BLACKED To Be Honest She Wanted The BBCs More Than The Job

BLACKED To Be Honest She Wanted The BBCs More Than The Job
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Healing a Wounded Warrior Chapter 1: The Secret Program Short Description: Memorial Day is a United States federal holiday which occurs every year on the final Monday of May.

Memorial Day is a day of remembering the men and women who sacrificed themselves while serving in the United States Armed Forces. This is a short story about a wounded vet, depressed and almost suicidal, who finds some much needed healing with a special secret program. Tags: wounded vet, hospital sex, doctor-patient. ************************* It still itched and no amount of rubbing at the stump could take away the nagging itch in my phantom hand.

I knew I'd been lucky it was just my hand and half my face instead of what happened to Steve. Grenades are a funny thing when they go off and sometimes you can be standing at the center of the explosion and be fine, while someone twenty feet away gets shrapnel cutting them to shreds. Of course I wasn't exactly fine.

My goddamned hand that didn't even exist anymore itched like crazy. I tried to tell myself to go back to bed. It was two in the morning and I should at least try and get some sleep. I wanted to, but I could still see Steve almost melting away before me every time I closed my eyes.

The worst part had been coming back to the states and seeing his wife and two kids. She said she was glad I'd survived, but when she moved hug me she stopped.

Even if the plastic surgery had almost completely fixed the missing parts of my face, I knew was still a monster inside and that I should have been the one that died instead. No one said it, but I knew she wished it, especially after hearing the story. I had pulled out the grenade to use on the insurgents shooting at us from inside that shack of a house, but then Steve tried to stop me saying it was a civilian target. "Oak, that house might have kids inside!" I still heard him yell over their machinegun fire.

I ignored him and stood to throw anyway. That's when a lucky bullet hit the grenade just as I threw it. Strangely I didn't feel any pain.

I don't remember much other than screaming, but I couldn't tell if it was Steve's or my own. I didn't even see anything because of the blood in my eyes. Thankfully I'd passed out pretty quickly after that. Everyone said I was lucky to be alive at all, much less be mostly healthy afterwards.

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There was significant cosmetic damage to my face, but my helmet took most of the blow, and of course my right arm missing to my elbow. But Steve somehow had gotten the brunt of it.

They brought his body home in a closed coffin and I'd heard it had to be pieced back together. I never saw it in reality, but now every night I see it again behind my eyelids. Melting, burning, and sliced to bits. And all Steve is doing is screaming how I should have stayed down and waited for support like he'd said.

God should have taken my stupid ass that day, not Steve's. He was the good soldier, and I was the screw up. He had the family, while I just bragged up doing girls who were mostly just whores and cheep one night stands.

Even before I joined the army I was a loser. The Army was just to make some money, maybe go to college later, and of course to see the world. Most of the world I'd seen was just the desert in Texas.

Then I just got to see the desert in Afghanistan. It all looked about the same.


Steve was the hero who joined up to fight for his country and quit his good job after 9/11. I was just a drunk stoner with nothing better to do with my life, and now I had no life. No more right arm, so most jobs are out.

I can't even write anymore and just get angry looking at the childlike scrawl of my left hand. I couldn't stop looking in the mirror now either. People said I still had my good looks, but all I could see was the small flaws and scars now. Some guys said that girls like that, but I couldn't imagine that.

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How could a girl love me after she found out what I'd done? It's funny how I never cared about that before, but now I did. I'd used girls, tricked them, and even sometimes paid them to sleep with me. They were just a thing to me before. But then Steve's wife cried as she thanked me for telling her what happened. How I had killed her husband and the father of her two children, and then she thanked me and wished me a speedy recovery.

She forgave my stupid mistake that killed him, but somehow left me alive to tell her about it. I didn't want to hear that. I hated her for that and almost yelled at her to leave. How could she be so stupid? If it had been me, I'd have jumped up on the bed and strangled the life out of me. She should have. I wish she had. Then I wouldn't be lying here in the dark thinking these dark thoughts. That's when I heard the distinct sound of heels on the tile floor.

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I could tell from lying here for the last two months, every night, never sleeping, that it was a woman was walking down the hall. Guys have wide flat shoes that made a more flopping sound, and even the guys in uniform dress shoes made a tapping sound, not the sharp clacking sound of a woman in heals like this. There were plenty of female nurses, doctors, psychologists, and other support staff it could have been. But even then, most of them wouldn't be wearing heals at the military hospital at two in the morning.

