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Super babe dillan has cute pouty dick sucking lips
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Tim looked behind as he and the girls left Jim in the capable hands of Cindy. He smiled as he knew his son was in for a wild time with that little one. Turning his attention back to his group, he saw he was falling behind the others. Not that it was a bad place to be as he watched each of the girls' asses bounce ahead of him. While their attention was on their guide, his dick was rearing its head up to watch their asses too.

The grove of trees was thick but only about 500 yards deep. Soon, they came to a gate at the end of the path. Opening it, Mr. Thompson ushered the girls and Tim through. When it closed again, Tim noticed a sign on this side saying "PRIVATE: FAMILY ORIENTATION IN PROGRESS". This was part of the resort's seclusion process to allow newcomers to gradually get comfortable within their family unit before exposing them to other guests.

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Mr. Thompson led them up to the central lodge. Climbing the stairs to the office, they got a good view of the expanse of the resort. Below the lodge was a gentle grassy slope leading down to a pristine beach of sand.

Backing up to the woods on either side of the lawn, were a series of bungalows. People were lounging around and playing lawn games below, mostly in full nudity.

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Some did wear hats, and some had towels wrapped casually around their necks. People greeted them with a nod as they walked by, but paid no real attention to their nudity.

Tracey jabbed Amber in the side and pointed down to the far side of the beach. A couple, looked like an old guy and young girl, were openly fucking on a blanket with others walking past them without a side glance.

Tracey asked Mr. Thompson if this was all part of the resort. He said that they actually owned all the land surrounding the lake. The main facilities were here, but there were a few more seclusion cabins hidden in the woods.

There was also a general store down at the gate entrance for members and travelers. He did warn them that clothing was optional in all areas except the general store. Winking, he added, "We get a lot of gawkers down at the store who. They just want to peep on the 'crazy nudists in the woods'. We can't give them a free show." He pointed out an informational center where they could get a map of the area and schedules for social events. He led them inside to a lobby desk. Behind the desk was a kind, old woman who he introduced as his wife.

Mr. Thompson introduced Tim and Amber Drake to her. As she shook his hand, Mrs. Thompson gave Tim a full inspection from his toes to the top of his head. She gave Amber a quick hug, and then turned to Tracey.

"And this must be one of John Duke's other sisters.", she said and then added, "Well, now that you have seen the place, I hope we see more of you when your brother comes next time." Tracey nodded in agreement. Mrs. Thompson looked puzzled and turned to fetch a card out of her file.

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"I thought there was another member of your party, a young boy," she observed. Mr. Thompson said the boy had stayed back at the cabin and Cindy stayed to keep him company. Mrs. Thompson said yes that sounded like something her daughter would do, keep all the young boys to herself. As if on cue, two young boys came running into the lobby and up to Mrs. Thompson. She scolded them for running before turning to introduce them as her sons, Josh and Pete.

Amber was amazed at how good looking Josh was. Rugged of body and handsome of face with a sizable cock even while limp. Pete on the other hand was a little on the scrawny side with glasses, not bad looking just plain.

Josh wasted no time in giving Amber a hug and planting a kiss on her lips. Pete, meanwhile, simply extended his hand for a gentlemanly handshake with Tracey.

Taking charge, Josh asked Amber is she would like to go over to the snack bar for a soda. She laughed, "I would, but I seemed to have left my money in my other pants." Mr.

Thompson piped in not to worry as all refreshments were included in the price. Everything was taken care of; equipment fees, golf fees for golfers, meals, etc.

Everything that was except souvenirs and purchases at the general store he added. Amber smiled and took Josh's hand. As they turned to leave, Josh turned around and said, "Why don't you join us, sir?" to her father. Tim deferred, but Josh insisted. Meanwhile Tracey and Pete had wandered over to a corner and were talking about video games.

Tim shrugged and joined Josh and Amber heading over to the snack bar. Amber scowled at her father for tagging along.

Pete took their departure as an opening to invite Tracey upstairs to his room to see his video game collection. Tracey laughed and said, "My brother always warned me to watch out for men who invite me up to see their etchings." Pete replied, "Yes, but did he tell you to refuse or to go with them?" Tracey laughed and took Pete's hand with a flourish to lead the way. When they got upstairs, Tracey was impressed by Pete's room. Dominating the room was a 60" flat screen tv. Connected to it was a Sony PS3 game system with a whole wall of video games.

