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Six-Mile High Club chapter 6 After calling his Dad, Michael picked up a large Frappuccino at Starbuck's. He should have bought Starbuck's stock when the price was low, he thought. While waiting for his Dad he drank the icy coffee drink, which brought back thoughts of the beach at Santa Monica and lazy summer days.

He sat and watched the people going about their business, knowing that the remainder of the trip would probably be rather dull, without Miyoko. It was difficult to believe how much he already missed her. His Dad had to drive twenty miles to the airport, so Michael timed it as close as he could, then took his bags out to the front of the terminal.

He saw a shiny little black Honda pull up to the curbside, with his Dad behind the wheel; blowing the horn like a typical American. Michael's Dad got out of the car and hugged him; something he had not done in years.

"Hi Dad, it's good to see you. Where's Mom?" "She is at your Uncle's house, working on a party." "Oh God Dad; not for me, I hope." "No not for you. Sunday is your cousin Tomiko's eightieth birthday party and as my brother has no wife, your Mother is helping plan it." "Tomiko is eighteen?

The last time I saw her she was still in high school. Remember when they came to California and we took them to Disneyland. She laughed and giggled on every ride. She even sat on my lap when we went on several of the rides. I can't believe she is eighteen. A birthday party huh?" "Yes Sunday. Your Uncle has arranged for a very large semi-formal party." They got in the car and started for his Dad's house.

They chatted like a couple of parrots, in a pet shop. Michael's Dad asked about Lisa, and he said that she was Ok, but didn't mention about the breakup. His Dad suggested that Michael widen his horizons and look around for a nice Japanese girl as they make the best wives. "What is this thing you have about me hooking up with a Japanese girl? You married a girl from Ireland. I don't understand why you don't like . uh . Lisa?" "Son I love your mother dearly and it's not that I don't like Lisa, but since I .

since we have been living in Japan, I have found that there is more to life than just a home, a wife and work." "What? Don't tell me that you have a mistress?" "Well not exactly.

Your Uncle has taken me into his exclusive men's lodge and we have our own Geishas." "And .?" "And I have what you might call a young protégé. Her name is Sumi, which means elegant. You can believe me that she is very elegant; and she isn't much older than your cousin Tomiko. As young as she is, she has taught me quite a lot about life." "Sumi?

Sounds like a sushi dish. I can't believe my own Father is a dirty old man. What about Mom; does she know?" "Hell no; and I don't want her to know either. What goes on in the lodge is just for the men. As a man I hoped that you would understand." "Trust me Dad; I do understand, and your secret is safe with me.

I would never tell Mom.

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It would break her heart. I'm here on vacation; not to make judgments on anyone." "Thank you son. Do you think you would like to go to a lodge meeting with me some night?" "I don't know Dad, let me think about it." They got off the highway and drove through some very narrow streets. No wonder the Japanese make their cars so small thought Michael. When they went up a driveway and stopped in front of the house, Michael was surprised that it was so large and commented to his Dad, "Your house is enormous.

I didn't expect anything like this." "Five bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, a den for me, and a sitting room for your Mom. There is a large sunken living room and a family room; also a nice kitchen; with all of the latest appliances. Nothing like our three bedroom apartment, over my restaurant in the states, is it?" "I should say not, we barley had room to change our minds in the apartment. But why did you get such a large house Dad? Your protégé doesn't live here too .

does she?" "No of course not. She lives in town. When we first came here we were living with your Uncle until we could find a place of our own. His house is three times this size or bigger. When I told him that I wanted a nice place that was fairly large, he said that he would take care of it. He has one of the largest home construction businesses in Osaka.

He built his place and ours. Your Mom picked out the property as it has a nice ocean view. Wait until you see my entertainment center in the den. Your Uncle has a friend at Sony, who put it in for cost. It is almost like a small recording studio.

Total surround sound and it has ten large speakers. It is very high tech and soundproof. It's great when your mom and I are fighting, we go to our separate parts of the house until we both cool down." Michael's Dad took him on a tour of the house and asked if he was hungry.

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Michael said he only had a cup of coffee since dinner the night before and was famished. "OK Michael we are going over to your uncle's house for lunch. He is expecting you." It was only a ten-minute drive from one house to the other.

His uncle's house was enormous, like an ancient castle of a Shogun warlord. As they pulled into the circle driveway, the Master came out to meet them. Michael's uncle was short but very strong. He had worked in construction since he was in his early teens. When he hugged Michael, it hurt a little. "Uncle I would like to say that I'm very sorry for your loss. Auntie was a very sweet person, and very beautiful." "Thank you Michael. She has been gone almost two years.

