Mi nov iacute_a y su hermoso culo

Mi nov iacute_a y su hermoso culo
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Author's Notes and Disclaimers: The following is the first submission of a continuing story which chronicles an 18 year old around the 1980 time frame who, by his own choice, is introduced to sexual adventures beyond his wildest expectations. The events continue well into his early 20s. The sexual encounters are true; however, the character names have been changed and most locations and dates noted are intentionally vague as to not directly reflect any historical or geographical reality.

This is about sexual encounters not an autobiography. The series is divided into parts each reflecting a directional or transitional change in the story and is chronological. The submissions to this site reflect required minimum content and story flow so more than one part are included in each as needed with the attempt to categorize them logically.

I am my own editor so please forgive me for any typos. ALL CHARACTERS DEPICTED IN SEXUAL ACTS ARE OF LEGAL AGE. Alternative lifestyles and sexual acts which some people may consider offensive are depicted in these story lines.

The sexual language used in this was that of the time as best recollected. Example: creampie is a common term used today especially in porn; however, it was not commonly used then when referring to an internal cumshot and any activities involved with it so I have generally avoided its use. ******************************************************************* Part 1 My eighteenth birthday coincided with the tenth anniversary of the company that I was working for so we had a nice party in celebration of both.

I had graduated early from high school and had worked there full time for about nine months. The party ended early and I made my way home by going past Edie's house which was on the main drag. I was not supposed to stop tonight as she had other plans; however, it was raining and I saw her bringing in clothing boxes and sacks so I stopped.

Just as I got out, it began to pour. She had car windows down and several items to bring in so we both got soaked. Once in, she rushed into the bedroom with some boxes and shut the door.

She then told me to get out of my wet clothes and she began undressing in front of me before hurrying to her bathroom. Seeing her nice titties, I immediately got a boner wondering what was next based on our relationship as it stood. I had known Edie since junior high as she was my tutor then. We had moved to a different state so I had changed schools. Based on my assessments, the new school wanted to advance me a grade but that requiring some targeted tutoring as they called it.

She was two years older than me and quite mature for her age. She was tall and slightly chubby. I immediately had an attraction to her and we worked well together. She got me through my rough spots and I was now a grade ahead in school. We saw each other in the halls after that but had no real interaction in school after that other than her sweet smile and a hug when she saw me.

Time progressed and she graduated. I continued through school carrying a full class load for my first two years of high school. For my last two years I took an electro-mechanical technical program. I graduated early by gaining an internship at the company I was now working for and finished my diploma taking college classes at night. I had moved about 45 minutes away from family and was renting a very small furnished room in the city where I worked and finished school; and, Edie lived and worked there as well.

I was pretty much a loner and chose to move there based on my multi-year crush on her. While I was working in the field of my training, I had given up college for this career path and to be near my secret crush.

My job required travel so my social life was limited. School and working had made me socially quite dull. Earlier in the summer and between trips, I ran into Edie at the store or so I gave her that impression. Actually, I had been following her for a while and decided to make a move. By now, she had lost her chubbiness and was quite hot but didn't seem to have a boyfriend around.

She was surprised to see me. She gave me a hug and said "Ron stop by sometime so we can catch up" which I did the following night. She invited me in with a hug and showed me her small but nice house. In the process, she showed me pictures of her family and her boyfriend. Oh great I thought, she has a boyfriend.

We sat and visited and time slipped into late evening before I left. She said please come back anytime. I traveled a lot and it was late summer before I made it back over to her place.

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We again had a nice chat and she invited me back the next day. This became a routine of every night we had available but it remained regimented. She sat on the loveseat with me in a chair to the left. I really enjoyed our time together but kept my expectations in check as she always brought up the boyfriend (I forgot his name) who was in college a couple of hours away.

As our time progressed, there was less talk of the boyfriend so I asked her what her weekend plans were. She said to see him of course. She was seemingly more distant when referring to him but I did not ask more. Upon leaving each time, I did gradually work my goodbye hug and kiss to a stronger embrace and fuller kiss which she did not resist.

So here I am standing in her living room dripping wet and wondering what was next as she tossed me a towel. She was wrapped in her robe and drying her hair. I had removed my shirt, socks, and shoes but left my jeans on as they were wet but not soaked. We sat down together in the loveseat as she dried my chest and hair. I thanked her with a kiss and began caressing her beautiful naked breasts. She stopped me and reminded me that she had an early flight the next morning for a weekend business trip.

