Big dick twink fucks young emo and his BF under the shower

Big dick twink fucks young emo and his BF under the shower
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FAMILY VACATION :2 I was in bed spooned up against my sister when I felt someone tugging at my shoulder. I opened my eyes and realized it was morning, the sunlight coming in through the window.

I turned my head to see who was tugging on my shoulder only to look into the eyes of my mother. She was standing there in a short robe with my gym shorts hanging from the end of her finger. "Morning Rick. Would you like to explain yourself?" she said, in a surprisingly calm voice. Without thinking I flung the sheet off and jumped up standing naked in front of my mother. This also left my sister, naked and uncovered in the bed. "Mom!, I.uh.I.uh.I don't know where to start." "Well, first I guess you can put these back on" she said, handing me my shorts.

Red faced I took the shorts and bent over to slip my feet into them and pulled them up covering my naked dick. About that time Cam woke up and rolled over and got up from the bed. "Morning mom" she said as she leaned over to give mom a hug. "Good morning to you "Miss naked as the day she was born!" Maybe you can explain what you and your brother were doing naked in bed together?" "In bed together is easy, there is only one bed so that is where we slept.

Naked, that is because I decided that I was going to be as free as I could and have as good a time this week as I could and that includes wearing as few clothes as possible. Rick is naked because I took his shorts off of him and he decided to just stay that way." Mom then turned to me, "So mister, your sister took your shorts off outside the back door to our room?

Just what were you two doing there?" I remembered then that I had just left my shorts by their door last night and I realized we had been caught. I looked mom right in the eye, "We were watching you and dad having sex" I said boldly.

Mom didn't say a word, she just turned and started back out the door leading onto the back deck. As she was about to walk out she stopped and turned back to face my sister and I. "Camilla, put something on and come over to our room and eat, Mayala has brought breakfast for us.

Rick, you come on with me." I followed mom and we went over to the other side of the bungalow. Dad was sitting in the front room with a plate of food enjoying his breakfast as we walked in.

"You were right, they were watching us last night" mom said to him as she went to get her own plate.

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"I told you I thought I had seen them standing at the door last night" dad said between bites. "You were also right about them being naked last night. And they were curled up in bed together naked when I went to wake them up" mom said as she sat down next to dad. I was getting my own plate of food when Cam came in wearing a long t-shirt. I could see something dark under the shirt so she must have had underwear or her bikini on too. She went over to dad and draped her arms around his neck.

"Morning daddy" she said and kissed him on the cheek. "Morning baby. Go get yourself something to eat, then we are all going to have a little talk" he said as Cam untangled herself from around his neck.


We all sat silently as we ate, Cam and I occasionally glancing at each other and trying not to look into our parents eyes. Dad had finished his breakfast and sat back while mom finished hers. They were then holding hands on top of the table and it looked like dad was considering what he was going to say to us. "Listen you two", he said looking at Cam and I, "you are both of age now and you know what is right and wrong.

Watching us last night uninvited wasn't right. I know your mom and I should have been a little more discreet, closed the door and the blinds, so it is partly our fault.

So, what I am saying is that we are in close quarters here and respecting the privacy of others has to be what we do. Now, as to you two being naked together, you are old enough to make your own decisions about how you conduct yourselves. I am pretty sure neither one of you are virgins any more.

I know that Cam is on birth control so pregnancy is not the issue. Basically what I am saying is be careful but have fun." "Wow!" I thought to myself.

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I thought sure mom and dad were going to be really upset and lower the boom on us. And what was that thing about "uninvited"?

I looked at Cam, she looked back at me and smiled. "Daddy", Cam said, "we are on a beautiful tropical island, we will only be here for a week and I plan to have the most fun I possibly can before we go back to our regular lives. And that includes wearing as few clothes as I can get away with. I am old enough to make those decisions for myself and I will be careful. I know I am safe with Rick by my side so I am going to cut loose and be a little wild this week.

We all love each other and none of us would do anything to hurt anyone else or force anyone to do something they don't want to do." "Okay, I guess we all understand one another then. You know your mom and I love you both, all we want to do is make sure you are safe" dad said.

"Okay, we have a couple of hours until the party starts so your dad and I are going to look around the island for a while and we will meet you later" mom said as she got up and headed toward the bathroom. Cam and I, having finished our breakfast decided to head down to the beach to check it out before we went to the party. We walked back through mom and dads bedroom on the way out.