She walked over to the selection and pulled one off the shelf. It was a hit game she was familiar with but a new version she didn't even know was on the market. Turning to Pete, she asked how he got a hold of this. Pete explained that one of the regular guests was the family of the top executive of that company, and the wife convinced her husband to send him all the games in development to try out.

They paid him pretty well for his review of each game which enabled him to furnish the room with the best. He pointed to his computer setup and started to rattle off the specs to impress her.

Tracey was impressed. Pete was smart and talented and using it to make money. She could really like a guy like this. Walking over to him, she put her arms around his neck and drew him in for a kiss. As soon as their lips met, their tongues darted out to meet. His hands rubbed gently up and down her spine. Despite her initial assessment of him as a techno nerd, she had to admit he was a great kisser and confident in his actions.

Before she even realized what she was doing, he had her pressed against him on the bed. From somewhere, he activated some type of control. The room was transformed. A gentle, warm breeze blew across the bed with the smell of lilacs, birds chirped in the distance, and she swore she could hear a babbling brook.

Coming up for air, she started to move down to suck his rising dick when he stopped her. She started to speak, but he put a finger on her lips to silence her. Then he took the lead by kissing down the length of her body. Tracey had to admit his tender touch was turning her on tremendously. Pete swiveled around to place his head at her crotch. However, before diving into her muff, he directed her gaze to the big screen tv. There in high definition was her body stretched out on the bed with him poised to eat her out.

She watched as he dropped his head into her spread groin. The first touch of his tongue on her pussy was just the tip of it flickering out like a snake to touch and recede and retouch in another area. It was an amazing tactic she had never heard of. Every once in a while, he would take a long lap from the base of her pussy lips to the hidden clit at the top of her slit. Not the usual lap of a man licking a pussy, but more like a guy licking an ice cream cone.

His tongue would be flat and wide as it trailed up her, almost like a dog would lick your hand. She watched his head in the tv as it moved in her crotch and could match the sensations in her pussy to the direction his head was heading.

Soon the snake flickers began to linger longer and be more forceful. They started to work the tip of his tongue into her slit. Yet, every time her pussy lips would start to open to him, he would close them again with his dog lapping. Her clit started to poke out of its hood, and every time his tongue reached the top; it would push it up and then let it fall back down like he was thumbing it.

Soon even her closed pussy lips could not contain the buildup of juices coming from her vagina as a trickle ran down her ass crack. Pete responded by grabbing her pussy lips with his hand in a grip to seal them tight and moved up to suck wildly on her clit.

The more her juices tried to escape, the harder he tried to hold them in. Tracey's pussy felt like a balloon being over filled with water. Just when she thought she would burst, Pete shifted his tongue to the base of her crack.

Using two fingers to split her pussy lips open, he stabbed his tongue in to form a flume to channel her flowing juices into his mouth. She could hear him greedily gulping as her juices flowed like a small stream. When she was finally drained, Pete sat up on his knees. As she looked at him, he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and smiled.


Pulling her legs apart and pushing them up to her breasts, he lined his dick up with her sloppy hole and shoved. The entire length sunk to the bottom in one motion. He reached down and pulled her pussy lips apart with two fingers while flicking her clit with his thumb. He took just a few long stabs into her before he paused. Letting go of her lips, he grabbed her hand and thrust it down into her crotch.

Spreading her fingers apart to again separate her pussy lips, he directed her thumb to rub her clit. Now that her hand had replaced his on her pussy, he took to fucking her hard and long.

Spreading her pussy lips seemed to open inner areas to the feel of his pubes rubbing and his balls slapping into her. She glanced over at the tv to see her face twisted in arousal with her legs flaying in the air and his ass pumping her crotch.

It was weird to be fucking and watching yourself be fucked at the same time. Panting, Pete asked her if she was safe. She turned back to him and asked what. Clinching his teeth as he continued to pound into her, he again asked if she was safe, on birth control. She nodded yes, and he fell forward crushing his weight on her chest as his ass rose and fell driving his cock deeper into her.

Her pussy tingled from the rough fuck and the constant beat on her clit. She removed her hand and wrapped her arms around him as she shuddered through a series of rapid contractions.

