Threesome with two small tits teens facesitting and beautiful

Threesome with two small tits teens facesitting and beautiful
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Point of view: Victoria. My name is Victoria Rolland. I am twenty-two years old and I live in my grandmother's old house with my younger sister, Theodora.

Now there is something you should know about my sister. She is mute. It's not a medical condition, she just refuses to talk. I guess she is just shy. I don't really know.

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It's not too much of a problem for me but it was for our father. He got mad at her all the time and would hit her for not speaking. Sometimes Mom and I would catch him other times we wouldn't.

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Considering Theodora never told us after the fact, there may have been many times that we just don't know about. When I graduated from college I came back and took Theodora away. Now we live together. We really are lucky that Grandma left her house to me and not my father. Of course, Theodora is not my only flat mate. My boyfriend Luther lives with us as well. He is really sweet. He pays for a lot of things and does all the handy work.


If you think we met in college you'd be wrong. He is just out of high school and never went to college. I met him when his motorcycle broke down on the side of the road. I helped him call a towing service and we talked while waiting for a mechanic to get it running again. We were just such a perfect fit. I'll give you a quick rundown of what he looks like, in case you're curious. He usually has his hair shaved to a stubble.

His face though is usually clean shaven. He's kinda muscular but it's not like he's made of muscles. He's also taller than me, despite being younger.

He likes to wear a leather biker jacket and jeans when out and about but at home he lounges in his boxers and a t-shirt a lot. He was worried about living with Theodora when he first moved in with us but now he's gotten used to her. Oh, if you're wondering what she looks like, I'll tell you. She's the most adorable sister you could have. She's got slick shiny dark hair. She's always kept it short because it was easier to manage; kinda an uneven bowl cut.

It's been growing out a little recently though. She wears clothes that cover her. She has lots of hoodies and such. Oh, she's also got such soft white skin. I love touching her. She's very ticklish. For some reason she does not like to sit on the furniture at home and mostly sits on the floor.

I wish I could ask her what that's about but she doesn't do sign language or anything. She just nods or shakes her head. Well, she doesn't really do that either. If you tell her to do something she'll do it. She doesn't refuse. She doesn't say no. You're wondering what I look like now, aren't you? Well my hair is lighter. I take after our father that way. I dyed it blonde though so it doesn't matter. I've got freckles, yay me. I like light colored clothes.

I'm taller than my sister. Well she's still a teenager so that's not surprising. She's real skinny though. I'm about average, maybe a little bulimic. Luther doesn't seem to mind. Alright, now that you know us, let me tell you our story. It all started when I had to work late one day. I promised to take Theodora clothes shopping but had to break that promise. Instead I asked Luther to go with her. She's terrified of riding the train by herself. Point of view: Luther I still can't believe Victoria asked me to go with her sister to the mall that day.

What do I know about clothes for girls? What do I know about teenage girls in general? Well, Teddy's not really a bother so I guess it was alright. Victoria was late so I had to be the one to actually talk to her. I told her to get ready and wait for me by the door. Lo and behold, she was waiting for a whole twenty minutes because I nearly forgot.

I got a little mad. "You could've come and got me," I scolded her. Of course the little bitch didn't say a word back. She never does.

I don't know if I should feel bad for her or slap her. Well, delayed, we got underway. We took a train to the mall. Little girl was terrified. She kept to the wall of the train and made me stand between her and all the other passengers. I say made me but she really just grabbed my sleeve and held it so I couldn't move from that spot.

God she can be cute when she wants to. Don't get me wrong, Victoria is bangin' but her sister is downright adorable. It doesn't help that she's so meek. Any boy that got their hands on her would eat her alive. Well, I suppose I don't have room to talk after that day. So we were shopping for hours. She kept straying to the comfort clothes. She had like three different pairs of pajama bottoms in her basket.

Victoria told me she was supposed to be picking out formal wear. Not that I cared but I thought I'd put my foot down a little. I picked out a few dresses for her. She just kinda stared at me like I didn't have a right to tell her what to wear. I dragged her bratty ass to the dressing room and threw her in.

