Dark beauteous cutie gets holes fingered girlfriend hardcore

Dark beauteous cutie gets holes fingered girlfriend hardcore
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Extra Help Justin always enjoys his 12th grade history class more than any other. He doesn't pay attention in most of his other classes, but Mrs. Harper is hard to ignore. She is a new teacher and just graduated at 23 years old.

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She is quite tall and brunette and has a picture perfect body. Justin is extremely sexually curious and has a fascination with female parts. He is also very shy and sexually sensitized so he becomes aroused very easily. In this way he becomes very nervous around attractive females and has surges of testosterone and adrenaline which he struggles to control causing a massive erection that makes him more nervous as he tries to hide it. While working in class he asks the for extra help just so she comes near him.

His natural chemicals surge as she approaches, heightened in intensity by her pheromones. After she helps him with his problem, he asks for a pass to the bathroom. He waddles down the hallway leaning forward and holding his pelvis inward toward his body to try and hide his erection and makes it to the boy's room. There is no one else there which he is glad to see.

In the bathroom he realizes he doesn't have a multitude of time.

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Having built up a large wad of saliva in his mouth, he unzips his pants, lowers them and releases his confined penis from his underwear which was wanting to elongate and stretch more but was unable. The relief and sudden wave of pleasure from the freeing of his now fully erect penis causes him to close and roll eyes, some saliva drools out of his mouth.

He quickly gets to work and spits most of the saliva into his right hand, some spilling onto the bathroom floor. He forms a cup to hold most of it and uses his left hand to help ensure more isn't lost.

He rubs saliva on his penis with his right hand while collecting the dripping saliva with his left. The sudden stimulation causes him to wince. He applies even more and begins to vigorously jerk squeezing and twisting especially firmly on the glans penis. He closes his eyes, squints and opens his mouth wide while imagining Mrs Harper is performing felatio on him in the bathroom. The pleasure elevates quickly, so much so that he needs to use his left hand to hold onto to bathroom door.

As he quickly gets closer and closer to an orgasm, the searing pleasure forces him to hunch over and bends his knees more and more. His face reddens, he exhales loudly and his eyes are tightly shut and squinted. He can begin to feel the semen moving through his urethra and knows it won't be long now.

Next, he nearly collapses to his knees and lets out a deep groan that he desperate tried to muffle as his penis muscles violently contract to release his semen. He vigorously continues to rub and hold on to the door very tightly until all his semen is released.

It didn't all make it into the toilet, but he doesn't care, he washes his hands and returns to class. The whole ordeal only took 5 minutes but allowed him to make it through the rest of the class with being only moderately aroused.

Mrs Harper can tell from his red cheeks and change in demeanor from returning to class what he did. She finds it very erotic and attractive.

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She had always found him attractive, she loves his spikey hair, the front of which is bleached blonde and his light facial hair covering. She offers him an extra help session the next day which he gladly accepts, subtlely implying her intentions.

She explains that the extra help will be at her house which is walking distance from the school, making him even more excited and certain of the teacher's plans. That night he becomes so excited about the prospects of the next day that he can't wait and lacks the will power to save his semen for her to release from him.

Justin uses his blanket to smother his organ and traps it which he fantasizes a vagina to be like. He humps and uses his hands to push the blanket toward him and hold it steady at the same and imagines she is on top of him. Since he has time now, he goes slowly, eyes shut tight and smiling as the blanket fibers are very stimulating and fantasizes her responses.

Eventually he reaches a pre-orgasmic point, where he slows to a near halt. He has learned how to control is orgasm well in the blanket, and stimulates it enough to the point he feels some semen running through his urethra and stops, giving a minor orgasm and a burst of pleasure radiating from his penis through his legs and up to his chest.

He continues to do this while no semen comes out until he accidently overstimulates his penis and ejaculates a small amount and can no longer stop the flow, so he goes full force.

The power of the ejaculatory orgasm makes him his head and back arch backwards while digging into the sides of his bed with his feet. He lets out a despertately muffled deep raspy throaty groan hoping that no one else hears it. The time he was waiting for has come after school the next day. He resisted the urge to relieve himself in the boy's room this time, which took every ounce of willpower he had.

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When the time came for his journey to the teacher's home, he followed using some books in front of him to hide his condition. When she opened the door to her house nearby the school the feeling was surreal for him, he did not think it was really happening. Her scent was all over the house and overwhelmed him to the point he couldn't move. She had asked him to bring large, loose shorts or boxers which he had in his gym locker with him. He gave them to her. She told him now to strip down to his underwear, which he nervously and excitedly did.

He had lean yet muscular physique which Mrs Harper found very attractive, his nervousness to made him very cute and non threatening.

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He was then asked to stretch his legs. She then got down on her knees and teased his confined male package while it was still trapped. She very slowly and gentle rubbed and scratched areas of his scrotum and penis through the underwear. He was shaking with nervousness and excitement while watching her do this and exhaling very loudly and quickly.

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She slowly lifted parts of the underwear preventing the elongation and rising of his penis so as to allow to erect a little more and more. Everytime she relieved some pressure on it, he let out an extra large exhale and the pleasure soared. She got it to erect as far as it while still in his tighty whities, so she slowly removed his underwear entirely reveal his entire package and allow its full erection. The combined pleasure, relief and excitement from her seeing it was overwhelming to the boy.