A doctor came into my room and in the pale nightlights looked no different than most others. I could tell she had her long hair pulled back tight, wore a long lab coat, and walked right up to my bed. I wasn't expecting anything, so I didn't even have time to pretend I was asleep. "Private First Class Thompson," she said quietly to not wake any of the other three guys who also slept in this same room, but clear and firm enough to announce she was an officer in charge.

I rolled and sat up, "Yes Mam." "I'm Major Bernaiche. Please follow me," she said crisply, giving me no clue as to why, but that's all it took and I swung my feet off the bed to the cold floor, slipped on some slippers and followed her out the door wearing only my breezy hospital gown.

We were in Virginia and it was summer, so while the quiet night was cool it wasn't cold. She lead me out of the dim dormitory wing and back into brightly lit medical section that was always awake twenty-four hours a day.

Once my eyes adjusted I could tell she a had a tightly bound bun of yellow blonde hair over her loose white lab coat that didn't let me see much of her figure. She lead me to an elevator and turned to face me allowing me to see she was a very attractive woman in her mid-thirties.

I'd have normally hit on her in an instant if I'd met her in a bar, but here in a professional setting, I knew anything funny could get be court-martialed. I now could see the gold stitched oak rank insignia of a major and her name tag reading Bernaiche. It was a swift reminder to keep my eyes where they belonged and at her eyes and not her impressive breasts hidden under her lab coat.


I figured that we were headed to her office, but then she reached out and pressed the basement button. It seemed odd, but she said nothing and just smiled pleasantly at me over her shoulder as we descended.

When the doors opened it was to a hallway with many closed doors lining it. She lead me further down a hall, around a corner and finally to a door that she unlocked and I followed her in.

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It looked like a tiny psychologist's office with the big comfy lay-down couch that took up almost half the room. The major circled around her small desk and I stood before it. "Please have a seat Private." I did and she pulled out a folder of papers and wrote in them for a few seconds before asking, "Do you know why you are here?" It didn't take a genius, but did seem odd that this was during the middle of the night.

"Psychological review?" I ventured. "Not a bad guess," the major nodded. "The nurses noticed that you are having trouble sleeping," she started in on me. "Are you experiencing physical discomfort or require a sleeping aid?" I sighed, "No Major." We both knew why I didn't sleep so I just came out and said it, "I dream about it. I only dream about it and replay it over and over in my head and keep trying to change it, but I can't." I took a deep breath and continued, "I can't, and I should have been the one who died.

It was my fault. I didn't listen and I killed Sergeant Simmons." The room was quiet as I confessed, "I killed Steve." "I know," she said simply looking at me. "You disobeyed his orders and you killed him." She said it calmly and I felt my blood rise, but I wanted her to hate me as much as I hated myself, so just nodded.

"You might have just shot him in the back and saved yourself all this pain." "Now wait a sec…" I started to complain but she cut me off. Smirking she said, "You blasted a superior officer to pieces and now get to go home, so it's a win-win for you huh?" Now I was mad, "I was trying to save us!" I yelled at her almost in tears rising from my seat.

"Good. You're not a completely lost cause after all…" Then she wrote in her notes again and I just shook with anguish and rage fighting to control my mind. "I'm sorry Private, but I had to make sure you still valued you own life.

Your last psychologist warned you were bordering on suicidal and might have given up," she finally started to explain. "I am in charge of a new program to help prevent PTSD suicides which are on the rise." Yea, she was just here to keep the politicians looking good. She doesn't care about my wellbeing more than just making sure I don't become a statistic they dislike.

"I'm fine," I tried to say confidently and sound meant it. "That may be true, but I've been directed to review your case and decide if you are a good candidate for a special program I am currently running," the Major continued picking up some papers. "Looking at your record I see you are single.

Any significant other's waiting for you?" "No," I said quietly. "You parents are still together, so are you going back to live with them?" she asked.

"No," I wanted to leave it at that, but her gaze made me go into detail. "My dad hates the military and forbid me from joining up in the first place. There's no way I can go back there." "But surely given your injuries your mother will take you back?" she pressed.

I just shook my head. How could I explain to my parents I'd killed a man? My dad had always said military types were all about recklessly murdering people. I'd never believed that, and my whole experiences up until that point had proved him wrong. The men and women I worked with hated killing anyone and did so only when we had to. Then I went killed Steve and became his perfect example. I'd been willing to kill whoever was in that shack just to save my own life.

I was the worst example of a soldier, and killed one of the best with my recklessness. My painful silence was enough for her after a bit and she continued to ask me basic questions about my education, employment as a civilian, and what future plans I might have. I had none and couldn't concentrate on the future when I was still haunted by the past.

