Tanned husband and wife fuck vigorously on the beach

Tanned husband and wife fuck vigorously on the beach
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We live in an age where girls dress provocatively. As such, I was not concerned when I saw my 17 year old daughter Jamie wearing tight outfits or miniskirts. Par-for-the-course is all I was thinking. Her favorite outfit was a pair of very short jean cutoffs that exposed the tiniest amount of her cute ass and a bikini top. What probably should have tipped me off was that this is what she wore to work.

It was her summer vacation before her last year of high school. She’d gotten a job at some crappy office furniture warehouse. It wasn’t the kind of place that got “customers”. Instead they got orders over the phone and delivered the furniture wherever it was needed. At least, that’s how Jamie explained her attire when I asked why her bosses didn’t care… Mind you, one look at her body, and I’m sure they didn’t mind one bit.

My daughter is a hottie, that’s for sure. I’m her dad, so I’m not allowed to have any sexual feelings for her. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that she’s hot. Jamie has long blond hair and a very tight body. She works out almost every day before going to work or school.

She has a perfect tan, perfect breasts, and a perfect ass. If Jamie wasn’t my daughter, I wouldn’t feel so guilty when I get caught looking.


She always seemed to laugh it off though. ----- My story begins about a week ago… I was home alone and feeling a little horny. I went downstairs to my office and switched on the computer.

I was surfing the internet looking for some decent porn when I came across a site dedicated to schoolgirls. This happened to be what I was in the mood for that day, so I checked out the site looking for some good vids.

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One of the vids I found featured some girl-on-girl action. I was sold. I clicked the link and stroked myself as the movie loaded. It started playing and it was HOT. There was a brunette and a blonde. They were really giving it to each other.

I couldn’t quite see their faces, but then again, I wasn’t really looking for their faces anyways. The brunette went down on the blonde and started up with the cunnilingus. The blonde writhed with pleasure and the brunette’s tongue lashed against her clitoris. The blonde moaned.

Without stopping, the brunette reached behind her and grabbed a dildo. Evidently seeing this, the blonde gasped, “Oh yes! Fuck that pussy!” The brunette complied and gently inserted the pink dildo into the blonde’s cunt. During all of this, the brunette never let up on licking. The blonde started to moan louder.

She wriggled and thrust herself against the dildo and the brunette’s face. She was clearly close to orgasm and so was I. Suddenly the blonde screamed as she came! The brunette moaned as she thrust the dildo further into the blonde’s pussy. I could no longer hold my load and spurted all over my stomach. The blonde continued to moan as her orgasm subsided… Then she sat up… Jamie!

I immediately stopped the movie and sat there… Staring… There was my daughter Jamie on the screen in front of me… I’d just seen her get eaten out and fucked by another woman… And I’d just cum to it… I felt sick, but also strangely excited… No. I must be mistaken! I skipped the movie forward a bit. But every angle in which the blonde’s face was shown was just more proof that it was my Jamie.

I saw as she took her turn to fuck the brunette using a strap on. A man entered the room catching them at it. I suppose he was playing the part of the father, but I’m not sure to which girl. Anyways, they made it up to him by giving him head. I was filled with rage when I saw the man blow his load all over my daughter’s face. She didn’t seem to mind. She licked it all up and even shared some with the brunette. The last scene in the movie featured Jamie getting up, getting dressed, and leaving the man and the brunette alone.

Jamie was wearing her jean shorts and bikini top… ----- After seeing that video, it was very difficult for me to speak to my daughter.

I’d just discovered that she was a porn star. Strangely, that didn’t disgust me or make me want to toss her out of the house.

It certainly didn’t make me think she was a whore or anything. It was just slightly disappointing from the point of view that I didn’t know who she was anymore. When Jamie was at home, she seemed to have this façade of innocence.

Sexuality, certainly – I mean, she is 17 – but I never looked at her and thought, “porn star.” In the next couple days after seeing the video, I avoided any sort of conversation with my daughter until I could figure out what to do. I mean, do I make it stop? Do I do the responsible thing and get her out of there? On the other hand, though, she seemed to be making very good money and seemed genuinely happy. As a father, that’s all I want for my children… I just want them to be happy.

When Jamie noticed that I wasn’t really talking to her or looking at her, I just told her I wasn’t feeling well. This was not a conversation I wanted to have now. The image of her fucking – and being fucked by – another woman was still too fresh in my mind. Every night when I went to bed I had this image of her smearing another man’s cum all over her face and sharing it with that brunette.

