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That day had started off like any other. If you had asked me in the morning if I expected anything at all out of the ordinary to happen, I would have shrugged and said no. I woke up at 7 AM, had breakfast, went to school, and was perfectly content with going home at the end of the day, watching some TV, and waiting to start it all over again tomorrow.

But that's not what ended up happening… The main problem was the bullies. How pathetic is that? I mean, how many high school seniors do you know who still get bullied? Of course, it wasn't just me. Most people in my grade went in silent apprehension of those kids. The ones who, for whatever reason, decided that their purpose at this stage of their lives is to hurt and torment others. Most people were not legitimately afraid, but rather went in constant care, always subconsciously aware that while they had nothing to worry about for now, all that could change in the blink of an eye.

Not me, though. For me and the several other students who had somehow ended up on the shit list of Josh, Tyler, and their posse, fear was the order of the day. They beat us up. Stole from us.

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Humiliated us. The teachers didn't know about it (we were afraid to tell them) and the other students didn't care (they were just glad it was us and not them). So that Friday, I come home in the afternoon, trying to get to my room as inconspicuously as possible.

My shirt sleeve is ripped, my lip is split, and I have a black eye. All in all, I look like I just got mugged. My parents are at work until late at night, so I figure I can just hide out and deal with it on my own.

But when I unlock the front door and walk in, I'm not alone. My older sister is sitting on the couch, flipping through TV channels. My sister, Alexa, is everything I'm not. She's lively and outgoing where I'm shy and introverted. She's passionate and dedicated where I'm a slacker. And while I'm very forgettable in terms of looks, Alexa is not.

There was a brief period when she was a teenager during which she gained some weight. She hated it, and with her typical dedication, began an exercise schedule that took care of that problem for good.

She kept at it, and was rewarded with a beautiful body: a flat stomach, toned thighs, a round, fit butt, and a slim waist. I was always jealous of how easy she made it look. Anyway, I walk in and there she is. She was in her sophomore year of college then, and was visiting for the weekend.

She wanted to become a veterinarian ever since she first started watching Animal Planet as a little kid. She looks up with a bright smile when I come in. It quickly turns to horror as she sees the state I'm in.

Horrified, she starts asking all kinds of questions about what happened to me, who did it, etc. Questions I try to deflect and shrug off, but she's nothing if not persistent.

Plus, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out. She soon learns that I'm being bullied.

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Alexa doesn't stand for these kinds of things. She gets that fierce, determined look in her eye, and tells me to go change right now. She tells me we're going to go get my stolen phone back from Tyler, and then we're going straight to the school to demand action.


Obviously, I try to explain to her what a bad idea this is. "These guys aren't regular, troubled bullies," I tell her. "They actually just think hurting people is fun. They really just enjoy watching people suffer. Just drop it, I can get a new phone, I promise I'll avoid them from now on…" you get the idea.

Anything I can think of to avoid having to go see these guys again. Alexa isn't having any of it. She insists that this is the best way to deal with it, and that even if I don't do it, she's going to take care of this situation once and for all.

"Nobody messes with my little brother like this," she says, and just like that it's decided. I change and we leave together. I feel physically sick and terrified, but at the time, I honestly had a little bit of faith that maybe Alexa could actually deliver.

I know exactly where they are. They'll be drinking at Tyler's house, waiting for night so they can go to bars and drink some more. Sure enough, when we arrive, we can hear music from outside the door.

Alexa gives me a comforting smile, and rings the doorbell. The music stops. It's Josh who opens the door. At first, he seems utterly confused. I'm definitely the last person in the world he was expecting to see, especially next to a pretty girl like Alexa. But his face quickly goes back to its usual cold scowl. "What do you want?" he asks. Before I can say anything, Alexa responds. "I think you know perfectly well who he is. I'm his older sister, and from what I hear, you and I are going to have a problem." If I didn't feel like throwing up, I might have appreciated how comical the situation looked.

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Josh is about six feet tall, a full 9 inches taller than Alexa. He also has 90 pounds on her, easy. Still, she's standing there in a cute floral sundress, hands on her hips, glaring bloody murder at him. He doesn't seem to know what to say, but by now, Tyler has come to see what the holdup is. He's about the same size as Josh, but doesn't seem to lose the ability to speak in this situation. Instead, he looks slightly embarrassed and shuffles his feet awkwardly.

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"Look, this just a misunderstanding," he says. "Come in, I'll get you the phone, and then we can just move on, okay? We won't even talk to you guys anymore." I couldn't have been more surprised if he'd have handed me a million dollars. This reaction was mind-bogglingly…reasonable.

Looking back, that should have set off a thousand red flags in my mind, but I'm so desperate to believe it that I push those concerns aside. Alexa seems pleased that this is going so well.

