Wacko slut takes wang from her massage therapist

Wacko slut takes wang from her massage therapist
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15 year old Lucy lay in bed listening to the groaning and moaning coming from her mother's room as her brother fucked her, the fingers of Lucy's right hand working in and out of her virgin pussy, her left hand was tweaking her nipples.

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Twice a week now, for the last three month's, Uncle John has called round for a visit and when Lucy had turned in for the night she would hear her mother and uncle whispering as they made their way to her mothers bed, and then the groaning would start about five minutes later.

Lucy had listened as her mother started off with "Oh yes John eat me, eat my pussy", then she would groan for around ten minutes and then it would be, "Come on big boy, fuck me" followed by another ten to fifteen minutes of groaning, before stifled screams and muffled "Oh God, I'm coming, I'm coming" then it was Uncle John who moaned as he was saying to Susan "That's it bitch, Suck my cock".

Lucy had thought about dropping hint's to her daddy, but she had decided this wasn't the thing to do, as her parents would probably divorce and this would be disastrous, for not only herself but for her two younger sisters too, as for her mother it would be her own fault.


What Lucy had decided was to get some loving from her uncle for herself, she had made shore this night Julie and Diane wouldn't wake up, she had slipped a sleeping draft in their night drink, all contingency's had been covered. Wearing a baby doll night dress and panties Lucy, crept out of her room and down the hall to her mothers door, she carefully opened it and looked inside, as she thought ~Uncle John was between her mothers legs and thrusting into her like the world was coming to an end.

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Lucy took a deep breath and walked in saying "Mommy, are you alright I could hear you" The reception she had wasn't what she expected, her mother looked passed her brother and shouted "Fuck off", hearing this John looked back and seeing Lucy added, "Get the fuck out of here" he looked at Lucy with hatred in his eyes but he didn't miss a beat as he fucked his sister, Lucy ran back to her room tears streaming down her face, her heart was pounding and she had trouble breathing for the shock and fear she felt.

About ten minutes later her bedroom door opened and her mother walked in, she was still naked and had a look of anger on her face, as she walked towards Lucy she said, "How dare you walk into my room" "But mom I thought you were Ill" "Don't lie to me, you knew Uncle John was here, "But mom, I didn't know you were" her words were cut short as her mother slapped her across her face, knocking her back onto the bed, "Don't think I don't know your touching your self and were thinking about having John fuck you, well for your information, you're an ugly little girl and no man would want to fuck you" "Mom, how can you" again she was cut short by another slap across the face, "And don't you even think about telling your father what you think you saw, he's so much into himself he wouldn't believe you, and besides if he was a man, he would look after my needs".

Lucy was so stunned by her mother's words and actions she could do no more than just lay there looking at her, she saw her turn her head towards the door and then Uncle John appeared beside her mother, he too was naked and even though he had shagged her mother moments earlier he was still supporting an erection, seeing this Lucy's heart missed a beat, but he had no intentions of being nice to Lucy, he leaned forwards and took her chin in his hand and looked her right in the eye and said, "Tell anyone about this and you'll live to regret it, understand"?

to add insult to injury her pushed her back and flipped her over and brought his hand down hard against her backside. Lucy screamed out with the pain, "Got it, this is nothing to what will happen if you breath a word to a living sole" all Lucy could do was nod her head, as her mother and Uncle walked out Lucy pushed her face into the pillow and cried, she dropped off to sleep some time later.

The next morning Lucy was up and dressed and had left the house by 7 o'clock, she didn't want to see her mother our Uncle, she had no where to go so she just went down the park, there she sat on a bench and watched the duck's and other birds, hearing them singing lifted her a little but she was still angry at her mother, she tried getting her head around what had occurred and what she was going to do about it.

Lucy had never been close to her mother, from an early age she sensed she wasn't wanted, but then her sisters came along and things didn't change between her and her mother, seeing her sisters getting all the attention from their mother Lucy got closer to her father, but then this was anger her mother and she would do her best to put her down.

Now Lucy was so angry she wanted revenge, but she also knew Uncle John would keep his threat so she had to think out carefully what she was going to do. As the morning passed Lucy saw commuters heading for work, then shoppers passing, she had no idea of the time and she was starting to feel hungry, having no money on her she had to make her way home to get something to eat, with a sad heart she started making her way home.

