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Naruto:Kyuubi Secrets Ch.3: The Kyuubi's 3rd Form ******************************************** Well, I hope that you guys are so far liking the story. I also just want to say that if I get some comments, I can most likely improve my stories.

So yeah. Oh, and I also want to inform you guys that this is the first of many chapters that contain sex. If you don't like that stuff, then maybe you should just altogether forget this story, but the again, if you don't like that stuff, why would you be here? (; ******************************************** When Naruto awoke the next day, he got out of bed, and went for a run.

He ran 3 miles, before turning around and returning, resulting in a total of six miles. When he got back to the apartment, he was greeted by the sight of Nya and Kubo, sitting on the table eating raw meat.

"Hey guys," Naruto said, panting, as he made his way to the bathroom. "Hi Naruto," Nya replied kindly as she ripped of a chunk of meat and swallowed it whole. Naruto quickly entered the bathroom, then the shower.

As he used the sponge to massage the soap into his tan skin. When he finished applying the shampoo to his hair, he quickly rinsed off, and got out of the shower. After he wrapped a towel around his waist, so that it hung just below his knees, he walked out of the bathroom. He saw Kubo still eating, and Nya was resting on the bed, reading a tourist pamphlet. "Hey, are we practicing today?" Naruto asked as he went over to his dresser, and got a new pair of clothes.

Kubo looked up and said through a mouth filled with raw meat,"Yeah, we'll go out when you're done." "Ok," Naruto replied, as he returned to the bathroom, and proceeded to change into his clothes. When he was finished, Naruto, Nya, and Kubo set out for their small training field. "So, today I've decided that Nya and I will show you, another one of our talents," Kubo said, as he outstretched his paws, then stood.

Nya looked at Kubo confusedly asked,"Our we showing him 'the third form'?" "Yes, Nya. We're showing him Kyuubi 3," Kubo said with a sigh.

"Ok, well, let's get on with it!" Naruto said excitedly."This 'Kyuubi 3' form sounds like it's awesome!" Kubo grunted as two chakra tendrils extended out of his chakra shield, as well as two extended from Nya's chakra shield. The tendrils then took the form of two sets of human hands.


As Naruto stood there dumbfounded, both sets of hands quickly clapped out identical sets of hand seals. As they both stopped at the 'monkey' seal, a dark chakra shell surrounded each fox, then became so that the inside could not be seen.

Both shells began spinning, then stopped a couple seconds later, exploding in a flash of red light. As Naruto recovered from the unexpected flash, he saw in Nya and Kubo's place, the shape of two humans.

"So THIS is 'Kyuubi 3' form?" Naruto asked, obviously confused.

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Nya giggled as she replied,"Yes, Naruto. This is the Kyuubi's third form." As Naruto observed the two Kyuubi siblings, he noticed only two odd things. They both had a red-tinted eye colors, and slightly sharper teeth. But besides that, Nya was a normal height redhead, who had a rather large chest for her appeared age.

Kubo was tall and well built, with an overcoat that came down to his ankles. He had blonde hair and a quantity of scrolls strapped to his leg. "This is really cool, guys," Naruto stared in amazement. Kubo only nodded, then said,"It gets better. But to show you that, we have to do it at night, or else it won't work, and will most likely very much injure you." Naruto nodded, then asked energetically,"Can we start training now?" Kubo only mumbled as Nya began laughing, with which Naruto soon after joined in.

******************************************** 10 hours later. Naruto stood there, bent over wheezing, while Nya and Kubo just stood there, showing that they had barely even broken a sweat. "How the hell do you guys do this?" Naruto gasped, clutching his side. "Well, Naruto, we've been around a lot longer than you have, so we know lots of methods to conserve our energy," Nya replied as she sat down. "Yeah," Kubo agreed, as he too sat down."Oh, and by the way, practice is over." "Thank God," Naruto said, as he fell backwards, straight onto his back.

So, from there, Naruto, Nya, and Kubo made their way back to the apartment. After they took their respective showers, Naruto took them out and treated them to Nya and Kubo's first bowl of ramen.

"So," Nya said, through a mouthful of ramen,"This is your favorite meal?" "Yeah, I've loved ramen for, like, forever," Naruto replied. "Hey, Naruto. You know that skill I was telling you about?" Kubo asked as he put down his chopsticks. "Yeah, can I see it now?" Naruto asked anxiously. Kubo looked over at Nya, then back to Naruto, and said,"Well, first you should probably tellJiraiya you won't be at the room all night." As they all stood and left the ramen stand, Nya nodded and added,"This 'skill' will require you to enter a place called 'The CloudScape'.