She now began to gently feel other parts of his body, focusing on on his back, shoulders and legs. As her fingers slowly glided down his back or up his legs, a trail of pleasure would be left behind following her finger which kept his heart rate elevated despite the lack of penis stimulation.

After the thorough back and leg investigation, she asked him to put on the loose boxers and sit down in a chair across from her stripping pole. He did not even notice the pole until then.


He sat down, legs widely seperated and his penis fully erect in the loose boxers. She then began to strip and reveal her body to him, quickly returning his stabalizing hormones and adrenaline levels back to overdrive. She did some maneuvers on the pole, but it was not bolted down to the floor or ceiling so she was limited in what she could do, but he found it all very enticing. She then began to to give him a lap dance, using her ass to stimulate his penis through the boxers, forcing the soft boxer fabric over the glans penis constantly.

He watched intently, differing from his usual reaction of closing his eyes tight.


Every time his glans was stimulated he let out a soft groan and gripped the chair hard, while wincing. She kept going until she saw signs he was approaching an orgasm as his face winced harder and began to get flushed and wet spots from pre-ejaculatory fluid were visible on his boxers.

At this point, she stopped and allowed him to fondle her breasts and suck them, which he bit slightly from his never teeth clattering. He apologized and she said she liked it anyway. She then began to give attention to areas of his body he had never himself given attention too during masturbation. She licked and gently bit his abdomen and chest all over, driving his once softening penis back into fully erect form.

He'd watch with his eyes and mouth wide open and would moan when she licked his nipples and around them. Realizing this, she began focus on them and nibble on them, sending unexpected and surprising waves of bliss radiating from the intense stimulation there. He then let out a completely unrestrained moan, one he never had since his first time having an orgasm, which woke up his mother and humiliated him, causing him to restrain it every time since.

He continued to moan softly as the nipple stimulation continued for several more minutes until the pleasure dissipated.


She then began to focus on his scrotum, another area he would neglect during masturbation. When her fingers glided it over it at first and he felt the sudden sensation he let out a large gasp, and continued to gasp every time she did it until the surprise factor waned. She then scratched it gently with her index finger which marked the first time he closed his eyes during the experience.

After it was sufficiently rubbed and scratched, she licked and bit it, which was more erotic to him then physically stimulating. Finally, she was ready to give his penis attention again. It had de-erected a bit during the scrotal stimulation, so she masturbated it lightly and it shot right back up, suddenly pleasuring him, causing his body to tighten up again. She then drooled saliva she was collecting her mouth all over it, like he did in the bathroom, some of it going onto his testicles.

He began to exale quickly and loudly again watching this and she finally began to stimulate his organ by licking it. Her tongue would slowly follow the shaft up to his glans penis, leaving an impressive pleasure trail, but it was build up to a short climax as her tongue went up and over the front of his glans, hitting the back of it, then back down.

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He let it a long moan the entire duration of the glans stimulation and winced his eyes nearly to the point of closing them, but he didn't want to. His legs were bouncing up and down with glee. All the foreplay and excite had made his penis extremely sensitive which she recognized so she went careful to avoid causing a premature ejaculation.

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She alternated between licking up the front, left and right sides of the penis and gave a lot of attention to the shaft while giving very slow and careful stimulation to glans to avoid overwhelming him.

After several minutes his penis jerked and a small amount of preejaculatory fluid came out, she would then take a break and stimulate his nipples and scrotum again, then return. After playing this game for awhile, she finally engulfed the penis into her mouth.

Being 18 and not of full size yet, she was able to take it all, and she very slowly and gently glided and sucked it. By now he was inhaling deep breathes and letting out loud moans as he exhaled, rolling his eyes whenever her mouth or tongue went over is extremely sensitive glans penis.

She tried as hard as she could to make it last, and she did for a long while until she accidently over stimulating the glans. By force of habit, Justin closed his eyes tight, gripped his chair hard and let out that deep throaty groan, but completely unrestrained.

He leaned his torso and head forward and lifted up his feet as he growled as more came out, his face becoming deep red. He had never had an orgasm like this before, it was massive and seemed never ending. It was an earthquake of ecstacy with its epicenter at the genitalia and powerful seismic wave eminating from there. She continued to thrust and suck as hard as she could now.

After about 10 seconds his groans went from those of pleasure to pain, and through his breathes was able to say "stop". He watched her tilt her head back to swallow and she placed her hand on his extremely warm red face, the heat radiating from his cheeks to her hand. It was time for him to go back and get to the late bus, he was there for nearly 2 hours. She offered to drive him, which he accepted. It was a 15 minute drive and by his house she parked in the pack of a supermarket.

Before he could ask why, she went into the back seat and unzipped him and started to suck his flacid penis. He had just had an impressive release, so it was not as active as before, but she was more forceful this time and after a couple of minutes of oral stimulation it was fully erected.

She vigorously felated him again, while Justin thrusted. It was only mildly stimulating until the orgasm started to approach, then he closed his eyes and let out that deep throaty groan again releasing some left overs out of his reserve. After dropping him off she offered extra help the next day as well if he was up for it. He didn't know after this experience if he would ever be able to get an erection again his penis was so tapped out, but he gladly agreed.

Justin walked home with a huge smile on his face.