Gay XXX Aiden is powerless as Adam gets his rump in his face and

Gay XXX Aiden is powerless as Adam gets his rump in his face and
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Don't read this story if you don't like rape, violence, incest, underage sex, etc. stories. Don't give me negative comments just because you don't like the genres. You've been warned, proceed only if you want to read this. Eric and Danielle have always been really close.

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Danielle's mum, Rachel, left Eric and her daughter long ago, when Danielle was still in diapers. They didn't hear much from her afterwards, and Danielle had grown up just with her dad, with whom she was really close, they were almost best friends.

Eric was still pretty young, he and Rachel had Dani when they were hardly adults themselves, and now that Danielle was 12, Eric was only 33.

He was good looking for his age, with a fit tanned body and chestnut colored hair. Dani looked nothing like him, though, she looked just like her mother. She was pretty developed for a 12-year-old, already with a full A-cup breasts, and she was rather petite.

She had long wavy dirty blonde hair, pale white skin and grey, almost translucent eyes. She was extremely pretty and looked older than most of her friends, probably around 14 or so.

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The similiarities with her mother were another reason why Eric has loved Dani so much. He never stopped loving Rachel, but he had to learn to live without her, luckily she at least left him Dani.

One day, Dani was getting ready for school. She got undressed, leaving on just a pair of cotton knickers. She browsed through her wardrobe and pulled out two shirts, but couldn't decide which one to wear. She walked towards her dad's room, still just in her panties, holding both t-shirts, and asked Eric: "Daddy, which of these t-shirts should I wear?" He looked up from a newspaper and seen Dani there, almost naked, with a completely unobstrubted view of her perky little breasts with pink nipples, and almost forgot to breathe for a moment.

He got hard from just seeing that, but he thought to himself: "Eric, she's 12, and for god's sake, she's your daughter." "Whichever, just put it on fast," he said, trying to look away. Dani shrugged and went towards the door to go back to her room and change, and whispered on her way: "Okay, daddy, I love you." She put on one of her shirts on her bare torso, without putting on a bra first.

She didn't really need one at 12. Then, she pulled on her plaid skirt and some socks and went to the hall, where her dad was already waiting for her to drive her to school. She leaned forward to put on her mary jane shoes, and her too short skirt revealed her round little ass. Eric seeing this, he couldn't hold it anymore. He grabbed her ass with his arm.

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"Daddy, what are you doing?" said Dani, somewhat scared. "You said you loved me earlier, right? Well, not it's your time to prove it to me!" he said, hugging her from behind, so she could feel his hard cock on her lower back.

"What do you mean, daddy?" she asked, getting more and more scared. "Get in my bedroom," he said, pushing her through the door.

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Once they were there, he ordered her: "Put off your clothes." She looked at him, confused and scared. Her big grey eyes were filled with tears and she was almost crying. "But, daddy." she started. "I said PUT OFF YOUR CLOTHES." She started crying, but obeyed him, and slowly pulled off her skirt and t-shirt, revealing her perky little tits again.

Eric grabbed them violently, started squeezing them and pinching Danielle's pink nipples. She cried and begged him to stop, but he wouldn't listen. He reached down her panties with his hand, first started touching around her pussy and then violently pushed two fingers inside.

Danielle cried even louder, it hurt her badly to have two fingers stuck in her little virgin pussy. Eric just put his hand on her lips and said: "Shut up, slut, if you're tense it will hurt you much more, so just relax and it'll ease the pain." Then, he pulled off her knickers and threw her on the bed.

He unzipped his pants, pulled of his rock hard dick, and shoved it in Dani's mouth: "Now suck it, you little bitch." Danielle was scared, but decided it was best to just do what he says. She sucked his dick, and Eric was enjoying the pleasure. He could see Dani was uncomfortable and scared, but he didn't care. After a few minutes, he pulled it out of her mouth.

Then, he said: "Okay, now you get to choose where I put this first: your pussy or ass?" Danielle started crying even more histerically, but Eric slapped her over her bare tits and screamed: "You choose now, or this is not going to be nice, I promise you that." She kept on crying, but didn't say anything. "Okay, right, told you this wasn't going to be nice," said Eric.

He turned her over so now she lay on her belly, he opened her ass cheeks and sticked two of his fingers up his daughter's asshole. She screamed in pain, but he shouted: "Shut up slut, if you're a good girl we can do this as nice as possible and if you're a troublemaker, it's gonna get worse." He pulled out his fingers, and stuck his cock inside her tiny asshole.


He started fucking her hard, one hand on her mouth to keep her quiet and the other on her hip, making him able to thrust it deep in her hole. He could feel tears coming down her face, but he didn't care. He was an animal, he couldn't control himself. After a few minutes, he told Danielle: "Okay little slut, turn around and let daddy fuck your tight little pussy too." She didn't want to, but Dani rolled over anyways.

He stuck his cock into his daughter and started fucking her even harder than earlier up her ass. While fucking her, he grabbed her tits and pinch her nipples. If she made a noise, he slapped her accross the face or tits. Just before he came, he pulled his cock out, and came all over his daughter's little tits.

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Then he ordered her: "Wipe my cum off your tits and lick it, like it's the most delicious thing you ever tasted." She knew what he was capable of now, and she just obeyed him in fear. After she had done so, he told her to get dressed. Then, he told her she'll have to walk to school today. She wiped off her tears and ran through the front door.


Minutes later, after Dani's gone to school, Eric started crying. He knew it was wrong to rape Dani. He didn't want to do it. The animal in him took over his will. And she has just reminded him of Rachel so much.