She said "lets get together next week" and I left. I stopped by the next Wednesday and she led me to the loveseat. Both towels that we used after the previous rain were draped over it nearly fully covering it. She looked me in the eye and asked if I wanted to take things to another level.

Naturally I said yes. With a stern look, she said, if so, there would be rules. She explained that she was in a D/s relationship with her boyfriend where she was the sub and that she needed to be a Dom as an outlet.

She had always remained my tutor in my eyes so it seemed okay. I said yes wanting more of her anyway I could. Without another word, she took off my shirt and began sucking and biting my nipples.

As my shoes and socks were already off at the door, I was down to my jeans and shorts. She quickly undid my jeans and grabbed my now rigid boner and pulled it directly out of my shorts and jeans. She told me to lift up and she pulled my shorts and jeans down to my ankles then told me to kick them off. I was now completely naked and she was rubbing my cock and balls. My normally seven inch cock seemed to grow four inches more as she stroked it towards my face and chest.

She asked if I liked cum and I, not knowing where that was going, only nodded my head yes. She reached her left hand down to my asshole and began fingering it while jacking me off with her right.

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After about a minute of that, my load began to build. She could tell and began fingering my ass harder while squeezing and releasing the base of my cock.

My cock began to spasm. Before I began shooting my load she told me to open wide. She aimed my cock so the the first rope somehow shot directly into my open mouth.

The second hit my chin and the third my tits and chest. She continued to finger fuck my ass and stroke my cock shooting a smaller load onto my stomach. She fingered and stroked me until I was milked dry. She pulled her finger out of my ass and to my surprise licked it and then pushed it into my mouth saying "lick it". She asked "did you swallow that first load?" and I said "yes".

I really had no choice but to swallow it but had no issue with it either. She then began cleaning my cock and balls and worked her way up my stomach licking and cleaning all the way. She then planted the wettest french kiss on me I had ever had. She tasted of cum and her lips and tongue had just tasted my ass but I did not care. I fully embraced her kiss until she pulled off and began cleaning my tits and chest before repeating her cum laced kisses. She was still fully dressed and I began rubbing and kissing her tits through her blouse and bra.

She raised her blouse and unsnapped her bra and her tits fell into my face. I squeezed them with my hands and began sucking and biting her nipples. Surprisingly, my milked cock had regained its bone so I worked my hand towards her crotch. She grabbed my hand, said "no sir, your hand belongs somewhere else".

She then placed it on my cock and told me to jack off. She began sucking and biting my nipples while I stroked my cock. She went back to my ass and began fingering it some more. It was not long until I felt another load building. She could tell and penetrated my ass even deeper. Soon I shot a second load which partially hit my chest with the rest landing on my stomach and running down my shaft and onto my balls and the towel underneath.


She pulled her finger from my ass and cleaned it again in her mouth before pushing it into mine. She repeated the process of cleaning my body with her mouth and kissing me deeply.

The room smelled of my cum which made a nice aroma. I sat there naked wondering what was next when she stated that it was getting late. I dressed and got ready to leave. Before walking out, I embraced her in kiss and thanked her for the evening. She asked "so you enjoyed our evening together" to which I replied "yes". She asked if I wanted to come back tomorrow evening. I nodded yes. She said she would explain the remaining "rules" of our new relationship.

The next night I learned the first of the new rules. I was to be naked the entire time while she would remain dressed. I immediately stripped down and she led me to the loveseat. My hard on was bouncing in the air as I walked and she kissed and licked it as I sat down. The second rule was that I would jack off for her each time we were together and that we would share my cum load just as we had done the previous evening.

I asked "what about your pussy, does it get any attention?".

She was taken back a bit and became withdrawn. Then she replied sternly, it gets what it needs on weekends. It serves one purpose serving the master (her boyfriend). I saw a different side to her and truly became concerned as to what kind of mind control he had on her.

To keep the evening going, I began jacking off. She immediately worked her finger to my ass and began fucking it. It was not long before I shot my first load and it was quite large considering how milked I was the previous evening. It mostly covered my chest and stomach with the remainder running down my shaft and onto my balls.

She pulled her finger from my ass and with both hands began working my cum into my chest and stomach. She then worked the cum from my cock and balls rubbing it onto my chest as well. She then began gently cleaning my chest and stomach with her tongue and then french kissing me.

