Lots of orall service from blondes

Lots of orall service from blondes
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This is my first story please read the themes if you don't like stories like these stop reading now also it is light on some details so feel free to use your imagination. My name is John Smith I was raised by my father and never knew my mother.

My father never told me what he did for a living, only that he dealt with rich and powerful people. Don't get me wrong I used to think he was in finance or politics because of the people he dealt with.

It was one of the reasons I was home schooled. That and the fact I was a border line genus. Hell by the time I was fourteen I had finished high school and was two years into collage.

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As a child what my father did for living was only one mystery I wanted to salve .The biggest involved the women around him from his secretaries to the maids around our house. Several things stood out one they all had metal collars around their necks, two they never wore panties, three they always wore reviling clothes especliy the maids hell their skirts were so short that's how I knew they didn't ware panties.

Four they all had a letter S branded on the side of their ass cheeks and five they all called dad master. The day of my fifteenth birthday dad came to me with a challenge.

He would give me ten grand that I would invest and depending on how I did he would answer all my questions including who and what my mother was. That commit alone made me agree. I spent the next month watching the commodes market. I then made my first investments, and for the next few months I worked the stock market.

Using my Research I was able to make several million. Almost all I then invested in utilities stocks save about one million I kept to play with and dads ten grand plus interest The morning of my birthday dad looked over my portfolio and only smiled as I gave him his loan back and asked if that was good enough.

He just laughed and said I should handle his investments for him.


I was then told our family is in finance but my great grandfather but around the nineteen twenties after a trip to the Middle East he started a side business.

The business is the capture and import and sale of sex slaves. Each generation took over for the last. To say I was shocked would be an understatement. Hundreds of questions were going through my mind. The first ones I asked was "where do the slaves come from?" "What happens to them after they are sold?" He told me most slaves came from poor parts of the world and were sold by their parents.

They mostly came from countries in Eastern Europe and Asia. Since whites and Asians were more popular but from time to time there were requests for blacks, Hispanics, and Native Americans. Many of the slaves went from dirt poor to living in great comfort the only catch is they have be ready to be used sexually 24-7 365 days a year. The last statement helped a little, after all I didn't think of myself or my dad as evil people especially with the thoughts I was having as a sixteen year old virgin.

I then was told about my mother, how she was sold by her father in Bosnia seventeen years ago. Dad took a liking to her and kept her for himself. Then not long after her training was completed I was born. Mom being a slave wasn't allowed to be a part of my life until the day she would be my first test. "First test?" I asked. "First you must fuck all three of her holes then you must let dogs fuck her. Your second test is you must train a new slave.

Third you must find capture then train another slave." Dad answered. He then told me about the different types of slaves and what I could and couldn't do during the tests.

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(I will explain the different types of slaves as the story progresses.) After our discussion he lead me to what I had always thought was just a closet. He quickly touched a hidden switch and the back wall swung open to reveal a hidden room with a locked door. Through that door were stairs going down to the basement and another locked door. Once we entered what was called the dungeon he lead me between two rows of cells.

There were ten cells per row and the cells were 8 foot by 8 foot and about half had a slave in them. We were met at the last cell by a tall blonde woman about twenty years old wearing skin tight black vinyl gloves that came to just under her shoulders, matching skin tight thigh high vinyl high heeled boots, fish net stockings, a belt with a riding crop and a cat o nine teals hanging on it, and a black vinyl corset that ended just below her pierced C cup breasts and above her shaved pussy.

By the collar and what had been told was a slave brand on her ass cheek I could tell she was a slave. Her name was Victoria and she was a dungeon mistress. A slave that took care of the other slaves disciplined the other slaves when needed, and trained many of the slaves.

She had free access to all the dungeon and almost complete control of their bodies. She greeted me and dad with "Good morning masters. The bitch is ready for your use." She then stepped aside so we could see in the cell. On her hands and knees was a thirty year old woman.

Her light brown hair was in pigtails that looked like dog ears. She had on skin tight white vinyl gloves and boots similar to the mistress's only the gloves were mittens shaped like paws and the boots had straps that allowed her to bend her legs but not straiten them forcing her to crawl, paw shaped knee pads, and the tip of her cute button nose was painted black. If their mother looked like this almost anyone would want to fuck her.

