PublicAgent Brunette Hotty Gets Laid on my Car

PublicAgent Brunette Hotty Gets Laid on my Car
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Sasha continued to massage her hard bead with her index and middle finger as her other hand caressed her breast. She thought about her husbands tongue on her clit and his fingers inside her pussy fucking her hole. Her fingers moved faster over her clit and her hips began rocking her body back and forth. Her head thrown back and her eyes closed she imagined a thick cock to suck as she brought herself closer to her climax. Suddenly she felt something enter inside her underneath her fingers.

As she raised her head to inspect what had entered her uninvited, someone grabbed the sides of her face and pulled her against the back of the chair.

"Easy baby.We just want to help!" Jake whispered in her ear.

She could feel his breath against her ear and the smell of sweat and grass off of his clothes. Then she felt a soft, warm, wet object touch her fingers and move over her hard clit. It was Larry's tongue. He began lapping away at her little man as he fucked her with his middle finger. Jake reached down and unzipped his pants to reveal a huge bulge in his boxers. He positioned himself beside Sasha so she could get a good look at what he had to offer. Her hand had a mind of its own as she reached and grabbed the hidden gift he had waiting on her.

He pulled his boxers down with his pants and his 9 inch cock sprang out within inches of her lips. She licked the tip as her hand enveloped his girth and proceeded to stroke his rod. Larry ran his hands up to her hips and grabbed her thongs to pull them down her leg and off her feet. He wrapped his arms around her hips to bring her closer to his face.

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His tongue slid into her cunt and moved in and out in a hard rythym as his nose crashed into her clit. "OH YES! OH MY YES! FUCK MY PUSSY WITH YOUR TONGUE!! MAKE ME CUM ON YOUR FACE!!" She hardened her grip on Jake's cock and shoved him in her mouth. She took almost the whole 9 inches down her throat and gently sucked her present. She brought him out of her mouth with a string of spit mixed with precum expanding between them. She began licking feverishly at his member as if she had wanted his dick in her mouth for months.

She just could not get enough of his swollen manhood. She bucked her hips as Larry fucked her snatch with his tongue.


She felt it coming and her body tingled with excitement for her long awaited fantasy was coming true! She jacked Jake harder and harder as she eased out one of her huge tits.

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Her nipple was hard and pink, she enclosed it between two fingers and squeezed while she pulled it. Larry's three middle fingers slid into her fuck hole as his tongue returned to her clit.

That did it for Sasha's first awesome orgasm. "OH YES FUCK MY CUNT BABY!! FUCK IT HARD!! AAAAAHHHHH YESSSSS OOOOHHHH FUCK YESSS!!!" Her pussy juice sprayed Larry's face and ran down his hand. Her body twitched with delight as Jake withdrew himself from her grasp.

"I want to fuck that beautiful pussy darlin!" Jake said "Do you want to feel this big dick in that dripping fuck hole?" Jake asked Sasha as if her answer would be no. "Oh yes fuck me! I wanna feel that big dick inside me!!" Sasha was picked up by Jake and sat on the desk as Larry unfastened his pants.

Sasha spreaded her legs wide as Jake positioned hisself in front of her sparkling cunt. "Here I come baby!" Jake warned Sasha Jake slipped the head of his cock into Sasha's swollen pussy lips and easily slid his cock all the way in with the aide of the sweet liquid expelled from her body seconds ago. "OH YEAH!! THATS FEELS SO FUCKING GREAT!!

I WANT IT HARD! FUCK ME HARD PLEEASE!!" Naked from the waist down Larry moved to the opposite side of the desk. Sasha layed back so she could suck the cock of the wonderful man that brought her to exctacy moments ago. She tilted her head off the desk so his dick could slide into her hot wet mouth. Though not as long as Jake, Larry had a fat cock that filled her mouth as he pumped her face.

Soon there was a rythym of each end being jabbed at the same time. Larry reached down and placed a hand on her exposed breast. With the other hand he freed the other tit to bounce in sync with its mate. Jake fucked her tight juicy pussy as Larry fuck her beautiful hot mouth. Sasha began to feel her body tense back up as if preparing itself for a huge wave of sheer bliss from another but harder orgasm!

She tightened her grip on Larry's cock and jacked him hard with the lubrication from her spit. "OH YES!! IM CUMMING IM CCCUUUUMMMMMMMMINNNNNGG!! FUCK! YES! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!" Her body slowly came off its orgasmic high as she lay there slowly pumping Larry's cock while her body twitched with a familiar feeling of greatness.

"Hey man.Lets switch!" Larry suggested. "I want to pump that ass for a while!" So Jake pulled out of her creamy center and walked around the desk as Larry encouraged her to flip over and lay across the desk on her belly.

She did and Larry guided his cock into her now red and swollen twat with a forceful but gentle push. "Oh yes!" "ooooooo YOU ARE SO BIG!

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STRETCH THAT PUSSY BABY!! YES!!" Sasha raised her head and seen her first mouthful in front of her.

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She grabbed Jake again and pulled into her mouth welcoming him back! Seeking a familiar rythym they fucked her from both ends. Gentle at first then harder and harder.

She jacked Jake and he fucked her hot mouth pumping her face faster and faster. Larry fucked her from behind, slapping her ass every other plunge into her wet snatch. Sasha loved being fucked from both ends of her body.

She wiggled her hips with Larry's hard thrust. "OH FUCK HERE IT CUMS BABY!!


WHERE YOU WANT IT.HUH? WHERE YOU WANT YOUR BIG SUPRISE?" Jake panted She leaned her head up and widened the opening of her mouth and stuck out her tongue. Larry got faster and harder!


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Larry pulled out and hurridly moved to the front where Sasha had slid to the floor for them both the jerk of onto her face and huge titties. She massaged her clit to join them in their explosions. She bounced up and down as she rubbed her bead while the men jacked themselves in front of her.


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Sasha purred "OH YES FUCK BABY HERE YOU GO!!" Jake was the first to shoot on her nose and a stream went in her hair. "HERE BABY HERES YOU SOME MORE JIZZ!! Larry shot a rope of cum straight into her mouth and another on her bodacious tits. "OH YEA YEA YEA YEA FUCK IM CUMMING AGAIN TOO!!! Sasha rubbed her clit and rubbed her slick face with the other.

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As her body jolted the two men watched her slip her slimey fingers around her face collecting their seed and slid the coated fingers into her mouth to suck them clean. Jake and Larry put their clothes on as did Sasha. She picked up her purple thongs and slid them over her mary-janes and up her legs. "Well thank you boys for the assistance" Sasha said. "Anytime ma'am" Larry responded "Do ya'll work this area often?

Cause you never know when I may need your help again.say in about a week?" Sasha smiled "Lucky for you we just became assigned to this area for at least another 6 months, so how does next thursday sound?" Jake informed her.

"Sounds perfect!" Sasha waved goodbye as she unlocked the door and opened the blinds. Her cell phone rings. "Hello" "Oh hey hunny! Not alot just some boring paperwork.

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I miss you too!" "What would you like for dinner tonight?" "That sounds good. I will see you later." "Love you too, bye."