She worked slowly and by the time she was finished, my boner had returned. I reached out to begin jacking it off when she asked "did I tell you to do that?" to which I replied "no". The rule was made clearer: I was to jack off only once each time we were together. Another rule, she would tell me when to jack off from now on.

I apologized and laid back wondering what was next. She began working her mouth down my chest and stomach and onto my cock.

The feeling was exquisite. He finger again found its way into my ass fucking it as she sucked my boner. She placed her other hand at the base of my cock while sucking the head. I was in pleasure wanting it to never end when I felt a load building. Her mouth remained on my cock head and her hands worked my cock and ass. Suddenly, I shot a load into her mouth which she swallowed.

She continued to suck my cock into her mouth until I was drained. She pulled her finger from my ass and worked her head up to mine.

Despite swallowing my first shot she still had a mouthful of cum. I reached out and pulled her mouth to mine tongue fucking her cum filled mouth then allowing her to do the same to me. As I came down from this sexual high, I went into a relaxed blissful state and we talked some small chit chat. She told me I was a good sub for her and thanked me for playing along. I asked when we could do this again and she said she would ask her master this weekend. I am like huh and asked "he knows about this?".

She said yes and he actually makes the rules not her. It was Thursday and she would be driving to see him tomorrow for the weekend.

She also confessed that her previous weekend trip was an S&M event he took her to out of state. I slowly worked into more in-depth questioning about her relationship.

She explained that in their relationship, he owned her pussy and ass and that his master and mistress owned his ass. I asked "so he gets ass fucked?". She said yes and that he got fucked last weekend because they felt he shorted them some money. She said that their relationship was sort of a pyramid and that his master and mistress were at the top.

So I asked why was she in it, did she love him? She said she did at first at least until she found out about his secret life.

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She also said that it was like drugs and that it was addictive even with the pain and humiliation. She also said that he gets paid a lot to be a Dom thus the money his masters thought was short to them. Also, he wanted her to be a dominatrix working with him for their pleasure and for the money. She then admitted that the clothing boxes she was bringing in that rainy night included dominatrix outfits and that is why she placed them out of sight.

She said her master gave her permission to "play with me" this week but that he would most certainly amend the rules if we continued including me paying to play plus some pain and humiliation. I asked how does he know what we do?

She says she tells him everything. So he knows we are together now? She said yes and that he was with a paying couple tonight earning money while I got a freebie.

So you will tell him everything we did these last two nights? She said yes. It was late so I dressed and got up to leave. She said "let's talk about this next week". I said okay and left. Part 2 The next day was Friday and I spent it with my mind racing.

The girl that I put on a pedestal for all these years and even covertly moved here to be close to was an S&M queen. Maybe it wasn't as bad as I thought. Maybe I misunderstood. Maybe it will be clarified next week. About that time I was interrupted in thought. The boss asked how quickly I could prepare for a road trip. I sarcastically said "right now". He then said "get packed, we need you in Chicago Monday morning".

Chicago was a five hour road trip as the then 55 mph speed limit was in place and being enforced. I was going with Bill who wanted to leave early Sunday. I was given the rest of the day off with pay in order to prepare for what was to be a trip of indefinite time but at least two weeks.

Bill was our top guy in the shop and often signed off on our field technical installations work. It helped my self esteem being paired with him as I had been with the shop supervisor on my other road trips who made me more of a gofer or grunt.

I was now a full field technician. Sunday morning came fast and I met Bill at the shop. He spent Saturday loading up and was ready when I got there. I threw my luggage in the back and we were off.

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It was a long trip and I drifted into thought mostly about Edie. I sort of went from anger to gaining a little smirk thinking of her in some crazy outfit with her master reaming her pussy and ass while she whipped up on some wimpy guy or couple.

I wrote her a letter on Saturday mainly telling her I was on the road for a while. Then suddenly Bill started talking notably about sex and his girlfriend and the times they had Friday and Saturday night.

How nice, next he will want to know about my sex life. I smirked knowing if I told the truth, he wouldn't believe me. Sure enough, he asked. I told him I was mainly into work and had been into academics in high school. I felt good knowing I was barely 18 and was a full technician at this fast growing company. The trip was long and I learned a bit too much about him and his girlfriend. I knew Bill kept a stash of Penthouse and other sex magazines in his office at work and he proudly announced that he had packed the latest in for the trip.