From her pierced C-cup breasts to her first class ass and those legs it was almost a shame she couldn't walk.


Entering the cell I knelt down and started petting her I also took the opportunity to run my fingers over her bare pussy and pierced clit and found it very wet. Slipping a finger than another into her pussy I marveled at the feel of my first piece of pussy. AS I fingered her she looked up at me with her pretty brown eyes and began to whimper like a puppy. I took a deep breath looked back at dad and took the leash he handed to me a leash.

After clipping the leash to mom's collar dad and Mistress Victoria lead use out of the dungeon, out two doors, and up another set of stairs like the ones that we came down only these took use to dad's kennels. I need the explain this before I continue one of dad's businesses I did know about was he sold per bred dogs mostly Great Danes, German shepherds, and rottweilers.

What I didn't know is what they were trained to do and who they were trained to do it to till today. Entering the kennel I saw five other women and teenage girls. Three were dressed just like mom, one an Asian around my age getting fucked by a Rottweiler, and two big breasted blondes the first was sucking a Great Danes dick and the second was taking a German shepherd up her ass. Two other women were wearing a gimp suit of sorts. They had black vinyl hoods that covered their heads and faces except for their eyes mouths and hole for their nostrils.

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They also were wearing black vinyl body suits with mittens and boots like mom's. The only skin showing on them were the cut outs on their crotches, around their brands, and the holes their tits were hanging out of. The first was getting face fucked by a Rottweiler and the other was knotted ass to ass with a Great Dane. Before I tell you about the last girl I must explain something.

Dad sold dogs trained to fuck human women. To train them he kept special slaves. These slaves were only allowed to crawl, eat and drink out of dog bowls, had to piss and shit like dogs, could only make dog sounds (whimpering, barking, and so on.), and must let any dog that wants to fuck them any way it wants.

There are two types of these slaves. Mom and the other three are the first Kennel Bitches. The second is what the two in the hoods are Gimp Bitches. They are most of the time slaves that are deemed untrainible.

They watch their heads get shaved then the hoods are placed over their heads and locked on never to be removed.

These are the lowest of all sex slaves. The last girl in the kennels was a slave that was being punished for trying to escape. She was fifteen brunette very hot she looks a lot like Megan Fox. She was naked save her collar and the steel shackles on her wrists and ankles. She chained so her head and shoulders were on the ground and her ass was in the air with her knees at her tits and legs widely spread while three rottweiers took turns raping her.

All the time she pleaded and begged in vain. I locked mom in a kennel. I took this moment to strip out of my clothes. As I entered she presented her ass to me like a bitch in heat.

I move around to her head and before I could order her to suck my dick she latched onto it like a starving calf on its mother's tit. I would never have a slave that could what she could with a cock. She had no gag reflex what so ever. I needed a distraction about thirty seconds in so looked at dad. That was a big mistake he had the mistress on her knees hands behind her back and was fucking her face like there was no tomorrow.

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Seeing that made me shoot my first load in mom's mouth and mom never missing a beat swallowed every drop. I needed to rest for a little while so I watched dad finish with the mistress and the Asian bitch being fucked by one Rottweiler while sucking another ones dick. As she got a doggie cum facial I decided to continue. I began to finger fuck mom for a few minutes bringing her to the brink of orgasm. It wasn't hard given the fact she was already worked up and a fact I didn't find out until after the test.

It seems my family found drug years ago that not only made a woman Horney as hell but also made them extra sanative as well. I removed my fingers and lined up my cock. After inserting the head I grabbed her hips rammed it home extracting a gasp out of mom.

I was tempted to cut loose on her but decided the savior my first piece of pussy. Pull almost all the way out then thrusting back in slowly.

Then mom would clinch down on my cock as I pulled out.

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I kept this up a good four or five minutes before my cut loose on her, Then I would slow back down making her whimper in frustration then cut loose again. I kept this up for another four or five minutes until I could take no more and gave mom's pussy a cum bath as she sprayed cum herself.