She passed just two weeks after our return from visiting you in California. That trip was her last request. I'm OK with her loss now, however when it happened I was numb. I had two daughters to raise on my own; not to mention the construction business. I must say it was very difficult for a while. The girls were in a private Academy and they only came home on the weekends. It was tough at first as the girls spoke mostly Japanese like their Mother, however I made it a rule that they would speak English when they were at home.

Please come in and see our home.


Make yourself comfortable." Michael had thought his Dad's house was large, however his Uncle's house was like touring a museum. There was art of all types everywhere.

His uncle had an eclectic collection of two Picasso drawings, a Monet, a Renoir and several Leroy Neiman originals and prints.

He also had five Frank Frazetta paintings, and three Aldo Luongo serigraphs of the "Hawk". There were oriental vases, scrolls and Samurai swords everywhere. He was very proud of his collection and was adding to it all of the time. "Michael, I have something for you." He handed Michael a beautiful, highly polished walnut box. Michael opened it and couldn't believe what he saw. Inside the box resting on royal blue velvet covered interior was, a black handled Samurai sword.

It was the most beautiful sword Michael had ever seen. The blade was engraved with a dragon, while the black speckled scabbard, was decorated with a white tiger and dragon design. "It took an eighty year old craftsman over two years to finish this sword." said Michael's uncle. "He put his knowledge, his heart and his soul into it, and I want my only nephew to have it.

I know that you will take care of it. Michael you must never forget the Golden Rule of the Sword, "Do nothing which may injure you or damage the sword." "Please hang it in a place of honor in your home." "I don't know what to say Uncle. It is the most beautiful piece of work I have ever seen. I will cherish it always. Thank you so very much." "Nothing is to good for my brother's only son.

You and you alone must carry on the family name. Now let's have some lunch." Upon entering the darkened dining room, Michael was strongly affected by the beauty of it all.

The room was adorned with walls of black Teak, inlaid with purple velvet panels and a flawless marble floor, which had been imported from Carrara Italy, where the Renascence artist Michelangelo obtained marble for his most famous works of art. There were stained glass windows of ancient Samurai; in various; sword wielding poses. On the large mahogany table, Michael saw a spread that would have shamed the Hilton buffet. There was everything from Sushi to Kobe steaks. Soups, salads; and vegetables of all kinds; and several bottles of vintage wine were placed randomly around the table.

Three young maids in uniform scurried around at their Master's gruff commands, knowing that they could be dismissed at the snap of his fingers. Michael couldn't have been more impressed.

When his Mother came in the room he smiled and stood up, as he hadn't seen her since they had left California. She went over to him and gave him a hug and a kiss on his cheek. "Michael I'm so happy to see you. It has been a long time without my baby," she said in a mild Irish accent. "Mom, not the baby stuff again. I'm thirty-two and far from being a baby." "No matter how old you are, you will always be my baby Michael." "OK Mom, ok.

I'm your baby. Let's eat I'm starved." "Yes!" Michael's Uncle said, "I'm starved also." Michael was cutting into a thick buttery Kobe steak when in walked his little cousin Tomiko. She was gorgeous and looked a lot like her late mother. She was wearing her Academy uniform, which consisted of a long sleeved Navy blazer with a Gold and Blue Academy crest over the left breast, a white blouse, highly polished black shoes, knee high black stockings and a very short dark blue skirt, that just barley covered her panties.

She had a cute button nose; full lips, deep dimples which showed even when she wasn't smiling, and dark brown almond shaped oriental eyes; that burned straight through anyone when she looked at them. Suddenly Michael had lost his appetite for food, and a new hunger was overpowering him. Oh God, why did she have to be his cousin? "Hello Michael-san. It is good to have you visit us from America.

Please continue eating your lunch, and I will join you." She sat next to Michael on his right then slowly turned her head toward him and smiled. Although younger than Miyoko, she appeared to be more sophisticated, more genteel and knowledgeable in ways yet unknown to him. She carried herself with an obvious air of breading; and a personal bearing, unknown to most American girls.

"Are you enjoying you vacation in our country Michael-san?" she asked without any noticeable Japanese accent. "Yes Tomiko, Japan is wonderful, and very beautiful," said Michael looking straight at his cousin.

"Have you seen any places of interest?" "Like what?" "Well we have a Universal Studios Park in Osaka. There are wonderful performances of the Kabuki. The Bunraku, is the oldest of all Japanese theater, and possibly the most misunderstood. The word puppetry fails to encompass the complexity of the stories and the artistry of the puppeteers.

On May the 7th, they will be holding the IAAF Japan Grand Prix at the Nagai Stadium.