----- The turning point for me was yesterday when I went to work. I was sitting alone in my office at my desk going over some case files. I looked up occasionally to see the photo of my daughter. The picture was of her when she was 6. She had just fallen off a tire swing and into a big puddle of mud. I remembered she wouldn’t stop laughing. I picked up the frame and lost myself in that moment. It was just then that Bruce came walking into my office.

He held in his hand a couple of coffees. I looked up and he handed one to me. I gladly accepted. “What’s up?” he asked.

He came around my desk and saw which photo I was looking at. “They grow up so fast don’t they?” I nodded. Bruce was a bit older than me. He’d gone through a pretty messy divorce about a year ago when he was caught cheating with Melissa from accounting. He’d lost nearly everything (including his own children). Now he was living the bachelor life in some crappy apartment a few blocks from the office. “Yeah,” I responded. “I was just remembering the day I took this picture.” I lost myself for a moment again.

But that was when everything changed… At that point I was still on the fence about what I should do. Do I leave it alone? Or do I do the fatherly thing and stop it.

That was when Bruce turned to me and said, “How old is she now? 17? 18? She must be almost ‘legal’ by now, eh?” I looked up at him. Normally I would have thought he was joking. But having seen what I’d seen… Bruce was now the one that seemed to be lost in some daydream. That’s when I knew that he’d seen my daughter in some porn video somewhere.

And that’s when I knew I had to do something… ----- I got into my car and drove quickly to Jamie’s place of work. I’d never been inside, but I had dropped her off the first couple of weeks.

Up until she could afford to buy her own car. God, I’m stupid! I screeched to a stop in the parking lot and ran up the stairs towards the building.

I burst through the door into the lobby and was surprised to see Jamie sitting at the receptionist’s desk. She was the only one there. “Dad!” She yelled. A look of fear spread across her face. “What are you doing here?” “You know damn right what I’m doing here!” I yelled back (unintentionally).

“What the Hell is going on here?!? I thought this was an actual office! But it’s… It’s… What? A porn studio?” “Well…” Jamie started, “yeah…” Jamie’s brutal honesty took me off guard. I didn’t quite know what to say. I had expected her to lie. I stood silent for a moment as my daughter squirmed in her seat.

She kept looking into the back room and then back at me. She was still afraid, but it didn’t seem like she was afraid of me. I was about to say something when a man came walking out from the back room.

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“Ah ha! He’s here!” He came walking up to me and grabbed my hand, shaking it vigorously. “Jamie, why didn’t you tell me that our guest had arrived?” Jamie stammered, “what? Oh, no. You don’t understa-“ “Oh well, no matter,” interrupted the man. He turned back to me, “so, I have to assume that since you’re here, you’ve accepted the offer?” I blinked. “What offer?” I asked.

“Damn you Steal! You drive a hard bargain. No pun intended, obviously. Fine. I’ll make it 200 large. Any more than that and I’m paying you more than the girls!” He laughed and slapped my back.

“Come on, let’s get this going. If I’m gonna pay you that much, I can’t waste money on all this time standing here.” I was stunned. He’d obviously mistaken me for someone.

Someone he was going to pay $200,000 to! My mouth dropped open as I was about to object, but the man was very forceful. He took my arm and led me into the back room. I caught a glimpse of my daughter as I passed her. She had a strange look of worry and excitement in her eyes. The man led me into an empty room. It was a large office with wooden walls and a million books on the shelves.

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It looked like a lawyer’s office. The man pushed me in. “Okay Steal, do your thing. You remember our conversation and what to do, right? Oh, who am I kidding? You’re a pro! I don’t have to ask…” And with that, the man left the room.

I looked around. There was a solid oak desk at the back of the room and only the one chair. I walked over to the desk and sat in the chair.

The room was very well lit. It was bright like a studio, but there were no cameras anywhere, so this must not be where they do their “shoots”. I leaned forward on the desk. I was now thoroughly confused. Some guy named “Steal” was to be paid $200,000 to do what? Sit in this room? Read a book? There was a laptop on the desk, so I flipped it open. It was plastic.

On the screen was a picture of a naked schoolgirl. It was the brunette from the video! I was about to close the laptop when there was a knock at the door.

I looked up and saw my daughter enter the room. Jamie was wearing a tight fitting schoolgirl uniform. She had a white top that hugged her clearly braless breasts.

The shirt was tied into a knot at the bottom so as to reveal her flat stomach and wonderfully beautiful belly button. She also had on a plaid skirt. The skirt was very short though. Any higher and it would be a belt. I gasped as she walked towards me. She threw her backpack to the floor. I felt the blood rushing to my dick. My daughter got to the desk and leaned forwards against it. Her breasts pressed harder against her top. I thought the shirt would rip or the buttons would pop.