Pete timed his thrusts to her contractions perfectly. She arched her back as a big one gripped her just as he drove in and held deep as his cock erupted in gobs of warm, wet semen to coat her vagina.

Before she could even catch her breath, Pete pulled out of her and swung around. His head again dove between her legs to lip up her sloppy cunt as he smashed his slimy cock against her lips. In self-defense, Tracie opened her mouth and took his cock in to clean it of cum and pussy juice. She couldn't tell if the cum was left over from the fuck or if he was shooting another load.

All too soon, he rolled over. He grabbed a tissue from the box beside the bed and wiped his face off, then dabbed her tender pussy dry. He got up and offered his hand to help Tracey up like a gentlemen, not like the pervert who had just given her one of her best fucks of her life.

He led her over to his desk. Pulling the chair out, he sat down. He then pulled Tracey down to sit in his lap. After fiddling with his computer keyboard for a second, he directed her to watch the tv again. Their entire fuck session replayed itself out before her eyes.

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He commented as the action proceeded. "Look, that was when I was lapping her pussy. Right there is when I flicked your clit. Look at your face, that had to be when your pussy was juicing up. Now wait for it, bang. That was when the flood gates opened. Boy, you were gushing. Here goes, the fucking. Wham, bam, right in you, mam! You did great fingering your clit. Most girls don't learn how to hold their pussy open the first time.

Oh, that look on your face. Was that a climax? There's another." The whole time, he was fondling her breasts as he talked.

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Between reliving the action on the screen and his skillful pawing of her tits, Tracey's pussy was heating up again. She reached down and started to play with herself as she sat in his lap. Pete was not unaware of her fingering herself as her ass was grinding on his dick. He knew exactly what he was doing. Tracey felt the climax building as Pete started the video over. He started whispering in her ear how she was the "fucking best slut who ever rode my dick" and that "there isn't a hooker on the streets that was a better fuck than you".

She knew she should be offended, but it just seemed to turn her on even more. She stiffened as a little climax shot through her pussy. Pete noticed and whispered, "You getting off again? Your little cunt must be so hot right now.

Come on, finger fuck yourself. You can do it." He began to suck on her shoulder, intent on leaving his mark. She lifted up a little as the next shock hit her. Grabbing both tits, Pete started bouncing her on his lap like a little girl as she frigged herself with her fingers. When the most intense climax hit, she felt her pussy gush again on her hands. She pulled her hand away from the sensitive area. Pete grabbed her hand and brought it up to his mouth. He stuck her fingers in his mouth and noisily slurped her juices off.

He then pushed Tracey off his lap. When she stood up, he spun her around. He pulled on her arms to bring her head down. Placing his hand on the top of her head, he pushed her to her knees and jammed his cock in her mouth. Not waiting for her to suck him, he placed his hands on either side of her head and pulled her up and down on his dick like a fuck toy. The whole time, he was telling her what a great cock sucker she was and how he liked girls who were so nasty.

Finally, he pushed her head down and held it in place as wad after wad of cum burst free. Tracey gulped down as much as she could. When he was finished, he pushed her back on her heels. Pete looked down at the mess of cum that had escaped her lips and pooled on his crotch.

"Shit," he yelled, "you missed a hell of a lot. Guess you aren't that good." With tears in her eyes, Tracey begged his forgiveness. She moved over and quickly lapped up the pool of cum and cleaned his dick of all traces. She couldn't see it, but Pete was smiling as he looked down on her head. When she was done, she looked up at him for approval.

He leaned down and kissed her lips. Then looking her in the eye, he said, "You are the best!" Tracey's heart skipped a beat at his approval and she wrapped her arms around his waist with her head pressed against his stomach. Pete stroked her hair with one hand as he used the other to shut off the camera controls on the computer keyboard. He was hoping that they would have some more time later in the week, or maybe he could get that other girl that was with her, or maybe even both of them.

Pete suggested they head on back downstairs. Tracey asked if she could get cleaned up first, but Pete just threw the box of tissues to her as he headed out the door. Tracey wiped her pussy off and quickly followed behind him. Meanwhile, Josh was entertaining Amber and her father, Tim. After getting some sodas and fries, he steered them outside to a picnic table in a secluded section of the patio. Josh asked Tim which was his favorite football team. When Tim told him, Josh told him a surprise.

