Shoejob heeljob Wichsen cum auf Louboutin Heels

Shoejob heeljob Wichsen cum auf Louboutin Heels
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Mindy had just finished getting face fucked by me. She's a girl with a problem. Well, right now, two problems.

She stole $30,000 from her church and is about to be discovered. I am the only one that she knows who can get her the money to keep her out of jail, and prevent her relationship with her boyfriend/co-homeowner from going in the shitter.

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He is Treasurer at the church. To earn that money Mindy has reluctantly agreed to be my sex slave for the weekend. We're in Vegas.

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I'm smiling. She's not. "So, are you hungry or what? I asked I had just dropped a load down her stomach, so maybe she wasn't. But, neither of had eaten since lunch, and it was now 9 PM local time. "I…I suppose" she stuttered out.

"Well, why don't you go shower and dress to impress. If you do a good enough job maybe we won't have to have another "lesson" tonight." This brightened her up a bit.

Mindy stole the money to gamble with. As a pseudo-reason for me abusing her ass with a riding crop and my cock, I told her the pain was to teach her a lesson about gambling. I even make her say 'Gambling is not worth it' as I'm leaving welts on her shapely behind, or burying myself balls deep through her tight sphincter. Forty minutes later I'm yelling for her to hurry up. I'm hungry and I want to eat.

I'm half hoping she disappoints me in her dress when she walks out. I really am enjoying spanking her, and I've let her off lightly (she might not think so) so far. Five minutes later the door opens and out she walks. Mindy takes a step out the door, smiles her best smile, and then pirouettes to let me see all angles. My cock is instantly at attention. Damn. I was kind of looking forward to using that riding crop. I started at her feet and noted the red fuck-me pumps with 4 inch heels that add that little extra fullness to her calves.

My eyes travel up her impossibly long legs waiting for the dress to begin. It did, well above mid thigh. It was a very tight cherry red one piece that showed every curve and swell of her luscious body. As she began her second turn I saw that the garment had little margin for error in keeping her ass covered. There would be no way for her to bend or even stoop over without endangering the PG rating of the restaurant. The upper portion was equally stunning, with both a criss-cross back and front.

Her breasts were half enveloped with the cups of the intersecting bands, leaving all of her cleavage and mid-riff on display. Both nipples were erect and very noticeable. I knew there was nothing on underneath. I'd made it clear that she didn't need to pack any underwear. "Well?" she asked "Do I pass?" "John must be gay" I said referring to her boyfriend. "How the fuck has he not married you?" She beamed. "I'm trying to figure out if I'm more horny or hungry" I continued.

That was no exaggeration and quite a feat. I hadn't eaten in 10 hours, but I'd cum twice in that time. "You'll mess my make up……" she warned. "I don't care" I said with a condescending tone.

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Ignoring that, she retorted with a hint of a pout. "I thought that you would want to have me on your arm looking like this" Fuck. I'm being manipulated. But, she is right. Every head in the room, male and female, would be watching when we entered. The guys would be wishing they were me, and the girls would be stunned. They would also be pissed and trying to figure out what to do to get their man's attention back. I made a mental note to give her a couple of extra swats for this dilemma.

I walked over to the goody bag, pulled something out and put it in my pocket. "All right. You win. Let's go" "What was that?" Mindy asked.

"Don't worry. It won't mess your makeup" I replied with an evil grin. We strolled over to the elevator, with my arm behind her, and my hand resting on her firm ass. I gave it a squeeze every few steps, just for good measure. As soon as we got inside the elevator, I pressed every floor button, and waited for the door to close.

Before she could even ask why, I reached around behind her, cupped her ass and drew her in close. I met her lips for a deep kiss, and started worrying her tongue with mine. My right hand massaged her ass, my left moved up for a handful of a barely clothed breast. The elevator dinged, and with one eye I glanced as it opened, and saw no open waiting.

I went back to business, working my tongue around hers and mauling both her ass cheek and boob. My lower hand stopped it's assault long enough to reach down and find the bottom of her dress and pull it up to uncover half her ass.

She had not resisted an iota to this point, but now pulled away from my kiss, and pointed. "They have cameras here. Some one will see." I ignored her and dropped my other hand to knead both mounds, as we went back to kissing. The elevator dinged again. I glanced and again nobody needed a ride. I inched her dress all the way up to her waist, and moved one hand to the front to cup her pussy.

My middle finger quickly found the gap between her lips, and she let out a small gasp as my finger found her clit. Ding. My luck held and now my finger was rapidly massaging her clit and the wetness and her moans told me she was starting to lose control. I had not neglected her breast this whole time and my manipulations had her left breast exposed. I moved from her lips to envelop the entire nipple and began to suck greedily on the tight nub. The sucking and finger fucking lasted for only a few more seconds until the elevator made it's announcement that we had reached the 2nd floor.

