Primo pauzudo do interior My gifted cousin

Primo pauzudo do interior My gifted cousin
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Melissa was in a bit of a panic as she rifled through her book bag. The mid-semester assignment was due today and she had spent the past 2 weeks working on her project which was a 40 page typed report on biblical refutations of the idea of evolution. She knew it was in her book bag as she had placed it there this morning before she left for school.

However, as she shoved her books aside and removed them one by one from her bag, she could not locate her project. This was crazy! She knew it was there at 8:00 AM today.

Now at 9:30 AM it had somehow magically disappeared. Retracing her steps from putting it in her book bag at home to sitting in her assigned seat in the combined grade science classroom at Our Lady of Holy Submission School, she had a sneaking suspicion that her younger brother Matt had something to do with the missing report.

She glanced over at his seat in the front row hoping to catch some indication of a practical joke on his face. After a full 30 second stare at him he gave no hint that he had done anything mischievous with her report.

Of course he did not make eye contact with her. He just went about chatting with his friends about the weather and the local sports teams. Unable to establish any evidence against her brother, she continued with her replaying of events that morning trying to figure out who might have been able to access her book bag before this class.

As she was performing her mental audit of the morning's events, Mr Meyers called out her name. "Melissa, you're assignment was the refutation of the heathen theory of evolution." Melissa froze at the mention of her name and report topic.

It was as if a white-hot spotlight had just been turned on at her. Mr. Meyers continued, "Can you provide the class with a summary of your research findings?" Now real panic had set in, she started to sweat profusely as her face suddenly and heavily blushed. "Uhhm, Mr. Meyers, I think I may have left my report at home. May I be excused to go home and get it?" Mr. Meyers' brow fell and a deep furrow appeared between his eyebrows; "Melissa, did I not remind the class yesterday and every day prior this week that senior projects were due today?" "Yes, you did sir" she responded meekly.

"Without any evidence to the contrary, I can only assume that you did not take the time to complete your assignment" he said, sternly. Melissa protested, "But sir, I have comp…" He cut her off and asked: "Melissa, I don't want to hear excuses, how do you think your future employer would respond to you missing deadlines on critical assignments and then proffering excuses instead of actual work?" Melissa looked down at her hands and meekly offered: "Not very well, sir." "That is correct, not very well, indeed" Mr Meyers said.


"It pains me to send you there Melissa, as you have been a good student for most of the year in this class, but I'm afraid that you will have to go to detention today for 1 hour after classes have ended. That will be from 3:00 PM until 4:00 PM." Melissa was shocked at his pronouncement, "But sir, today is Friday…" Mr Meyers gazed at her for several seconds before responding, "I know what day of the week it is Melissa, but that won't change the fact that you have missed your assigned work.

Remember that idle hands do the devil's deeds. My hope is that a Friday detention will help you keep the devil at bay in your own life." Friday detention was where the worst students in the school went, this was a crowd that Melissa steadfastly avoided. The motto: "You can judge a person by the friends they keep" was always foremost in her mind when it came to social interactions.

And Melissa was acutely aware of, perhaps a bit too much in fear of, the judgements of others. She was not yet confident enough to not give a whit about what others thought of her.

She based her self-esteem on how she imagined others thought of her. So, being in detention with the ruffians and low-lifes of Our Lady of Holy Submission School was about as degrading socially as things could get. Or so she imagined. At 3:00 PM, as all her schoolmates departed for home, preparing for parties and the fun of a Friday afternoon and evening, she was heading to Brother Frank's office. Brother Frank was the school disciplinarian at Our Lady of Holy Submission School.

He was an ice-cold character who when met in a hall way would not respond in the slightest way to friendly greetings by students. Any "Hello Brother Frank" would be met with silence and an icy stare. Rumors around the school had mentioned that he would actually administer corporal punishment to the students in detention. None of these were substantiated and most students dismissed them as rumors.

However, with the impending doom of detention looming, Melissa let these thoughts run rampant over her mind. As she opened the door to Brother Frank's office, she was met with the wide-eyed gazes of 5 freshmen boys and 3 sophomore boys. No other girls, no other upper-class students. Just these scrappy looking underclass boys, although she did seem to recognize 2 of the freshmen boys from the school bus ride she took in the morning and then back from school in the afternoon.

But they were just inconsequential losers, freshmen, pimply-faced with poorly fitting uniforms, who oogled every girl on the bus. She knew better than to even meet their gazes. As a senior and also one of the most stunning girls in school, she rarely gave any male student the pleasure of direct eye contact. Preferring instead to look above or away from them, she would only engage those she felt were of equal or better social status than herself.