One of the high profile players on that team often visited here in the spring. They got into a spirited discussion on the merits of various players until Amber finally interrupted.

Josh apologized to her for leaving her out. He leaned over and gave her a quick hug. He laughed at Tim and said. "We're idiots. We've got a beautiful girl here and all we are thinking about is football." He then asked Amber what she thought of the resort. She said it was nice, what she had seen so far.

Josh said, "Well, you already saw the most beautiful thing in the whole complex this morning." She looked at him in question. He continued, "When you got up in the morning and looked in the mirror. She laughed and then they started talking about schools and general life. After a few minutes, Josh asked Amber, "Mind if I ask you a personal question?" Amber was feeling quite at ease with Josh, and her father had certainly taken a liking to him, so she told him to ask.

He started, "You know what this resort is all about so this isn't so far out of line. I'm assuming you make love with your father, but what about your brother?" Amber replied that she had sex with both of them.

Pushing the point, Josh asked, "One at a time or both together?" Amber blushed and replied, "Oh, just one at a time." Turning to Tim, Josh asked, "What is it like to watch your daughter making love with her brother?

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Do you just accept it or does it turn you on? I don't mean to pry, and you can certainly decline to answer, but I was just looking for a mature man's point of view." Before Tim could respond, Amber interrupted, "Oh, he's not there when I'm with my brother and my brother is not there when I'm with my father." Looking at Tim intently, Josh asked, "Is that true? You've never watched your daughter having sex with another guy? You can decline to answer, but please don't lie." Tim blushed and looked down.

Amber looked at him and yelled. "Dad, you didn't!" Tim stuttered, "Not with Jim, her brother, but I happened to come downstairs once when she had a boyfriend over, I almost walked in on them on the couch but realized what was going on.

I thought about throwing him out but figured she was old enough." Josh listened intently as he asked, "Well, did you stay and watch?" Tim said. "No, no, I went back upstairs." Amber again yelled, "That was Tommy Jenkins. Ugh, I never did anything with him except make out. He wanted more, but I wouldn't give in.

You should've stopped him." AS Tim shrugged, Josh pressed forward, "Did it make you hot to think your daughter was having sex downstairs?" Tim blushed in answer. Josh continued, "I know if I had a daughter this beautiful, just the thought of her having sex with someone would give me such a boner." Tim looked away. Amber asked her father, "Did it? Did it give you a boner?" Tim declined to answer. Amber burst out, "Were you upstairs jerking off thinking I was getting fucked downstairs?" Tim meekly nodded.

Josh came to his defense, "I know if it was me, I would have to stay and watch. I can just imagine watching some other guy's dick screwing in and out of my daughter's pussy.

I would want to see her face twisting in climax. I'm hard right now just thinking about some guy pile driving her, screwing her ass into the couch. Maybe if I was lucky, she would give him a blowjob. Just imagine, sir, your daughter's lip wrapped around a guy's dick sucking him off, and maybe taking his load on her pretty little face." Tim's mind was imagining everything Josh was saying, and his dick was responding.

Turning to Amber, Josh said, "Amber, can you imagine your Dad hiding in the shadows jerking off watching you get fucked? Does it make you hot to think of his spying on you? If it happened, would you hope he joins in?" Although she couldn't say it, he was right. Her nipples were stiff in arousal, and her pussy was making a puddle on the bench.

She had always wished her father had two dicks so she could suck him off while he fucked her at the same time. Maybe the answer was to get both her father and brother in bed at the same time. However, she realized that her brother might not be comfortable with that. She didn't know if she could even bring herself to ask it. Turning to her Dad, she asked, "Dad, truthfully would you really want to watch me get fucked?" Tim was uncertain. He remembered his wife and him in a couple of three-ways when they first got married.

It had been hot to see some other guy's dick sliding into her pussy, but would it be the same watching his daughter? He accepted that she was fucking her brother, but she was still his daughter. Seeing her father's hesitation, Amber turned to Josh. "Josh," she said, "would you fuck me right here, right now, in front of my Dad?" Josh took her hand and said, "If that is what you want, but if your father objects; we will have to stop, okay?

I don't want to offend him." Standing up he pulled Amber up by the hand. Wrapping his arms around her, he kissed her. She parted her lips and allowed his tongue to probe her mouth. Still in an embrace, he lifted her up and set her ass on the picnic table.

