Sports Coach Fucking Gorgeous FitGirl

Sports Coach Fucking Gorgeous FitGirl
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I am a 37 year old guy from the Midwest, pretty much living the suburban dream. I am an airline pilot, making a good living, and I have a beautiful wife and three young kids. I have been married to my wife Michelle for six years, and we have been together for ten. She is the sexiest woman I have ever met, five foot five, with long wavy auburn hair, and curves that men cannot help but stare at. She thinks she is too heavy, but she is just plain sexy.

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Her most amazing feature though, is her tits. They are 40DDD, and they darn near defy gravity. She has the tits of a twenty year old, and she comes by it honestly. Her mother is now 60, but looks 40, and has the same tits. Even her friends tell her she has pornstar tits. Even with all of this working for us, after 10 years together, the sex was getting less frequent, and was becoming pretty routine.

One night, we got a sitter for the kids and went out on a date, which we try to do pretty often. After a few beers, I got a little frisky, and I told her how sexy thought she was. She was a little drunk and horny too, and we began talking about sex.


I said to her "Is there anything that we don't do when we have sex that you want to, or is there anything I do that you really like, and want more of?" Michele thought for a moment and she said in a sultry voice "I really love it when you are fucking me from behind, and you put a finger in my ass, while I rub my clit.

It almost feels like I am having a threesome" I was so hot after hearing her say that that I could have thrown her on the table right there in the sushi bar and fucked her infront of everyone! I knew that she was more sexually experienced than I was before we were married, and I did not have any problem with that. With her looks and body, especially in her twenties, all she had to do was point to a guy, and she could fuck him.

So I asked her "Have you ever had a threesome before?" I really hoped that she would say yes, because just the thought of my wife fucking two guys, or a guy and a girl, or even two girls at the same time just about made me cum in my pants. Normally, she is a little shy about talking about her sexual past with me.

I think that she thinks I will think less of her because of her slutty past. Tonight, she had no problem talking about it since we were both so turned on. "Yes, one time, a long time ago." Wow!

I had to know more. "Was it with anyone I know?" Now she was a little hesitant "Does that matter?" "Not at all, I just think it is even hotter if I can put faces with the story you are telling me, and was it with two guys, or a girl and a guy, or even better, two girls?" "You are just like a little kid about this, aren't you? You are talking really fast, and your voice is higher. You must be really turned on, huh?" I grabbed her hand and put it on my rock hard cock to let her feel for herself.

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"Come on, tell me about it, how it happened, who it was with, and did you enjoy it?" "Well, it was with Joe Josephson, who I am sure you met when we were first hanging out.

He worked at the restaurant with me, and would be out at the bars all the time when we went out.

And Carolyn." "Wait a minute, Carolyn, your best friend since highschool, who you lived with when we first met? Holy shit, that is the hottest thing that I have ever heard!

What did you guys do?" "Well, we were out drinking, and the three of us decided to go back to my apartment and smoke some weed after the bars closed. It was summer time, and you remember that my apartment did not have airconditioning, so we sat out on the balcony and smoked a little, and drank a little more. Joe said it was too hot, and took off his shirt while we were relaxing, and jokingly said that we should take off ours. On any normal night, I would have laughed, and that would have been the end of it.

But that night, Carolyn said "Why not" and took off her shirt too. I guess because she did it, I did it too, and we were just hanging around in our bras. Joe was looking at our tits, and obviously getting a raging hard on, and he said we should take off the bras off too since it was so hot.

I think that both Carolyn and I were getting turned on as well, looking at the outline of his cock through his shorts.


I said "why don't we all just get naked!" I think that Joe had his clothes off faster than we could unhook our bras. I know that you know he had a huge cock, since his nickname was Rope, like a length of rope. It was crazy how big his dick was, and I was wetter than I think I had ever been, standing out side on my balcony, next to my best friend, with her huge tits almost as big as mine, and a cute guy with the biggest dick I had ever seen.

I found out that night that she was totally shaved. I was looking at her big tits, and her shaved bush, and Joe said "why don't you suck on her tits? I can see that you want to." He started slowly jacking off his giant dick, and I looked at Carolyn, and she just grabbed her huge tit and held it out for me to suck, and I just dove right in.

She started moaning right away, and held on to me by my hair, and started rubbing her own pussy at the same time. I could smell her juices as she was rubbing her pussy, and I had to reach down there to feel her shaved pussy, and I took over rubbing it for her.

I began rubbing her clit, then sliding my fingers up and down her slit all the way to her asshole. her entire body was shuddering, and she asked me to put some fingers in her pussy. It was so wet, that I slid two right in, and then three. She began fucking my fingers right there in the balcony, just 20 feet from the street. After a few minutes, she reached down and pulled me up into a kiss.

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Our tongues were all over each others mouths as we rubbed our tits together, and groped every inch of each others bodies. We both shuddered as we rubbed our fingers across each others assholes. She is even more into anal stimulation than I am. She broke the kiss first, and kissed down my body to my tits, and took my nipple into her mouth. My nipples were so hard, that it was almost painful, and she was tugging on them with her teeth, and doing things that I think only a woman can know how to do to another woman.

