Heiße brasilianische lisa fucking und anal

Heiße brasilianische lisa fucking und anal
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Jo and the Guys by Aquinas Jo and the Guys Several years ago I had a relationship with a woman named Jo. It lasted, on and off, for over a year. It was on and off because, though she was beautiful, Jo was flaky and also had some major substance abuse problems. She had a soft, sexy figure but no one would think of her as overweight. Jo had soft brown hair, hazel eyes and an ass that would grab any man's attention from a block away. But her finest physical feature was her breasts.

Jo's breasts were not huge, but they were larger than most. Their shape was accusingly perfect, curving upward just so, capped by nipples that stood out as if proud to be there. Jo almost never wore a bra and she was well aware of the attention men paid her breasts with their eyes. In fact, it turned her on. In retrospect, I wondered why Jo became my lover for an extended time.

She had numerous affairs before, after and during the time I was with her, but clearly her relationship with me was important to her. I learned that she had a particular interest in men who were very well endowed, and that certainly doesn't describe me.

I'm average in size if not a bit smaller than most. I can only guess that her sexual attraction to me was based on the attention I gave her breasts and my fondness for cunnilingus.

That was something she really loved. Anyway, as I said, we broke up several years ago. I was the one to finally say "this isn't going to work". We both knew it, but I have always regretted it.

Over the years that followed I had several relationships, even an attempt at marriage, but Jo was always in the back of my mind. When I found myself single, alone and the winner of a trip for two to the Bahamas, I couldn't help but think of her even more.

We had been there together once before. Even after years apart, it was easy to contact Jo and also easy to convince her to accompany me. In a few short weeks we were on a jet to Nassau, catching up with each other and remembering old times. The flight went quickly, we cleared customs and got to the motel.

As we entered the room, the one unmentioned topic came up. The room was a luxurious suite with a well furnished living room (complete with wet bar) and a sumptuous bedroom. With one large bed. Jo answered the unspoken question by embracing me and bringing her lips to mine. We kissed deeply, open mouthed, tongues frantically wrestling. As I had done many times in the past, I picked Jo up and carried her to the bedroom. Our clothes came off easily, almost of their own volition. Naked, we writhed together, kissing, touching, exploring, remembering.

I told Jo how beautiful her breasts were as I brought my head down to suckle them. Her nipples hardened under the attentions of my lips tongue and fingers. Jo gasped as I reached between her legs and felt her sweet wet cunt. As I moved my head down across her belly, I felt her reaching to guide me towards her crotch.

Her legs parted wide as I put my mouth on her pussy. My tongue parted her soft cunt lips and she moaned as I pushed it deeper inside her. I held Jo's legs apart to get best access to her beautiful cunt. After licking and sucking on her labia, I slid my tongue up to tease her clit.

At the same time, I reached a hand in to spread her cunt lips. Jo gasped as my tongue and fingers massaged her pussy. Her hips began to move rhythmically against my face, grinding harder and harder to meet my mouth. Jo's gasps turned to soft moans as she approached orgasm. I felt her shudder, her hands clutching at my head as she started coming.

Jo's hands reached down to my shoulders and she gave an unspoken command as she tugged at me. I lifted my head from her pussy and slid up her writhing body. My cock was fully hard and I plunged it into her waiting cunt. Jo cried out with pleasure as I entered her. I fucked her hard and fast. She clutched my shoulders, her nails digging into my flesh.

Her legs wrapped around me. Her cries of pleasure grew louder and in moments I found myself about to come. My cock grew even bigger inside her and my movements more frantic as I shot my cum deep into her. We lay together, both of us gasping for air, our bodies covered with sweat in the warm Bahamian night.

After a while we relaxed in each other's arms and drifted off to sleep. I don't think I had ever been so relaxed and contented. The next day we did some of the tourist things, visiting markets, a tour of a wildlife refuge and then some time at the beach. At the beach, Jo made a few comments about some of the other guys there and I felt some of my old jealousy creeping back. Jo noticed that and at one point said, " Hey, last night you said you were so happy I hadn't changed.

well I haven't." There was a challenge in her voice that I remembered from years ago and I decided to let it rest. We had a nice dinner and then went back to the motel.

I was hoping we might jump right back into bed, but Jo wanted to have "a drink or two". We cracked open a bottle of rum at our bar, got some fruit juice out of the fridge and pretty soon were really blasted. I got to a point where I couldn't sit up anymore and told Jo that it was time for bed.