Running his hands down her side and back up to her breast, he watched Tim out of the corner of his eye. Her father was staring intently at his daughter getting fondled. Amber leaned back and braced herself by extending her arms behind her. This offered Josh a tempting access to her breasts. He leaned down and suckled on one and then the other.

Her nipples were as hard as stone. He chewed on one causing her to moan. Josh reached down and ran his fingers through her slit as her juices began to flow.

Josh whispered in Amber's ear, "Are you always this juicy or just when your father is watching?" Amber groaned and the sound of her ecstasy sent a shiver up Tim's spine. Amber reached down and gripped Josh's erection. He was larger than either her brother or father, and longer. She began to imagine what it was going to feel like getting boned by this slab of meat. Tim fidgeted as Amber lay down on the table.

Her hair spilled over the far edge into her father's crotch. Josh knelt down and started to lick Amber's moist slit. He rubbed her clit as his tongue caressed her inner lips. Dipping his finger into her hole, he swirled it in her juices. Pulling out, he reached down and rimmed her butt hole with his finger. While Amber liked the sensation, she froze when he tried to slip it through the ring.

She told Josh she wasn't really interested in that. Josh said it was no problem and went back to concentrating on her snatch. She lifted her legs and begged him to fuck her. Josh stood up and rubbed his dick up and down her wet slit. Looking at Tim, he said, "I'm going to slip my cock up inside your daughter. Stand up so you can get a good view, sir." Tim stood up, his erection bobbing from the movement. Josh turned Amber's face to see her father's erection.

"Look at how horny he's getting just thinking about you getting fucked." Amber couldn't take her eyes off her father's erection. Josh poised his cock head at the opening of vagina. "Watch close," he said to Tim as he gradually slipped his meat into Amber. For her part, Amber played it good, moaning and groaning as each inch entered. Tim's eyes were fixated on the sight of Josh's sizeable cock pushing further and further into Amber's snatch. Absent mindedly, he reached down and started to stroke his own dick.

Amber felt her cunt being spread wider than ever before. This was only the fourth guy she had ever fucked, and the largest. His dick seemed to be entering her inch by endless inch. Despite this, she could not take her eyes off of her father jerking his meat just above her head. Josh smiled as he finally reached bottom in Amber's cunt.

He drew back and slide it back in again slowly. Amber's moans and her father's gaze at the point of their coupling was perfect stimulation. Amber flicked her tongue across her lips. Josh leaned in as his dick filled her again.

"What you think, sweetie? You want your Daddy's dick don't you? Go on, tell him!" Amber looked up at her Dad, and implored him, "Let me suck it Daddy, please." Tim looked down at her and offered her his dick.

Josh pushed her up a little on the table so her head hung over the edge slightly. Tim was able to slide his meat into her mouth and partially into her throat.


This position was perfect for Amber too as it relaxed her throat so she didn't gag. Never taking his eyes off of where Josh's cock was sliding in and out of his daughter's cunt, Tim matched him with thrusts into her mouth. Amber closed her eyes and imagined she had finally gotten her dream.

Her father was fucking her throat and her pussy at the same time. She felt four hands running over her body, tweaking her nipples and roughly mauling her tits. She generally preferred to be fucked hard, but this slow steady pace matched her dream state.

She felt someone rubbing her clit while other hands slapped her breasts. The sensations were building her to a perfect climax. She felt little shocks radiate from her breasts down to her pussy and back. She felt her father's dick throb in her mouth signaling his approaching climax. When he spit his seed down her throat, she gobbled it down as fast as possible.

Tim pulled out and stood watching as Josh now picked up speed. His daughter's body shook as Josh forcefully rammed his dick into her.

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Her face contorted into a weird caricature as her climax reached its peak. It was wonderful to see thought Tim. Josh grunted as he jammed the last few thrusts into her and froze as his cum splashed out inside her.

Josh pulled out and sat back down. Tim continued to stand over his daughter staring at her sweaty body. Traces of cum trickled out of the corner of her mouth. Reaching down, he plunged two fingers into her sloppy pussy to assure himself he had just watched his daughter get fucked. Amber started to sit up but her father told her to stay there.

He just wanted to keep looking at her freshly fucked body. Josh stood up and walked around to Tim's side. He motioned Tim to go over to the other side.