She was nearing her house when she saw her uncles car coming towards her, she ducked back into a garden and watched it pass, she saw her mother in the car and wondered where they were going, taking this opportunity she ran home and her younger sister opened the door to her. "Where you been, mom's going out of her mind with worry, she and Uncle John have just gone out looking for you" Lucy shrugged her shoulders saying, "I went down the park, I needed to think something out" she put some bread on to toast and made herself a drink, she avoided all questions about what she was thinking about, how could she tell her sisters what she had seen.

Their father Thomas came home while Lucy was eating, she ran to him and gave him a big hug, the feel of his arms around her made Lucy feel loved once more, she sat back down to finish her toast while her father made himself a slice or two, it was then her mother and Uncle came back, as she walked into the kitchen and saw Lucy sitting there like nothing had happened she screamed out, "Where the hell have you been, you've took five years off my life finding you gone when I got up" "I went down the park" Lucy looked at her father who said in her defence, "She back now so that's all that matters" her mother was going to say something more but she saw the look John gave her.

Her father and John chatted for a while then with a "Well I'm off to bed, had a busy night and I'm in need of a good sleep" watching her father head out into the hall she braced herself for the onslaught she expected from her mother, but it didn't come, John said all that was needed, "Don't forget what I told you".


Being a Saturday there was no school so she was off down the park again, taking her sisters, they had plenty of bread to feed the duck's, she then watched them as they played on the swings and slide, she avoided all questions as to what was wrong.

For the next week she thought about several things to get back at her mother, unusually this week Uncle John didn't come over on the Tuesday night, she hoped with them knowing their secret was known, they had stopped, but then she realised it was the wrong time of the month for her mother. On the Friday night as usual John turned up and had supper with them, then after a few hours Lucy helped her sisters bathe and get ready for bed, she didn't want to be in a room on her own with her mother and uncle so she stayed in her own room, she put a chair under the door handle so it couldn't be opened, half an hour later she hared her mother and uncle and the groaning started all over again, Lucy pulled the pillow up around her ear's to keep the noise out, but she could in her mind see what was going on, for the fist time since this had started she didn't finger herself.

Lucy was now more determined to get back at them, one plan she had was to get her sister Julie to see what was going on, knowing her mother wouldn't threaten her the way she had been, waiting for the groaning to start and knowing they were now fucking Lucy went and waked Julie up saying "I think mom's Ill, go and see if she's OK" "You go" Julie replied, "No I think it better if you go, you know how mom is with me".

Julie slipped out of bed and reached for her bath robe, Lucy ran back to her room and jumped in bed and closed her eye's pretending to be sleeping. She hared Julie walking across the landing then her saying "Mommy are you alright" then she screamed and ran to her room, seconds later their mother ran to her calling Julie, please, mommy can explain" she then hared her bedroom door open and Uncle John calling "Lucy" she didn't move, he called again then walked to her bed and shook her, "Lucy, are you responsible for this"?.

Lucy turned and acted like she had been fast asleep asking what was wrong with a sleepy tone in her voice, "Have you sent Julie into your mothers room" "No, Why should I do that, what you do is no business of mine" "If I find out you have, you'd better have good life insurance" He left and went to join her mother talking to Julie, she hared Julie scream, she must have seen Uncle John's erection, things then didn't turn out as she expected, she hard her mother saying, "It's aright, you can touch it, see how nice it feel's" she went to the door to hear better, and she was shocked hearing her mother continue, "now kiss it, that's it, see how happy John is, yes that's it, now open your mouth" just then Julie coughed and choked, "careful honey, don't rush, that's it, slowly does it" she then hared John saying "Oh God baby, your mouths so tight, I bet your pussy is just as tight".