I expected her to follow me, but she said she would stay up a bit longer. I went into the bedroom, barely got my clothes off and crashed hard. I woke a while later. The clock showed me that I had been passed out for a couple hours or more.

I reached for Jo on the bed beside me, but there was no one there. Becoming more awake, I realized that there were voices coming from the living room of the suite.

I recognized Jo's giddy "I've had a lot to drink " laugh and I heard a deeper male voice. I quietly got off the bed.

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Still naked, I slipped over to the partially open door to the living room. There was Jo, sitting on the couch with a drink in her hand. Beside her was a man.

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A big black man. As I watched, he said something I couldn't quite hear but I could tell from the accent that he was a local. Jo giggled at whatever it was he said. Then he leaned over and put his mouth on hers. They embraced tightly as they kissed. I was close enough to see their mouths open and their tongues slide around each other. The black man's hands roamed over Jo's lush body, squeezing her breasts, her ass and then parting her legs.

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Jo moaned as his large, black hand fingered her crotch. She reached down and grabbed at him between the legs. They made out for ten minutes or so as I watched. At first I was shocked, then angry- I considered bursting in on them. But I also found myself getting aroused.

So I watched and waited. It wasn't long before they were pulling each other's clothes off. Jo wasn't wearing much under her dress, so she was naked in a heartbeat. The guy had a T-shirt and jeans that took a moment longer to get off. As Jo helped him out of his underwear I heard her say "Oh my God." The guy's cock was only half hard as she pulled his shorts down but even at that, it was at least ten inches long. He finished getting out of his briefs and sat on the couch.

Jo knelt in front of him, almost reverentially and took his cock in one hand. She seemed mesmerized as she brought it to her mouth. The thing practically jumped as she began to suck it. In an instant it seemed to become rock hard, almost a foot long, thick, brown and laced with large snaky veins.

It took both of Jo's hands to hold it. Jo alternated between taking as much of this thick black cock in her mouth as she could and teasing it with her tongue and lips. As I watched her tongue slide around that shiny brown cock head, I found myself getting equally hard. I could see that Jo was even more turned on than me. For his part, the black guy didn't seem too excited. As stiff and huge as his cock was, he seemed relaxed and almost amused as he sat back and watched Jo go to town on his enormous tool.

Jo sucked and licked and slobbered all over that massive cock for ten minutes or more. Eventually, the black guy reached down and gently pulled her head off his member.

She trembled as he guided her to take his place, sitting on the couch. He knelt between her open thighs. Jo grasped her own legs and spread them wide open for him.

I could see her pussy, pink and shiny wet. Taking his monster meat in one hand, the black guy brought up to Jo's waiting cunt. His first thrust gave her as much as I could muster on my best and deepest. Jo cried out with pleasure. He pushed in and out, again and again, each thrust deeper than the last.

Jo made sobbing noises that seemed to indicate pain, but her hips rocked back and forth to meet his thrusts. He wasn't harsh or brutal, but his cock was so big. Meanwhile, I was stroking my own hard cock. Watching Jo get fucked like that was turning out to be an amazing experience. As she started coming, I had all I could do to keep myself from doing the same. Jo clutched at the black guy's arms and cried out as she came.

Her orgasms just kept on and on. Impassive as he had been, this seemed to finally get to the black guy. He lifted his head and began to breathe loudly. His thrusts became faster and deeper. Jo was writhing and almost squealing under him as he began to ram that thick black cock home.

The cheeks of his dark muscular ass contracted as the rhythm of his fucking got faster and more ragged. He snorted and then cried out as he came inside her.

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For a few moments, they stayed perfectly still, as if time had stopped for them. He roused himself first, shaking his head and seeming to take stock and remember where he was.

Jo lay there like a broken puppet, apparently passing out after her last yell of passion. The black guy moved back and there was an audible sucking sound as his now semi-flaccid cock pulled out of Jo. She stirred as his now soft ten inches withdrew from her distended cunt. His cock lolled across his thighs, still dripping from their combined juices. He rose and quickly began to dress. Jo opened her eyes and gave him an imploring look, but he said, in his island accent, that he had to go.