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When he got there, he looked down at his daughter's snatch leaking cum. The lips were still spread and flame red with desire as the semen trickled out of her. The whole idea of the post sex pussy started Tim's cock to recover quicker than it ever had since he was a teenager. He looked over at Josh and saw that he was already stroking another half boner as he used his other hand to finger fuck Amber's mouth. Tim stepped up and rubbed his half hard dick against her pubes. She wiggled in response.

Josh removed his fingers and placed his dick at Amber's lips. Greedily, she opened her mouth and he slipped in. Starting off slowly, Josh pumped his dick in and out of her mouth. Her lips around the shaft started his erection to grow. The sight of his daughter sucking another guy off reignited Tim's own erection.

He reached down and slipped his dick into her cum filled pussy. Amber was in such a dream state, she was totally relaxed. Josh was able to slip more and more of his dick into her mouth.

Tim watched fascinated as her throat bulged as the tip of Josh's cock entered it. Between being stretched by Josh's dick and Amber almost being passed out, her pussy lacked tightness. This allowed Tim to slide in and out harder with minimal resistance.

Unlike before, Josh countered his thrusts into Amber's mouth to match Tim's thrusts into her pussy. When they both withdrew at the same time, Amber felt empty. Then when they both jammed their dicks into her, she felt squeezed between them. Her stomach knotted up in a ball, and she saw lights before her eyes as her climax flashed through her. Amber slumped down on the table, passed out from the intensity of the dual climax.

Neither man noticed, or would have cared at that point. They just wanted to empty their churning balls into the slut on the table.

Josh's climax came first. He pulled out at the last minute and jerked his dick as his balls bounced on her face. His cum sprayed across her tits and ran to the indent of her stomach. Seeing this, Tim followed suit and pulled out to jerk his load all over Amber's panting body. When they were finished, both men collapsed back on their benches. Amber stirred as her mind cleared. She sat up and felt the cum streaking down her body. She tried to stand up, but her legs were wobbly.

Her father jumped up and caught her. As he held her in his arms, Josh walked up behind her and squished her between them. Josh's slimy cock rested in the crack of her ass, and her father's body spread the cum between them. Josh reached up and pulled Amber's head back to kiss him. When he finished, her father pulled her head back and kissed her harder. When he broke, Josh pulled her back and kissed her while noisily sucking on her tongue.

In response, Tim pulled her back and shoved his tongue in as far as possible. Then it was Josh's turn again.

Finally tiring of their game of who was more macho, Amber pushed them both away. She staggered over to a chair and sat down. Her breasts were red from tweaks and twists, her pussy and jaw both ached. However, she knew she would always remember today. Josh pulled her to her feet, but she waved him off. He insisted, "Come with me." As they turned to walk around behind the lodge, Josh nodded his head for Tim to follow.

Around the corner of the patio was a small outdoor shower. He turned the warm water on and helped Amber step under the spray. Then he rinsed himself off and finally Tim took a turn. Amber suggested they should get Tracey and head back to the cabin. Josh gave her a peek on the cheek and said he hoped to see more of her before the week was over. Amber simply waved as she walked away with her father.

Watching her walk out of sight, Josh chuckled. He read that bitch right. She was definitely a Daddy's girl. And her father, he went along with everything even though Josh knew he saw through Josh's bullshit.

Yup, Daddy was just looking for an excuse to give his daughter a royal double fuck and played along with it. Rounding the corner back to the patio, he looked up into the corner of the eaves. You could barely make out the hidden security camera there.

He would have to save this footage to swap with his brother for the footage his brother would have taken of fucking that other bitch. He and his brother had been doing this for the last two summers, and had an impressive collection of hidden camera videos.

Maybe he could get his mother to watch with them. It always got her in the mood for a fuck after watching her sons nail a couple of cunts. Tomorrow would be the perfect time while his father and sister went down to the store for the weekly reports. They were usually gone for a couple of hours, just the right time to give Mommy the royal treatment.

Tim and Amber had gone back up to the lobby. They found Tracey waiting for them. They headed back to the cabin for some needed rest. Nobody spoke the whole walk. When they got into the cabin, they were relieved that Jim was asleep.

Tim crashed on the couch and the two girls flopped on the bed drained. Soon they were all off in their dreams reliving the day's events.