On June 3rd, the Osaka Municipal Symphonic Band is scheduled to have a concert at the Symphonic Hall. Then in July there will ." "I'm afraid I will have to go home long before June.

My business partner needs me. I don't think he can handle everything for more than about six weeks. That will be my limit I'm afraid. I will have to leave somewhere around the first of May." "Why Michael?" Asked his Dad, "I thought you owned the business." "Yes Dad, half the business, with my partner Jim Hutchinson. You remember Jim from UCLA, don't you?" "Yes I do. A very nice young man." "As he is at work every day, his marriage is already in trouble. If I stay away too long, it may end in divorce.

As much as I would love to stay, I have to return by early May. I'm sorry." "I understand son. We will just have to make due with the time allotted." "So Tomiko, Sunday is the big day," said Michael. "Eighteen years old. I have a hard time remembering when I was eighteen. What are your plans?" "Well first, a good college, as I would like to teach eventually." "Tomiko is beginning a post graduate teacher's course at the Academy," said her Father with obvious pride.

"A teacher; that's wonderful. What grades do you want to teach?" "I believe middle school Michael-san. According to my research, they are the students that have the most problems." She stated with a mature authority beyond her seventeen years.

"Junior High school. Yes I had a hard time myself." They continued to eat and chat about all sorts of things; but Michael's interests didn't go much beyond an occasional glance at Tomiko's gorgeous legs, and the fact that he could see a small portion of her yellow panties from where he was seated. He felt so bad, thinking what he was thinking, however good in the knowledge nobody could read his thoughts.

"Do you remember when we went to Disneyland, Tomiko?" "Yes, I was just fifteen years old. You were so gallant babysitting with your teen age cousin." "I wasn't babysitting. It was fun showing you around and going on all of the rides with you. Remember the Matterhorn?" "Yes I was so scared, I had to run to the little girl's room right after we got off." "Tomiko, that is not appropriate language at this table." "I'm sorry honorable Father.

Please accept my sincere apology." "Well it's ok, I guess we are all adults here, aren't we?" They continued eating without much conversation, after that.

When they finished, Tomiko said, "Father; Uncle, I would ask your permission to take Michael-san around Osaka, and show him the various points of interest. Of course that will be after the party on Sunday." "That is very gracious of you my daughter, however Michael may have made plans of his own." "No sir, I have no plans." Michael said, "In fact I don't want to think about anything in general, until I have to return to California." "Tell me son," said his Mother, "Why didn't Lisa come with you?

We would have paid for her ticket." "Conflicting schedules Mom. She is involved with many things." "How is she? Are you two making any plans?" "She is fine Mom, and no; no plans are in the works." "Well when you return, give her our love." "OK Mom. What time do you want us to return for Tomiko's party?" "You will be staying for the weekend Michael, possibly even longer if you wish." said his Uncle. "As our honored guest you have a choice of staying in the main house, on the third floor, or in the guesthouse, on the hill beyond the Koi pond.

The bedroom on the third floor is very nice, however the guesthouse will provide you with more privacy." "The guesthouse has it's own dish antenna." said Tomiko, "You will be able to receive all of the programs from the United States. I often go out there to study, or just to meditate. At the completion of lunch I will show it to you. I believe you will like it." After lunch, Tomiko and Michael walked through her father's backyard. It covered about a quarter mile.

They could have held drag races out there, thought Michael; of course the cars would tear up most of the gardens, but it was big enough. As they walked by the Koi pond Michael said, "Those fish look like giant goldfish?" "That is correct Michael-san.

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In the United States they are called Goldfish. They are Carassius auratus, or Koi; or if you wish, Carp.

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They only grow to the size of their environment. If you put them in a bowl, they remain small, but here in the pond they grow much larger." "How big would they get in the ocean?" asked Michael.

"As they are fresh water fish, they would all die." "Oh yah . I guess so." As they walked up the path to the guesthouse, Michael was watching Tomiko's rear end undulating in front of him. It reminded him a lot of Jessica's butt. It was very cute, and nicely rounded.

She showed him through the house; the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom and the front room, commenting about the view of Osaka in the distance. The guesthouse was much larger than his apartment although the ceilings seemed much lower.


She turned on the stereo and asked what type of music he liked. Michael told her that he preferred smooth jazz and she found a station. She removed her blazer tossing it on a chair and beckoned for him to sit with her on the couch. "Would you like something to drink Michael-san? There is a full bar." "No thank you, but maybe later." Tell me; are you engaged to that girl Lisa?" "No, we broke up over six months ago, and I haven't talked to her since." "You didn't tell your parents, did you?" "No I didn't." "Why not?" "Because my Mom would come out with a long list of new prospects for me to date.