This time a flash of color told us both that there was someone outside. Being a gentleman, I quickly pulled her dress down, if not straight, covering the important parts, as she fumbled to put her boob back in it's proper place.

None of this was accomplished in time to prevent our new elevator mates from figuring out what was going on. The younger couple looked a bit shocked, but got on anyway. Mindy was as red as her dress and still trying to arrange everything. She succeeded about the time we descended to the ground floor. No one said a word. I did have trouble controlling my grin and the fullness in my groin was uncomfortable. As Mindy and I got off, I glanced at the guy who had boarded the elevator.

He was staring at Mindy's cleavage. His date might have been upset had she noticed, but her eyes were on the length of Mindy's dress. I got a lecherous wink from him as I turned the corner to head off to the restaurant. I couldn't help but put my hand on Mindy's ass, and give it a firm squeeze, in a final gesture to our two elevator mates. Mindy didn't miss a step. A $20 tip helped us get seated in a mostly secluded area of Prime Steakhouse. It was close to closing time, so there were not many patrons left.

We sat down, side by side, facing out to the restaurant. Our backs were to the wall and to our right was an empty table, and then another wall. To our left were several open tables. In front we saw two other couples, both with one diner facing us and one away. Both diners facing us were male, and Mindy had drawn their attention. My right hand immediately went to my pocket to retrieve the vibrating egg toy that I had fished out of the goody bag.

This one had a variable speed remote control, and about three feet of cord. Mindy was looking at the menu and not paying much attention to me. I reached down, put my empty hand on her thigh and began to work it up. When I got to the hem of her dress, and did not stop, she gave me a quick glance, and then scanned the room to see if anyone was watching. I guess they either weren't looking or she knew it didn't matter, because she parted her legs, and I continued my trek up her thigh.

When I reached my goal, I found her lips, and began to rub the top of her pussy with one finger in a circular motion. Mindy tried to act like nothing was going on, and in truth with the overhanging tablecloth, no one could see underneath. She spread her legs a little farther, to give me better access. At that moment our waiter, a late twenties male, announced himself, and Mindy gave a little start, like she had been caught at something.

I had seen him coming, and I did not miss a beat with my pussy massage. The waiter asked about our drinks. I ordered a bottle of wine and two shots of Crown to get us started. The whole time I'm making my little circles, speeding up and then slowing down. Mindy shifts a little, turns very red, and opens her legs even more. The waiter notices where my hand has to be, but being as this is Las Vegas, he's seen it all. He is likely only concerned that we keep things discreet and tip him well.

As he walks away, Mindy turns to me, gives me a look that says "I can't believe you did that", but doesn't say a word. I pull my hand away, and give her thigh a gentle tug towards me indicating she should move her legs even farther apart.

But that was only half my thought. I transfer the egg, and put my hand and egg between her legs, and they find her very wet pussy with one smooth move. Mindy stifles a gasp as the not-body-temperature egg enters her cunt. I notice that both guys, hearing Mindy's noise, are now glancing at us, and then back at their wives, as if to not get caught staring. Mindy's eyebrows raise, she jumps just a bit, and grabs my thigh as I turn the egg on to low.

Almost involuntarily Mindy closed her legs to keep the egg inside. As I increase the speed, our waiter comes back wanting to know if we are ready to order. "Ladies first" I say with just a small grin. Mindy is taking in short gasps, and squirming in her seat, as I cycle from medium to high, and then back down. "I&hellip.I&hellip.I" she tries to start. "I'll have&hellip.the…uh&hellip.Oh…uh&hellip.I'll have the…Ohhhhh… the prime rrrrrib……mediiiiium" The waiter gives her a quizzical look and asks about her vegetable.

I have my hands on my lap, and the remote pegged. I can't hear it, but I can actually feel the vibrations as my arm is touching Mindy, who is red faced and constantly shifting. "Oh.Oh.Bbbbbbaked Potato! Bbbutter! S.sssour cream!" The waiter's look says that he is thinking about asking if she is OK, but thinks better of it and just asks for my order. I've haven't even looked at the menu, as I have been having too much fun.

But this is a steakhouse so it's not too hard to wing it. As the waiter departs, Mindy grabs my arm and through gritted teeth says "Turn it off! Please! You& God!.puh&hellip.Oh! Oh!.Jesus God!. She knew I wasn't going to turn it off and I saw her start to spread her legs to push out the thing about to bring her to orgasm.