He was out the door in less than a minute. Jo lay back on the couch, her legs spread. Her cunt was still open from the fucking she had gotten and silver-grey threads of his semen were visible. After many long minutes, she roused herself and came toward the bedroom. Heart pounding, I dove back into bed and did my best to pretend that I was asleep as Jo came in.

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I don't think it took a lot of acting to fool her, wasted as she was from getting fucked by that huge cock. As she slid in beside me, I "woke up" and embraced her. The next thing I knew, she was kissing me deeply and I was touching her all over. Jo guided my head down to her pussy and I licked and sucked the bitter sweet musky juices of her cunt and his cum.

She cried out again as she came, andas I moved up to fuck her, I found she had passed out. All the same, I spread her legs wide and pushed my straining cock into her sloppy wet cunt. In a moment I was ready to come and I pulled out to spray my cum all over her belly and breasts. Then I lay back and slept as well. The next morning, Jo was hung over and bitchy.

She made a few leading comments about the previous night, seeming to try to draw me out as to whether I knew anything about her encounter. I kept cool and feigned ignorance. By noontime, with a couple drinks in her, Jo seemed happy again and probably believed I knew nothing.

The remainder of our week went by with no further incidents. In fact, we had a fantastic time together. We grew as close as we once had been and our sex was regular and good.

I couldn't tell Jo that, at times, while we made love I would remember watching her with that black guy. It was a real turn on for me.

She did notice that my fucking was more passionate and that I was getting it on with her several times a night. When she commented, I explained my increased ardor was the result of getting more relaxed with her again. As the week in the Bahamas ended, we both were beginning to admit that we still loved each other.

We began to talk about what might happen when we got home. On our last night on the island, after having great sex, I took a chance and asked Jo to move in with me. She agreed. I had just bought a place, my dream house. It was an old farmhouse, partially renovated but needing more work. There were outbuildings, a barn and 25 acres of pasture and woodland. I hadn't moved in yet. This was my big project for after the vacation. For her part, Jo was semi-retired.

Though fairly young, she had gotten a large inheritance from the recent death of her Father and was able to take an early retirement from her job teaching emotionally disturbed teens.

She still did substitute work, but it was more to keep busy than for the pay. She was living in a roommate situation in another person's house and was more than ready to move.

For several days after we returned, we trucked her stuff and mine to our new place. Jo fell in love with it immediately. We started spending nights there almost from the first and continued to have beautiful, loving sex.

Finally, we had pretty much everything moved. We brought a last load of Jo's, then I left to get the last of my stuff. I had Jo stay back because the phone was due to be installed sometime that afternoon and someone had to be there. I told her I'd be back within an hour. Less than an hour later, I returned. There was a phone company truck parked in the drive. I walked in through the front door and heard Jo's voice coming from the kitchen. I walked into the dining room, now dark as the sun was setting, and saw Jo standing in the kitchen talking to the phone company installer.

She had a drink in her hand, and something about her tone and body language stopped me. The guy was younger, maybe in his late twenties. He was fairly tall and had dark hair, a mustache and generally hunky good looks.

I could see that Jo was flirting hard. I heard him say that the job was finished, but Jo said, "no it isn't." He looked at her, seeming to wonder what her complaint might be. He realized as she reached her free hand down and caressed his crotch. His eyes opened wide, then he smiled. He unfastened his pants and as they hit the floor, Jo hit her knees. She took his cock in her mouth and it quickly grew to better than average size, maybe eight inches. As Jo stroked and sucked it, his balls seemed to relax and they swayed with the rhythms of her attentions to his cock.


In all the time we had been together, Jo had almost never given me head like that. She would sometimes move into a sixty-nine with me as I ate her out, but there was only one time she had ever just gone down on me and sucked me off. But then, I wasn't built like this guy or the one before. I guess she only liked sucking really big cocks. I wondered too about her timing.

Jo never did have the best sense of time, she was invariably late for everything, but she had to know that I was due back by then. I was left to guess whether she meant me to see all this, or whether she just didn't care. Jo spent five or six minutes loving that stiff cock with her mouth, tongue and lips, then she pulled back and stood up.

The guy was grinning at her as she began to pull off her blouse and skirt. Underneath, she wore a sexy black body stocking. That came off too. Meanwhile, he sat his bare ass down on one of the kitchen chairs, his hard cock bobbing in front of him, and pulled off his shirt. The shoes and socks followed, then his pants cleared his ankles and they were both naked.