There was soft sucking noise for a few minutes, then her mother said "Lay back baby, let your Uncle see your pussy" "Oh yes, your so sweet, I could eat you all day" Lucy guessed Uncle John was now eating Julie's pussy, as much as she didn't want to she found her hand rubbing her pussy. "Come on now, lift your legs right up so John can fuck you", a second or too later Julie cried out, "Oh mommy, it hurts, make him stop" "Now, now, the pain with go away in a bit" "No mommy, please stop him" "Hush baby, your Uncle is almost done" "Oh God, your tighter than a duck's arse" then he gave a long groan, "Jesus, I've never been in such a tight cunt before" "Mommy, please" "Relax baby, the pain will stop" a few minutes passed and then she hared little grunts, "Come on baby, show your uncle how good a fuck you are" "That's it Julie, push down onto your uncles cock" the groans got more intense and Julie started groaning too, after about five minutes she could hear her saying "Yes.

Yes, Yes, Oh God, Fuck me, Fuck me, AArrrrrrrhhhhh" then Uncle John called out, "I'm coming, I'm coming" then Julie screamed, all went quiet for a few minutes, then her mother said "Did you like that Honey" "Yes Mommy" "Would you like Uncle John to fuck you again"?

"Yes please mommy" "Come on then, come to my bed so we can get comfortable". Lucy ran back to her room and back into her bed, she lay still as she hard the three of them walk to her mothers room, then she could hear sucking and groaning and a few words being spoken, encouraging Julie to suck John's cock, she then couldn't believe her mother saying "come on Baby, eat your uncles spunk from my cunt".

Lucy lay there furious, her plan didn't work, she did think about getting Diane up, but decided at 9 she would be way too young to be exposed to this sort of thing.

She had to put plan 2 into operation.

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Over the following week she hugged her dad at every opportunity and would sit leaning in his arms watching the TV before he went to work. She also started wearing shorter skirts and tighter tops often with out a bra on underneath. Then she had the chance to take it further, her mother and sisters were out at a school event that would take all day, she washed and put on her shortest skirt and tightest top, then she had the thought of leaving off her panties, her trap was now set and baited, all she had to do was see that her dad took the bait.

He came home from work and Lucy told him she would make him something to eat, he sat at the kitchen table while Lucy broke open a couple of eggs, she went to the fridge and bent over at her waste to get the bacon out, she glanced back to see her father was in deed looking, putting a couple of rasher's on to cook she returned the rest to the fridge and as before bent over giving her father a good view of her pussy.

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"Do you want anything else with this dad"? "How about a sausage or two" returning to the fridge Lucy bent over again, as she did she pulled her skirt up so her dad could clearly see her pussy, with these cooking she asked if there was anything else he wanted, as she waited for his answer she saw noticed the tent starting to form in his trousers, she smiled to herself knowing he had took the bait and now all she had to do was reel him in.

"No that's enough, thanks half pint" this had been his nick name for her for years but now she heard more in it.

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She sat with him while he ate, then he stretched and groaned a little, "had a hard night again and I'm a little stiff this morning" Lucy giggled, thinking about what was stiff. "Would you like me to give you a massage dad" "Yes please" Thomas headed to the lounge and lay on the settee, Lucy had followed and stopped saying, "Won't you have more room laying on your bed"?.

She saw a smile come over his face and she headed to the hall, she looked back to see her dad slip his hand in his trousers to adjust his growing erection. As she went up the stairs she pulled her skirt up so her backside was uncovered, at the top of the stairs she looked back and he dad was half way up and looking right at her pussy.

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She knelt on his bed and he lay face down beside her. Lucy started massaging his back but couldn't do a good job over his clothes, so she suggested he take his shirt off, he didn't put up much resistance as Lucy started pulling it up over his head, rubbing his back she felt his muscles relaxing and his tension easing, she worked on his back for a good fifteen minutes, then with one hand she slipped it under him and started fumbling with his belt and top button, he pushed himself up a little making it easier for her to unfasten his trousers, he was so relaxed and comfortable, she wasn't shore if he knew what he was doing.

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With his trousers unfastened she hocked her thumbs in the waist band and slowly pulled them down, wanting to get this part over with she pulled his underwear down as well, she dropped them onto the floor and resumed massaging his leg's. As she worked up the side of his legs they opened a little, she worked right up to his groin, with her next pass she rubbed his balls, he looked back and smiled and opened his legs a little more, with one hand rubbing his balls she continued rubbing his leg's, after five minutes she asked "how do you feel now daddy"?

