I woke up the next day and the kisses between Kazuna and I came back, setting me into another good mood. I went downstairs to where I found Aunt Jennifer, Julia and Maria dressed up and looking like they were going out.

When I asked if they were going anywhere, they said they were going to go to the mall for a couple hours. That meant I had this whole large house all to myself and I could do almost anything with all the stuff Aunt Jennifer had. I was excited. As soon as they closed the door, I rushed over to their iPod dock and plugged in my iPhone, turning the volume up real high. I pressed "shuffle songs", playing my awesome collection of over 1000 songs, which probably had all the songs on the Top 100 since 2003 and all the swear words known to English repeated over 500 times, but since nobody was home I was free to blast it out loud.

As the speakers literally pounded out some Ludacris, I was feeling a little bit horny and I stripped down to my birthday suit with my cock standing proudly erect. Throwing my clothes on the couch, I went to the computer and looked up some porn. Since the computer screen was so big and clear, I had an awesome view of a teen couple fucking away on their bed. I started pumping my throbbing member until I came right onto my chest and dripping down to the source.

I sighed in satisfaction and enjoyed the rest of the erotic video then started a new movie about an aunt and a nephew fucking, which really made me think of Aunt Jennifer. I suddenly stopped masturbating as I thought about it. I shook my head and switched to one about some random chick getting banged by a stud. I was probably watching for over half an hour when I decided to take a break from porn. Shutting down the computer and stopping my iPod, I decided to go swimming.

I didn't bother to put on my swimsuit since the yard was big and had a tall wooden fence but I still put my swim shorts by the water just in case. I was in the middle of skinny dipping when I heard the doorbell ring from the inside. I grabbed my swimsuit, dunked it underwater to make it wet, jumped out, slipped on my shorts, and went inside to answer the door, still dripping wet. I was really happy when I opened the door.

Kazuna stood there smiling, carrying a small bag. "Oh hey Kazuna," I greeted her enthusiastically. "Hey," she said, laughing. "You already are swimming?" "Oh you came to swim, great! Uh yeah…anyway, come on in!" I felt really stupid acting so excited but I suppose after what happened so far between us, it didn't matter. I led her inside and said she could change in the bathroom. She said thanks and went in to change. I jumped in the pool and waded around waiting for Kazuna.

When she came out, she blew my mind again with the same skimpy striped bikini as from the party. "Come on Kazuna!" I encouraged when she hesitated in jumping in. "It's perfect!" She thought for a moment then said, "Okay, but you have to catch me okay Mike?" I loved the idea. "Okay sure, just jump in." She ran up and took a jump in, tits sexily defying gravity. I caught her by the hips and she only made a small splash. We played about in the water for a half hour or so when we stopped swimming around and went to the edge of the pool and rested our arms and head on the ledge.

We talked once again about random stuff until Kazuna brought up the night before. "Oh yeah Mike, about last night…" "Yeah…?" I glanced at her and she was twiddling her thumbs nervously, concentrating really hard on the ground. "I didn't really mean for us to go that far." She said.

"I just wanted another kiss but it turned out pretty intense. Who knows what could have happened if my mom hadn't come home." I nodded.

"Yeah, I'm sorry too. I shouldn't have gone and started…touching." "Well I think it was really great though." She replied.

"It felt awesome and everything and it felt almost…right." I looked at her. "Really?" She nodded and looked back at me and I saw what she was thinking in her smile. We looked at each other for a while when we both blurted out, "Do you want to do it again?" We both smiled and lifted ourselves up to sit on the edge before we brought each other close in a tight embrace centered at our lips.

This time we didn't beat around the bush, we got right to the point. Our tongues were intertwined inside our mouths and they were sealed from the air by our lips.

We were basically continuing what we had paused from the day before as we were once again roaming each other's bare backs with our young hands. With both of us already half naked, it didn't take long for lustful thoughts to enter our minds. We started to touch each other's intimate areas and we gripped the cheeks of each other's butts. I especially loved the feeling of Kazuna's teenage ass filling my hands as I gripped it.

Doing this though made my manhood react and blood began to flow. I kissed harder and Kazuna kissed back and we were hotter than ever before.

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We actually toppled back into the water, we were so intense, and we decided to continue it inside. We rushed inside and I thought we would just go on the couch but to my delight, she brought me upstairs into my room and onto my bed.