It took her too long to change. I got bored and went in after her. She was staring at herself in the mirror. The dress was the type you could see through parts of.

The important bits were solid but the sides, arms and belly were all mesh. Her bra and panties were visible underneath, plain as day. It obviously was not meant to be worn with them. I was annoyed at that point so I decided to tease her.

I told her she needed to take off her underwear. She seemed not to believe me but she also does what she's told. Just to double her embarrassment I stayed in the room and watched her strip out of the dress and then her underwear. She tried to keep her hands in front of places until she got the dress back up. "Perfect," I said and dragged her to the register to pay.

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The clerk was shocked to say that least. I decided to play a prank. I looked the working lady in the eyes as I draped my arms over Teddy's shoulders.

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I licked her cheek and said, "You look adorable, Honey." I'm only a few years older than her. The clerk thought we really were a couple: quite the exhibitionists at that. Teddy was so embarrassed she left the store after paying: wore the dress back to the train, didn't even put on her underwear. No I know you're gonna think what I did next was pretty bad and I'll admit it was but you gotta understand; I had a young girl in front of me with her body on display.

She was blushing badly; didn't want to look me in the eyes. She kept her back to me. I massaged her shoulders and pinched her butt a little. I ran my hands down her waist and then slid them up under the hem of the dress.

Just curling my fingers a little I found what I was looking for.

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Bare as the day she was born, I had my fingers inside her wet cunt. Did I say wet, yes it was. Squirm as she may, she was turned on by all of it. I had to try her out. The back of her legs was warm on the tip of my cock; in-between her thighs was even warmer. I could see her red cheeks in the reflection of the train window.


She was panting and fogging it up. I rubbed the tip of my cock against her wet slip, making her moan. I gripped her hips and moved her back and forth on it like a saw.

When I thought she was good and ready, I put my hand in front of her crotch and shoved forward. My cock bent when it hit my hand and redirected itself right up into her. Let me tell you, watching a mute girl scream is amazing. Her mouth hung open and her eyes went wide but there was no sound at all. There was definitely some tearing. Little Teddy was pure until that day. My judgment really did fail me. I thought I was just teasing her. You can tell you've taken a joke too far when you've got a teenager shoved up against the wall of a crowed train with your dick in her freshly deflowered cunt.

I was definitely gonna be in for it when Victoria found out. I won't say I wasn't bothered by this. She definitely loved Teddy more than me. There would be no forgiveness when she found out what I'd done. Well, I may as well enjoy myself, is the only thought that came to mind. Fucking little Teddy was as good as it sounds. She was so small and fragile in my hands. She moaned silently the whole time and let me do whatever I wanted. I kept my hands on her waist mostly and slid her up and down my shaft like a rag doll.

I wish I could say with confidence that she enjoyed it. She pissed herself when my cock hit the back of her bladder and stayed stiff instead of bending. She collapsed against the wall of the train and stuck out her tongue. It looked like she was licking the glass window. Something possessed me at that moment. I put my hand on the back of her head and pushed her face into the glass. I swear I heard it creak under the weight. I also slid my feet together and stood up properly, lifting her tiny feet off the floor.

They were left dangling as my cock slipped up into her deeper. I leaned down next to her ear and whispered, "What will V say when she learns her slutty sister fucked her boyfriend? She's gonna be so mad at you." As expected, the little slut's cunt tightened around me. It was time to treat her like the whore she was. I pushed two fingers into her mouth and pulled on her tongue. Her drool ran down my hand and her chin. I slid my other hand into the neck of her dress and grabbed one of her breasts.

I pinched her right nipple, there was barely any fat to cling onto. Teddy is real petite. Another silent scream accompanied a shot of warm liquid streaming out of her cunt. The little slut came from having her tit twisted. I turned her face sideways and shoved my tongue into her mouth. I love kissing girls as they cum. They are always struggling to control their breathing. It's not romantic for them at all.