"Take it out, and I'll show everyone, and put it right on the table" Mindy moved up out of her seat about half way, grabbed her linen napkin and stuffed it in her crotch. I glanced at the other patrons; one of the guys' eyes had gone wide. He wasn't sure if he was witnessing a medical event or what. Mindy caught sight of that, smiled very weakly, and tried to sit still. Then she glared at me with wide eyes, and gasped out as quiet as she could, all the while squeezing my arm, now with both her hands.

This whole time I am cycling fast, slow, fast, medium, slow, never letting her get used to one pace. It is having the desired effect. "Oh! Oh! Oh!" she breathlessly says as quiet as she can, with eyes screwed shut and an almost pained look on her face. "I came, damn you! I hope I didn't make a wet spot on my dress!" I turned the egg down, and leaned over to kiss her. She faced me, and I gave her a long, deep kiss, as I cycled the egg back up. Not wanting to make to big a display, I pulled back, put allowed the hand that had been on her shoulder to give her breast a squeeze.

I winked at the one guy who had caught the show. He just stared with eyes wide. His wife noticing this, looked back. But, by now we were both trying to look innocent. You could tell she asked what he had been looking at. A shake of his head told us that he didn't want to go into details, and their arriving waiter saved him for the moment.

Our drinks arrived, and I made Mindy down both of the Crowns. I hate whiskey. She downed them like a trooper and chased them with the water at our side. I spent the rest of the meal, making her keep the egg inside her, occasionally turning in on, and getting her worked up, but this time, not getting her close enough to cum. I enjoyed my steak and a glass of wine. I made sure Mindy finished the bottle. She eventually begged me to take it out and let her go to the bathroom.

I acquiesced, and noticed that she had not soiled her dress and that every eye in the house watched her walk away, and then all eight eyes, almost at the same time, found their way back to me.

I waved and they all looked at their plates in unison. By the time she got back, both other couples were leaving. I had a raging hard on from all the fun and I needed relief. I debated about making her give me head under the table, but I didn't want to press my luck.

The bill was $150 and I left a c-note for the tip. We got up and left.


I had my hand squarely on Mindy's ass. As we walked to the elevator, I told her. "Take your tits out." "What?!" she gapsed. "You're going to go the rest of the way with those luscious melons out for the world to view" She fidgeted, walked faster, and pulled both cups to the side as we got to the elevator.

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As there was no one in the hall she turned to face away. Her face was red as a beet again. The doors opened and there were two guys getting off. But all they saw was Mindy's back side. They might have seen the tent pole I was sporting, if they had cared to take their eyes off of Mindy's legs and ass.

She quickly got inside, and faced the back. I reached around and grabbed a handful of boob with one hand and jerked her dress up with my other. Mindy gasped, spun to face me, and pulled her dress back down. "Please!" she said. I moved in, put both arms around her and grabbed both ass cheeks as I began to kiss her again. She responded eagerly, half out of arousal and half because I was covering up her tits.

I edged her into a corner and ignored the two men in suits who joined us on the next floor. I continued massaging her ass, dropping one hand lower to feel skin, and then the swell of her well bubbled ass, as I worked by hand up under the dress and squeezed. Mindy only shifted to try to shield herself from the eyes watching her being kissed and fondled.

They got off one floor before us, and I hear one guy laughingly say "Fuck her once for us, too, buddy" We got off the elevator, me letting Mindy go first, with her boobs still out for the world to see. She was set to make a sprint for our room, when I put my arms around her to stop her. She was going to turn, but I stopped her, lifted her arms above her head, dropped mine quickly and in one fast motion, I had her dress up and over her boobs.

She instinctively dropped her arms, but I told her the dress was coming off, and she complied, with eyes wide. Now naked except for her heels, she tried to cover up, covering her tits with one arm and her bush with the other. "C'mon" I said I let her move quickly and we got to the room unseen. I had the key out, but I teased her. "Hurry up! Please! "What do I get" I queried "Anything!

Let me in, Please" I gave her the key and coped a feel as she fumbled for the door. We were in, in very short order, and I was all over her as the door shut. I figured she would be mad, cuss me, and I would have ample excuse to take the riding crop to her heart shaped ass. But, to my surprise, she started to kiss me back, and fumble for my belt. "Fuck! I want you! I have never been this hot in my life!' My pants were down and she was on her knees with them.

She had my rock hard member in her mouth in micro seconds and was bobbing up and down quickly. I had cum twice in the last six hours, but she was well on her way to making me shoot number three. But there was too much territory to explore. I grabbed her hair on the back of her head and guided her up. She resumed kissing me, as I found a nipple with one hand and began to twirl it between my fingers. It instantly got hard. I worked my pants off, pushed her back and got my shirt off.

I gave her a gentle push, and she went back onto the bed. She boobs giving a satisfying shimmy back and forth as she landed. I grabbed both her ankles, pull her halfway off the bed, threw her legs over my shoulders and buried myself in her cunt, balls deep in one thrust. She let out a groan of pleasure and I started to pump her cunt as fast as I could.