As a preeminent senior, there were very few students who fell into this category, so most of the current student-body considered her an aloof, although hot, babe. Now she was embarrassed to even be in the same room, the same predicament, as these younger, dorky, students.

The same ones she regularly dismissed out of hand upon passing them in the school halls. Seeing the low-lifes she was in detention with, she immediately felt a sense of superiority. Yes, this would not be so bad, she at least would have some perceived authority over the losers in this group.

She sat on a chair at the far end of the 8 students in Brother Frank's office. Within a minute of Melissa taking her chair, Brother Frank walked in to the office.

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Wearing black body-length religious vestments over his thin frame and a pair of glasses, he looked detached and slightly amused due to the self-confident smirk on his face. Taking account of the 9 students in the office, he greeted the regulars: David, Brian, and Kevin - the sophomores.

"We just can't seem to convince you boys that there are better things to do on a Friday afternoon, can we?" He then scanned the freshmen in his office and welcomed them with his usual sarcasm: "I assume you boys were curious about what happens in detention at Our Lady of Holy Submission School, well you will soon find out and if I see you here again it will only get worse." Then his eyes met Melissa's, "What do we have here, a senior in detention?" Looking down at the roster Brother Frank saw Melissa's name on the list and saw Mr.

Meyers as the offended party. After reading the notes intently, he cast a sideways glance at Melissa and then to the rest of the students, "Well Melissa, it has been a while since we have had a young lady in Friday detention, much less a senior.

I should remind you that as a part of your admission to this esteemed institution we require your parents to sign a waiver and acceptance form for our disciplinary methods. And I have yours right here along with each of the other students in detention today." He gestured to a stack of papers that lay on the corner of his desk. "Any lack of cooperation on the part of any student during disciplinary measures will result in the immediate expulsion of said student.

Am I making myself clear?" All the students, including Melissa, gave an apprehensive nod of understanding. "Very good, then we shall commence with the required punishments. For our veterans, this will all be familiar, but for the benefit of our newcomers I will elucidate on the proceedings. It has been established through many psychological experiments that corporal punishment&hellip., and yes I said corporal punishment, which is allowed under our agreed to policy." Brother Frank paused for effect, and looked at each of the students for any signs of shock or objection.

Noting the dropping jaws of the freshmen and Melissa, and then continuing&hellip. "These documented experiments show that corporal punishment has the most lasting and effective results when administered to subjects when they receive it in front of their peers and without the benefit of modesty. So, in order to ensure that you remember well what bad behavior resulted in your detention today and to hopefully improve your behavior going forward, you will all remove your school uniforms, shoes, socks, and all under garments.

Each of you will receive corporal punishment in the form of a spanking administered either over my knee, over my desk, or both. This will be based on my judgement of the facts and the effects I see it having on your behavior. I reserve the right to modify punishments should I notice any truculence on the part of any student while they are receiving their punishment." Brother Frank scanned the roster and then said "Mr.

Forster, can you tell me what truculence means?" Blake Foster, a freshman at Our Lady of Holy Submission School and first timer to Friday detention, nervously replied "Sir it means not following the rules." Brother Frank shook his head and with that icy stare and stated "You are very perceptive Mr.

Foster, but to clarify it means acting in a belligerent manner. In our context today it would mean defying my authority. Now that we are clear, you will all rise from your desks and remove all of your clothes." Aghast at the prospect of disrobing in front of all these students and Brother Frank, Melissa got weak in the knees and thought about protesting to Brother Frank. But after a moment's consideration and seeing the waivers on his desk, she slumped in her chair, resigned to the embarrassing situation she was now in.

Still, her mind tried to replay the events that had led up to this predicament. She knew she had written that report and had put it in her backpack at the breakfast table. She then went to upstairs to her room to fetch her make-up case and returned to the table and then put her backpack on and went straight to the school bus. The only one who was around was her younger brother, Matt, who was taking his time eating breakfast.

She then wondered what motivation Matt would have to steal her report and get her in such trouble at school. Thinking back to the prior week when her parents had gone out to the cinema and put her in charge of the Matt as babysitter, she remembered that she had a run in with him that evening. She was on the phone with her girlfriend Amy and they had been talking about the upcoming senior prom for about 30 minutes.