After a few minutes she closed her files and stood saying, "You seem to be a perfect candidate for this program, so now I will ask you to sign this non-disclosure form." I took it and it was a standard form for not revealing state secrets like one used for a hundred other things, but that didn't make much sense. "Why is this program secret?

What am I signing up for?" "Fair question," she cleared her throat. "We need to make you enjoy life again. Right now you want to get out of here and walk in front of a bus." I went to say that wasn't true, but instantly I knew she was right. I'd wished several times to myself how if I had my sidearm I could just pull the trigger to join Steve and apologize for killing him. Then no one would fuss over me anymore and I could go to the hell I deserved. "Anyway, you've failed at most other treatments for the last several months, so I chose you for this one.

It's mostly… non-conventional. "This is a small program, only for a select few that need extreme measures, and should media or politicians find out about it, then it would undoubtedly be canceled, despite its promising results to date." The major stood and came around her desk to sit on it in front of me and crossed her long smooth legs.

"My directive allows me wide latitude in treatments, but since you've failed with conventional treatments I'd like to use one that is not specifically approved by the medial review board." She looked at me seriously now.

"Some might say they are even specifically proscribed. So without your signature, I'm afraid I cannot go any further into the details. This is a completely voluntary program, and you are free to drop out at any time, and I guarantee you will be perfectly safe.

No drugs or experimentation of any kind." I skimmed the paper saying I wouldn't talk about it to anyone in a hundred different ways, even down to write about it in my personal diary. Under penalty of several sections of military code were listed that could get me jailed in a military prison, she smiled at me and I grabbed the pen she offered me and scrawled a jerky left-handed signature and date that looked like I was a six year old learning to write. "Good," she said collecting and examining my signed form.

"Now this one, here and date here." This next form she handed me stated that I was mentally competent and waived any psychiatric assistance. I signed it as well and again she smiled, "Good. One more." The next stated that I would never try and contact Major Bernaiche ever in any way. I was forbidden to call, write, text, or visit any place of her work, home, or any member of her friends or family.

I knew this was getting weird, but I was too curious to stop now and signed away. "Well then, down to business," she stood and filed those forms as she spoke. "I've been doing this for some time, and every soldier I've treated for depression this way is still alive and well today, all glad to have received this treatment." She then took off her lab coat and hung it on the back of her chair and I got my first real look at her as she spoke. She pulled the clasp from her hair and freed it from its tight bun and shook out her long golden mane.

She was wearing a standard short sleeve fatigue top that was a little too small for her and fatigue shorts that let me look up and down her long smooth well toned legs to her black heels.

I'm not up on proper female uniform code, but I'm sure this wasn't regulation, but damn it sure looked nice on her. "What we need to do now is get your mind off the past," then she unbuttoned her fatigue top and exposed her black bikini bra holding back her large ripe assets. She now approached me and stood me up, "You need to stop thinking about death, and start focusing on life." Then she grasped my hand and placed it directly on her breast.

I was worried this couldn't be real. She was not only an officer, but a high up Major. She outranked me so far that I'd be skinning potatoes until I died if I pissed her off.

She hadn't directed me to do anything, and I wasn't going down on sexual harassment charges, so I just stood there unmoving and more than a little worried. "Private, do you not know what to do?" she asked with a laugh.

"No Mam, it's just… Permission to speak freely," I stuttered. "Granted," she said and I could feel her speak through her breast.

"I'm a little unsure what is expected of me for this… program," I got out. "Well Private, do you find me attractive?" she asked businesslike. "Yes Mam," I answered easily. "Then the formalities are over. I will address you as Oakley, and you will address me as Karen. I am not your superior officer and you are not my patient, just a friend who wants to get to know you better. We are just two people doing whatever comes normal for two consenting adults.

No one will ever know what happens here as long as we are alone in this room, and you are of course free to leave at any time you wish.

After that everything goes back to normal and we will never disclose that anything other than that a counseling session happened.

Are you okay with that?" I looked down instinctively to see if there was a ring on her finger, but it was bare now but looked like a ring once was there.

I figured that she must have invested her life into her career instead of a family and was probably divorced. Being a doctor and a major must have meant lots of work to get to her position at her age, so maybe this must be how she got that itch scratched nowadays. I'd had some one night stands in my time, but never with a legal secrecy clause. To top it all off, I couldn't believe how hard I had gotten while she laid out her plan so rationally and clinically.

I squeezed her breast softly, but firmly and said, "Karen, my friends call me Oak." "Pleased to meet you Oak," she said dropping all her superior and doctoral manor and acted now just like any other wanton woman I'd caroused with in bars after a few drinks.