He stood, and as he did, Jo turned and leaned over the kitchen counter. He approached her from behind, his dick hardly softened at all since the sucking Jo had given it a moment before. He parted her ass from behind and I heard Jo moan with pleasure as he entered her ready cunt.

She was facing out the window, and I assume that even in the twilight, she could see my car was there. If she cared to look.

I think she did, and I think she knew about where I was at that time because she lifted her left leg up, resting her knee on the counter. It gave me a perfect view of his cock shoving in and out of her cunt. His balls hung low and slapped against her as he thrust in and out. Jo's face contorted with pleasure as his long cock penetrated her over and over and over. She began to moan, "Oh God yes!

Give it to me! Oh fuck me.fuck me!" Her hands clenched the counter top, her head tipped back and she started coming. Jo's orgasms lasted a few minutes and toward the end, her legs appeared to weaken. She lowered the leg she had raised and the phone guy's cock slipped out of her. It waved stiffly in front of him, slick with her cunt juices, as he helped Jo slide onto the floor to lay on her back.

Her legs parted wide as he knelt between them and again pushed that long hard cock into her. He knelt on the floor, holding each of Jo's knees as he plunged in and out of her.

I couldn't see her cunt anymore, as she was laying on the floor with her head towards me. All the same, I could see that guy humping her hard and fast, and I could hear her moans as she began cumming again. The phone guy's face contorted and his pace quickened. In the quiet evening surrounding the house, the sounds of Jo's moans and groans, his heavy breathing and their sweaty bodies slapping together seemed incredibly loud.

The phone guy grunted and Jo cried out. His movements slowed, then stopped briefly. I knew he had just cum inside her. They paused for a few long seconds, then he withdrew from her. Jo sighed as his now softening cock pulled out of her. He rose to his feet, a bit unsteady, and Jo sat up. His cock dangled down, now soft but still long. Impishly, Jo grasped it with one hand and put it in her mouth.

He groaned as she sucked the last of his cum and her juice off of it. Jo rose to her feet, also somewhat unsteadily, both from his fucking and her drinking. She embraced the phone guy and I heard her say " Thanks. that was fantastic. You've got to go now. my boyfriend will be back soon." She raised her face to his and kissed him deeply. Her hand reached down and held his cock as she broke off the kiss to say " Hey, I'm sure we'll have some phone trouble soon. " The guy dressed quickly and headed out the back door.

As Jo gathered up the clothes she had dropped on the kitchen floor, I realized that I had best stop rubbing my hard dick through my pants and figure out where to be and what to do. My jealousy and anger at Jo were strongly conflicted by how turned on I was.

My heart was racing and my cock was throbbing. I ended up going back the way I had come, out through the living room and the front door. I stood outside on the front porch as Jo walked through the house, carrying her clothes with her as she headed for the stairs.

She paused briefly by the front door, perhaps wondering if I was out there and whether she should say something to me, but then she proceeded up to our bedroom.

I came in the house after about ten minutes and headed to the kitchen. I got myself a drink, calmed my racing heart and started fixing supper when Jo came back down.

She had changed into sweats and a t shirt. Her breasts pushed against the cotton of the worn shirt and her nipples stood out. I hadn't heard the water run in the upstairs bathroom, so I knew she still had the phone guy's cum inside her.

Our talk was calm and superficial on the outside, but there was an incredible tension. "Hi" she said as she entered the kitchen "how are you?" The bit of tremble in her voice only underlined the unspoken question ".did you see what I just did?".

I tried to answer in a calm, unemotional way, but I'm afraid that my "Fine." was a bit edgy. If Jo had hoped that I would be totally ignorant and just ramble on with irrelevant conversation, she was disappointed. At the same time, she also didn't really know if I had seen any of her recent encounter.

Though I attempted to maintain a normal appearance and conversation, I found my responses to her to be abrupt and tense. Jo fixed and finished a couple strong drinks as I worked on supper. With the alcohol, she grew more bold and seemed to think that maybe I hadn't seen anything after all.

At one point, she said, " The phones got installed today." I replied "Yes. I saw." I didn't mean to be that suggestive, but somehow I couldn't help it. Jo looked confused and a bit lost at that. She apparently had decided that I was naive and that everything would be OK, and then I had gone and said something that might imply I knew. Her response was to approach me and embrace me, I guess hoping for physical affirmation that I was clueless about her sexual encounter.