When the call ended she walked into the living room and found Matt watching a pay-per-view porn movie while stroking his exposed cock. Melissa was shocked and disgusted at the sight. She grabbed the remote and turned the TV off. "Hey, I was watching that!" Matt protested. "That is gross and I am going to tell mom & dad on you. And put that thing back in your pants you perv!" gesturing to his excited cock. Then she turned and walked out of the room, leaving Matt to try and squeeze his hard penis back into his jeans.

Quickly fastening his jeans he ran after her to try and negotiate but just then their parents returned from the cinema. Melissa was first to greet them and the next thing out of her mouth was the account of Matt masturbating to a pay-per-view movie. Mom and dad were horrified at the news. Having tried to raise Melissa and Matt in a religious household with strict rules they could hardly grasp the concept of Matt masturbating in the living room. Getting their heads around the awful news, mom grabbed Matt by his wrist and pulled him over her knee as she quickly sat on a chair in the kitchen.

Dumbfounded, Melissa and her father watched as mom pulled Matt's pants and undies down, exposing his ass to the whole family. "No mom! Not in front of Melissa! Make her leave!" Matt yelled. "You didn't seem to mind her seeing you masturbate in the living room, so now she can see the punishment you will get for your wicked ways!" Then mom started yelling at him about the devil taking over his mind and simultaneously delivered a shower of slaps to his naked ass.

Matt howled at the intense punishment and the sting of his mom's hand on his ass. She continued spanking his bottom until it was a bright pink, for what seemed like 10 minutes. Melissa just stood and watched no more than 3 or 4 feet from Matt's feet.

She noticed that her mom got into a rhythm with her spanks. And that Matt was acquiring the same rhythm as his ass went up to meet her slaps and then thrust down after receiving each one. His legs started to open up and Melissa saw his cock was fully erect and it seemed to be thrusting right between her mom's thighs.

She noticed her mom was perspiring and starting to get flushed in the face. Melissa assumed it was the exertion of the spanking that was causing her mom to flush. Then her mom stopped the spanking and rested her hand on Matt's ass and started to gently caress it.

Matt, however, continued his up and down motion with even more vigor. Thrusting his throbbing cock between his mom's legs. Melissa had a perfect view as her mom ran then finger nails slowly between Matt's ass cheeks and to his balls. Then Matt heaved and groaned loudly and Melissa saw his ass cheeks clench. Then he shuddered violently and exhaled "Oh my god!" Melissa saw her mom's thighs close tightly around Matt's cock as he shook.

Both Matt and mom were drained from the event. Mom wiped the perspiration from her forehead and patted Matt's ass gently and told him to rise up. When he did, Melissa and her father saw the semen dripping from Matt's deflating penis and onto her mom's lap. "Next time I catch you doing the devil's work young man I will spank you even harder.

Now let that be a lesson to you." Matt was hardly able to keep his balance when he stood up. He sheepishly looked over at Melissa and his father and pulled his underwear and his pants back on. Although Matt had been thoroughly embarrassed by the event, and clearly excited, Melissa also got a tingling sensation in her naughty parts. She replayed the event in her head many times over the past week and was so excited that she almost touched herself with a sinful intent.

But being a good religious girl she forced those thoughts out of her mind before things got out of control. She would never let the devil rule her actions and was proud to have only touched herself there when she showered, and only for cleaning purposes. But recalling that night now made her consider the idea that Matt had set her up.

That little brat! When i get home I am going to make his life miserable! "Melissa, wake up and stop dawdling. Remove you clothes now!" Brother Frank's orders snapped her back to her current predicament.

Looking around she saw that all the students had removed their clothes and were naked. They were lined up for Brother Frank who was sitting ramrod straight in his chair beside his desk at the front of the room.

Surveying these nude underclass freshmen and sophomores she noted that they were all trim with perky asses. She tried not to stare too long at their penises, but it was not a sight she had ever imagined seeing.

The 8 boys were looking intently at her in what seemed to be electric anticipation. As her eyes passed over them she noticed several of the penises were becoming erect. "Melissa…now" Brother Frank insisted. She turned her back to the students and started untied her school scarf, then she unbuttoned her blouse, her fingers trembling as she got closer to the bottom button. Then she unbuttoned the cuffs and removed her blouse, exposing her back to the students.

Then she removed her shoes, socks, and finally unzipped her tartan skirt.


She thought she could hear the boys breathing but tried to put it out of her mind. In just her bra and panties she hesitated and looked over her shoulder at the underclassmen. She now saw 8 raging erections pointing back at her, she shot a look over to Brother Frank who remained un-phased.