We arrived at the motel and unpacked. We then went to the job site. The company had signed a major installation contract with a large computer company of that era. That company had dropped shipped the new equipment two weeks early which created this rush in the first place. We checked the layout and went back to the motel.

Work that week went well and we got along well. He bought some beer each night and we generally ate carryout in the room. I heard him talking to the boss about the job and how well it was going and how well I was doing. Then, the conversation changed to "what do you mean we have to work Saturday, I got plans". Apparently, his girlfriend's family was having a reunion in Milwaukee and they were to pick him up on the way.

He called her and she decided to stay in Chicago each night with him before and after the reunion. He told me that I would have the room to myself both nights since he was staying with her. Friday afternoon we got back to the motel to find the girlfriend waiting on him.

He recognized her car and assumed that she was in the lobby as the car was empty. He parked the truck and headed that way while I went to the room. He was gone nearly an hour when I heard talking. His key opened the door and in he came along with the girlfriend, her sister, and a cousin plus their luggage. The hotel they were booked at had a fire with water damage and no other rooms were available at late notice.

So they were all staying in the room that night. I wasn't overly thrilled with this situation. Jill the girlfriend was attractive and even hot. She was in tight shorts and a halter top both of which were too small for her slightly chubby but sexy build. Her sister was quite large and wore loose clothes to hide her shape. The cousin was petite and her top and shorts fit her nicely. They were all blonde and had long wavy hair.

I thought that this is at least better than having five guys in the room. All were attractive in the face and quite pleasant to me. That being said, I wasn't in the mood for this. Then the boss called and said that only one technician was needed on the job site Saturday so Bill volunteered me. That was a great compliment to me as I was now the lead for tomorrow's efforts. On top the that, the girls were going to cook us dinner. Things were looking up. Bill liked to drink and bought a case of beer and some wine coolers on top of what we already had.

Good food and the flow of beer had changed my mood to the positive. After a few drinks, Jill asked where the porn stash was.


She began reading some smutty letters written into the magazines. You name it, she read it and out loud. By now the key theme of the conversation was sex. Bill and Jill were all but getting it on as the evening progressed. Jan the sister and Mary the cousin were egging them on which by that time seemed natural and routine. Suddenly, Bill asked the two girls "who is sleeping with Ronnie and who gets the sofa".

I took it in stride and told them to flip for it. I wasn't going to volunteer to go to the sofa or insult anyone but I certainly was hoping for Mary. They flipped and Mary won picking my bed. So sleeping arrangements were made. Jan headed for the sofa. I stripped to my shorts and got into bed. Mary started to get in fully clothed and I told her to sleep however she felt comfortable. She then stripped to her panties and climbed in with her firm titties bouncing. Bill and Jill were already in bed waiting for the lights to go out.

I laid there quietly thinking again about Edie when I felt a kiss from Mary. I rolled over and glanced towards Bill's bed. I could hear whispering and hear and see movement.

The A/C was noisy and muffled their sounds somewhat but could tell they were getting it on. Suddenly, I felt Mary's hand working the elastic on my shorts. She then reached both hands on the band and pulled them down releasing my growing boner. I kicked off my underwear and she went to town on my cock and balls. Her hand stroked my cock and balls while she kissed my neck and chest. She then began working her kisses towards my waist and began licking my boner. Soon, she had my cock completely in her mouth and was sucking it while caressing my balls.

I pulled her panties off and set her tight body on top of me in a 69. I knew Bill and Jill were less than eight feet away and Jan just a few more but did not care. I tongue fucked her sweet pussy while she sucked my boner. I had an eight day load and knew I would not last long.

I began licking her from her clit to her ass which caused her to come off my cock, She began sloppily licking and sucking me when I realized she was about to cum.

I licked and sucked her clit until she exploded into orgasm then tongue fucked her pussy and ass as she came down. She then turned around and slid her wet pussy onto my cock and rode it for all it was worth.

To my surprise, I held out remarkably long as she rode herself to another orgasm. As she peaked, I exploded inside her with my eight day load. She collapse on top of me with her mouth meeting mine. We came down together and I suddenly noticed how quiet the room was. All I could hear was the A/C, nothing from Bill or Jill. She thanked me for giving her two orgasms and began working her head back towards my crotch.