She stays in touch with all of her old friends in California, and who their daughters are dating, and worse yet which ones aren't dating at all.

My dad would lecture me on the fact that I'm getting older and have no plans to settle down. I just thought I might save myself some grief by not saying anything." "So you are single; and not dating anyone?" "That's correct." Michael said, concerned that Tomiko might want to fix him up with one of her girlfriends. "Michael-san, we were talking about the trip to Disneyland. How much do you remember?" "I remember it was hot, and we stayed until midnight.

Why?" "I'm going to tell you something and I want your promise that you will never repeat it to anyone. Will you promise?" "Yes, of course, if that's what you want." Do you recall what we were wearing?" "Yes. It was a hot day and I had on a pair of loose gray nylon shorts and a blue t-shirt that said, "I'm with her. I still have them. You were wearing a pair of tight silky white shorts and a pink top.

I have a photo of you on my wall. The one you took with Goofy. You looked very cute." "Do you recall how you held me on the rides?" "I had a hand on your tummy I believe and ." ".

and a hand under my titties. It was rubbing them. You got me very excited Michael." "I didn't mean to. I just wanted you to be safe. You should have told me." "When we got off the Matterhorn; and I excused myself to go to the bathroom, I didn't have to pee." "No . then what?" "When I was sitting on your lap, you had your hand on my stomach and your penis was rubbing against my rear end.

I had my very first orgasm on the Matterhorn. My second was on Mr. Toad's Wild ride, and the third was on Space Mountain." "I'm so sorry. I didn't realize I was exciting you. Why didn't you tell me?" "It felt wonderful and I wasn't sure of what was happening to me.

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Why would I say something and spoil all that? You were the first man to make me feel like a woman and the only man to ever give me an orgasm. I loved the feeling and I was very enamored of you. Don't you remember the following night, when everyone went to bed and I sat on your lap, while we watched TV in the dark?" "Yes you were so fidgety, you couldn't sit still." "Michael, I thought you would catch on. I was rubbing against you to get the feeling you had given me at Disneyland, so I could cum again.

I came twice that night. If you had pulled your penis out, I would have let you do it to me right there, or I would have at least performed my first act of Fellatio." "A blowjob?" "What can I say, I was in love with you Michael. I still am." "Tomiko, I don't know what to say.

I'm sorry for being so careless? It was never my intention to." "I am aware of that Michael and I don't expect an apology." Tomiko stood up. As he thought they were leaving he began to stand up also.


"Please stay where you are Michael." She got down on her knees in front of him, and pulled his jogging pants down around his ankles. He sat there speechless. She then sat on his lap facing him. When she pulled up her short uniform skirt, her yellow panties lit up the room. "Tomiko, I don't think this is a good idea. Somebody might come up here; besides we are cousins." "My father has returned to work.

Your father went to his lodge, probably to have sex with his young Geisha. Your Mom is in her glory ordering the servants around getting ready for the party. It's just you and me, and I want to find out if you can do it for me again. Please take your penis out and rub it against my panties." She didn't wait for Michael to move, reaching down she pulled his underpants to the side. She then took hold of his cock and placed it against the crotch of her silken panties.

Moving slowly, she laid her head on his shoulder and moaned. When his hands grabbed her tight butt, she moaned even louder and moved a little faster. It didn't take her a full minute, until she braced and came in her panties. "Michel do you have any condoms?" she asked whispering in his ear.

"No. I don't use them; as I had a vasectomy five years ago." "You had your Vas Deferens cut? You were sterilized?" "Yes and I know it sounds selfish, but I just don't want children." "Don't ever tell my Father, or your parents. They are expecting you to have sons to carry on the family name." She reached down and pulled her panty crotch to the side. Taking hold of Michael's stiffening penis, she moved it up and down her slit and against her clitoris, then slid the tip up into her vagina.

"I have never been with a man Michael, so please go very slow." "Tomiko, we are related. This is like … incest and we really shouldn't be doing it." "That is just somebody's stupid rule Michael. I don't want to tell anyone how to live, and I don't want them to tell me how to live either. I have always made my own rules." "Maybe we should wait a little while and think about it.

There is no rush, is there?" "I have thought about it . I've thought about it for over two years, and I don't want to wait any longer. Most of the girls at school have been having sex since they were very young, but I have been waiting for you." said Tomiko, rubbing Michael's cock up and down her slit; with her eyes closed. "If you don't want me Michael; tell me now." "Are you positive that this is what you want Tomiko?" I have been planning it, ever since Disneyland." She said, slipping his penis up into her vagina.