I almost came just from her sucking and playing with my tits, and then she reached down and started to rub my pussy too! I almost fell down when she started rubbing my clit, and sliding her fingers into my sopping wet pussy, and all the while, she was still sucking my tits.

We silently moved into the living room, and she pushed me back onto the couch, and fell on top of me, kissing me again with animal-like passion. Then she really surprised me by saying that she had to eat my pussy, because I was so fucking hot! I had never had a girl go down on me before, and this was the first time I had done anything other than kiss a girl, but I was drunk, and high, and horny, so I just laid all the way back on the couch and spread my legs. I started rubbing my clit while she licked her way down my body, dragging her big tits all the way down.

When she got down to my pussy, she was surprised to see that I have a fire red crotch. She said something about knowing me for 10 years, and not knowing I was a real redhead, and then she put her face right into my pussy, and began licking all the way from my clit to my asshole. I could not believe the sensations going through my body, and I asked her if she had done this before.

She said no, but she had wanted to do this with me for quite a while. She said she had watched me fuck guys that I had picked up a couple of times in our apartment, and got so turned on that she wanted to fuck me herself. At this time, I realized that we had totally forgotten about Joe, and he was sitting in a chair next to us, just jacking off like a monkey, sweating, and about to come aready. Carolyn and I just had a huge giggle fit, and could not stop laughing.

It kind of broke the mood, and we all got dressed, and everyone went their separate ways, and we went to bed." "Wait a minute, that is it, that is how it ended? It was just starting to get really hot! You guys did not get fucked by Joe's huge cock or anything?" "No, although Carolyn did fuck him another time, and she said it was the most painful sex she ever had, since she really likes anal sex.

He was just too big to be much fun." "Did you and Carolyn ever get it on any other time? I remember how horny you girls were all the time, and I know that you did not always bring guys home." Michele kind of hesitated a moment, like she did not want to tell the whole story, and then she said "Well, yes, we lived together for 3 years, and worked together, and hung out all the time, so we would occasionally fool around when we got back from the bars, and we did not have any steady boyfriends.

It usually started with an accidental brush of a tit or a thigh when we slept in the same bed, and then we would end up making out and rubbing each other's pussies and sucking each others tits until we came. Then we would fall asleep, and not even talk about it in the morning. She did go down on me one other time at the apartment, but that was all." "So you guys slept in the same bed together? I thought it was a two bedroom apartment?" "It was.

It is not that unusual for girls to sleep in the same bed together. We do that all the time" "Did you ever go down on Carolyn?" "No, I never did" "How come, did you have a problem with it for some reason? I would think that you would want to reciprocate after she went down on you." "Well, the last time she went down on me, she was on the rag, and that did not sound like my kind of thing, and then it never really happened again.

We still have never talked about what we did together." "That is too bad. Thank you for telling me the hottest story I have ever heard. We need to get out of this restaurant right now, so that I can take you home and fuck the shit out of you." We paid our check, and got into the car for the 15 minute ride back to our house, and I wanted to hear more.

I was more turned on than I have ever been before, with all of these super hot images of my wife in my head.

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I asked her "So when was the last time you and Carolyn got I on together?" "Oh, it was years ago" "So it was on your trip to visit her in San Fransisco a couple years ago." I said referring to the three day weekend she went to visit her friend at her new apartment while I watched the kids" Rather than saying "no, it was long before we were together", she said "wouldn't that be breaking our marriage vows?" "You guys did get it on!

I knew it! All the first night, all I could think about was you two having sex, and I did not sleep at all. I masturbated so many times my cock was sore. Do you remember me asking how your night was, and how was your little romp with Carolyn? I wanted my fantasy to be true, and I could not help myself from trying to see if you would admt it.

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You got all defensive and tried to tell me what you guys did, and you had way too much to drink, and passed out when you got back to the apartment. I did not realize until now that Carolyn did not have another bed for you, and you slept together, just like old times!" Michele looked like she was about to cry."I am so sorry, I was drunk, and we came back to Carolyn's apartment after the bars, and we smoked a little, and then we got undressed for bed, and Carolyn noticed how much bigger my tits were than when we were younger, and it went from there.

I could not stop myself, and then we both passed out like old times, and again we did not talk about it at all in the morning." "I am not mad at you. I totally understand. You and Carolyn are both extremely attractive, sexual and sensual women. You have a bond that predates me, and she can satisfy a part of you that I can't. I am just sorry that you thought that you had to keep that secret, and that I was not there to enjoy it with you.

Just be honest with me, because I would do anything to make sure you are happy and satisfied." "I love you so much! You had better stop and get some lube tonight, because you are going to need to fuck me long and hard tonight, and I don't want you getting injured before you have a chance to fuck my ass! And Carolyn and I did talk about our sex last week, and I told her what a great fuck you are, and especially how you can eat pussy even better than she can.

She agreed that the next time she comes into town, we all need to fuck, and you can show her how well you can eat her pussy and fuck her ass while she goes down on me." "That sounds awesome, and you need to finally eat some delicious pussy yourself too!" We got home, and kicked the babysitter out the door so fast, we were naked before she was off of the front porch.

We proceeded to have the wildest night of sex either one of us has ever had, with no inhibitions, nothing off limits (like some wild ass-fucking, and video taping). Since then, we have been having sex like we are teenagers again, and it is all because of her story about her best friend Carolyn.