Amateur Latina wet pussy squirt pumped

Amateur Latina wet pussy squirt pumped
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Sara's head was on my chest, she moved up and kissed me, her hand moving towards my dick. "Stop kissing me." I said "What?" Sara said. "You heard me, I am not kissing you" I said "Why?" She asked with a hint of anger and annoyance "I told you I don't want to do this so it is not going to be great if we do." I replied She looks over at Shelby, and gave a huff.

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"Come on Dave just do it for me please." Said Shelby "Why do you want me to do this?" I asked "I don't know it makes me hot." She replied "Fine but if this ever happens again and I am serious I will leave." I threatened "Why are you acting this way?" She said almost crying "You will do Claire but not her?" "First off I never wanted Claire, I never had sex with her, and you wanted me to do that I did not." I Replied "I just want to make you happy." Shelby said "Having sex with other girls doesn't make me happy, being with you and having sex with you makes me happy" I said as she cried into my chest.

"Then let us make it up to you." She said Shelby moved towards Sara, grabbed her head and kissed her, her tongue deep in Sara's mouth.

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Sara was at first taken back by the change of atmosphere but soon started getting into the kiss. Her hands moved down Shelby's back reaching her ass, she then squeezed and started massaging it. This got me very hot and I joined the ladies by kissing Shelby's neck, biting gently. Sara, felt my pants and moved her hand towards it, she grabbed my massive boner through my pants, and held it there for a few seconds, taken back by the size.

Her touch sent shivers down my spine "I know" I said, smiling at Sara's astonished face. I gently moved her hand and removed my clothes as Sara removed her panties and bra. Shelby pushed me and took my dick in her mouth, I enjoyed the feeling of her hot mouth, and Sara straddled my face.

She forced her pussy down on my face, and I grabbed her thighs and licked her silt. As much as I hated eating out Sara, I did it to please Shelby; I took her hard clit into my mouth and gently sucked on it. Sara started moaning as I ate her pussy with zeal, and Shelby took my dick down her throat and sucked on it as she came up.


I moaned into Sara's pussy, and gently bit her clit; I parted her lips and licked her inside. AHHHHHHHH" Sara and I screamed as I shot my first load deep into Shelby's throat and took a bite on Sara's clit. Sara collapsed beside me; Shelby immediately got up and pressed her clit in her face. I was usually spent but I still had a boner.

I rolled Sara over and threw myself on top of her. "What are you doing?" Sara said "Isn't this what you wanted?" I said as I put my erect prick against her slit. "I thought you didn't want to fuck." She said "Fine then I won't." I said climbing off.


"Wait please do not stop." She cried I climbed back on top of Sara. I rubbed my penis up and down the length of her slit. Shelby laid her head down on Sara's pussy, sucking the tip of my dick as I thrust forward. I place my throbbing member at the entrance of her pussy.

I slowly pushed my way to her hymen, breaking the barrier and stopping so she can adjust, to my size. She was tearing up trying to hold back whimpers. Shelby calmed her down by kissing, and fondling her breasts. I began pushing deeper until I bottomed out. I lightly pushed Shelby away and held Sara and started kissing her, she almost immediately calmed down.

"Thank you Dave." She whispered into my ear.

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"Yeah." I said with hint of hostility I thrust myself in deeper pushing her to her limits harder and hard as she is bouncing back and forth faster than anyone I've seen. "Oh my GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD" she screamed as she came around my dick. But I didn't slow down I went harder and harder. I thrust deep as she continued to cum. I pulled out and grabbed Shelby's legs and thrust myself into her already wet pussy. With a few pumps I gloriously came inside my future bride.

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"That was fucking amazing." Sara said as she finally stopped convulsing. "Why didn't you cum in me?" Sara asked. "That's for Shelby." I said "And I am not getting you pregnant." I added "Okay then." She said as she got up, and walked her way to the door with her crutches. "Why in the hell did you want me to fuck my sister?" I asked "I thought you would get tired of me." She said "Don't give me that bullshit." I said trying to hold back my anger.

"If you don't tell me what's going on right now I am going to think you want our relationship to fail." I said "No that's not it at all." She said trying to give me the puppy dog eyes.

"Whatever." I said as I got up got dressed and left. I walked to my car and backed out, I spun around and as I started to go I saw Shelby run out of the cabin, I didn't stop I just drove for a while. I pulled up to a little dinner and decided to get a bite to eat. I just sat and drank some coffee pondering if I made the right choice to marry Shelby. I love her so much that I can't believe she would ask me to that. I kept thinking, and the waitress came to me with the bill, and smiled at me. "Hun its closing time." The waitress said, and she handed me my bill.

"I am sorry I guess I lost track of time." I said "It is fine hun." She said, as she waited for me to pay. I got my wallet out and paid her and gave her a tip, which she gratefully took and thanked me. I got into my car and drove back. It was about 1 am when I got back. I walked in the door and just fell onto the couch. It seemed like everyone was already asleep.

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I woke up early enough tell everyone was still asleep so I went for my morning run. I was just disgusted with myself; I just kept running for about 2 hours, and then finally decided to run back.