I caught myself hoping for either and quickly shook my head trying to keep those types of thought from getting into my head. This is my daughter! “Daddy,” she started, “what are you doing here?” Still stunned from the mystery man, my mistaken identity, and my incredibly hot, nubile daughter, I tried to answer, but merely stammered, “I-I-I-“ Jamie leaned forward even further and saw the photo of the brunette on the plastic laptop.

She gasped. “You’re looking at porn?” She backed up from my desk with a look of disgust on her face. “What? No!” I slammed the laptop shut. “I wasn’t looking at anything!

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I came in here and that picture was already there!” Jamie folded her arms over her breasts. “You think she’s pretty? You like schoolgirls, do you?” “No!” I argued back. “So what? Now you’re saying you don’t think I’m attractive when I wear my school uniform?

You think I’m ugly?” Jamie put her arms on her hips. Doing so caused the skirt to slip a bit revealing a strap from her black thong. This made my cock press up against my slacks. I shifted in my seat and was about to interject when Jamie came forward again. “Looks to me like you think I’m pretty hot!” “Well, of course I do, you’re my daughter!” I stood up but Jamie shoved me back down into the chair.

She climbed up onto the desk in front of me and squatted on the desk. This made her skirt rise up and the black panties were now in full view merely 2 feet from my face. I had the urge to ravage it, but Jamie was my daughter! I looked up into her eyes and saw that same look of worry in her eyes that I saw earlier.

“Daddy?” She asked, “do you love me?” I nodded. “I’m asking for real. No matter what happens… Do you love me?” “No matter what.” And with that, Jamie reached down and undid the knot in her shirt.

The shirt fell open revealing her beautiful perky breasts. My cock was now raging and I could no longer contain myself. I reached up and gently took hold of my daughter’s breasts. She moaned softly as I massaged them. She threw her hair back and closed her eyes.

Her hand moved down her stomach and over her mound. She began to rub herself as I caressed her breasts. I stood up and kissed her full on the lips.

Our tongues met. We traded saliva as the lust we seemed to both suddenly share for each other boiled over. After a few seconds of passionate kissing, I pulled back. Jamie looked at me, shocked. I stared down at her nubile body. Then I reached over and ripped off her shirt.

Her eyes rolled back in her head and she dove at me. We kissed for another minute as my hands ran up and down her back and over her breasts. I moved downwards and started kissing her neck and shoulders. Jamie leaned her head back and closed her eyes. I ran my tongue across her breasts and rolled it around her nipples. She squirmed with delight as her nipples got harder and harder as I stimulated them.

I continued to suck on my daughter’s nipples while I ran my hand down over her mound. Her panties were totally soaked! Jamie was genuinely turned on! This was no act! This only turned me on more as I rubbed my hand harder against her clit.

Jamie moaned again. Her pleasure was obvious. I pulled her panties to the side and slid my fingers into her tight hole. She was so wet and warm. Her juices ran down my fingers and covered my hand.

Jamie began to rock back and forth against my fingers as she fucked them and I continued to lick her breasts. I reached around behind her with my free hand and grabbed her ass. Jamie squealed with excitement. I ran my hand further behind and eventually underneath her.

Lubing up my other hand with her ample juices, I slowly inserted a finger into her asshole. This was obviously too much for Jamie. She suddenly screamed as a wave of pleasure ran over her. She grabbed my shoulders and rocked herself harder against my fingers. Her juices poured from her as her orgasm took her. As the pleasure subsided, she opened her eyes and stared into mine.

I felt strangely proud of myself. Suddenly, Jamie shoved me back down into the chair. She sprawled on her stomach on the desk soaking herself in her own juices as she did so.

She leaned forward and slowly undid my belt. She unbuttoned my slacks and unzipped the zipper. Reaching into my underwear, she freed my throbbing cock. Just the feeling of my daughter’s fingers gasping my dick was almost enough to make me cum. Jamie leaned down and ran her tongue around the top of my cock. She sucked the bit of pre-cum that had appeared of my head and swallowed it hungrily. She looked up into my eyes, “daddy, you taste so good!” I grabbed the top of her head and pushed her downwards.

Jamie went down eagerly and took my cock into her mouth. I ran my hands across her bare back. Jamie’s tongue worked my dick. Her mouth was so warm and moist. She ran her head up and down my shaft and my knees twitched. Unknowingly, I started to pump myself in and out of her mouth. Jamie didn’t mind. Jamie bobbed up and down on my cock and I could barely hold my load. I wanted to cum so badly. I’d never felt this good in my entire life.