"Ooooo, it's so big! Wait . please .


stop . it hurts Michael." Respecting her wishes, Michael didn't move. After ten minutes or so Tomiko had moved down on to his cock a centimeter at a time slowly engulfing it fully into her vagina. She began to move very slowly, at first, in a back to forward ritualistic manner, groaning all the time.

Within a lifetime of agonizing minutes she was moving as fast as Jessica and Miyoko ever did. She learned quickly, but Michael was a little turned off, from all of her pubic hair. He wasn't turned off enough to stop fucking her however. She came three times in the first fifteen minutes of coitus. It wasn't loud like Miyoko, or as wet as Jessica, but when Tomiko came, her vagina tightened so much, that it caused him some little pain; but also quite a bit of pleasure.

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When she became aware that he had not yet come; she slowly slid off of his lap and down between his legs. Tomiko began to stroke his cock; then she leaned down and kissed it lovingly.

"You don't have to do that Tomiko." "Of course I do Michael." She said with a smile, her dimples deeper than he had ever seen them. "I must do everything to please you. It is my quest and my main reason for living. Please don't take it away from me." Lowering her head to his lap, she opened her full lips and slowly covered the tip of his cock, as she uttered sounds of contentment.

Sucking very slowly at first, she alternated between licking the bulbous head, sucking it deep in her mouth and slurping his pre-cum juices as though they were from a ripe piece of fruit. Michael could just barley hang on. The feel of her mouth on his penis was incredible. He thought surely she must have done it hundreds of times. This was the best blowjob he had ever had; and this time he meant it.

There could be none better, no mater who the girl might be. She wasn't just sucking him; she was honoring his cock, paying homage to it, giving it special respect, and treating him as though he were a King. Michael thought, through all of the pleasure she was providing, that he would have to come up with a new word. Blowjob just didn't come close to Tomiko's artistic endeavors.

She was a magician and his penis was a magic wand. He could see through his state of elation, that Tomiko truly loved having his penis in her mouth. She had an oral fixation and his cock was like a piece of candy to a small child.

Michael began to feel the building of a final climax, first a tingling in his lower back then electric shocks through his thighs. He was breathing heavy like a marathon runner in view of the unbroken tape. It was all he could do to groan in a whisper, "Tomiko . I'm .

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going . to . cum. Take . it . out . of . your . mouth." She ignored his pleas; as a little girl might ignore her Father's demands to clean her room. She was stubborn but dedicated, desiring to give Michael all of the pleasure he could possibly handle. She had learned the sexual arts well from her Sensei. Michael was going to fill her mouth with his delicious cum and she was more than ready; she was eager, even though her mouth would mourn the loss of his beautiful penis. She knew that it wouldn't be much longer.

He was ready and had to cum, as continuation of her sucking could cause him irreparable harm. She sucked as hard as she could, stroking his cock and squeezing his testicles simultaneously. All of a sudden, a few drops of a salty-sweet, creamy liquid dribbled on her tongue.

She had done it; and Michael was about to deposit all of his semen in her mouth. Her Sensei would be proud. All of the endless hours of special training in her breathing and practice with dildos had not been wasted. Michael was lost in his cousin's rapturous adore, and could hold back no longer. Their fate was sealed and he was not in control. He began to cum like it was the first time, and she was the first girl to ever suck his cock. The muscles in his groin controlling his ejaculation were flexing wildly, and pumping long strings of cum which spurted from his penis, filling Tomiko's mouth.

Although Tomiko was elated and knew fully what was occurring, she was surprised that there was so much of it. Her Sensei had always taught her that most men would only squirt a teaspoon or two full of sperm. It seemed as though Michael was shooting liters of it. As quickly as she could, Tomiko swallowed it down, but as fast as she did, Michael filled her mouth with more of his delicious liquid.

This day had been the culmination of her quest, from the first time she had climaxed sitting on his lap at Disneyland. The day would set a new quest however. Tomiko would do everything possible to find a way of being with Michael the rest of their lives.

She looked up at him and smiled as he stiffened; in a dopamine induced state of euphoria. As the last of his cum dribbled on to her tongue, she swished it around her mouth, as an expert wine coinsure might do tasting a fine vintage.

She swallowed the slippery liquid with full knowledge she must have more of it, and as often as possible. Michael would be her only source as she would have no other. He was slumped down on the couch breathing lightly, and had either passed out or was at least in a deep state of sexual release. Tomiko knew she had done well and brought all of the ancient Japanese sexual teachings into play; as she had to prove to Michael that even though they were cousins, they were also soul mates.

To Be Continued.