Geile nackte titten in der umkleide

Geile nackte titten in der umkleide
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Both Gen and Rashala screamed out in orgasm, both were panting awash in sweat from cumming so hard. Jake got up a moment later feeling shaky on his legs, he said it before what a way to go! Looking around Jake expected to see another Jinn brought forth from the mist, looking questioningly back at Rashala, she said, "Not to worry Master I took care of that there shouldn't be any more interruptions." A dreamy look crossed her face looking at Jake she thought what is this strange feeling in my breast?

Could it be that I Rashala warrior elite is in love with her Master? Then again how could she not be? He was far more gentle than any lover she'd ever had. He was fair and compassionate, what he'd done for Sheeka proved that. Trying to take the dreamy look and smile from her face she found that not only could she not but she found that she really didn't want to!

She hadn't felt this good in well over 3000 years and that was brief, almost nothing compared to this. "Rashala are you ok?" asked Jake, Rashala had a silly shit eating grin on her face though Jake was overjoyed to see it he was still worried that their sex act had brought others out. "Do any of you feel any other Jinns outside or inside?" Looking further Jake actually believed that maybe they were protected, that is 'til they heard a crash from the kitchen, then a voice shouting, "'Ayn Ana?" Rosalinda shook her head again?

Jake stopped her as she went past him, "Why can't I understand him? It sounds exactly like the young man from before." Jake asked. Rosalinda looked at him for a minute then said, "There master it seems what you had before scrambled that part of you but it should be ok now." Sure enough a few seconds later they heard, "By the great Jinn what is this sorcery?" then there was more crashing.

Walking out Jake saw a rather tall extremely muscular man standing (barely) in the middle of what was left of the dining room table. "You there!" the man pointed at Jake, "I., forgive me Master I meant no disrespect." "Rosalinda? Something on him please, call Rasmir and.," Jake started "Rasmir? He is still alive by the great Jinn then I didn't fail! Thank you master for this chance to know I made a difference!" A few moments later Rasmir walked in and embraced the man.

"We thought you had been completely destroyed." "No, they had sent many after you; they had orders to destroy you as you were the strongest. Their plan was to disrupt our side by your disappearance, I stopped all but the last one, she got by me but I thought I had cut her deeply.

I am glad to see she never reached you." Smiling Rasmir turned to introduce the new edition. Jake just shook his head damn but it didn't pay to be a horny man in this house he thought.

He immediately heard giggling from the next room. Gen and Rashala walked out, Rashala stopped almost frozen to the spot. "Rez? You were released?" Falling to her knees she began to weep. "Rashala?

I knew you were gone from the nowhere place but I had thought you had died." "Rez, this is my. our Master Jake." Rashal said a little shaky.

"Master Jake, wait you are all 3 of these Jinns Master?" Looking at Rasmir Rez looked a little worried. "Sir I thought that 2 was the only amount of Jinns any master had ever had." Looking at Jake, his front, sides, his backside, then his head.

Rez smiled, "Are you the Ever Last Master, Master Jake?" he asked. "I have been told that I am yes," Jake answered him. Rez's smile got even bigger, "Rasmir is the council free now?" When Rasmir nodded yes, Rez nodded, "Has he freed the Jinn that the council cursed its-self with?" Rosalinda pointed to herself, "That would be me?" Rez looked her up and down then tried to hit her, his hand flew half way then struck his own face. "You are protecting each other, and you," here he tried to crush Jake with a spell, nothing happened.

Nodding Rez said, "I see all three are protecting you, I doubt the leader of the evil ones could touch you." "Why does he know so much," Jake asked. "Rez was an extremely powerful Jinn, I take it your power is weak?" Rasmir asked. When Rez nodded surprised Rasmir looked at Jake, "He is good, it is him, you may know Master Jake. Nodding Jake wished that Rez was as strong as he was before he was destroyed. A look of shock crossed his face, "How?

No human has that power." "Master Jake has no power, except for the wishes he makes. Since being released is dependent on Master Jake performing sexually, most of the energy being released through his interacting with his Jinns." Rasmir explained.

"So in all truth Master Jake truly is the salvation of the Jinn race. Wait what of the part about all the wives." Rez started. "All are with child," laughing Rasmir said, "after 2 days it couldn't help but happen." "Uh, Rasmir what about the last part?

About the fourth." Rez started. "NO! That is fantasy besides Jake has 3 Jinns, I doubt that any can harm him." Rasmir said looking sternly at Rez. None of this was lost on Jake; given the fact that no magic could really touch him now Rasmir knew there was no way to hide it from Master Jake. Then again he thought if no one mentions it then we'd be in the clear, for now. Rez had almost let the cat out of the bag, he'd need to talk to him later, there was no need to upset Jake any further.

"We need to get Rez back to our realm, his skills have been sorely missed." Rasmir said. "Uh huh, Rasmir!" Jake said startling the older Jinn a moment. "Just how much more to the legend is there and just how far am I through it?" Jake asked, making Rasmir squirmed a bit. "Well Master Jake the legend has many parts, I'm not sure I.," Rasmir started.

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"You know I could just wish for the information, though, I might not be able to handle the sheer size of it. I really have a feeling that I am only at the beginning and there is a vast amount to go." Jake stated, feeling that once he had the answer he might also wish he didn't know. Sighing Rasmir knew that he wasn't going to get out of this without telling Master Jake something.

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"Master Jake, there are some parts of the legend that we cannot tell you, as we only know of those parts as here say." Jake could only shake his head sometimes he could swear that the council was leading him in circles. "Master Jake you have done so much not knowing the legend does it make sense to cloud your judgement with worries about it?" Rasmir said.