She slid right up to me and ran her fingers over my thin medical frock over my chest, then around the back to embrace me, her hands parting the material to touch my raw skin as she pressed her ample breasts into my chest. My hand too matched and traced along her bikini top's rope to rub her bare back and pulled her to me. Suddenly our lips met and she kissed me with passion and desire, and everything else was gone.

All there was a beautiful sexy woman in my arms, well arm and stump. It'd been almost a year since the accident, and in all that time I'd not gotten hard once.

I'd seen pretty nurses and plenty of girls on TV, but until now it's like my libido had been in a coma. Now it was painfully erect and pressing up into Karen's belly button through my thin cloth hospital gown. Her lewd tongue caressed mine and I yanked at the string of her bikini and felt it come lose.

Next my hand went to harshly maw one of her butt cheeks through her shorts. That's when she pushed me back and almost tore my gown from my body. It was flimsy and loose already and it seems she'd untied the two knots in the back, so other than my slippers I was naked as I stumbled back to sit on the layback couch.

Karen tossed off her untied bikini and quickly squatted in front of me. "Not bad…" she said approvingly looking at my giant erection. She grabbed it firmly with one hand and just squeezed it gently at first, making me moan as a large drop of precum welled up at my tip already.

"You seem to have good blood pressure, but I'd like to examine it further…" Then she dropped her head to my groin and sucked my shaft into her mouth.


Even the first time I'd had any sexual interactions with a girl I'd lasted several minutes, but now I came almost instantly. She bobbed up and down a few times and then I went off and she pulled back after the first shot. She didn't gag, but just jerked off my spasming cock onto her face and stuck out tongue. My balls shot off half a dozen strong spurts that were almost painful as I coated her mouth and lips with white stands of sperm.

When I was done she looked up at me and gulped down the semen she'd caught before she gently sucked out any still filling up my pipes. I started to stager out an apology for orgasming so soon and not even warning her, but Karen just said happily, "I've never gotten a guy off that fast before. You must have really like it." I could only stammer that was so true. She then got a hand towel out of her desk and cleaned her face and breasts of the remainder of my salty mess.

When she was done she shimmied off her shorts and panties, still wearing her heals, and climbed around behind me to lay on the couch with her arms raised up over her head. "Your turn Oak. Show me you remember how to please a woman." I was still dizzy from discharging what felt like a whole one of my balls through my long unused penis, but she looked so good I couldn't refuse that invitation. I bent over and mashed my face into her tits and just went to town licking and sucking on her rubbery nipples as they jiggled on her soft mammaries.

Karen giggled as I went, and I found myself really missing my right hand because I wanted to molest her other breast or finger her pussy, but she didn't seem to mind or complain.

I took my time to thoroughly devour my fill of her tits until I felt bad about not actually trying to get her off. I rose and moved down to the end of the couch and she smiled up at me and spread her legs open. "Ready for the main course?" "You bet," I said happily and bent over onto my chest on the end of the couch, just barely holding my face up with my hand and stump.

Her pussy was nice and wet already, with trimmed light brown curls. I wondered for just a moment if she lightened her hair, but I wasn't going to get distracted.

I nuzzled right in and found her clit with my tongue and sucked on it hard to start her off. She yelped playfully and I released it to begin licking up and down her vertical smile, trying to work my chin inside her and my nose over her clit. I worked her pussy over, garnering some moans, trying to find the spot she liked the best, then fluttered my tongue over her clit and she tensed up.

I did it again and she shook, so I just kept doing that over and over. I shifted to hold myself up with just my stump and ran my fingers over the fleshy seam of where her pussy and asshole meet before tugging on it gently as I kept my tongue fluttering. Karen was moaning good now, so I kept going and poked two fingertips into her gooey snatch and just ran them up and down a bit before pulling back to let one go under her seam before pushing in again.

My middle finger poked up against her puckered tight rosebud while my pointing finger wiggled in between her pussy folds. "Oh fuck!" she started chanting and placed her hands on the back of my head.

She was getting close, and I planned to push her over that cliff hard. I licked her gash a few times with my fingers just sitting there wiggling, then flittered her clit again as I pierced her two holes with my two fingers. Her pussy was an open wet pool compared to her tight dry ass, but once I was in I could feel my two fingers rub each other through her thin internal walls. "Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" she pressed down on my head hard and started shivering. Karen was going to cum any second so I completed my full-on assault.

I jabbed into her with my hand, putting both fingers fully inside her and sucked hard on her clit again. "OH FUCK!" she cried one last time and froze tight as she trembled like she was in an earthquake.