"We are going to be here all afternoon Melissa if you do not hurry and get those under-garments off." Melissa was not only worried about this situation, she was now starting to feel that tingling again in her naughty parts. She reached her arms behind her back and unhooked her bra.

Then she hooked her thumbs under her panty waistband and slid them down to her lower thighs. She clearly heard several boys exhale as her perky round ass was exposed to them. She raised up each leg to remove her panties, taking careful measure to reduce her exposure to the boys. She then wrapped one arm around her breasts and put her other hand over her pubic area.

Fully nude, she turned to face the boys and get in line for the punishment. Last in line, she kept as much distance as she could from the boy in front of her, the freshman Blake Foster. "Very good, now Kevin come here and put yourself over my knee." Kevin was one of the 3 sophomores and was still sporting a raging hard-on, as were the rest of the boys, as he tried to lay over Brother Franks lap.

It was an awkward scene as Brother Frank kept his legs together and forcing Kevin's erection go up against his abdomen as he lay down over Brother Franks lap. Brother Frank then enumerated the transgressions that Kevin had committed to land him in this detention and with no warning started delivering hard spanks to Kevin's ass. His buttocks reverberated with each slap and a visible handprint was left on each cheek as the disciplinarian went to work on purging the sophomore's soul of the devil.

After 5 minutes of hard spanking Brother Kevin released the boy and instructed him to stand next to the chair as the next offender was brought forward. Robert was the next sophomore to receive punishment. Melissa let her eyes rise up to witness the spanking. She noted that Robert was the most well-developed of all the students in detention.

Very athletic and almost as tall as she was. Robert's erection had subsided as he saw Kevin's punishment, but even flacid Melissa could tell he was large. Brother Frank seemed to spank Robert extra hard and the boy's legs started to kick a bit as his ass became red. "If you keep this flailing up Robert I will have to put you over the desk.

Do you want that?" Robert was choking back tears as he said "No sir, I'll keep my legs under control." After a few more excruciating minutes, Robert's punishment was over and he was instructed to stand next to Kevin. Both of whom were now directly next to Brother Frank and had a bird-eye view of the spankings.

Melissa was starting to feel the heat in her palm that was covering her pussy. And she was having some trouble getting the naughty thoughts out of her mind as she watched each of these boys get spanked. It reminded her of Matt's spanking last week. She tried to put the scene out of her mind by silently reciting prayers. Keeping her eyes closed and her head filled with religious recitations seemed to be working, she felt the tingling subsiding.

"Melissa!" The word broke her from her trance. "It is your turn young lady to receive your punishment." said Brother Frank. She hadn't realized how much time had passed.

Looking over at Brother Frank, she saw the 8 students lined up directly next to his chair. They would all have an unfettered view of her ass being spanked. She looked at their penises and they were all fully erect with anticipation.

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Oh no, she realized that suddenly the tingling feeling was happening again between her legs. Trying to put on a brave face and disregard the strange reactions her body was having, she waddled across the room, keeping her arm over her breasts and her other hand firmly over her pussy. She stood next to Brother Frank and was within a foot of the boys who had just gotten punished. "Remove your hands from in front your body and lay over my lap." Brother Frank instructed.

She removed her hands and placed them on Brother Frank's thigh as she tried to quickly lay over his lap and reduce the amount of exposure to the boys. Then she was in position, her torso over his lap and her hands holding on to the legs of his chair.

She felt his cold hand rest on her back, it made her flinch a bit. Then Brother Frank started to list her transgressions that Mr. Meyers had written in his report. Then she braced herself for what she knew was coming. Although, never having been spanked before, she expected it to hurt as she saw the detention students and her brother get theirs.

But Brother Frank seemed to be taking his time with her. She flinched again as she felt his other cold hand come into contact with her ass. But it wasn't a spank, he just rested it there as he continued to lecture her on the values of a religious education and the importance of getting assignments in on time.

She knew he was speaking but she was not listening, she was focused on his hands on her nude body. She felt his hand on her ass gently squeeze her cheek and then she clearly felt his fingers tracing around her ass.

She imagined what the boys all around her were witnessing. A naked senior girl laying over the lap of a religious Brother while his hand was slowly moving around her perky ass. Melissa bit her lower lip and tried hard to control the naughty thoughts that were flooding her mind.