She pushed me down on the bed on my back and she crawled on top, peppering me with kisses. This was definitely going farther than either of us intended but nothing could stop our young love now. We began rubbing each other's bare backs again and I made the first bold move of untying her bikini top, but when I finished and the strings fell to the sides, I stopped kissing and asked Kazuna, "Are you sure you want to do this?" She looked me in the eye almost amused and said confidently, "Yes, I…I like you…a lot, so I really want to do this.

Now undress me Mike, before I chicken out." I would've but one thing bothered me. "But Kazuna, if we're really going to…you know, actually do it, we're going to need protection and I don't have a, you know…a condom." She gave me a sly grin and said, "I'm on the pill." Before diving in and planting a passionate kiss on my lips.

I didn't even have time to wonder why the heck she would be on the pill as my mind was already swimming with thoughts of unbelief and wonder at how I, an absolutely normal fourteen year old boy who was a virgin and had kissed a girl only once before this, was now making out with a hot Japanese girl my age with both of us half naked and very much most likely about to have sex.

Only in my wildest dreams and fantasies would this have happened or at least not until I was in college or something, but like they say, I just went with the flow, continuing to kiss Kazuna harder as I removed her bikini top.

When I threw it off to the side, besides Maria's which I hardly saw anyway, I saw my very first live boobs up close, even if they were fourteen year old ones. Not afraid to touch anything on her body, I brought my hands to her probably B cup tits and rubbed all over. Kazuna moaned into my mouth as I flicked her rock hard nipples and boy did that turn me on.

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Next was Kazuna's turn and she hooked her fingers on my swim trunks. We stopped kissing so that she could concentrate on undressing me and I watched excitedly as she slid my swim shorts down after taking a deep breath.

When my straining hard-on popped up, she gasped with wide eyes as it was probably her very first penis she had seen in her life. After also tossing my swim trunks away, she softly touched and stroked it curiously, sending wonderful tingles throughout my pole. While she was admiring my cock, I asked, "Can I take your bottoms off now?" She looked up and gave me another sly grin. "Sure," she said, and let me slowly slip the panty-like bikini bottoms, revealing to me a tantalizing sight.

She had a wonderful and beautiful slit that was to my surprise, shaved. It was definitely the best pussy I had ever seen, even though I only had the porn I had seen to compare to. "Okay, let's continue." She said, and now with both of us totally nude, we kissed again and roamed, with our hands, almost everywhere on each other's bodies. Pretty soon it was getting so intense that we lay down and cuddled into each other's bare bodies while we French kissed. We went about this kissing hotly and rubbing each other's privates until Kazuna finally crawled on top of me and sat gracefully on my stomach and said, "Okay Mike, I'm ready.

Just pop my cherry and make love to me." My heart leaped out with excitement at her words and I replied, saying, "Are you sure? Like really sure you want to do this?" "Are you okay?" she asked with amusement. "Besides, I think it might be already too late. Just do it slow at first then we can do it like real lovers." I smiled at her eagerness. "Alright Kazuna, lower yourself onto it and if it hurts, tell me." She complied and she slowly lowered her ass down as she supported herself with her arms.

When the head of my cock met the lips of her pussy, we both squealed with delight at the alien feeling. Kazuna continued to lower herself down and she looked like she was fine. That is until I met the obstruction. "Okay, on the count of three." I said. "One…two…THREE!" Kazuna released her support and slammed down, breaking her hymen and popping her cherry, making both of us not a virgin anymore.

She gave a loud, quick cry and sat there with my stiff shaft up her snatch for maybe a minute and I lay there amazed at how good it felt to have my manhood up a cunt and how I was so lucky to be able to experience something like this. A lot of my friends would probably do anything to do what I was doing. "So this is what sex feels like." I thought to myself dreamily. Suddenly, Kazuna began to hump up and down and I gasped as I was really feeling the pleasure now, the tightness of her virgin cunt and the way it rubbed smoothly and tightly against my sensitive cock.

I could tell she was feeling it too as she was moaning and gasping with pleasure while her relatively large boobs bounced sexily up and down. She was riding cowgirl but I wanted her up against me and close to me so I pulled her down and kissed her as her tits crushed against my chest and she rode my cock.

Right there we made love. With Kazuna on top, we were connected by both lips and cock. We didn't ever stop making out passionately and intensely and she didn't ever stop humping my dick lustfully until after a whole 10 minutes or more when Kazuna began moaning into my mouth much louder than she had the past ten minutes. She rode my shaft even faster and she was moaning as loud as she could while she slobbered her lips all over the general area of my mouth.

I realized she was about to have an orgasm and I too felt a small tingling in my balls. What really sent me over the edge was when Kazuna slammed down on my cock and gave out an ecstatic squeal, gyrating her ass like a woman possessed, then she stopped, exhausted.