Her ass and pussy did their best to push my fingers out as she expelled pussy juice all over my face. I slowly released her clit and after she started to loosen up I withdrew my fingers as well and sat up. She was breathing hard and I felt good about making her cum as well. I almost leaned down to kiss her again, but she whispered breathlessly, "There's a towel in my desk." I stood and pulled open the drawer she had opened before and saw another clean hand towel.

I fetched it to her, expecting her to wipe herself off, but instead she sat up and proceeded to wipe my mouth and face clean of her womanly nectar. When Karen was satisfied after a moment then she tossed the cloth away and kissed me deeply again. I couldn't blame her as I didn't kiss her after I came in her mouth, and waiting was worth it to be kissing her again.

After a bit she broke away and said, "You're a good kisser and not bad with your tongue." I blushed, "Thanks, I try." She rubbed my nose with hers, our lips just a breath apart, and I thought we were going to kiss again, but then she whispered, "I'm ready for you now." Then she rolled away and got on her knees leaning up against the inclined end of the couch with her ass out. "Plant that big oak tree in me." I wasn't sure I was recovered enough from my last orgasm, but I figured I'd try anyway.

I got on my knees on the couch and found I had started to regain my virility. It was much harder to line up with only one hand, but she was wet and open, so my probing cock didn't take too long to line up right and easily slide inside her hot box.

She moaned, as did I as my dick filled her up until her ass was right on my lap. I could actually feel her wet pussy hairs brushing and tickling my own groin hair. I placed my hand on her hip and just held myself there for a moment, sucking up her warmth as she squirmed slightly on my pole, and I could feel her heartbeat pulse through our connection and into my body. Then she wiggled and I started thrusting. Luckily I'd gotten hard enough to move a little without flopping out, and every time her soft ass patted back onto my lap I could feel the blood flowing out of me to refill my eager cock, making it longer and more rigid by the thrust.

Soon I was happily fucking away as I poked her insides deeper and deeper with my tool. I was still nowhere close to coming while Karen was just bucking back to me enjoying a nice long dicking. After maybe ten minutes Karen was panting again and moaning about how good it felt. "Let me ride your fucking cock," she growled.

I backed off and she tipped to the side to let me slide into the seat where her knees had been. She grabbed a hold of my cock and squatted down over my hips and sank onto my shaft.

Then she churned and ground my cockhead into her cervix and her clit into my pubic bone. She wasn't bouncing or thrusting, just rocking gently at first, then quicker and in mere moments she jerked her hips hard and groaned through gritted teeth as she came again.

If she hadn't had me all the way inside her pussy she might have forced me out with how hard her cunt contracted around me. She came back to herself quicker than her last orgasm, and pulled off me. "Now I want you to cum in me." She let me stand again, and this time she returned to her first position, lying down with her hands up on the sofa back, with her legs spread open. I moved to get in position, thinking about licking her again, but then she begged, "I need to feel you shoot it inside me." I'd been hard, but her begging for it really turned me on.

I slid in easily enough now fully erect again, placing my hand next to her hip and started fucking away in our missionary position. Her cunt was hot and very wet, and I was worried she was too wet and loose now to get me off, but she knew how to trigger my balls to her wishes. She wrapped her legs around my ass, pressing her stiletto heels into my butt cheeks and just started begging, "I need it… Hurry… Shoot it in me… Fuck me up… Give it to me…" I just fucked into her for less than another minute while her dirty talk got me off faster than I expected.

It wasn't an epic or painful cum like my first one, but her desire fueled my desire and I deposited my sticky swimmers into her well fucked womanhood with a long pleasurable groan. I almost passed out then due to blood loss to my brain and utter exhaustion, but Karen pulled out a wheelchair from somewhere and soon I collapsed into it.

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Soon I half woke to realize my gown was back on and she was wheeling me down the dark hall toward my room. Then she helped me back up into my bed and in no time flat I was completely, happily dreaming away about her and slept until noon when the nurses woke me up for lunch. Seems they had orders to let me sleep through breakfast, but I'd needed the rest. ****************************** If you liked this story than PLEASE vote and review it kindly to keep me up doing these stories.

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Please remember our brave vets and that they bled to keep up free. ****************************** Preview of Chapter 2: I had more encounters with Karen, but my last one was the most memorable. I find out she's married to an infertile older man and rapidly hears her biological clock ticking.

She says she doesn't love me, but does like me and enjoys our sex. Now she asks me to impregnate her before she clears me for civilian life and never sees me again. Preview of Chapter 3: This is an alternating viewpoint story of a young girl and her single mother as they recount how they get to know and love the wounded vet who moves into an apartment and next door to them.