It will probably take an hour to reach it, considering it will be your first time traveling there." "Yeah," Kubo said."Once we arrive at the CloudScape, we will be in a place known among the biiju as 'Gallery Square'." "Ok, so I'll be there all night?" Naruto asked.

"Yep," Both Kyuubi siblings answered him in unison.

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"Well, will there be at least a place for me to sleep?" Naruto said. Nya laughed and said,"You'll see!!!" ******************************************** All three of the people sat in a triangle shape, and in the center sat a partially opened scroll. "So, Naruto, are you ready for your first CloudImmersion?" Nya asked as she laid down the hand seal directions.

"I'm ready, Nya," He replied nervously. "Ok, just follow my lead," Nya said as she began forming the hand seals. Naruto quickly dropped in directly behind her, and when they ended on the 'hare' seal, the scroll began glowing, and suddenly the light exploded, covering the room, and absorbed every line, every piece of furniture, and every door and window. After all that was left was the yellow light surrounding them, Naruto felt as though his chakra was being drained, and being replaced by a new power he had never felt before.

Once an hour had passed, the light suddenly condensed, into the center of the triangle, and quickly formed a glowing scroll. As Naruto's eyes adjusted, fitting itself to match the frequency of the normal-lighted atmosphere, he rubbed his hands over his closed eyes. Once his eyes finally adjusted, he stood and saw that he was standing in a magnificent village square, with 8 houses, each one bigger than the next, and a large painting of an old man, wearing a long, dark blue cloak, who was surrounded by nine smiling animals, all of which had somewhat human characteristics.

But the most incredible thing was the road that lead to an amazingly built mansion, surrounded by a solid steel gate-wall, and in the center, on the large gate entrance, was a huge emblem of the famous swirl symbol, the Uzumaki symbol. "Wow," Naruto muttered, dumbfounded."What is this place?" "This is Gallery Square," Kubo replied as his hand grazed the large painting.

"What are all the houses for?" He asked, still transfixed on the magnificent mansion. "All these house are in case you just happen to have a second or even a third biiju sealed inside you. Each house is for its respective biiju, and each house is more elegant than the next."Nya answered."Can you guess who the mansion belongs to?" Naruto thought for a second, then said slowly,"It's the Kyuubi's, right?" "Yes," Kubo said as he sprinted as fast as he could towards the mansion.

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"Does he always do that?" Naruto asked looking at Nya. Nya looked over at him and said,"Yes, and I don't blame him. We haven't been here in forever. Thank you, Naruto," She said then hugged him before running off in pursuit of her brother.

Naruto smiled as he slowly made his way to the mansion. ******************************************** Even after being shown his awesome room, and laying on his amazingly comfy bed, Naruto still couldn't sleep.

So, he ventured out of his room, and soon came upon the living room. It was absolutely beautiful, with an amazing arch that rested at least 20 feet above Naruto, and a huge fireplace, with a supremely comfortable couch that rested in front of it. After he was done enjoying the living room, he once again made his way out and began aimlessly wandering around the mansion. That's when he came across Nya's room. Not knowing that it was her room, he slowly opened the door, and what he saw shocked but almost brought him to an orgasm.

There, lying on the bed, was Nya with all of her clothes removed, and her hand between her legs, slowly rubbing her clit. As Naruto retreated to behind the door, he heard hermoaning and groaning, as well as saying things that Naruto couldn't hear. He looked from behind the door, and started to pick up things he had never noticed before, like how amazing her body was. For the first time, he saw that she had an amazing hourglass shape, and large, but perky, tits.

Nya's beautiful red hair splayed across her toned stomach as her hand quickening its pace, and she began moaning loudly. The suspense was killing him as Naruto leaned in further, in attempted to her the moans of Nya. "Naruto.," Was all he heard as he gasped silently, and was breathless for a second.


'Did she just say my name?' Naruto wondered, as it was answered by yet another one of Nya's moans. Naruto looked down and saw the huge bulge in his pants; this was the hardest he had ever been. Just then, Nya's back arched, and she let out a scream as her body shuddered, then after a moment fell back down in content.

Naruto quickly closed the door and ran back to his room, where he spent the rest of the night restlessly thinking about Nya's perfect body, and the fact that it seemed she was ready to give it to him.

******************************************** "So, how was your sleep, Naruto?" Nya asked as she placed a plate with eggs on it on front of him. Naruto nervously took the plate and replied,"It was, interesting." Nya looked on in confusion as Kubo slid into the kitchen and said,"What's for breakfast, Sis?" "I made eggs," Nya said, thrusting a plate at him.

Naruto just sat in silence, eating, while the siblings had a weird conversation about how awkward the 8-tails was in person. After they had all finished eating, they set out and stopped at Gallery Square. "So, Naruto, I've decided that we're going to show you our own personal training ground," Kubo said, as he cracked his knuckles.

