Seductive ebony tranny playing with her ass

Seductive ebony tranny playing with her ass
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Part Four When I awoke, I realised four things. Firstly, we had slept for over an hour.

Secondly, Mike had rolled me off him and had pulled me back into a delicious spooning. Next, the tops of my legs were stuck together from the copious amounts of goo which had obviously trickled from me and finally, I had a Cheshire Cat grin which I couldn't wipe from my face. I slowly lifted my lover and brother's arm off me and made my way to the bathroom. I stepped into the shower to freshen myself up and every few minutes I found myself giggling out loud, now knowing what true happiness felt like.

I was almost delirious.

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When I was clean, I stepped out to dry myself and as I looked in the mirror, I seemed to be looking at someone new, a more confident, much more smiley version of Lucy which I had never seen before. I tiptoed from the bathroom and stared down at Mike who was now laid on his back, the covers long since kicked off.

His dick, even when soft looked perfect to me. Maybe that was rose tinted glasses I was looking through, but I didn't care, I never wanted this day to end. As I moved closer to the bed, the little devil in me took over.


I positioned myself between his slightly spread legs and proceeded to smother his soft cock with gentle kisses and soft licks. His breathing didn't change much, but his tool certainly decided to wake up with me and in a few short minutes, it was back to its full throbbing prime. I made sure he was nice and wet from my saliva and I crept up Mike's body, positioning myself over him, ready to impale myself, deciding that this was the best way I could ever wake up a lover.

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My heart was racing as I teased my pussy entrance with the engorged head of his prick and I couldn't wait any longer. I simultaneously slid myself fully home on his cock as I kissed his handsome, slightly stubbly face and watched his eyes flicker home. His realisation of the situation was priceless and he let out his own satisfied purr, his hands reaching for my bottom.

I immediately began a slow grind into his crotch, my clit pushing hard onto his pubic bone giving me a whole new set of pleasures. I buried my head into his shoulder and he started to lick and nibble on my ear as he met my grinding with some of his own. He also slid his finger between the cheeks of my bum and started to gently rub my little rosebud which brought little squeaks of pleasure from me as yet another orgasm began to build.

Mike sensed this and pushed his middle finger harder against my arsehole and it slid deep inside me and pushed me over the edge. I writhed and shook against him as the powerful climax took hold and I felt my pussy clamp hard against his cock and I hoped he would release more of his seed inside me but he wasn't close enough yet.

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Still lay on top of Mike, I came down from my high as we kissed passionately again. Then Mike lifted me off him and turned me back to our spooning position. As I snuggled back to him I realised he had his cock in his hand and he began to shake his cock around my hole, teasing my clit and the entrance.

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I was still coming down from my orgasm so the sensitivity was intense. I tried to push back onto him but he held me off and continued his torment. Then he slid further back and rubbed himself against my bum and I shivered with the feelings and anticipation of what may happen.

He then moved back to my pussy and slid inside me a few inches.

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My moans confirmed my appreciation as he tormented me a bit more but then he pulled out again and moved the wet head of his cock back to my bum hole and this time he pushed at the hole, not entering me, but stretching me enough to cause a little jolt of pain. As he sensed this, he began to pull back but it was my turn to have a little control and I pushed back onto him and I felt the big, bulbous head of his prick pop past the barrier.

The pain was sharp and I drew in my breath through clenched teeth, still not allowing him to exit. We held the position for a few minutes as Mike caressed my belly and slowly moved his hand down to my very wet cunt and slowly fucked me with two of his fingers.


I found myself rocking on his cock, feeling it filling my bowels a little more each time until I eventually felt his smooth skin against the soft flesh of my bottom. I purred at his successful entry and reached down to feel the taut skin of my over stretched hole around his pulsing cock. I stroked his balls and turned my head to taste his sweet lips.

His balls were then pulled from my hand as he withdrew half of his length and then pushed slowly back in.

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I groaned a loud 'Yesssss' as he began to fuck me properly and allowed him to roll me onto my belly and pull me up into a 'doggy' position. He was completely in control and he took hold of my hips and began to pull me harder onto him.

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I felt like a rag doll and I loved it. My man was fucking my arse harder and harder and I just wanted more. Both of our moans were getting louder and I was compelled to reach below and rub my clit as he pounded into me and it wasn't long before yet another rush of pleasure began to hit me. I remember shouting for him to fuck me harder and he complied, my head forced into the pillows, my fingers a blur and the slapping of his body on my rear end.

Mike roared as he came inside me, my own climax beginning before his and lasting long after we collapsed on the bed, beads of sweat coursing down both of our bodies. Nothing was said, just panting, hugging bodies.

I felt him slowly deflate inside me an odd sense of loss as he pulled from me. Then, a dull ache from my contracting rear entrance but any pain was immaterial because of the complete joy running through every other nerve in my body.

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I turned to face Mike, and we both smiled the smile of pure joy, satisfaction and contentment. I pulled myself up the bed a little and held him close, cheek to cheek and whispered, 'I never want this to end' Mike kissed my cheek and responded, 'Me neither!' I felt Mike pause, obviously battling with some inner torment and for a second I felt a little nervous but then he said what I had been thinking all morning.

'I love you Lucy!' I pulled back and my grin told Mike everything. I know I didn't need to tell him but I did, 'I love you too, so much' We stayed there for a little while longer and then took a long shower together. We were both exhausted from our sexual marathon so the shower was more sensual than sexual. Not a word was said but I think we were both thinking about how we could make this work. Neither of our parents would be happy if they knew but I think we were both already plotting ways to make it work.

I put my shorts and vest top on again and made my way downstairs and waited for Mike. My body was still tingling with excitement and despite a little soreness in my bum, I felt content. I found myself dancing around the kitchen and when Mike came in, he laughed at me. 'Somebody is in a good mood, I wonder why?' He said laughing I ran over to him and jumped into his arms.

He swept me up and spun me round the room and I squealed, begging him not to drop me. He stopped spinning, kissed me long and hard and said, 'Never!' We made up a coolbox, grabbed our beach towels and set off in search of a beach to spend our afternoon. Mike grabbed a map from the shop in the village and we sat down at a cafe to find our sunbathing spot.

All of a sudden, Mike started to laugh as he studied the map. At first he wouldn't tell me what had tickled him but after a good thump on his arm he pointed to a beach which was a few miles from where we were. I now saw the funny side. It was a nudist beach. Mike took the map back and continued to look over it, but the nudist beach idea was whizzing through my mind. 'We could go to that nudey beach if you like' I offered quietly 'Really?


You would like that?' 'Well, there might be some quiet places there?' Mike pondered this for a minute and I saw him rearrange himself in his shorts. I smiled at him and flickered my eyebrows a little. A grin crossed his face and we set off to the Taxi stand.