How could something so wrong feel so good? Not wanting this moment to end, I pulled Jamie up and off me. She seemed disappointed. “My turn,” I said. Her face lit up. She sat up on the desk. She was still wet with her juices which slowly dripped down her chest and over her breasts. She reached down and pulled off her thong. She then unbuttoned the side of her skirt and pulled it off. There before me was the most amazing pussy I’d ever seen.

Not completely shaved, but still groomed. My daughter’s pussy. I leaned down and gently kissed her slit. Jamie’s pussy was unbelievably sweet. She tasted so good! I ran my tongue up deep inside her and drank all that I could. Jamie writhed on the desk as my tongue slid in and out of her pussy. Jamie shuddered with pleasure. I concentrated my tongue on Jamie’s clit and ran a finger into her pussy. Despite the fact that neither I nor my daughter was touching my cock, I could have cum right there.

This act of forbidden love was almost more of a turn on than the act of love itself. I pushed my tongue harder against Jamie’s clit and my fingers went deeper and deeper into her pussy. Once again, Jamie began to gyrate herself against my fingers, and now, my face. She moaned and shuddered and came with another scream! More juices poured from her pussy as I continued to lash my tongue against her clit.

My face was drenched in her warm, sweet liquids. She grabbed my head and forced it deeper into her pussy until her orgasm subsided. Jamie lifted my head and pulled me up to her. A look of love in her eyes. She closed her eyes and kissed me passionately. She then proceeded to suck up all of her juices from face.

When my face was finally clean, she threw me back down into the chair. My cock was still exposed from when she went down on me. It was standing at full attention.

My daughter looked me in the eyes and slid herself forward off the desk and down onto my lap. She was so moist she slid right down the length of my shaft. Her pussy was warm, wet, and so inviting. “Fuck me, daddy.” I complied. She bucked on top of me. She rode me like a bull. I grabbed her breasts and kissed them.

I grabbed her head and kissed her lips. There was so much lust, I can’t exactly remember all the details of the fuckfest. I remember the feeling of how tight her pussy was. I remember how wet my cock was and I remember my daughter’s perky breasts bouncing in my face. Jamie rocked her hips back and forth in my lap. I wanted to cum inside her so bad. I was going to explode any second! I still didn’t want to moment to end, so I jumped up and laid her down on the table.


I slammed my cock in and out of her welcoming pussy. My daughter moaned and groaned with pleasure as she took the full length of my dick deep into her pussy. My daughter continued to rock her hips against me until she could no longer keep the pleasure at bay.

She arched her back and screamed! I pulled my dick out from her pussy and she squirted all over my chest! Her juices soaked my shirt and tie. The warmth of the liquid was finally too much for me and I came hard. I groaned loudly and came all over my daughter’s stomach, neck, and face!

This sent her off on another orgasm as more juices exploded from her and all over my chest and cock. When the pleasure finally subsided in the both of us, I collapsed in the chair and my cum-covered daughter got up off the table, knelt down in front of me, and cleaned all the juices and leftover cum from my dick.

When I was finally clean, she stood up and left the room. Suddenly someone shouted, “CUT! Unbelievable!” The man from earlier suddenly burst into the room. Several other people also came in. Here I was with no pants, having just fucked my daughter, and some strange people come walking into the room. I struggled to pull my pants back up. My suit was ruined though. I’d probably have to throw it out.


How do you explain pussy juices to the dry cleaner? The man walked up to me. Evidently he didn’t care that I was covered in girl slime. He grabbed and shook my hand. “Worth every penny, Steal! You’re unbelievable!

How did you do it? Your character was so believable! I actually believed you were Jamie’s dad for a while there!” “What?” I stammered. I looked up and saw my daughter walk back into the room. She was still naked and covered in my cum. She walked up to us. “Jamie, I can’t believe you did that!” The man exclaimed. “What made you do it?” “What are you talking about?” I asked. “Jamie here has been in almost all of our productions.

She has single handedly made us (and herself) millionaires.” I looked down at my daughter and gasped.

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“But in all those productions, she’s never once fucked anybody. She’s had women and dildos and shit like that.

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She’s even done blowjobs aplenty. But she’s never fucked anyone. ‘Strictly forbidden,’ she’s told us.” He smiled. “And that’s why you’re the best I guess.” And with that, he handed me a check for $200,000.

“Um… Buck?” Jamie interjected. “This isn’t Steal. He called and cancelled.

This is, uh…” Jamie looked at me. I looked at the check. I looked back at her and nodded. “You said your name was ‘Max’?” That wasn’t my name, but apparently this was quite the lucrative market. Maybe it was time for a change of lifestyle? “Yes.” “Well then, Max… I think I can make you a star!”