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She beckons me to step inside, and I do it without thinking, as if in a daze. Josh closes the door behind us, and locks it. Now, I actually start to get nervous. Alexa hasn't noticed. She stands in the kitchen, waiting for Tyler to come back from his room, as Josh looks on silently.

Tyler finally returns, holding my phone in his hand. He walks up to Alexa, acting perfectly natural, holding it out for her. If things had just gone smoothly, we could have been home half an hour later watching TV. But it was too good to be true. Quick as a snake, Tyler jerks the phone away as Alexa goes to take it, holding it above his head. He grins nastily as Alexa looks at him with contempt, clearly considering this to be quite childish and beneath her. She puts her hands on her hips again, and with no hint of friendliness, tells him to give the phone back to her right now.

"Sure. But first, show me your tits," Tyler drawls, as casually as if he was asking about the weather. Alexa looks like she can't believe what she's hearing. "Excuse me?" she asks in incredulous anger. "What did you just say?" "Show. Me. Your. Tits." Tyler repeats nonchalantly. At the last word, he actually reaches out for her chest with his free hand.

Alexa smacks it away, hard, before he can do more than lightly brush against the fabric of her dress. She takes a step back, and looks as if she's about to absolutely go off on Tyler. But before she can say anything, he does it again. This time he commits a little more, and his hand cups my sister's breasts before she can push it off. Furious, Alexa slaps Tyler across the face.

Hard. I think she realizes she's made a mistake almost immediately. Tyler gives her a cold look like nothing human, the sort of look a serial killer might give his victims. Alexa steps back in sudden fear and discomfort, raising one hand in front of her as if to serve as a warning. It doesn't work. Faster than I would have believed, Tyler punches my sister in the gut with all his might.

She's absolutely not expecting it, and Tyler is twice her size, so when it lands with a sickening thud, she has no chance. She crumples to the ground, curled up holding her stomach.

I cry out in shock and step forward, but Josh grabs me from behind and pins my arms to my side. I'd have to work out every day for two years before I would be strong enough to break that grip. So I just watch miserably as my sister lies on the ground, coughing uncontrollably. She struggles to get her breath back, taking open-mouthed, deep gulps of air that don't seem to be making it to her lungs. Tyler walks around her curled up body, looking down at his handiwork.

He squats down beside her as she gasps for air and strokes her light brown hair, tied up in a ponytail with a blue ribbon. "Tyler," I start weakly, unsure of what I'm going to say. But I know what's about to happen, and I have to try something. But before I can say anything else, Josh hits me hard in the back of the head.

My eyes water and my head swims, and I say nothing more. Instead, I watch in horror as Tyler turns my sister over onto her back and straddles her, pinning her arms down to the ground.

By now, she's recovered enough from the punch to attempt to fight back, but the size difference between them makes it an impossible task. She struggles, trying in vain to turn over, to roll him off of her.

She thrashes wildly, feet kicking, while Tyler just holds her arms and grins, taking his time. Alexa isn't screaming or saying anything. Her eyes are wide in panic and terror, and the only sounds are grunts of exertion as she struggles, or the occasional, frightened whimper deep in her throat.

Tyler looks down at her, and speaks in an almost apologetic tone. "You know, all I wanted was to see your tits," he says, pushing her arms up over her head. He holds down both her wrists with just one hand. The other slowly travels towards my sister's body, softly rubbing her tits as she cries out miserably and redoubles her efforts to escape. Tyler takes his time, clearly enjoying the look on Alexa's face as she's violated and groped against her will.

He gets rougher and rougher with her, shoving his hand down the front of her dress, squeezing and slapping her breasts while laughing. He lets go of her wrists, leans down and kisses her neck.

Alexa squeals and tries to contort her body away, beating down at the top of his head with closed fists. The blows are not even close to bothersome for Tyler, but they are annoying him. Not only that, but now his adrenaline is going and he's aroused. He hops off of Alexa, who immediately tries to squirm away. She actually manages to push herself back a little bit, and it looks like she might be able to get back on her feet. But Tyler is too fast. He grabs her ankles and she yelps as he yanks her back towards him.

Almost effortlessly, he flips her over onto her stomach, and mounts her again. This time, his full weight is on her as he lies on top of her, bringing his lips right down beside her ear so he can talk. By now, Alexa is sobbing desperately, as it's crystal clear what's about to happen to her. She still struggles, but she can barely move under Tyler's weight. She has found her voice by now, but she's hyperventilating so hard she can barely get words out.

In between sobs, she begs Tyler not to hurt her, ready to abandon all dignity for a chance to avoid what comes next. Tyler takes his time, listening to her pleas with an amused grin. Then, he clamps one hand down over her mouth, silencing her.

With the other, he gently strokes Alexa's hair, thoroughly enjoying the moment. "Shhh, don't cry," he whispers to her in a twisted mockery of a loving tone. "I don't like when girls cry.