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I got up the door and went ignoring all the hellos, and went straight for the shower. I realized I have not taken one for a while. I scrubbed myself clean. I got out and decided to relax in my hot tub. I change into my bathing suit, and got a towel. I walked through the living room towards the kitchen. "Dave can I join you?" Kelly asked "Sure sis." I said I walked outside and got into the hot tub.

I relaxed for a few minutes, and then I was disrupted by the water rushing over my face as Kelly got in. "What is wrong little bro?" she asked "You know what is wrong." I said "Yeah but come on so what you fucked Sara." She said "Yeah Shelby wanted me to, and Sara was going after me and crying, it was more than I could handle." I said "I hate myself." I added.

"I can't even look at them." I said trying stay strong. "It is not your fault." She said "Shelby feels the same way, after you left she was crying in your room all night" she added. "I don't know what to do." I said "Just go talk to her, tell her how you feel." She said She was right I had to go talk to her.

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I got out and dried myself off. I walked to my room. I opened the door and saw Shelby with her head between her legs, and a light sobbing emanating from her.

I closed the door and walked over. "We need to talk." I said "Yeah I know." She said "Why do you want me to do it?" "And none of that you thought I wanted it." I said She gave out a little sigh. "I saw you with another girl before." She said "I never cheated on you." I said "I didn't mean when we were together. I meant when we weren't together.


I saw you fucking Temperance, a while ago, and it made me feel really hot seeing you fuck someone." She said I was a little taken back. "So you like being a peeping tom." I said "Yeah kind of." She said "Why did you pick my sister then?" I said "She was here." She said "I thought I could last until the party but I couldn't." She added sobbing a little.

I reached over and pulled her close to comfort her. "I'll keep doing it only if it's the same person and not my sisters." I said She looked up at me and smiled. "You are amazing Dave." She said "Anyone but Brittany." I said "Claire will be fine." She said "Okay then." I said giving her a kiss on her forehead.

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The next couple of days went along smoothly then me and Shelby had to drive to the wedding planners, to confirm some choices. "Hello welcome back." Said the Wedding planner. "So I have some options to run by you." She added "The first thing is the cake." She continued She handed us some samples and they were all so delicious, but me and Shelby decided on a vanilla cake, vanilla icing and strawberries on I in the shape of hearts. Then was time for the flowers. We decided on some Cherry Blossoms.

They reminded me of Shelby's perfume. We continued on talking about the wedding like our music what type, our guest lists, our first song. She showed us where the ceremony was going to be held and it was in an open field right near a fountain, it was perfect. The next couple of months went on effortlessly, Shelby, Claire and I had our first threesome the first day of the cabin party. I think that I loved Claire but not as much as Shelby, Claire decided to join us at Columbia, and moved in with us a month after the party.

I sold the cabin for about Five million dollars. This brings us to the wedding. I slept at hotel that night because Shelby was superstitious. I arrived at my tent at about 1pm. I was ready about an hour before the wedding was scheduled to start at 3pm. Clark and I just talked about stuff and had a catch with a baseball. I stood up at the altar as then ceremony began. The bridesmaids and my groomsmen walked together. Clark and Brittany the best man and Maid of honor, proceeded.

And my little cousins were the flower girls and ring bearers. Shelby was escorted by her father to my side. The Priest (Because Shelby's parents were Christian, but I don't believe) started. "We are gathered here today … I now pronounce you Man and wife you may kiss the bride." He said I gave Shelby a little dip and kissed her passionately.

Shelby whispered into my ear "I'm Pregnant." I grabbed her up and spun her around. We went to the reception cut the cake and what not. We got into the limo and Claire who hid herself in our limo to join us on our honeymoon.

We changed into comfortable clothes in the limo. We got to the airport and onto the plane. We took off for California for our connecting flight to Hawaii. We were about an hour in when nature called. I got up to go to the bathroom; I just finished peeing when a knock at the door came I was finished so I opened the door and Shelby pushed me in. No one could see because we were in first class and the curtain blocked people from seeing through and everyone was mostly asleep.

She came into the bathroom and took off my shirt before I could react. She took off her shirt which let her beautiful breasts breathe. I put down the seat and pulled down my pants making my erect penis dart out of my pants.

She sat on my dick letting it penetrate her pussy. I reached around to grab her breasts. She bounced up and down on my rock hard cock. When she would bounce up I would thrust inside her, she would let out a little moan before biting her lip.

She started tightening as a gush of her liquid passed by my throbbing cock as it exploded deep into her. "You are amazing." I whispered as I nibbled her ear "You are not to bad yourself" she whispered back. She stood up and wiped herself off, pulled up her pants and walked back to her seat. I was still surprised she came in. I got up and went back to my seat. "Looks like you too had some fun." Claire said laughingly (Claire was now like a second wife and Shelby's new best friend) "You should have joined us." I said jokingly.

"Yeah it was really fun." Shelby said resting her head on my shoulder. "Maybe next time." she said grinning "Come over here." I said extending my hand out. She accepted my invitation and sat on my lap. She rested her head on mine and sighed.