"Ok half pint, you've work wonders and my muscles are relaxed" she gently squeezed his balls and said "I think there's one more I need to help you with, turn over" with out hesitation her father turned onto his back, his cock stood up like a flag pole, he looked her in the eye, "Are you shore about this half pint, cause if your not, I can" Lucy put her finger to his lips and told him she was" she closed her fingers around his cock and pumped it a few time's, her dad lay back and closed his eye's, he was in heaven.

She rubbed him for a few minutes and rubbed her pussy at the same time, she then straddled his hips, when he realised what she was doing he opened his eyes just as she was taking his length into her pussy, "Honey" "Shush daddy, slowly she started grinding her hips, and moving back and forth, "OH God this was so much better that she had imagined it would be, her daddy's cock was about 7 inches but it still filled her pussy, she leaned down and kissed his full on the lips, "I love you daddy" "I love you too".

As she rocked back and forth he started pushing up into her, they were in perfect sync, she felt a tingling in her pussy and from the times she had fingered herself she knew she was near to coming, she then felt her dads cock swell and guessed he was close too, then his back arched off the bed and he called out, "I'm coming baby, I'm coming".

She felt his warm spunk filling her pussy and this sent her over the top and her juices flowed, mixing with his and running out and down his leg's. She dropped forwards and he closed his arms around her holding her tight against him, he kissed her neck and ran his hand through her hair, he hadn't felt this much love in years and wanted to savour it.

Lucy felt more love for her dad at that moment then she could feel for her mother in all her life, she pushed herself up, "Daddy, your still hard" "I know, do you want some more" "Yes please daddy, now and forever".

He rolled her onto her back and started pounding into her with a slow steady pace, as her pussy was soaking wet soft squelching noises filled the room, giggling Lucy said, "You'll need to fuck me long and hard to make me come again" "I intend to".

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For fifteen minutes he thrust into his daughters pussy and he was no where near coming, Lucy on the other hand had had a dozen or so orgasm's, these lubricated her even more making the friction of her pussy around her daddy's cock less. Finally after twenty minutes Lucy took pitty on her father and she worked her muscles on his cock, gripping it and relaxing, she had learned this from using a banana on herself from the age of 12.


this worked and she felt her daddy cum filling her again. As his cock shrank and slipped from her he rolled beside her, "Oh honey, that was incredible", Lucy rolled into his arms and cuddled him tight, he dropped off to sleep with a contented look on his face. Lucy went and washed and put something decent on, she was going to wash her daddy's cock so her mother wouldn't see the mess, but she decided to leave him as he was, after all what could she say. Five hours later her mother and sisters came home, they were full of things that they had done and seen, Lucy acted like she was interested, but her thoughts were on her dad, up stairs, her mother went up to wash and get changed, Lucy waited for the shouting to start but nothing came, she then hared the shower running and seconds later her mother came down stairs, "Lucy, your dad needs some clean towels" Lucy got some from the laundry and headed up to the bathroom, she knocked on the door and called out asking where he wanted them, "Bring them in for me" slowly opening the door Lucy pushed her hand holding the towels, "I can't reach, bring them in" stepping inside Her dad had stepped out of the shower, his erection was back, Want to help me with this again"?

"What about mom, What will she say if she knows" "Don't fret about your mother, I told her we made love this afternoon and I know about her and John, so now it's out in the open, if you want to continue having sex with me" he could say no more as Lucy had jumped up into his arms and was kissing him passionately. She reached back and held his cock, then eased her panties aside and guided him into her once more.

As they were in this passionate embrace Julie came in to say their tea was ready, she froze seeing her dad and sister like that, but she just smiled and pulled her skirt up and pushed her knickers down saying, "My turn next daddy" Lucy being the kind sister she was, dropped down and let Julie jump up into their dad's arms, she reached under Julie and helped slip her daddy's cock into her pussy, she then hugged them both as they shagged, it couldn't of been called anything other than this as there was no passion, just pure lust.

That night when they turned in Lucy went to her father's bed while her mother slept in her room, the following night it was Julie who shared their dad's bed, and it's been like this since, alternating between Lucy and Julie, Thomas having the best of both worlds, two young tight pussy to fuck and a wife to look after the house and make to the out side world they are a normal happy family.

Uncle John still comes around, Julie will now and again jump in bed with him but as for Lucy, she is content with her daddy.