"Oh, God! she yelled. "Fuck me! Fuck me hard!" I knew this was going to end too quickly. So I slowed down and began to bring myself down a notch.

I reached up between her legs and grabbed each nipple with my forefinger and thumb and puffed up the nipple as I continued to pump her.


I alternated between working her two erasures and just mauling each tit, never breaking rhythm. I took her two arms and jerked them above her head, with the clear statement that they should remain. Her tits were now free to bounce up and down with the rhythm of my strokes, and the motion was hypnotic and intoxicating at the same time. The movement of her breasts caused her nipples to go rock hard in seconds.

I couldn't resist leaning over to suck on one and then the other, feeling the gumdrop-hardness in my mouth. All of the stimulation was working her too, and Mindy started to moan through her teeth. "Ummmmmm. I'm close! Don't stop. Please don't stop!" I did stop. I pulled out, stepped out from between her legs and flipped her over. "On your knees and get that ass in the air!" She complied instantly "Reach back and rub yourself" She did as she was told, closing her eyes and enjoying the feeling.

I walked over to the goody bag, grabbed the KY jelly, and was back in a flash. I plunged back into her pussy, causing Mindy to open her eyes wide, with a small jolt, but she quickly settled back down to enjoying her own manipulations. "Keep rubbing!" She did, as I made a slow rocking motion with my hips, moving in and out. I popped the cap on the tube of lubricant, as my other thumb found her anus.

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I massaged it with a short in and out pulse. I added a dollop of the lube to my thumb and worked some of it inside. Mindy let out a groan and started to rub her clit faster. I squeezed out a large Hershey's kiss portion on her tight sphincter, wiped the residual on my cock, and lined up.

Mindy tensed reflexively, but I was way beyond caring if I ripped her. I had done all I was going to, and pushed my cock right up against her little starfish. She drew in a sharp quick gasp as I pushed in and my head cleared the outer ring. "Oh! Just a second! Please!

Let me relax" I gave her just that, and I stepped slightly forward to gain position, grabbed both hips tightly and I started to push in, gaining about an inch each half second. Mindy's ass was so-fucking-tight. My cock had never felt such wonder. I kept a constant pressure and soon bottomed out with my balls against her cunt. Mindy was sweating and taking in quick breathes.

"Please, please. Give me a minute. Oh that hurts. Let me relax." Again I waited just a second and then eased back slowly until my head was about to exit and then I reversed course.

Going back down this time was not quite as tight. So I pushed harder. Mindy tightened, felt the pain, and forced herself to relax. "Slow! Please, slow! It hurts. You'll rip me apart." I continued to push deep in her bowel again, feeling her anal muscles try to milk my cock. I bottomed out and immediately reversed course, picking up the pace. Almost out. Then in a little harder and faster. "Rub youself!" I ordered She did and this next thrust had much more authority behind it.

She had loosened up enough where I could get going, and I did. My pace quickened and I was soon plowing her ass and Mindy began to get into it. "Yes! Oh, Yes" Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Make me cum! Make me cum" "Beg me to fuck your ass!' I said in a hard clear voice "Please fuck my ass!

Do it harder! Please fuck me harder!" "Do you like it up the ass?! "Yes! Yes! Please fuck my ass!

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Harder! Harder! Oh, God! Faster! Please make me cum!

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"Are you my little butt slut?" "Yes Oh, Yes! Harder! Make me cum! Make me cum! I was determined to do just that, myself. I was bottoming out with each thrust, pulling half way out, and then slamming her ass as hard and fast as I could.

She would grunt with each thrust and her fingers were working her pussy rapidly. Both of my hands were grabbing handfuls of her hips thrusting them back to meet me in a collision that would have broken me in half had I come out. I was ready to cum. I let out a loud groan as I felt my balls contract, and with the hardest and deepest thrust yet, I pulled back on her hips and found another inch of her bowel, and held it.

My balls erupted and hot jizz began to fill her ass. Mindy was right there with me, yelling' "I'm cuming!" I'm.I'm cumming" And I felt her ass tighten around me to the point of pain. I returned the favor by reaching underneath grabbing both tits, letting her nipples ooze out between my fingers and squeezing as hard as I could.

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This seemed to intensify her orgasm and I felt her ass get even tighter. I held tight until I felt her ass start to relax it's stranglehold on my cock. Then I began to soften and I pulled out.

I collapsed on top of her, both of us were breathing heavily and unable to speak. As I caught my breath, I rolled off of her and said.


"Make sure you come up with an "interesting" way to wake me up in the morning. That cute little ass of yours depends on it."