Sie möchte dass Sie jack off joi zu helfen

Sie möchte  dass Sie jack off joi zu helfen
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Fletcher just finished school for the summer.


He was going on vacation, to visit his friend who he had met online. His name was Gabe. Gabe Duncan. The "friend" term was the term they used, but they both knew they were more than that, they were lovers. As soon as Fletcher got outside the airport, Gabe was all over him with hugs and small, unnoticeable kisses. Fletcher felt something going on in his pants, so he stuck his hands in his pockets to hide anything that might show. He smiled at Gabe, who smiled back. They were roughly the same height, but Fletcher was a bit thinner than Gabe.

As Fletcher felt his erection go down, he took his hands out of his pockets and hugged Gabe tightly. He could feel something hard poking against his crotch, and his erection was soon back.

He squeezed Gabe's butt, but Gabe whispered: "Wait until we get home", then he winked. When Gabe and Fletcher entered the house, nobody was home. Gabe and Fletcher smiled, and then they jumped on the couch, lying on top of each other. Fletcher could feel Gabe's lips against his, and his tongue entered Gabe's mouth. Fletcher could feel Gabe's erection poking into his crotch, and he was sure that Gabe felt his too. Gabe pulled back, and suggested they'd go upstairs to Gabe's bedroom.

They made out all the way up, and a few moments later they were lying in Gabe's bed, making out. Fletcher put his hand down to Gabe's crotch. He moaned with pleasure as Fletcher unbuttoned Gabe's pants and pulled them down a bit, exposing Gabe's blue boxer briefs.

He could feel Gabe's hands pulling his own shirt off, and he proceeded to pull Gabe's shirt off. He could now feel Gabe's soft skin against his, which made his erection grow even larger. Fletcher could feel Gabe's hands on his crotch, and suddenly he was only wearing his red boxer briefs. Fletcher kissed Gabe's cheek, and then proceeded down to his neck and chest.

Gabe moaned with pleasure as Fletcher continued going down, until he reached the top of Gabe's blue boxer briefs. He kissed Gabe's erection through the fabric of the briefs, before pulling them down, revealing a four inch penis standing proud from Gabe's hairless crotch.

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His ballsack was hanging straight below, and Gabe moaned as Fletcher kissed it. Fletcher licked Gabe's hairless shaft, and then he put his mouth over it.

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He could hear Gabe moaning with pleasure, and he started going up and down, still working his tongue all over Gabe's penis. He went up and down, hearing Gabe's moaning all along. Suddenly, he heard Gabe moaning louder than ever, before releasing a small load of cum into Fletcher's mouth. Fletcher kept it in his mouth, and then went back to Gabe's face and made out with him again, letting Gabe taste his own cum.

Fletcher could feel Gabe going down the same way Fletcher did before. Gabe kissed his way down Fletcher's body, and furiously licked his crotch through the fabric of his briefs, making him moan loudly. Gabe pulled down Fletcher's boxer briefs, revealing a penis that pointed a bit to the left, standing proudly from a hairless crotch.

It was a bit smaller than Gabe's, but not much. Gabe moved one of his hands to Fletcher's butt, still licking around Fletcher's crotch. Fletcher was in ecstasy. He moaned, and loved the feeling of his lover's mouth all over his crotch. Then suddenly he felt something entering his buttcrack and butthole. He moaned from pain, but suddenly he felt extreme pleasure from Gabe's finger in his butthole.

Gabe fingered Fletcher's butthole as he blew him, and Fletcher's penis was throbbing hard. Fletcher placed his hand on top of Gabe's head and kept on moaning.

He could still feel some pain by Gabe fingering his butt, but the pleasure was even more intense. He felt his balls starting to contract a bit, before moaning out Gabe's name loudly, and releasing a load into Gabe's mouth. Gabe proceeded the same way as Fletcher did, by kissing him and letting him taste his own cum.


It tasted a bit less sweet than Gabe's, but the taste was good. For a few minutes, they were just lying there, making out, naked.

A few minutes later, their erections had both grown back. Fletcher moved Gabe onto his stomach, then put his face down to smell Gabe's butt.

It smelled delicious, and Fletcher gave it a lick. The taste was amazing; a lot better than he had expected it to be. He stuck his tongue inside of Gabe's virgin boy hole, and he heard Gabe moaning from pain. Fletcher kept licking, before he pulled his tongue out. It was time for the real thing. He spit in his hand and rubbed some spit on his penis, before placing it by Gabe's entrance. Fletcher started entering Gabe, inch by inch, and getting more and more turned on as Gabe moaned in both pain and pleasure.

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When Fletcher was fully in, he started going in and out. He could hear Gabe moaning out loud, "Oh, Fletcher, OH! Oh! It hurts! OH that's good!


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Oh!" Fletcher went faster, and as he sped up, so did Gabe's moaning. Fletcher was reaching his climax inside of Gabe's lovely boy cave. It was so moist and tender, and it was the best experience he had ever had.

Gabe moaned out at the same time as Fletcher released his load into Gabe's butt. Fletcher moaned, and just as he felt the cum escaping his penis, the door was ripped open. In the door stood PJ, of all people. He looked as if he had seen a ghost. Fletcher quickly pulled out, causing some cum to pour out of Gabe's butthole. Cum was still dripping from Fletcher's penis, and he got under Gabe's covers.

Gabe got up, all naked, with a throbbing erection. "I swear, this is not what it looks like." "Well, it looks like you're having sex, with a boy!" said PJ.

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Gabe thought for a moment, then gave his reply, "Well, then it is what it looks like… Now get out, and please don't tell mom and dad!" PJ nodded, still shocked, then went outside and closed the door behind him.

Fletcher was shocked, but Gabe said that it was all right. Fletcher licked some cum from Gabe's butt, before lying down naked under the covers again. Gabe got down with him, and they just laid there for hours, playing with each other's boyhood.

When the bed was pretty much soaked with cum, they fell asleep, crotches touching, and mouths less than an inch away from each other.