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I could feel our combined load running down my balls and thighs. She began cleaning my balls and when my boner returned, she took it deep into her mouth. She began working her finger into the cum on my thighs and then pressed her cum coated finger into my ass.

She expertly fingered my ass while sucking me. Soon I felt a load building and shot into her mouth. She worked down my orgasm and then came up to kiss me and cuddle as I drifted off to sleep.

I awoke and looked at the clock realizing I had slept seven hours straight. I wasn't late yet but had to get up and get going. I came out of the shower and finished dressing. Everyone was asleep or at least pretending to be. I started out the door but decided to give Mary a goodbye kiss.

She was awake and got out of bed still completely naked and told me to wait a minute. She grabbed the sheet off the bed and wrapped herself in it walking towards the door. She opened it and motioned me outside and I followed.

She asked if she could stay in the room today and skip the reunion as to spend the night with me again. I said "sure, if it is okay with Bill and the girls, I would see her tonight".

I walked her back in and heading to the job site. The day went well with all of the subcontractors so we finished on time. As I drove back, I wondered if Mary would be waiting on me. I drove into the motel lot and saw that Jill's car was gone as expected but when I entered the room no one was there. I looked around for a note or something but saw nothing.

Then I opened the table drawer in order to get the phone book to order dinner and found a note from her. She hid placed it out of sight from housekeeping. It was short but said they had found a room in town for the night and would be back in the evening. About that time, the room phone rang. It was Mary wondering if I was back yet.

They were at their motel and would bring her by if I was. In less than 10 minutes, she knocked at the door by herself. They had dropped her off. I was in awe knowing that we had the whole night to ourselves. She said Bill and Jill wanted their alone time as well. I asked "what about Jan?" and she said they found a good deal on a suite with a private room and foldout sofa.

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I realized I was a bit smitten with Mary. We knew each other sexually but otherwise barely knew each other. She obviously knew what I did but I knew nothing about her. We began talking and she had been through a couple of relationships and had an on-off one now with off being the key.

She went on this trip to get away. She was a waitress and was going to college. I did not dare tell her of my recent encounter with Edie and mentioned a couple of on-off relationships myself. The truth was, other than Edie, it was dating stuff only, nothing serious, with no actual sex.

She began fumbling through my wallet and I replied "you won't find much in there". I did have a work credit card, my driver's license, and some cash. The driver's license shocked her as she realized I was barely 18. She figured I had to be at least 20 or 21. She showed me her license and she was 20 and would be 21 in December. I said "enough of that" and began kissing her. She laughed and replied "I think I have a right to know a little about the guy who's fucking me".

With that, I went to the fridge and got us a strawberry wine cooler. She said "that should mix well with some cream". She was wearing a sundress and suddenly raised it to reveal nothing underneath.

She then took the opened bottle and gently fucked her pussy with its neck and brought it up to my face. I took a nice swig and offered it to her. She did it again as I began peeling off my clothes. She offered it up to me again and I said "you first". After a drink, she then offered it to me again but I told her later and dived into her beautiful tasting pussy. As I ate her, she pulled the dress over her and off revealing her perky tits.

I reached up and pinched them while keeping my face in her beautiful hole. Within minutes, I had worked her up to her first orgasm of the evening. She exploded squirting her cum all over my face. I told her I was now ready for strawberries with my cream. She gave me a sip and told me to fuck her good.


I alternated fucking her and letting her clean my cock to which we french kissed. While that kept me from cumming to quickly, I soon felt a load building. My cock began hitting bottom as my load exploded into her beautiful hole. I stayed buried in her until my cock softened. As I pulled out, she rolled me over and began cleaning my cock.

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She told me that she loves cum and mine tastes good. She said that she prefers giving a blowjob first in order to eat a full load saving the smaller loads for her pussy and ass but this time I came too soon.

I thought "ass?" she likes getting fucked in the ass as well? I had to be careful with my questions as to not embarrass me or her but I asked "your ass?". She said "yes, especially with a well milked but still hard cock that will be long lasting in her tight hole".

She then giggled and said "well you are only 18" to which I replied "Yep". I again had to be careful in what I said as I did not want her to know that she was the first person I ever actually fucked, or ate their pussy, or made them orgasm.

I hadn't even seen Edie's pussy as it belonged to her Master. I was proud of my oral efforts with Mary and hoped that they continued. My previous history on pleasuring women came from book learning mainly reading swinger and other adult magazine submissions. Well, the articles and letters on doing oral and fucking for the pleasure of the female partner noted in them worked with Mary.