As we walked by the door to the bathroom mom walked out naked. Cam and I both stopped and stared. "Nothing left to hide now after last night" she said with a little giggle in her voice. Cam and I continued on out the door and down the steps toward the beach. As we got down to the beach Cam reached down and grabbed the bottom of her t-shirt and pulled it up over her head and off.

"Holy SHIT! Damn Cam, when did you get that bikini?" I said staring in amazement. Cam had on one of those "wicked weasel" mesh bikinis, I could see her nipples and her pussy lips right through the mesh and all it had was a little string up between her ass cheeks.

"You like it bro?" she said as she did a slow turn.

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"Damn right I do, that is HOT! You almost might as well not have it on, you can see everything anyway" I said with my eyes as big as saucers. "Are you planning on wearing that to the party?" "You bet I am! Hell, this will probably be the most clothes I wear the rest of the week. Make all the women at the party jealous and make all their husbands drool!" "Makes me drool too!" I said, devouring her with my eyes.


"Good, just what I wanted to hear. Come on," she said reaching out and taking my hand in hers. We walked along the beach for a long ways just enjoying the beautiful island. "Rick, were you surprised that mom and dad didn't seem mad about what happened?" "Yeah, I was waiting for the boom to be lowered.

Of course they didn't get the whole story, did they?" I said with a little smirk on my face. "Bro, do you regret anything we did with each other?" Cam asked with her head hanging down.

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We stopped and I turned Cam to face me and lifted her chin to look into her eyes. "Cam, you're my sister and I love you. You're the most beautiful, sexy hot sister a guy could have. I don't regret a minute of what happened last night. Not even our voyeur watching of mom and dad, not getting off together while we watched and not what we did in the shower after." I said, and I leaned in and kissed her.

"I'm so glad Rick. I couldn't live with it if anything we did made you think any less of me." she said as she wrapped her arms around me and hugged me tight. We decided to head back to the bungalow to see if our folks were ready to head over to the festival.

We walked along, hand in hand, like a pair of lovers. As we approached the bungalow we saw mom and dad were laying out in the sun. It wasn't until we were almost in front of them that we realized they were both naked.

Dad was laying face down but mom was face up and spread eagle, her shaved pussy facing right at us. Mom lifted her head as we stopped in front of her. "Nice bikini Camilla" she said with a slight scowl on her face. Dad lifted and turned his head to take a look, "Yeah Cam, very sexy! Nice nipples and pussy lips!" "I could say the same thing about mom. Looks like we are all going to be wearing as little as possible this week," Cam said with a smirk. Mom and dad laying there naked, Cam standing there as good as naked, suddenly I was feeling very over-dressed.

"Cam and I came back to see if you two were ready to head over to the festival?" Dad rolled over towards mom and snuggled up against her then looked up at me and gave me a wink, "No, you two go ahead, your mom and I will be along in a little bit." Then he leaned his head down and started kissing mom as his hand drifted down between her spread legs onto her pussy.

Cam and I just stood there for a few seconds watching him finger her pussy before we headed up the steps and into our room in the bungalow. "Damn bro, you think they're going to fuck right out there in the open?" "Sure looks like they might" I said as I pulled my gym shorts off.

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Cam was standing by the door still watching them. I stood there naked, watching her watching them. She had one hand in front of her, it looked like she was rubbing her clit.

I walked up behind her and pressed my hard dick between her bare ass cheeks and wrapped me arms around her cupping her tits in my hands, squeezing her nipples sticking through the mesh of her top.

She let out a low moan and increased the tempo of her hand on her pussy. I pulled the strings on her top letting it drop off her tits, then reached down and pulled her bottoms down over her hips. Cam took her fingers off her clit long enough to let the suit fall to the floor.

"You sure do like to watch them don't you?" I whispered in her ear. "Oh yeah, it's so hot watching them. I wish it was me out there about to have dad sink his dick into me." Cam admitted with a sigh. "Well, how about if I sink my dick into you instead?" I said as I pushed Cam down onto her hands and knees. I got down behind her and rubbed the head of my dick up and down along her pussy lips.

I then slowly eased the head into her eliciting a loud moan from deep in her throat. "Just like mom" I thought to myself. We were both still watching dad as he was on top of mom, driving his dick hard into her pussy. I started matching dads every thrust, in and out of Cams pussy. As dads pace increased with mom as he headed towards climax, my pace increased with Cam. Mom was cumming and moaning, Cam was cumming and moaning, Dad was sweating, I was sweating. Suddenly dad pulled out of moms pussy and grabbed his dick and jerked it and shot a huge stream of cum all over moms face and tits.

