Horny stepmom Kathia Nobili sucking the cock of daughters boyfriend

Horny stepmom Kathia Nobili sucking the cock of daughters boyfriend
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This is the third story in this series. See 'Soaked through' & 'Bikini Heaven' for the first two. Cheers. Just as before, the next morning was like nothing had ever happened.

Debbie came down all bubbly and happy asking what was for breakfast. I was getting a little confused; here I was standing in my kitchen looking at this sixteen year old beauty, recalling the events of the last few days, thinking back to Debbie coming home soaked through from the rain, looking outstanding in her sodden, almost see through clothes.

Hugging her to comfort her, then her grabbing my cock, kissing me and giving me one of, if not, the best blowjob I'd ever had. Then back to yesterday, to the BBQ, Debbie wearing her revealingly tight red bikini, with her friends Hannah and Beth, who were also scantily covered. Their bodies glistening from the water in the pool. Remembering how drunk Debbie got and I had to almost carry her to the car and back into the house.

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Thinking about the events after she collapsed on my sofa, me giving into my urges to touch this wonderful body now sitting at the breakfast table. Recalling feeling her bare breasts against my hands, playing with her aroused clit with my finger, shoving my fingers into her sopping wet cunt, finishing it all off licking and sucking her juices, not even knowing if she had awaken or if she was still in her comatose state, that is until I stood up and she told me that 'she now OWED me again' before turning over to sleep.

Yet here she was, happily burbling away about, got this homework, then going to see someone or other, just like every other Sunday morning. I was so confused, should I say something, confront her on her thoughts on the events or leave it be a mystery on how our relationship had drastically changed over the last few days. While I was standing there she finished off breakfast and went passed me saying something about French essay and disappeared.

The following week past without any event of note occurring, on the Saturday morning as I was washing my car on another gloriously hot sunny day, Debbie comes out of the house wearing a tight white crop top which made a shadow over her uncovered stomach due the size of her breasts, and cut off jeans, made into shorts which were so short you could see the bottom of the curves of her wonderfully toned arse.

She looked so HOT!! 'I'm going to see Hannah for a bit, any chance she could come for tea tonight?' she asked 'That's fine' I replied 'Cool, see you later' she cheered, with that she bounded off down the street. All afternoon I couldn't get that picture out of my head, Debbie dressed in her daisy duke style clothes.

I went upstairs for a shower after I had finished the car and tidied the house and garden. As I crossed the landing to go to the bathroom I passed by her bedroom door and could not resist going in. In the corner of her room wash her wash basket, overflowing from her week's clothes, school uniforms and slob clothes and plenty of her undergarments. Now I wash her clothes every week without batting an eyelid, yet this time was different.

I grabbed the pair of her panties on the top, which I presumed would have been the ones from yesterday, and I brought them up to my face so I could smell them. The aroma was magnificent; it brought back memories of the previous Saturday when I had her pussy in my mouth.

This made me go instantly hard, the smell coupled with the visions in my head of the two events and what I had seen her wear only a couple of hours previous was enough to get me going. I started pumping my cock for all my worth, Debbie on her knees, her eyes looking up at me while she sucked my shaft, her pussy spurting shots of her fanny juice into my open mouth, her gorgeous body, soaking wet from the rain and skimpily covered by the pool.

All of these visions brought me close to Cumming and then I put her panties into my right hand and furiously wanked myself off into them, shooting spurt after spurt into the delicately small material. Suddenly I heard a noise and to my horror I saw Hannah standing by the doorway of Debbie's room, dressed in a small, free flowing summer dress which showed off her slender, tanned legs.

She stood there with a cheeky smile on her face, staring at my cock still dripping it's cum onto a pair of Debbie's sperm covered panties. 'Debbie is downstairs making us drinks, she'll be up any second, and I think you'd better go' she said with a sense of embarrassment in her voice.

I couldn't speak; I just left the room and headed for the bathroom. 'Shit, Shit, Shit' I repeated to myself.

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'What am I going to do now' I thought, I've just been busted by my friend's daughter, by Debbie's friend. That evening was hell; I had my shower and got started on tea. The girls came down and came into the kitchen, Debbie was all hyper, as usual when a friend came round, while Hannah was quiet and had an embarrassed look on her face. We all sat down for tea, and Debbie carried on chatting with Hannah and I nodding and agreeing where appropriate. After Tea was all cleared up, Debbie came up to me to ask if Hannah could stay over.

I said it was fine and Debbie cheered and gave me a big hug, she smelt great. We all sat down to watch a film for the night.

