Casting newbie fucked in POV action

Casting newbie fucked in POV action
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TOM'S SUMMER ADVENTURES - PART 1 (by SloBoy) Disclaimer: This story is fictional and it involves sexual actions between teenage boys. If you find stories of this kind inappropriate and/or you are not old enough to read them, please leave this site now. Info: This is my first erotic story ever, so I would very much appreciate any kind of comments, suggestions etc.

I hope you would also forgive any possible grammatical mistakes, because English is not my mother tongue. So if you have any opinions, suggestions, comments, questions, just send them to [email protected]

I would love to hear comments from you - the readers. Tom's summer adventures part 1 It is Monday, the first day of the summer holidays. Tom Herbert is a regular 13 year old boy who is extremely happy that the school year is finally over and he is free to do whatever he wants for the next three summer months. First some basic info about Tom: he has short blonde hair, brown eyes and a nicely toned body.

He just started puberty six months ago, and he is extremely proud of the newly-gained height and some other things . His dick and balls started to grow, and he got a slight patch of pubes around his dick, but none on his balls. His penis is now about 10 cm (4 inches) when hard. And that has been the case quite often in the last few months.

He usually is hard in the morning when he wakes up. Tom likes to touch his dick in the morning because he knows he is alone and can do whatever he wants. This morning is no exception. Warm sunrays are gently touching his face as he wakes up. He smiles as he perfectly well knows which day it is. He throws the bedcover off the bed and there it is . his 10 cm hard on is already tenting his pajamas and boxers, giving Tom no other option but to pull them down just bellow his small hairless balls and start stroking his dick.

A couple of minutes later he feels this great warm feeling all over his groin and stomach and moments later he has his dry orgasm, leaving him out of breath and in joy for a few seconds.


Tom knows he should be getting sperm or cum any time now, as he read a lot about it on the internet in the past few months. He cannot wait the moment he will first shoot his sperm at the end of this great feeling he gets when he jerks off. After his dry orgasm Tom dresses and heads down to the kitchen for some breakfast and then he calls his best friend Andy. They have known each other since kindergarten and always sit together at school. Tom does not know if Andy jerks off yet or not, but he would very much like to try this mutual jerk-off, he has been reading about on the internet for a while now, with him.

T: Hey, Andy, what you doing? A: Hey, Tom! Well, not much, I just had breakfast and now I don't know what to do. T: I have an idea. Why don't you come over to my place and we can hang out, you know, play video games, and watch TV, that kind of stuff?

My parents won't be home till 4 pm, so we can do whatever we want A: Yeah that sounds so cool!

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I'll be there in 10 minutes! See you, Tom! T: See you, Andy!


At half past nine Andy knocks at the door and Tom opens it with a big grin on his face. Both boys are in great mood as the long, hot holidays are ahead of them. T: Hey, Andy! I'm so happy that school is finally over. A: Yeah, I know! Now we can do whatever we want, and for the whole three months which is so cool. T: So, what do you want to do? A: I don't know.

We could go on-line and play some games there; I just love those flash online games. What do you think? T: That's a very cool idea! Let's go. Tom and Andy go to Tom's bedroom and sit before the already switched on computer. Tom opens the browser and Andy types the URL of the site. Then they play flash games with much enthusiasm for about an hour and then something interesting happens.

A: Hey, man, can I ask you something personal? T: Sure, Andy, no problem.

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A: Well, you know how we talked about puberty in the sex education class? T: Of course. A: Well, I still haven't got any pubes down there, you know, and I'm getting kind of worried. T: Andy, there's no need to worry at all. They will grow eventually. It is just so, that sometimes they do earlier and sometimes a little latter.

A: Er r, do you have them, Tom? Is it too personal to ask you that? I mean, we are best friends, but I don't know. T: Not at all, buddy. Yes, I have them, but only a small patch. You shouldn't worry. A: Thanks, Tom. I knew you wouldn't laugh at me. T: Of course I wouldn't, Andy. You are my best friend. Hey, I have an idea! You want to come for a sleepover tonight? A: Yeah, sure, that'd be great! When should I come?

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T: Well, at about 7 pm would be cool. My parents are going to the cinema and then to this fancy restaurant so they won't be home till 11. A: OK, I can't wait. Shit, I have to go now. I must go to the dentist for my yearly checkup. T: Good luck, Andy.

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See you then. When Andy leaves, Tom goes straight to the computer and opens his favourite website - In the past year he's been getting these sexual feeling for boys.

Although he still likes to look at pics of naked girls, he sometimes imagines naked boys when he jerks off, also his classmates, especially Andy. He isn't quite sure what this means - does that make him gay or not?

Maybe he is just in that phase when he wants to experiment, because he read on the internet that this phenomenon is quite usual between teenage boys. Tom especially likes the "Young friends" section on He reads both bi and gay section. While he is reading some newer stories he imagines what tonight's evening will bring.

Maybe Andy also wants to experiment with him, because the question he had asked him before was quite daring.

Tom imagines all the possible scenarios and while doing so, his right hand is in his boxers, gently stroking his hard dick. Soon, he closes his eyes and starts thinking about Andy and his hairless dick. Does he jerk off? If yes, what does he think about when he does it? H ow big is his hard on?

Can he shoot cum already? Many more questions and images appear in his head as he experiences yet another dry orgasm. Exhausted he heads down to the kitchen for a glass of coke and then in front of the TV.

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He can't wait till 7 pm when Andy will come and, who knows; maybe his wish will come true as well. Author: SloBoy ( [email protected] )