Post Op Ladyboy Ming and Her Vibro Toy

Post Op Ladyboy Ming and Her Vibro Toy
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As I sat talking with her cousin Dave my wife continued cleaning.


Squatting, her pink terry cloth shorts hiked up leaving most of her sexy ass exposed and bouncing near the floor in full view. I wanted to pound my lil' slut right there and couldn't wait for her cousin to leave.

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She was bold like this, not shy, and although this was probably unintentional it turned me on. Being Native American Indian her skin is naturally tanned. Her pouting pussy is always wet and ready with her thick full lips hiding the slippery pinkness inside.

She was a slut when I met her having been with several older men by the time she was old enough to drive.

In fact our first time was in the back of her boyfriends' car and I later learned she had just finished fucking him in order to get his car. Six years older, I pumped my big cock into her petite body and we both instantly fell in love. Her sloppy seconds was the best pussy I'd ever had and this cock hungry little bitch had my full attention.

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We moved into a mutual friends together where we could fuck like rabbits. Whether it was sneaking a tape measure into bed to measure my cock or letting me be her first anal experience or even giggling as she watched the clock sometimes, she was a handful. She liked sex and she preferred it with a big fat cock stretching her sweet little pussy.


She was down with watching pornos together and fucking all over the house for hours. We eventually got our own place.

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Returning home from work one evening she began telling me about a prank nasty phone call she had gotten. As we fucked we began whispering dirty thoughts of other men fucking her. The nastier we got the more turned on she became. I began enjoying her stories of the men she had fucked and she enjoyed my ideas of sharing her with other men. I learned these desires weren't new to her as she described riding her boyfriends cock on the couch while his buddies laid passed out on the floor, how she hoped they were watching.

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How her sister had caught her fucking after leaving a bar with her legs spread while some stranger pounded her pussy next to a dumpster. How another man came in her hand as they danced at a local night club.

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How two of her boyfriends had older brother she had fucked. She was like my living porno. I'm certainly not a writer, just someone whose slut wife keeps me rock hard.

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So here is our story and her adventures.