She glanced briefly over her shoulder and saw a sight that didn't help her endeavor. The 8 detention students all had their mouths open and their eyes glued to her ass as the vice-principal caressed it.

Their cocks were all throbbing and twitching and the freshmen Blake was rubbing his cock slowly hoping Brother Frank wouldn't notice.

Melissa put her head down and tried to clench her ass cheeks and keep her legs tightly closed. But she could only manage that for a few seconds before she had to relax. And then the tingling would get stronger each time. She remembered Matt rubbing his cock to the pay-per-view porn and a wave of naughty thoughts rushed through her mind.

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Was she now like a porn star? Causing boys to lose control and masturbate as if they were possessed by the devil. Suddenly, the caressing stopped and she felt a sharp slap on her ass. It stung and forced her to yelp in pain and arch her back. "Melissa, I think that you will make a strong impression on these young lads. Seeing a senior girl getting punished for missing critical assignments is not something they will ever forget.

Likewise, I think that having witnesses to your punishment will make you think twice about your sinful and errant ways." Brother Frank observed. But Melissa was too focused on the naughty thoughts now to consider life lessons.

She was imaging the view that the freshman Blake had of her, he had probably never seen a naked girl before and now he was seeing one of the most beautiful ones at Our Lady of Holy Submission School being spanked naked not more that a foot or two away. She imagined her own humiliation from his eyes and she convulsed slightly on Brother Frank's lap.

Another sharp spank made her buck and kick her leg as the sting on her ass cheek radiated around her ass and made her pussy tingle more. Melissa was now flush in her face and chest and she was starting to perspire.

Worse, she felt a distinct moisture developing between her legs. It didn't help that after every couple of spanks Brother Frank would caress her ass and each time his fingers were getting closer to her ass crack.

She felt goosebumps all over her body and now was starting to give into the naughty temptations. She wondered if Blake would ejaculate if she opened her legs slightly. And with the next slap that Brother Frank delivered to her she kicked her leg but didn't bring it back fully closed. Her feet were now about 10 inches apart and her ass was raised up on Brother Frank's lap. She wondered what it must look like to the boys who stood right behind her.

Then she felt Brother Frank's fingers slowly sliding across her ass and this time they touched the top of her ass crack. Melissa was so turned on now that she opened her legs a bit further and slid further forward on Brother Frank's lap. It was clear to Brother Frank that Melissa was starting to have an intense sexual response to his punishment. He gazed down at the beautiful girl laying across his lap, her hips thrust up, her legs opening up with his every touch.

He knew all the boys were within minutes of ejaculating and he saw most of them trying to rub their cocks out of his view. As a religious brother he was not immune to the devil. And sometimes, he did give in to temptation. This time he thought he definitely would give in to temptation. Glancing back at the detention boys he broke his role and gave an evil smile at them. Then he slid his fingers slowly down Melissa's ass crack. He knew it would drive some of the boys over the edge, especially as his fingers approached and then made contact with her now wet and engorged pussy lips.

Slowly he grazed his fingers over her asshole and then kept sliding them lower. Melissa's legs opened wide. Then his fingers came into contact with the back of her pussy lips.

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As this happened Melissa let out a strong sexual moan and arched her back. Brother Frank looked at the boys and saw Blake jerking his rock hard cock of and then saw him shoot his load onto the floor while moaning.

All the other boys were now masturbating full force seeing this hot senior girl's pussy and seeing it touched by a man. Melissa was on the verge of an orgasm herself. She looked back just in time to see Blake's cum erupt from his cock. That visual stimulation on top of Brother Frank's fingers on her pussy was taking her to a sexual height she had never dared imagine. But then Brother Frank stopped. Removed is hands from Melissa and told her to stand.

In a strong sexual haze, Melissa tried to gain her balance as she rose up from Brother Frank's lap. "Melissa, my hand is getting sore from all this spanking. You will now go and lean over my desk to receive the remainder of your punishment.

Boys, I will require your assistance. Kevin, please go across my desk and grab Melissa's wrists and hold them as she receives her punishment. Remember Kevin, she is a senior and probably has some strength compared to your sophomore body. So, hold tight. Blake, I need you to hold Melissa's right leg steady as she seems to kick with that one. Likewise Blake, remember you are just a freshman and you should hold strongly as she is 3 year older than you. Lastly, Robert I would like you to administer the rest of the punishment to Melissa.