At first she had been so docile but at that point she started to struggle. She kicked her feet in an attempt to get them back on the floor. All she did was slide herself up and down on my cock more though. I could see her eyes fluttering as I kissed her. She tried to bite my tongue so I broke off our kiss.

The look of fire in that kid's eyes was amazing. She looked so determined to get away from me. Of course, wearing that see-through dress made it look less convincing. I shoved into her a few times, forcing her to moan in-between glaring at me. She was like a toy on display. She looked like she wanted to fight but was not sure why.

When she felt my cock stiffen though, her expression changed. She tried to climb off my cock as quickly as possible. I grabbed her waist and pushed her down so the tip was right up next to her cervix. Then I grabbed both of her nipples through her dress and twisted them. Another hot stream of liquid followed as her whole body shook. At the same time I filled her with my own cum.

Her eyes rolled back and her tongue hung out, dripping saliva as she bit it, trying not to enjoy being turned into a cum dumpster. When I finally set her down, she stood on her feet gingerly for a moment, slightly bow legged with cum running down her thighs, mine and hers. Her eyes were unfocused but she turned to face me.

She was breathing in through her nose and blowing bubbles of saliva from the back of her throat. I really wanted to push her to her knees and slide my cock down that open pipe but it was already going flat. She stumbled forward and grabbed onto my shoulders to support herself. She turned her head and laid her ear against my chest. She was still breathing heavily as she clung to the man who had just raped her.

It made sense though. She was still more afraid of the other passengers on the train than me. She was of course mostly afraid they'd notice what we just did. I stroked her hair to calm her down but I didn't want her to get too comfortable with me. With my other hand I touched her crotch beneath the hem of her dress.

She winced as I curved two fingers up inside of her. I pulled up just enough to force her to stand on her tip toes for a couple of seconds. She did not resist at all. It was like I had full permission to touch her anywhere. For the rest of the train ride I kept my fingers inside her now slimy cunt.

I fingered her to orgasm at least three more times.

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She was too exhausted to shake or shudder but she still pissed a little each time. By the time the train stopped her face was red from heavy breathing and embarrassment. Her eyes looked permanently out of focus. The walk back to her house was fun as I kept slapping her butt.

I made sure her sister's car was not in the garage before we entered through the kitchen door. "You're going to get your new dress dirty," I warned her as soon as the door was closed behind us. Reluctantly she grabbed the hem and started to lift it. How slow she went only prolonged her embarrassment. I watched her naked body come into view from the crotch up to her thin shoulders and ridged collar bone. Once she had discarded the thin material she crossed her arms in front of her chest and looked at me in utter humiliation.

I kissed her again and pulled her hands away from her chest. I kneaded her breasts a little and tugged on her nipples. She gasped each time. They were definitely the most sensitive part of her body. I took my time touching her all over and then… nothing.

I stopped touching her and sat down on the couch. I turned on the TV and started flipping stations. She stared at me in confusion and embarrassment. She was standing naked in front of me, willing to let me do whatever I wanted but I was done with her.

She gingerly sat down on the couch next to me and laid down on her side, resting her head on my knee. We stayed like that for quite some time, watching a cooking show. She was like a child cuddling next to a parent, except for the fact that she was completely naked. Eventually it was enough to bring my hard-on back.

As soon as I was stiff again, I grabbed her head and pulled it into my crotch. She barely managed to open her mouth in time to have my cock slide inside instead of smash against her lips. As it had been a while, she was no longer drooling. Her mouth was sticky and I did not get far. I tried to massage her throat from the outside a little but she did not seem to like it.

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Eventually I reached over and grabbed her ankles. I lifted her up so she was upside-down and vertical in my lap. Her mouth was impaled on my cock and her cunt was right in front of my face.

She squealed into my crotch when I shoved my tongue into her cunt. That opened her throat more, causing her to sink a little as it was impaled deeper. I lifted her up and slammed her back down a few times, making her squeal or scream with each push. Then I pulled her legs apart and slid my tongue deeper into her cunt. I've had Victoria sit in my lap as I slid into her from behind before.