I'm not going to hurt you, little one," he assures her, placing a kiss on her cheek for emphasis. Alexa is quiet except for her terrified panting, eyes wide. I'm not sure if she thought he was serious, but if she did, it didn't last long. Tyler suddenly stops stroking her head, and his voice change back to his serious tone. "Oh, except for the part where I tear your tight little ass in half," he adds, as if he had only just remembered.

Alexa screams, fresh tears rolling down her cheeks. Her cry is muffled by the hand around her mouth. Tyler's other hand reaches down to the hem of her dress and slides underneath, moving up to her ass and stroking it while she cries.

"Do you like getting fucked in the ass?" Tyler asks loudly. "You want to get fucked right now? Huh? Answer me, you little cunt! You like getting fucked in the ass?" Each repetition of the question is punctuated with a loud slap on her ass.

He finally lifts his other hand from her mouth and asks again, practically yelling it in her ear. His other hand is still playing with her ass underneath her dress. "N-no, no, please no…" Alexa manages to get out through her tears, nothing in her tone but terror and despair. Tyler laughs out loud and covers her mouth with his hand again as her cries start to annoy him.

"I won't do it if you admit you're a dumb little whore who never should have come here," he finally tells her. "When I let go of your face, all you have to do is explain to me that you're just a stupid slut who never should have tried to fuck with me, and I won't hurt you. Pinky promise." I'm not sure what I was expecting when he lets go.

If I thought she wouldn't be able to say anything, or whether she'd tell him to go fuck himself, or what. The whole thing is a mess of incoherent details in my mind. Some things I can't remember at all, like the color of the walls, or what time it was. But other things I remember quite vividly, like what she actually says. "I'm a dumb whore!" She blurts out in a high-pitched squeal the second he lifts his hand.

"I-I-I'm a stupid slut who never…who never should have come here…I-I made a mistake, please, please, please let me go, I-I'm a dumb little whore, I…" She can barely get the words out, she's talking so fast. The desperate, pathetic girl clinging to any hope of escape is a far cry from my defiant, protective older sister who rang the doorbell not too long ago.

Tyler starts stroking her hair again, and brings his lips down to her ear. "Yes, yes you are." He says quietly, calmly. "And do you know what happens to dumb little whores?" He doesn't bother to wait for a response before answering himself.

"They get fucked in the ass." In her panic, it's clear that what he said doesn't quite register with Alexa at first. But the meaning is made clear when Tyler jumps to his feet with a sudden burst of manic energy. He puts a foot on Alexa's neck so she can't get up and pulls down his pants and boxers. His dick is huge, and rock hard with all the "foreplay" he's been doing. He lies down on top of Alexa again, holding her mouth with one hand and hiking up her dress with the other.

He pulls down her panties. They're cute, tight pink cotton, with a little bow on the front. When he pulls them down, Alexa panics again. Her shaking hands desperately reach back, fumbling around in a futile attempt to pull her dress back down and her underwear back up. Her eyes widen, looking around desperately for something, anything to save her. Her feet kick on the floor frantically, and from the muffled noises, it's obvious that she's trying to speak into Tyler's hand, begging him to stop.

But it's too late. Tyler pushes his dick, un-lubed and bareback, into my sister with one powerful thrust. Alexa's stifled pleas are immediately cut short in a strangled, high-pitched squeal. For a brief second, Tyler rests, buried as far as he can possibly go in her ass. Alexa is silent as well, lying completely still. The only sound is their breathing, Tyler's deep and slow, and Alexa's sharp and quick. Then the moment passes. Tyler slowly pulls out of her and then pushes himself back in, his hips hitting Alexa's ass with every forceful thrust.

Alexa has stopped trying to beg, and now only cries out without words every time Tyler's body slams back against her, eyes scrunched up in agony. I can see her little body tremble with each thrust, but Tyler seems intent only on going even harder. He's lying completely on top of her, his face right next to hers as he pumps away.

Alexa can barely breathe from a combination of shock, pain, and being physically crushed under his weight. Then Tyler stops for a second to catch his breath. He sits up, kneeling behind Alexa's barely moving body. Her ass is badly bruised from the beating it's suffered. Her mouth opens as if to scream or cry, but only a pitiful little squeak escapes.

Tyler gives her little chance to recover. Grabbing her hips, he pulls her up onto all fours. Alexa barely has the strength to resist anymore, except to desperately shake her head as if that will stop him. But her mouth is free now and she can actually breathe, so when he penetrates her from behind again, she squeals with every violent thrust.

The new position seems to have given new energy to Tyler, and he attacks poor Alexa savagely. His right hand holds her ponytail, wrenching her head back, forcing her back to arch as far as it will go. The other hand grabs one of her wrists and twists her arm painfully behind her. It looks like he's going to break it. Alexa's face is contorted in agony, and when, after several long minutes, he lets go, she can barely put any weight on the arm.