If I had it to do over, I think I would have reacted differently, but at that time, I deliberately did not respond. After holding me for a moment, Jo cursed under her breath and headed back upstairs. I made a few stiff drinks for myself, let dinner go to waste, and ended up sleeping on the couch. The next day, we both tried to pretend nothing had happened, but for that day and the week to follow, we both got at each other with subtle references to the evening in question.

We slept together, but had no sex. Things eased up after ten days or so, and I had pretty much gotten over my own feelings about what I had seen. There was the other side to it too. I had been very turned on watching Jo do it with the phone guy, and as my fear of losing her to him faded, the excitement of watching them came back in my mind as a powerful sexual thrill.

Jo and I started to again have really good sex, but I couldn't tell her that part of the time I was fantasizing about her with that other guy. Not much later, Jo proposed that we have a party to celebrate our new home. I told her that it was a great idea, but that I really didn't have any friends in the area to invite. She told me not to worry, that she would invite a bunch of people I would like. She even teased me, saying that she could get girlfriends to come who would love to "get to know me better." I protested that I wasn't interested in that, but I admit that I started to have some major fantasies about what could happen.

As it turned out, I could never have imagined the reality. The evening of the party came. The house was clean and ready, there was plenty of food and there was lots of liquor.

Guests began to arrive. There were several very attractive women, but they all came with dates. There were a few single guys, but no single women. The guys who came in alone, all seemed to give Jo very friendly hellos and mostly seemed not to have any well defined connection other than "he's a friend." Still, despite feeling somewhat left out in my own home, I was having a fairly good time.

I even managed a bit of flirtation with a gal who obviously was on the outs with her date. A few hours into it all and with a bunch of drinks in me, I caught Jo and pulled her into the spare bedroom off the living room.

I held her and kissed her, feeling about as good and happy as a man can be. Our tongues met, my hands roamed over her sweet, full body, and I could feel her responding.

We fell onto the bed and as I kissed her and touched her I said, "Jo, I really love you." Jo's body stiffened and she broke of the kiss I had started.

I was surprised and puzzled. I asked her what was the matter. As she answered, I was even more surprised at the bitterness and even anger in her voice. "How can you say that? " she almost spit at me, " You've never been able to deal with my needs." I tried to protest, to say that I wanted her to have whatever she needed, but she cut me off.

"Let me show you what I need " she said as she pushed away from me. "Get up!" I stood, as ordered, half drunk and completely unsure of what was to follow. "Take off your clothes!" Jo commanded. I had no problem with that, and got naked as quickly as I could.

"Now sit down" Jo told me, pointing at the foot of the bed. Again, I complied, my cock starting to rise in anticipation. Whatever I might have imagined would follow was completely wrong. As I sat, waiting for some incredible sex with Jo, she quickly pulled off her own clothes. As her panties fluttered to the floor, she stepped not toward me, but toward the door.

My jaw literally dropped as she opened the door leading to the party outside. I was relieved when I saw that instead of striding out into the small crowd naked, she only put her head out. The noise of the party overwhelmed her voice, but I could hear that she had called something out.

Even with the door partly opened, I was aroused by the sight of Jo's naked body. My cock bobbed in front of me in anticipation. Jo stood there for a minute, maybe more, then backed away as the door opened wider. Two guys entered and then shut the door behind them. The party noise diminished as did my cock.

I covered up as best I could. Jo held each guy by the hand and led them around to the foot of the bed where I was sitting naked. I felt incredibly exposed and awkward.

One guy was about 6 feet five. He was white, with dark hair and a mustache to match. The other guy was a bit taller and black. He had close cropped hair and was clean shaven. Jo stood between them, totally nude, her nipples standing up hard and proud.

She looked me in the eye and said, "This is Frank" as she lifted the white guy's hand "and this is Carl" as she raised the black guy's hand. Bringing each hand to one of her breasts, Jo said, " These guys are going to show you what I really need." Frank and Carl both looked at me with contempt and proceeded to take off their clothes. Both were very muscular and well built and both had really big cocks. Frank was uncircumcised and his cock dangled down at least eight inches.

Carl was even longer and thicker. Jo dropped to her knees and began to suck his cock. As it hardened, it grew to over ten inches. The base of it was almost as thick as my wrist ant the head was the size and color of a ripe plum.