This was nothing like that. This was a whole new type of face fucking. Teddy's vertical throat was perfect for taking my cock as it stood straight up. I could not see her face but I could guess she was having trouble breathing.

Blood must have been rushing to her head. Eventually I just stopped tonguing her cunt to focus on lifting her up and slamming her down. I treated her throat like her cunt and bucked my hips up into her mouth repeatedly. I did not have to hold her down as I came straight into her throat, gravity did that for me. After my last spurt, she swung her legs to the side.

Once she had traction on the couch again, she pulled her head up. My cock slid out of her tight throat with an audible pop. She looked up at me with white streaks on her red face where he tears had cooled her hot skin.

Cum and saliva bubbled in her mouth as she contemplated what to do with her full throat. I covered her mouth with my hand and waited until she swallowed. She continued to look up at me with an expression of curiosity. She was wondering what horrible thing I was going to do to her next. I caressed her red hot cheek as I pondered what to do.

She giggled and nuzzled against my fingers. She was an obedient slut waiting to be punished, or perhaps rewarded. As I had already cum on the train, I did not cum enough this time to make my cock go flat. Deciding she was due for a reward, I pulled Teddy into my lap and slid my cock inside her cunt, which was still wet with my saliva. She moaned as she sank down on it. She wrapped her arms around the back of my neck and pulled herself up again just so she could sit back down.

I grabbed her butt and helped her along. We sat like that for a while, slowly sliding her up and down my shaft. Finally I turned her around so she could see the TV again. I leaned her forward and kissed her back as I continued to slide her along my cock. This was a very slow fucking. Both of us were out of energy. It was not surprising that we were still at it when we heard the garage door open. Teddy immediately flew into a panic.

She stood up, exposing my cock to the cold air after having had it tucked nicely in her warm cunt for nearly an hour. Not pleased, I grabbed her waist and sat her back down. She struggled to get away but I was determined to cum first.

In the hour we were slow fucking I was able to build up enough for one last shot. She covered her mouth to keep from screaming out as the door in the kitchen that leads to the garage opened.

I held her on my lap as I filled her with a disgracefully small shot of cum. "Hey guys, I'm home!" Victoria called into the living room. "Where are my two favorite people? Don't tell me you're not back from the mall yet." Teddy threw her head back and bumped my nose. When I released her waist to grab my face, she leapt off of me and darted out of the room, just before Victoria entered.

I had just enough time to zip my jeans before she came around the side of the couch. "Is that cooking show really more interesting than your beloved girlfriend?" she asked in an annoyed tone. I touched her pouting lips, which made her smile. We kissed as I heard Teddy rummaging around in the next room with the clothes she bought from the mall.

She came back into the room a moment later, dressed in nothing but a shirt that barely covered her crotch. Her face was clean now and less red. She obviously washed it. Victoria pulled away from me and covered my eyes. "Theodora, what are you wearing? Is that how you dress in front of a guest?" "I'm not a guest, I live here," I reminded her.

"Besides, she's been wearing that since we got back. She barely bought any formal wear. She just bought t-shirts and pjs." I don't think Victoria noticed but I could see how shiny her thighs were. She had not bothered to wash off our cum. I think it was at that moment that I fell in love. She was my dream girl; naked except for a shirt, thoroughly fucked and wearing it like a badge, an obedient nymphomaniac, shy and embarrassed but not enough to stop her.

It's not that I did not like Victoria but we'd only been dating a few months. I definitely was not in love with her. How does one tell their girlfriend that they have fallen for their sister?

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"That's sounds like her," Victoria groaned as she plopped down on the couch on my right. Teddy sat down on my left with her legs folded underneath her. "As soon as this show is over, you're coming to help me put groceries away. I stopped by the store on the way home," Victoria warned us. I looked over at Teddy who had laid her head on my knee again. I caressed her cheek again and pushed my thumb into her mouth. She sucked on it greedily while looking up at me with wide shy eyes.

I knew then that this was not a one time occurrence. Teddy and I were going to do a lot of hanging out together in the coming months.