The girls had changed into their night clothes which meant Debbie was in her usual two piece pyjama's and as Hannah wasn't originally staying she wore a night dress of Debbie's, but as she is taller than her the bottom of it only just covered her arse. The film was a typical rom-com that had the girls laughing and crying, I couldn't concentrate on the film as the thoughts of what Hannah must have felt when she saw me Cumming into her friends panties were filling my mind.

The girls were sat on a large bean-bag we had on the floor whilst I was sat on the sofa, I could see that Debbie was getting tired and she asked Hannah if she wanted to call it a night and go to bed.

'I'm not tired to be honest' Hannah replied 'Ok, I'll try to stay awake then' Debbie said 'It's ok Debs; I'll follow you up when I get tired, if that's ok with you and Chris?' she replied Debbie got up and said it was ok, she gave Hannah a quick hug and did the same to me and went upstairs.

Now this was awkward, here I was sat alone with the sixteen year old girl who caught me wanking. 'Can I sit on the Sofa please Chris, as my bums gone numb on this bean-bag?' she asked 'Well, erm.yes ok, I suppose' I stammered. Hannah got up off the bean-bag slowly, her knees bending to get her up, causing her nightdress to ride up over her arse revealing a well toned butt.

I tried to look away, but I was getting dragged back to look at this stunning teenager. She moved over onto the sofa and sat on the opposite end to me, facing me with her legs laying out flat, her feet almost touching my legs. It felt really awkward, what was I supposed to say, do I ignore what happened and just ask the usual 'how's school' questions etc or do I apologise for what she saw, I was so confused. 'Chris' she said 'Yes, Hannah' I replied 'Do you think I'm attractive?' Oh my god, what do I say, I thought.


'Well.yes, you're a stunning young girl, why do you ask?' I questioned 'I've never had a boyfriend and no-one has ever really showed an interest in me.

I just wondered if a man would find me attractive and want me, if you know what I mean.' 'You are very attractive and I'm sure you'll have plenty of interest of boys in time' I assured her. 'I think I would rather have MEN finding me attractive than boys.


Do you like my legs?' she asked, moving her knees up, spreading her legs apart to reveal a very skimpy pair of lacy thongs. 'I.I.think they're very.nice' I awkwardly responded She then started to rub her legs with her hands, from her knees along her thighs stopping just short of her crotch.

I could feel me cock getting hard, which in my thin house shorts was causing me a problem. 'I can see that you do' she said unable to take her eyes of my ever hardening dick. 'I can't stop thinking about what I saw you doing earlier, it made me really horny. Would you do it again for me? she seductively asked.

What do I say? What do I do?

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This is my friend's daughter, Debbie's friend and she is only sixteen. Do I give in to my desires or listen to my head. This girl is gorgeous, she's almost revealing her untouched pussy to me and it was her that asked me to do it. 'I shouldn't have been doing that earlier and I'm so sorry that you saw what you did.

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I cannot do that again, it would be so wrong.' I stated. 'What if I was to do it to myself at the same time?' she asked, moving her hand to her crotch, pushing aside her lacy panties, revealing her shaven, hairless pussy. Parting her lips it brought her hole and her clit into view.

She slowly stared to push her fingers up and down and in and out of her already moist pussy, panting slightly as she was working herself up. 'Please Chris, I want to see you wank the big dick of yours!!' she breathed heavily Holy shit I thought, what was happening?

Here was this gorgeous sixteen year old playing with her soaking wet pussy, inserting one finger then two, panting and moaning. I couldn't resist any longer, I pulled my cock out of my shorts and started for the second time today to pump my engorged dick up and down. I was so fucking horny. I couldn't take my eyes off the abuse this girl was giving to her pussy, banging her fingers in and out as fast as she could.

I was in heaven; her breathing got faster and faster until her body just convulsed with her orgasm, she tried to suppress her screams but she couldn't hold back any longer and let out her loud wails of passion. After watching that scene I knew I wasn't going to be far behind and my breathing got heavier and my pumping got faster and faster. Suddenly Hannah moved over to me so that her head was inches away from my cock. She moved her face in closer so that when she stuck her tongue out it flicked the end of my cock, that sent me over the edge and I shouted 'I'm gonna cum!!'.

The next thing blew me away, she knocked my hand away and replaced it with hers and moved her mouth onto my cock so that it covered the end.

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I couldn't hold back any longer and held her head and shot stream after stream of my hot salty cum into her mouth, she gagged a little as my hips moved up and down, face-fucking her to get the last drops out. When I was done I slumped back and she sat upright, licking her lips, looking very pleased with herself. Suddenly a voice came from the doorway 'You did it then Hann?


Told you he'd do it didn't I' Debbie said looking very pleased with herself. 'Oh and Chris, you can keep my panties by the way' and with that Hannah got up, said 'Night' and both girls went upstairs leaving me with one thought.'What the fuck .????'