Jo turned her attentions to Frank and his purplish cock head emerged from its sheath. She stroked Carl while she sucked Frank, then turned her attentions the other way.

Taking her wet mouth off Frank's rock hard cock, Jo looked me in the eye and asked " Do you really think you could ever do me like these guys can?" Before I could even begin to answer, or even clear my throat, Jo looked down and saw my erection.

"Look at that!" she exclaimed. Turning her gaze up to the two studs she was sucking and stroking she said, "He's turned on just watching you guys." Looking back at me, she said, "I'm going to fuck both of these guys. Do you want to watch me?" I couldn't speak, but managed to nod yes.

"Good!" Jo continued.

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"Then you're going to help me. Since you're so turned on by their big cocks, you can help keep them ready for me. Carl here." and she wiggled Carl's stiff black tool" is going to fuck me, and you're going to keep Frank ready ." With that, Jo climbed onto the bed and spread her legs wide.

As Carl approached her with his big black cock, Frank walked over to me and waved his hard meat in front of my face. I was frightened and fascinated at the same time. There was Jo, lying beside me, one of her widespread legs touching me as this huge black guy began to push his enormous cock into her wet cunt. Meanwhile, Frank held an almost equally big cock with one hand and put his other hand on top of my head, guiding toward his throbbing tool. Jo moaned as Carl pushed his stiff meat into her.

At the same time, I opened my mouth and Frank brought the head of his hard cock between my lips. I had never done anything like that before, though I admit to the occasional fantasy. His cock was surprisingly hard and hot. Frank put both hands on my head as he pushed in deeper. I found myself grasping his tool with one hand to get some control and keep him from gagging me. The knobby ridges of his veins and foreskin rubbed against my hand and wide open lips.

Carl and Jo were starting to really go at it. He pumped that thick black cock in and out of her and Jo went from moaning to crying out. It almost sounded like he was hurting her, but the way she clutched at his tight black ass and humped against him showed how much she loved it. Her hands clenched him convulsively and she actually yelled as she came for the first time.

Carl slowed up a bit to let her recover, but still kept sliding that thick meat in and out. After a moment, Jo opened her eyes. Panting as Carl still fucked her right there beside me, she looked me in the eyes. My mouth was stuffed with Frank's cock and by that time I was actively stroking and sucking it. Jo gave me a contemptuous look, the gazed up at Frank. "Is he keeping you ready for me?" she gasped as Carl continued to slow fuck her.

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I couldn't see Frank's face due to all the cock in my mouth, but the smile was evident in his voice. "Oh yeah babe. " he replied. "He's a good little cock sucker.". Jo smiled and lay back. " At least he's some good in bed." she muttered as Carl began to pick up his pace and fuck her again in earnest. Jo began humping him back again and her panting turned to moans and groans. "Oh yeah baby. fuck me good! Fuck me good and hard! Give me that big hard cock!" Carl did as she asked and pumped it in and out, harder and faster.

"Ohh baby. Yeah fuck me! Fuckme! FUCK ME!" Jo was yelling again. Carl was fucking her really hard, his thick black cock rammed in and out. Jo again grabbed at him convulsively as she came and this time Carl was ready too.

His big black hands clutched her shoulders as his pace got frantic and ragged. His head pointed toward the ceiling and his eyes shut tight as he gasped out "OH GOD!" and apparently shot his load into Jo's cunt. Frank, who had been pumping my face with his cock in a steady rhythm, stopped, mesmerized by their dramatic shared orgasm. Carl slumped forward and his big ebony frame covered Jo almost completely. He seemed about to melt into her. Jo's leg, the one that had been touching me, relaxed and seemed lifeless.

Time froze for a minute or two. Then, Carl roused himself and pulled back from Jo. She lay there, limp, and protested weakly as his long cock pulled out of her. Jo lay there, legs spread wide, her pussy distended and cum glistening on her cunt lips. Frank came back to life and stepped away from me. As Carl moved off, he stepped in between Jo's legs. His cock was big and stiff, still wet from my mouth. "You want some more good fucking" he crooned at Jo.