As she continued cleaning my cock, I got hard. She continued to lick and suck it when quickly she rotated into a 69. I grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her pussy into my face and tongue. I licked and suck our combined load from her pussy as she did the same to my cock. Soon she began clumsily and intermittently sucking me and I knew she was ready to cum again. I licked and sucked her pussy and clit until she orgasmed. I licked her pussy and ass as she came down.

She then rotated around and slid her pussy onto my cock and within minutes I fucked her pussy and clit to another orgasm. I had not cum yet and she crawled down between my legs and began sucking me. I felt her finger press against my ass until it popped in. She then fingered and sucked me until I shot a load into her mouth. As we both came down, she commented "most men don't do that" to which I replied "do what?" she replied "eat their own cum".

I asked how she knows that. She said "girls talk". She said her last guy thought it was gross and gay to do so. I replied "gross is a relative term but there is nothing gay about oral sex with a woman whether she has a cum load or not, and it is not eating it straight from a cock". She laughed "that is why I am here and he is where ever". She asked when was the first time I tasted my cum. I couldn't tell her the truth that it was a Dom female whom I thought I was in love with aiming my cock into my open mouth.

So I was eating it straight from my cock with Edie but it was my cock not another. Luckily my straying thought process was interrupted by another question "do you like the taste of your cum?" I replied "yes, especially from your pussy or mouth" carefully evading her previous question. She laughed and replied "I think you are a keeper" then after a long pause suddenly she said "what about after tomorrow?". We had read each other's driver's licenses but I think we both just now realized we live three hours apart and in different states.

I said "let's think about that tomorrow". We then cuddled and took a nap. I awoke admiring Mary's tight sexy body as she laid on her side legs spread. Her perky tits, her firm thighs, her tight little ass. Ah yes, that ass.

That fuckable ass.

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That ass that likes to be fucked. I saw my cock spring up thinking about it. I began kissing and licking the small of her back working towards her crack when she began to stir. I began licking her ass and she began pushing her ass into my tongue. With exception of a nice frontal bush, her pussy and ass were largely hairless.

All were natural and unshaven except for a bikini trim. I licked the soft hairs of her ass then blew gently across them. Then I went back to her rosebud and she worked her ass fucking my tongue with it. She rolled over and began sloppily sucking my cock. I grabbed her tight little body and worked it into a 69 alternately licking her pussy and ass.

I fingered some our remaining cum from her pussy and pushed it into her rosebud. She stopped sucking my cock and said it was ready for her ass. She rolled herself off of me and placed her ass up in the air on the edge of the bed. I came around and worked my wet cock first in her pussy and then at her asshole. She press against it until it popped in.

I had never felt anything like it and gently pumped my cock in and out. She said "fuck me harder" which I did. We fucked for several minutes and I thought I could go for hours this way. She began finger fucking herself which was a real turn on.

Then after 20 minutes in paradise, I felt a load building. Her ass stimulated my cock to the point that I began pumping her harder and deeper. I pressed my cock as deep and I could go and shot my load. It was the most amazing orgasm I had ever had. I stayed in until my cock deflated and flopped against her ass cheek. I laid next to her kissing her gently. We again had a nap and I awoke to the phone ringing. It was Jill stating that they needed to leave at 4:00 AM due to a family emergency at home.

It was approaching 10:30 so we called it an evening. I awoke around 3:00 and woke Mary for a final fuck before she needed to get up. It was a good gentle fuck, basically a quickie, followed by a short talk about our future. She got up shedding a few tears as she went into the shower. At straight up 4:00 there was knocking on the door. It was Jill and Jan. She said Bill was still in bed and I needed to pick him up before checkout. Mary was dressed and ready a few minutes later.

I embraced Mary and kissed her deeply. We said our goodbyes and they left. I went back to a restless sleep until Bill called to pick him up. Bill and I never discussed that weekend's events in much detail. He was transferred to another project and I remained the lead here. I drove Bill to O'Hare and he flew to Buffalo. I was in Chicago for another three weeks before returning to the shop. Once back, I was told Bill was leaving the company due to increased travel and because Jill was moving back home (to where Jan and Mary live) and he was going with her.

Mary and I talked several times but were never able to get together primarily due to our distance apart and my extensive work travel.

We unfortunately drifted apart.