Bdsm bondage dominatrix Best pals Aidra Fox and Kharlie Stone are

Bdsm bondage dominatrix Best pals Aidra Fox and Kharlie Stone are
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The Houseguest entry 1 I'm a married woman. I'd say it's a good marriage. My husband is a successful real estate broker and I own a salon.

Our daughter Avery is 18 and in her first year in college and I decided to tell my story not because I'm unhappy with my marriage but I can't be the only woman needing something a little more exciting.


I imagined scenarios in my mind like secret affairs but never thought I'd have any. I watch adult oriented material often and it is a rush so I thought this real life story is too good not to tell other horny women looking for some good material to get aroused. We had Avery just out of high school so at 36 I'm still managing to stay fit. I was always considered pretty and my husband John played football in high school and was and is still very good looking.

My best friend Julie has a son who was 17 when he came to stay with us this past spring. He was a junior in high school. Julie is divorced and her and Caleb were always at our house.

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He stayed with us on and off and was like a little brother to Avery. Caleb was always an outgoing kid and by the time he was in his teens I knew he had a little crush on me. John my husband teased him all the time about it and I just laughed it off.

Caleb wasn't afraid to compliment my body or what I was wearing either. He was always flattering me which does makes me feel sexy.

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John does too but coming from someone else it feels good. Caleb's mom and dad are divorced and his dad isn't around so we were more than happy to let him stay as we have a three bedroom house so the spare room upstairs was empty. Avery has the other bedroom on the upper floor but since she is in college she isn't home much except for holidays.

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One Saturday John and I were working but I closed the salon early that Saturday and headed home after a trip to the store. I heard music playing upstairs not extremely loud but it was up a little louder than normal.

I didn't mind since no one was home and it wasn't disturbing anyone. I started laundry and headed up to get Caleb's sheets, towels and dirty clothes. Let me pause here a second for some truth.

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Let's just be honest, ladies, you know what I mean when a guy has a noticeable bulge from carrying a massive package between his legs, it's sexy. I know I'm bad but I always noticed Caleb had one of those bulges and he couldn't hide it. He caught me several times staring before I managed to pull my eyes off it.


It was like a damn log and I couldn't help it. He would grin and I would turn red. I even noticed him get hard a few times when we would be alone having a friendly conversation.

It was hard not to notice too. I had dirty thoughts I pushed out of my head about seeing it for real. I never thought I actually would. That day finally arrived and was like no other though. When I got close to his bedroom door I noticed it partly open. Caleb was on his knees on the floor turned slightly away from the door but it gave me the perfect view. He was totally naked. I knew I should just walk away but I couldn't help myself, I was paralyzed.

Would you? Can you please be honest with yourself! I was intrigued by his need to do this without locking the door but I also figured he had no idea when I would be home. His muscular body looked so good and it was obvious this was a favorite way for him to relieve his urge. He was slowly working his massive cock up and down using long strokes and his sack was hung low but tightening under his cock as he was bringing himself closer and closer.

He was shaved totally hairless revealing just how large everything was. His eyes were closed and the strain of the situation was apparent as his muscles in his arms and shoulders were flexing now as he went harder and faster. Although the music was a little louder than usual I could still hear his heavy breathing and low moans and groans. I noticed him briefly stop and run his thumb over the tip of his cock feeling his wetness which glistened in the light.

It appeared he wanted a break holding back a little longer before his climax. Again the stroking continued and it wasn't long before he was ready. Long ropes of cum shot out of his cock blasting the side of the bed sheets and floor as he moaned and grunted and strained wildly working his cock. I've never witnessed such a beautiful sight. John doesn't compare to this load size although it is sexy to see him work his member and cum.

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Caleb slowly relaxed and finally collapsed back onto the floor on his back exposing his full naked body and his thick gorgeous cock dangling over his leg to one side revealing his large sack and balls with the last remnants of cum slowly trickling down the side of his leg. If I had only left then but my paralysis made me unable to pull away.

Just as I was about to finally turn to go he glanced toward the door. I hurried away, hoping he hadn't but knowing he saw me.

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I went downstairs and immediately started preparations for supper that night even though it was only 3pm trying to find anything to do compensate for my obvious embarrassment for spying. The event as I'll refer to it was so exciting and as I stopped to pee on the way to the kitchen I noticed my panties were very wet.

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That event took place back in the spring and I just got the urge to submit it but there's much more to come. Hope you enjoy as I share my real life experiences even though some people will say these are really creative erotic fiction but if you don't want to believe them it's your choice.

I'm living the life and it is very real. Ladies live your dream make him understand your desires are real and your need for fulfillment can start here. I hope this inspires you. Kaylin H.