Not that it matters anyway. Feeling close to finished, Tyler grabs her by the shoulders and forces her head back down to the ground. He shoves her face hard into the tile, pressing down her cheek on the floor so she can see her rapist on top of her out of the corner of her eye. He increases the pace and power of his thrusts, pulling her back into him by the shoulders as he thrusts his hips forward.

Alexa is yanked back and forth violently, hands beating helplessly against the floor. And then, after what seems like an eternity, Tyler gives one last thrust, the deepest one yet, and grunts in satisfaction as he ejaculates deep inside my sister. He holds it in place for a few seconds, then pulls out of her. There's blood on his dick.

Alexa lies motionless except for uncontrollable shivering on the kitchen floor. Tyler gets up and puts his clothes back on, whistling casually to himself. He takes a few seconds to catch his breath, then looks over to where I'm being held by Josh, horrified and silent. "Not bad," Tyler tells me with a smile.

"Your sister's a nice piece of ass." I'm struck dumb, unable to say anything. At the time, the whole thing felt like a nightmare I was going to wake up from any second. "See, I think she likes me!" Tyler adds with a cheeky grin as he looks at Alexa lying on her stomach, hands reaching slowly, clumsily behind her, trying to pull her torn and ruined panties back up her numb, bruised legs.

Then he turns to Josh. "Listen man, what's mine is yours. I know you don't mind sloppy seconds, so go help yourself!" They switch position, Tyler holding me down while Josh walks over to Alexa. She barely resists as he climbs on top of her. She quietly whines, like a kicked puppy, as she gets penetrated again.

He fucks her without feeling or kindness, as if she was a sex doll or a fleshlight. Alexa just lies there and takes it. I'm not sure if she was even conscious at that point.

At this point, I think I passed out, because I can't remember much more during this other than those pitiful, broken little whines, and Tyler laughing in my ear. Next thing I remember, Alexa and I are standing up in the living room of Tyler's house. Josh is glaring silently from a corner, while Tyler speaks. "So, are we fucking clear about everything I said?" He demands. I say yes, trying only to get the hell out of here as soon as possible.

Alexa doesn't say anything, staring at her feet, until Tyler grabs her chin with his hand and forces her to look up at him. She starts to cry again as she gives a tremulous nod and Tyler lets her go. Alexa looks worse than I could have imagined. Her dress is dirty and torn, hanging off her left shoulder where the strap tore. Her arm has a distinct handprint bruise from Tyler, and her legs are bruised as well. Her knees are scraped and bleeding. Her hair is a mess as well, and worst of all, there's a thin trickle of blood and semen running down the back of her leg.

When I look away, I notice that there's semen in her hair too. They must have done more to her after I passed out. She's visibly trembling and any movement looks like it's agony to her. Tyler seems to be giving final warnings before letting us go. He knows I could never tell anyone. He's known me for years. He knows that I'm a coward. Therefore, my warnings are brief and to the point.

Then he approaches Alexa menacingly. He stands right in front of her, and softly raises a hand to her face, turning it upwards to look at him. His other hand caresses her chest, down to her waist and her ass, running possessively over her ruined body. "Don't tell anybody what happened here, sweetheart," he whispers softly, stroking her face with the back of his fingers.

"If you do, I'm going to fuck you again. I'm going to fuck you even harder, you sweet little bitch. Do you want that?" Tears rolling down her face, Alexa gives an almost imperceptible shake of her head. Tyler tut tuts.


"That's not good enough. I asked you if you want me to wait until your sore little asshole heals up and then tear it apart again. Why don't you say, no, I don't want that?" For a second I'm terrified that it won't work, and he'll hurt her again.

But then Alexa opens her mouth and quietly manages to whimper what she needs to say to get away from him. "N-no, I…don't w-want that…" Tyler's smile broadens. "Good, because even if you did, no one would believe a stupid little whore like you anyway, would they? Would they?" "No," Alexa whispered obediently, staring at her feet with her hands folded demurely in front of her again. "Why wouldn't they believe you?" "Because…because I'm a stupid little whore." "That's right.

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Now get the fuck out of here, you two." ----------------------------------------- That was about five years ago. Tyler is doing 25 to life now on a number of charges. Josh is doing 15 in exchange for ratting on Tyler. Alexa was deeply damaged by what happened to her. She ended up dropping out of school, and had problems with drugs and alcohol.

Our parents never knew why all of this happened, so they weren't very supportive. She was a stripper for a year or two, and I know she starred in some low budget amateur pornos when she was low on money. Recently she's starting to get her shit back together though, and with lots of therapy and help, she's gonna be okay. Anyway, my therapist said telling the whole story would be helpful to help me heal, so here it is, I guess.

It's something I can never forget.