Jake thought about it for a few moments he decided that Rasmir was mostly right, but damn! It was good sometimes to have a little advanced warning!

Jake suddenly realized what Rasmir had done shaking his head he stared at Rasmir, "Very clever Rasmir directing me away from the subject like that." Feeling somewhat defeated Rasmir was unsure exactly what Master Jake wanted.

Shaking his head again Jake let Rasmir and Rez go. Gen came to Jake a moment later; "Master, I hate to bother you but you have an appointment in an hour." she giggled. "What? I just had sex with you and Rashala and you say I have to again in an hour?" Sighing Jake thought a moment. "It's going to be hard without a way to get there, or did you forget that my truck was destroyed last night?" Jake said looking at Gen to gage her reaction.

"Oh Master, that will not be a problem we can." Gen started. "No! I have to keep up as much normal appearance as I can, I don't want anyone guessing the true nature of you three." Jake said with a serious look on his face. All 3 of the Jinns began to smile hugely; this was the best thing that they had heard him say yet. The fact that he didn't want to share them with anyone had their hearts swelling with pride and could it be possible Rashala thought Love?

She wasn't sure, asking Rosalinda and Gen was pointless as they had fallen hard for Master Jake. Thinking harder there weren't that many Jinns alive now, true in the last week or so Jake had released almost 20 more but there was a serious lack of Jinns to actually ask. Sighing Rashala wished she could ask her mother, problem was she wouldn't have been much help either as her usual reply was just go with it, it will all work itself out.

She'd loved her mother truly she did, but this wasn't an answer not to a problem as grand as Rashal had. There had to be someone she could ask, thinking a few minutes an idea began to form in her mind. Yes! It just might work she was indeed a mother and might have the advise that Rashala needed. Sighing again she just had to get Master Jake's permission to go there to see her.

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As she tentatively walked over to Jake, she rehearsed what she'd ask him, she couldn't ask out right but she couldn't lie to him either. "Master Jake?" she started, "I need to go to the council to advise them of the threat the evil ones are posing." Not thinking Jake told her, "Alright but not too long we may need you here." Rashala breathed easier and told him she would hurry as fast as she could. Appearing near the council chambers she walked to the chamber to give her report, though it wasn't that necessary.

Afterward the council nodded dismissing her though many looked at her strangely; even Rez by the door was a little confused. Nodding to Rez as she left she headed to the council living area, gulping air and slightly shaking she tried to calm herself. She'd faced numerous enemies yet this woman was more terrifying than any enemy she'd ever faced plus there was the subject she needed to speak to her about.


Stopping near the end of an extremely long hallway Rashala paused at a door at the end, her breath was coming much faster as the rise and fall of her breasts was a testament to. Stealing up her courage she hesitantly reached to knock on the door. Yasmen, like all the council's wives were very pregnant, her even more so having spent a bit of time in the human world.

Upon opening the door Yasmen was shocked to see Rashala her granddaughter standing there. "Rashala? Can you be away from your master this long?" Yasmen asked a little afraid for her.

Shaking slightly, Rashala could only stare at her grandmother, she was far more beautiful than she remembered, plus the fact that she was pregnant had her glowing.

"I.," Rashala started. "Oh my dear! I am not angry with you, I know I said things that day in anger; you made a far deeper impact on the war that you realize. I could never be prouder of you than I am now. I was deeply saddened when I heard that you had been destroyed.

Now why have you come to see me?" Rashala's mouth dropped agape the terrible monster, the horrible beast! Where were they?

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All she could remember from that day so long ago were these. "I," Rashala started hesitatingly again, "I was so afraid that you hated me so after mother died. I felt that many blamed me, for not being there to help her as I usually did.

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For so long I have wanted to beg your forgiveness, as I also blame myself for not being there, I know I could have helped her. Now though I am so unsure as I have found that the council had been afraid. How could they have been so afraid of something as beautiful as love?" Sighing Yasmen thought for a few moments to get her words right to properly explain, "At the time, the council, including your Grandfather were afraid, terrified that the power they were feeling from," (here Yasmen dropped her voice to a whisper,) Chantil and Tonric's love was coming from the dark Jinns." "Why do you whisper their names?" Rashala asked.

"Many are still afraid that the curse could be returned if their names are said together loud enough," Yasmen explained. Sadly shaking her head Rashal wiped tears from her eyes remembering her beautiful mother. "I came to you because I have a problem that I cannot solve. I came to the only other family I have that might be able to explain and perhaps help me to understand.

There is no way I can talk to father of this; or Rosalinda as they are so in love with Master Jake that they could never truly explain. I cannot ask Rez either being a warrior male, I am not sure that he would even try to understand." Surprised a moment Yasmen's face had a smile starting to creep into her features. "It's ok my dear, anything you ask me will go no further." Though at the moment Yasmen had a pretty good idea what was going on in the heart of her young Jinn granddaughter.

"It's alright my dear," Yasmen said. Taking a deep shaking breath Rashala still hesitated, "I have found that lately when," here Rashala blushed a deep red.

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"We are uh." "Making passionate love or just having lustful sex?" Yasmen said, causing Rashala to blush more. "Yes, that." Rashala said turning her face away from her Grandmother.


"So you have found what," Yasmen asked, though, she was starting to get an idea what had Rashala so embarrassed. "I am feeling something deep in my heart that I am unsure of." Rashla replied, causing Yasmen to smile broader so the warrior had finally fallen to the most powerful magic there was.