"Ok, sounds cool," Naruto said as Kubo turned around to face the painting. He began to preform hand seals at an unreal pace, then finished by slamming his palms onto the stone. Kubo quickly pulled his hands away as the painting rippled like water, and took the image of a grassy plain. He took a step forward, then stepped through the painting, disappearing. A second later, his arm reached through and motioned for Nya and Naruto to follow. ******************************************** Naruto just stood there in wonderment as Nya ran, laughing, down to the magnificent field.

Naruto surveyed the breath-taking stadium; a mixture of grassy plains, a jungle-like forest, and a quantity of levitated platforms, clearly for ninjutsu training and making.

He then ran down to meet with Nya and Kubo, who were standing in the plain. "Naruto, welcome to Kyuubi Grounds," Nya said excitedly as Kubo got up off of the ground and shook of the grass. "Well, I think that this reunion to the Kyuubi Grounds call for a mock battle, Nya?" He asked as he pulled a scroll off the leg-holster, and cut it open.

"That sounds good," Nya replied."What do you think, Naruto?" "Oh, I think it sounds fine," Naruto nervously replied, inching away from Nya. "Uhm, Ok." Nya said as both her and Kubo jumped up onto their respective platforms.

Naruto quickly followed them, and soon after Kubo yelled out,"Fight!" And all three were off. Naruto sat there hiding in the trees as he saw Kubo run past, an thin, but lethal-looking, red blade in his hand. Instead of risking it, Naruto stayed put, and waited for him to pass before Naruto emerged from his hiding spot. He slowly crept into the center of the area, and looked around.

Just then, he saw a flash of red and silver, and looked up just in time to see Nya dive at him, with a kunai out, ready to slice. Naruto quickly pulled out a kunai of his own, just in time to block the oncoming attack. As Nya and Naruto stood there, with their faces, inches away from each other's, Nya looked into Naruto's eyes and asked,"Why are you treating me all weird?" Naruto, avoiding her stare, replied,"I'm not." "Bull shit," Nya said as she took her free hand and began performing a thread of one-handed hand seals, before stopping abruptly, as the air became 10 times hotter, then returned to normal, but the pair were standing, not on the field, but in Nya's bedroom.

Naruto quickly staggered away from Nya and said,"What do you want?" Nya looked at him and answered,"Why are you treating me weird? Did I do something?" Naruto looked at her and said,"I'm sorry, Nya." "For what?" "Well, last night I was wandering around, and I came across your room." "Oh, God," Nya said as she put her head in her hands.

"And I saw you doing. Something." "Naruto." "But even though I knew it was wrong, I didn't look away." "Naruto, stop." "And then, I heard you say my name, and I understood." "Naruto! Shut Up!!!" Nya yelled at him, with tears in her eyes.

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"I'm sorry," Naruto silently said as he drooped his head. "Naruto," Nya said, as she walked over to him and lifted his head, looking into his eyes. "Nya, I'm so sorry. I'm just like Ero-Sennin," He said, crestfallen. "Naruto, I love you," Nya said as she hugged him, then kissed him square on the lips.

Naruto just looked on in surprise, as he closed his eyes, and hugged and kissed Nya back as she melted into his arms. They stood there kissing in silence as Naruto's and Nya's tongues danced in erratic patterns in the opposite's mouth. When they pulled back for air, Nya looked into his eyes, and said,"Naruto, I've loved you forever.

Ever since you had matured, I noticed how amazing and brave and sincere you were, and I just thought,'I absolutely love this guy'," Nya said gasping for breath as she propped herself up on Naruto's hip as she continued to kiss him, then lead him to the bed, where she fell onto him, and looked down into his eyes. "Wow, Nya. You are beautiful," Naruto said as played with Nya's hair as she giggled and placed her hands on his chest.

"Mmm, Naruto," Nya said, as she began to undo his pants." I want you really, really bad right now." Naruto panicked as he quickly lifted her off of him, and said,"No, Nya, I can't do that." Nya looked down and sadly said,"You don't love me, Naruto?" "No, no, that's not true, Nya.

I just can't do that right now," Naruto replied."That should be for someone I'm going to spend my life with." "Fine," Nya huffed, as she stood, and pushed him against the wall."But remember, I will always. Be ready, so when you look for a girl, don't you dare count me out," and kissed him sensually on the lips. After she broke the kiss, she got off of Naruto, and returned them both to the field, where they all finished the mock battle. ******************************************** Well, that was chapter 3, guys!!

Hope you enjoyed it, and much more to cum! Like a time-lapse of two years, and Nya is getting restless!!! Just remember, keep checking in, I'll hopefully be able to post another story every couple of days!!!


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