Her eyes still half shut, Jo answered "Oh yeah.give it to me." She was mostly out of it from the fucking she had just gotten, but she startled back to awareness as Frank's cock pushed into her sopping cunt. Her eyes opened wide and she seemed to be just able to remember where she was and what was happening. "Oh yeah baby" she moaned "give me that big hard cock. Fuck me good." As Frank pushed in deeper, she turned her head to look at me while she asked him "Did he do a good job keeping you ready for me?" I looked back into her eyes as Frank answered "Oh yeah.

Like I said, he's a good little cock sucker". With that, he shoved his stiff rod all the way into Jo's waiting cunt. She moaned loudly and her eyes shut. As Frank began to pull back slowly, she opened her eyes again and looked at me. Addressing me directly, she said, "I'm gonna fuck these guys all night. Are you ready for that?" I nodded dumbly. Jo regained her contemptuous look and said, "Ok then. You can start getting Carl cleaned up and ready for me. Frank was pushing his cock in and out of her, faster and faster.

Jo was starting to pant and moan, but her eyes stayed open and locked on me. Carl walked toward me. His cock was hanging down, still some ten inches long. As he got close to me, I grasped it with one hand. It was soft and sticky with the combination of his cum and Jo's cunt juices. I brought it to my mouth and tasted their mingled cum. I closed my eyes for a moment as I licked and sucked off all the remnants of their fucking.

As I did, the bed bounced from Jo's current fucking, her leg rubbed against me as she humped and her voice gasped, pleaded and moaned as Frank fucked her hard. As I opened my eyes, I saw Frank pull out of Jo completely. His huge cock swung in front of him, wet with her juices. Jo lay there, legs wide apart, and begged him "Please give it to me.

give me your cock." Frank snickered and told her "Roll over." He grabbed one of her legs to assist, but Jo eagerly complied, rolling onto her belly and raising her ass to him. He grasped her by the hips and pulled her toward him.

His big swaying cock was steadied by one hand as he brought it to Jo's waiting cunt. Jo moaned "please fuck me." as he pushed it deep into her. Frank put it to her hard and fast in the doggie position.

Jo's face was buried in pillows and the bed but her cries continued as she yelled toward yet another orgasm. Both Carl and I had stopped dead as Jo and Frank changed positions, but now I felt Carl's cock start to grow in my mouth.


I stroked and sucked in response and soon he was even bigger and harder than Frank had been. Fortunately he wasn't as rough with me. He could easily have choked me with that big donkey dick! Frank clutched Jo's ass and rammed her hard. Jo was almost lifeless after her last orgasm, but Frank pumped her furiously and cried out as he shot a load deep inside her.

He pulled his long wet cock out of her and traded places with Carl. Jo Came to as Carl pushed his now stiff, dark meat into her. As he fucked her hard and steady, she seemed to start to come again.

There was now no way to tell where one orgasm ended and another began.


Meanwhile, I was sucking and stroking Frank's cock, feeling it stiffen in my mouth as we both watched Carl and Jo. It went on and on that way, the guys taking turns putting it to Jo and then having me lick their long wet cocks. I can't say for certain, but I think Frank fucked Jo three times and Carl might have done her four times.

By the time they were finished, Jo was again lying on her back. Her legs dangled limply apart, her pubic hair was soaked and matted with their cum, her cunt lips were distended and her wide open hole dripping with semen. It was Frank who said, almost gently, "Hey babe, thanks for a great time.

We gotta go now." Carl said, "Yeah, it was sweet." He patted me on the head and said, "You were good too." There was no meanness in his voice. They pulled on their clothes and left. Jo's eyes were half open but she was totally spent from all the fucking she had just gotten. I lay beside her and embraced her. She responded, almost mechanically, as if expecting to have another big stiff cock shoved into her.

I kissed her mouth and she responded and started to come around. As I kissed her and squeezed her breasts, she regained a bit of energy and put her hands on my shoulders.

She gave a gentle downward push and I responded as she wanted by moving down to kiss her cunt. She was soaking wet with all the cum she had gotten. I licked and fingered her and realized that I probably could have fit my whole hand inside her.

Jo moved her crotch against my face and actually started to come one more time. As she did, she tugged me up and had me enter her. Though I was probably harder than I had ever been, I couldn't have begun to compare to the two huge cocks she had been fucking all night. Still, Jo moaned as I thrust in and out. All my pent up juices gushed out wildly as I came in her.

She clutched me tightly for a minute, then drifted off. As I fell asleep in her arms, I wondered what we would say to each other the next day.