Collapsing on her I needed to rest for a good ten minutes even with the help from Pfzer. I rolled onto my back as mom began to lick and suck my dick clean. After she had me clean I got up and got some water for us mine in the bottle and her's in a bowl on the floor. I have to admit it a woman lapping water out of a bowl is pretty sexy. While I rested I watch the other Kennel Bitches the Asian was curled up taking a nap, the two blondes were in the same kennel now sucking the dog cum from each other's pussies and asses, one of the Gimp Bitches had a Great Dane going to town on her pussy, while the other was being ass fucked by one Rottweiler and face fucked by another, and the brunette slave knelt crying in shame as a Rottweiler licked her to orgasm.

I finish my break and got a tube lube from dad. As I removed mom's bowl she dropped her shoulders and raised her ass.

I began to work the lube into mom's ass hole starting with one finger and working my way up to three. Once I think I've done enough I rub some on my dick. Spreading mom's ass cheeks I decide to get this over with quickly. I couldn't help myself this time as trust through mom's ass hole.

I wanted to savior this since I always was an ass man but I was tiered and my little blue pill was starting to wear out. Mom was whimpering like you wouldn't believe as I jack hammered her.

I didn't learn till after that even after being a sex slave for seventeen years mom never could handle anal sex without bursting into tears. I was amazed I lasted five minutes fucking her the way I was before shot my load in her ass.

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As I pulled out mom quickly turned and cleaned me off on last time. I then petted her again and told her what a good Kennel Bitch she was and left her kennel. Now to choose the dogs that would fuck her I had flipped a coin and the Rottweilers won the toss and the mistress had two ready to go by the time I finish with her.

To finish the test I didn't have to stay after I let the dogs in with her but I wanted to watch my mom be fucked by at least one the four dogs. Dad showed me the switch to let the dogs in with mom I didn't even hesitate to hit it and open that door. Like flash two horney dogs were on her.

She began whimpering and crying again as one grabbed a hold of her neck with his jaws not hard enough to break the skin but hard enough to hold her in place while the other mounted her. He grabbed hold of mom's hips and began hump her. It took him a few tries before he found her pussy but you could tell by the way she jumped when he did.

He was fucking her for a couple of minutes before mom started thrusting back to match his thrusts. That's when the humiliation set in on mom as she began to whimper worse than ever. I didn't think I could get it up again but did so to get some relief I woke the Asian bitch and had her suck my dick.

Dad not be left out had the mistress bent over and was pounding away on her ass hole. For five more minutes the dog fucked mom before he knotted her then several things happened, one dad filled the mistress's ass hole full of cum, two the Asian bitch got to swallow a load of my cum, three the Rottweiler fucking mom stepped over her back so they were tied ass to ass, four mom had a massive orgasm, and five as mom had her orgasm the other dog let go her neck and mounted her shoulders shoving it's dick down her throat.

Dad said to leave the boys to the bitch as me and dad watch the mistress make the little brunette slave suck dads cum from her ass. We then left the bitches to the dogs and returned to the dungeon. Passing the cells dad lead me to another room. The back wall of this room was lined with two foot by two foot by three and a half foot cages, four cages high, and five cages long.

Half had girls locked in them, all the girls naked with slandered inch wide steel slave collars steel shackles on their wrists and ankles, arms chained behind their backs, and all most all of them were wearing chastity belts. All the girls looked to be thirteen to fifteen years old. There was one Hispanic, three Asians, and the rest were white save one cage covered with a cloth.

"Son this is where all new slaves are brought after they are acquired. I am very proud of you now let's talk about your birthday present and the second test." dad says. Birthday present? I thought doing mom was my present I was thinking as dad reached for the cloth. Before I continue I must tell you about a conversation me and dad had last year.

Dad had asked what futures I found sexist in women. I told him I didn't care for giant tits preferred B-cups to C-cups, they had to have a nice ass, good looking legs, I was split between blondes and red heads, but what I found sexist of all were English and Australian accents. Dad pulled the cloth down in the cage was a fourteen year old with strawberry blonde hair that came to just above her fine ass with green tear filled eyes I say about perfectly proportional B-cup breast under a red three inch ribbon tied around them in a big bow.

She was restrained the same as the other girls in the cages including the ball gages I forgot to list. Dad told me she was from Melbourne Australia and her name was Megan and is a virgin. Of course as a sex slave she would need a new name.

To be continued