Although she had stopped actively stimulating my cock, her vaginal muscles were still naturally rippling over my shaft and that was enough to send jets of cum into her young womb but not before I looked passionately into Kazuna's glazed eyes and gasped, "I love you Kazuna." After both of us had finished climaxing immensely and we had switched our position to both of us on our sides facing each other, we just cuddled into each other and Kazuna rested her head on my chest.

"Thank you," she whispered softly. "You're welcome." I whispered back and wrapped my arms around her back and kissed her forehead lightly while I squeezed her tight, never wanting to let go and lose the heavenly feeling of her naked body against my naked body, her busty little tits against my chest and my then flaccid cock engorged into her used love tunnel. I once again couldn't believe how something as awesome as this could happen to me but I was definitely not going to deny it.

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After maybe ten minutes, Kazuna's breathing became soft and even and I realized she had fallen asleep. I suppose after losing your virginity you would be really tired. I was pretty tired myself but I absolutely did not want to fall asleep and wake up to my aunt, sister, or Maria yelling at me and asking what the fuck I was doing then end up being grounded until I was forty and never be able to see Kazuna again in my life.

No, instead I decided to get up and go downstairs to get us a bite to eat. I pulled my limp dick out of Kazuna's cunt and there was a loud, sloppy popping sound of our mixed juices and some blood from the breaking of her hymen. I gave a small sigh of pleasure then got out of the bed and exited the room where I lost my virginity, still completely nude and cum and blood coating my rising cock.

I looked back before I closed the door at Kazuna's peaceful, erotic, and nude body lying silently on top of the covers and that was enough to bring my cock back to life before I want downstairs. I got some of Aunt Jennifer's homemade chocolate chip cookies and two cans of Sprite from the kitchen and headed back upstairs carrying the plate and cans.

When I reentered the room, I saw that Kazuna had woken up from her little daze and was sitting up with her back to the headboard, just sitting there with smile. She saw me with cookies and like a little kid she exclaimed, "Oh, you brought cookies? Thanks!" She took a cookie and a pop and I sat down next to her and also took a cookie and a pop.

We sat there for a while just silently reveling in our newfound love while we munched on cookies and sipped at Sprite. It wasn't an awkward silence; we were just lost in our thoughts of the love we had just shown to each other. I eventually broke it though, saying, "That was awesome." She giggled and nodded.

"I loved it and I totally don't regret it." She rested her head on my shoulder and sighed in satisfaction. I pulled her tight again against my shoulder and also rested my head on hers. A few minutes later though, there was a loud slamming noise of a car door in the driveway and we both jumped up and quickly got dressed. The front door opened and Julia yelled out that they were home. Kazuna then decided to head home and she pressed herself into me, wrapped her arms around my neck, and gave me a short five second kiss before she went downstairs and went home.

Julia came into my room right after I hid the semen and blood stained sheets a few seconds later. "Who was that girl?" she asked with a raised eyebrow.

I shrugged nonchalantly. "Just a…friend," "Oh sure, it's probably a girlfriend." She teased me, then shut the door and walked away giggling. I scoffed at her. Boy was she more right than she knew. It was later that day, about eight o'clock. We had just finished a great meal of roast beef and other great stuff and my stomach was filled and I was in a pretty good mood (again).

Everyone sat down on the couch to watch some TV and I turned on some Family Guy. We were all laughing but halfway through the show, Aunt Jennifer and Maria said they had to go do some work and they both went upstairs.

I thought nothing of it and Julia and I finished the rest of the show.

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Julia switched the channel to some chick flick so I went upstairs to my room to maybe watch some porn or go on Facebook but as soon as I entered the room, the smell of sex drifted through the air from that afternoon. I wanted to wash it but I couldn't have Aunt Jennifer do it lest she saw the cum stains on it, so I decided to ask her how to do the laundry and I went up to her office which was empty. That was strange since that was where she did her work.

I went to her bedroom and made the huge mistake of not knocking. I turned the knob and walked in on the most unlikely sight I would ever see my aunt doing. I had interrupted on Aunt Jennifer and Maria completely naked lying on her bed in a 69, kissing and licking each other's pussies out like hell.

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The looks on their faces were of pure no-fucking-son-of-a-cock-fucking-bitch-shitter-way kind of shock. My mind was also somewhere along those lines as I ran out of the room and dashed into mine, my head spinning. I never thought I would catch my aunt doing that, ever.