You seem athletic and strong enough to spank her properly. The rest of your boys will observe and take a lesson so that you don't make the same transgressions that Melissa has. I will make sure the punishment gets under way and then I have to run a few errands but I will be back in 30 minutes." Melissa's head was swimming in both shock and ecstasy.

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Her spanking over Brother Frank's lap had gotten her so excited and wet that she was disappointed he had stopped just as she was getting close to orgasm. And now she was to be held and spanked by the other detention students, fully nude, without any faculty being present! Unable to comprehend the magnitude of the situation, she simply followed Brother Frank's orders and positioned herself leaning forward over his desk.

Kevin was on the other side of the desk to greet her. He grabbed her wrists and held them onto the desk as he stared at her breasts. Her nipples were fully erect and were tantalizing to him. He wanted to touch them but figured he would wait for Brother Frank to leave the room before trying.

Then Melissa felt a hand on her calf and another on her thigh, she looked back and saw Blake kneeling next to her right leg and grinning widely. His face was just inches from her ass and she could feel his breath on it. She also felt his erect penis rubbing against her calf. Then she felt a larger hand take hold of her hip.

Looking back on her left side she saw Robert standing behind her getting into position to spank her. She also felt Robert's erect penis touching her left thigh. When all the students were in position Brother Frank told Robert to proceed and Robert slapped Melissa's bare ass. Melissa could immediately feel the difference. Brother Frank's hands were larger and his spanks more confident and powerful.

Robert was tentative and had smaller hands. "Spank her like you mean it Robert." Brother Frank interjected. "How many times has Melissa ignored you or made fun of you and the underclassmen? Treated you like you were unworthy for her even to acknowledge? This is your chance to get some payback for all the insults boy!" With that encouraging reminder Robert spanked her again, this time with some anger and it resulted in a nice red hand print on Melissa's gorgeous ass.

She tried to kick her leg but could move it as Blake had his arm wrapped around it. He took advantage of her attempted kick to adjust his grip so that his upper fingers were now just inches from Melissa's pussy.

Robert was now hitting his stride and started telling Melissa all the insults she had inflicted upon him and delivering strong spanks with each one.

"This is for laughing at me when I asked you to dance with me at the Halloween Dance!" --Slap-- "This is for manipulating me out of my lunch money last week!" --Slap-- "This is for being such a hot tease walking around in your cheerleader costume in front of the freshmen and sophomores!" --Slap-.

All of these recollections and the angry spanks were having a strong effect on Melissa. She was getting turned on by the humiliation and the control that the young underclassmen had over her now.

"Yes, I've been mean to you Robert and to the other freshmen and sophomores. I deserve to be punished, spank me!" --Slap-- "Oh yes, I've been a naughty tease to you!" --Slap-- Melissa was losing any attempt at self-control now.

She opened her legs wide apart and raised her ass up.

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At this moment Brother Frank excused himself and told the students to continue with the punishment until they saw fit. As soon as the door closed, Blake took advantage and slid his fingers onto Melissa's pussy. Melissa's head shot up and she met Kevin's eyes. She moaned to him "Oohh god, Blake is touching my pussy!" And Kevin then release one of her wrists and moved his hand onto her erect nipples and began rubbing them.

"OHH NOOO! You are just underclassmen and you are going to make me cum!" --Slap-- Robert delivered another hard spank to Melissa on her now pink bottom. Kevin took Melissa's other wrist and guided her hand to his erect cock which she quickly started to rub. After all the anger that had erupted from Robert and his remembering the insults that he received from Melissa and the incredible satisfaction he had received from spanking her bare ass, he was over come with lust.

All the other students ware cheering as he spanked Melissa and now he absolutely had to fuck her. Melissa was so turned on by the humiliation and the stimulation that she had her legs open wide while she was bent over Brother Frank's desk. Robert took his cock and boldly slid it into Melissa's dripping wet pussy. Robert started to bang her hard doggy-style over the desk. Melissa was climaxing "Ohh Godd! You're fucking me and I'm fucking cumming! She continued masturbating Kevin who could no longer take the excitement and exploded into her hand with a jet of semen.

All the other students were around the desk jerking off to the scene of Robert fucking Melissa from behind on Brother Frank's desk. As Melissa came she bucked her hips into Robert and he could no longer hold back.

He thrust hard into her and exploded jizz inside her. After a minute of heavy breathing and recovery, Melissa leaned back and kissed Robert passionately over her shoulder. All the students stumbled back to their desks and put their uniforms back on a and as they sat down Brother Frank returned to the room.

"Detention is over for today, enjoy your weekend!"