As he did this I pulled out of Cams' pussy and she spun around and turned over and I spewed cum all over her face and tits.

I was huffing and puffing and I fell forward on top of Cam smearing the cum all over us both. She took my face in her hands and brought her mouth to mine and we kissed long and deep, our tongues swapping my cum back and forth as we did.

As we lay there in the aftermath of our pleasure we heard a noise behind us. We turned and saw Mayala standing there with a surprised look on her face.

She turned to leave and I jumped up and went after her with Cam right behind me. "Mayala, wait, please" I said before she got out the door. She stopped and turn back to face us, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to walk in on you. I had come to tell you the festival had begun and escort you back and show you around. I will leave and come back later." "No Mayala, please stay and help me pick something out to wear to the festival." Cam said to the young girl.

"We were just about to get ready to go anyway." "You are brother and sister, aren't you?" Mayala asked. Cam and I realized we were standing there still naked and Mayala must have seen at least part of our sex escapade. We looked at each other a little nervously having been caught. "I think it is so beautiful that a brother and sister can be so close to be able to share sex like that, it is wonderful." she said before we could answer her.

"Mayala, don't you have any brothers or sisters that you are close to?" I asked. "No, I have no family. I was in the orphanage until mister Jim came along and took me in." she said. "He gave me a home and a job on this beautiful island." "Aren't you so lucky to get to live in this paradise all the time. How old are you Mayala? asked Cam. "I am 14 I think, but don't know for sure because nobody knows for sure when I was born. I was left in the middle of the night at the orphanage when I was very small," she said as it looked like she was about to tear up.

"Hey sis, we need to get cleaned up and dressed if we are going to the festival." I said trying to lighten the mood. "We need to wash this off." I said as I reached over and smeared my cum around on her tit. "Come on Mayala, come with us and help us clean up. For the rest of the week you can be our sister" Cam said as she grabbed the girls hand and then mine and lead us back into the bathroom.

"Oh thank you miss Camilla! I would love to be your sister for the week. Yours too mister Rick!" she said as she walked along behind Cam. "Please, brothers and sisters don't call each other "mister" or "miss", just call me "Camilla" or "Cam" and call our brother "Rick". "Our brother" Oh how I like that" Mayala said with a big smile on her face.

Once in the bathroom we stripped Mayala of her small top and skirt, and as she was the day before, she had no panties on. So the three of us, naked, got in the shower so Cam and I could wash the evidence of our sexual coupling away.

Mayala had such a beautiful sexy body. Nice tits, not as big as Cams', a nice bush on her pussy unlike Cams' shaved pussy, wide hips and a nicely curved ass. The three of us stood in a circle facing each other with our arms around each other as the spray from the shower washed over us. Mayala then started rubbing Cam and I down with soap, washing the cum from our bodies.

Watching her squeeze Cams tits through her fingers and then dipping her hand down between her legs over her pussy. Watching this had me hard as a rock and longing for my turn to have the dark skinned young girl run her small hands all over my body. As she finally turned to me I could hardly contain myself. We stood facing each other and as she soaped my chest I tilted her chin up and leaned down and kissed her tenderly on the lips.

As we kissed her hands worked their way down my body finally coming to rest on my dick. She wrapped both hands around it and stroked back and forth. My dick had only been this hard once before, that was just a short time ago when Cam and I first fucked. I picked Mayala up and she wrapped her legs around me. I lifted her up and Cam grabbed my dick and lined it up with Mayalas' pussy and I slid Mayala down on my dick.

Cam stood up and draped her arms over Mayalas' back and my shoulders while I pushed my dick in and out of the young girls pussy. Soon I was feeling the urge to cum, Mayala was incoherently groaning seemingly rock by orgasm after orgasm. Suddenly I could hold out no longer and exploded my cum into the girls pussy. I let my dick slip out of her pussy and then set her down on the small bench on the side of the shower stall and then sat beside her. Cam dropped to her knees in front of the girl and pushed her legs apart and the leaned forward and covered Mayalas' pussy with her mouth and started licking out the combined juices and cum.

Then she turned to me and took my dick in her hand and lowered her mouth over the head and took me all the way in.

Licking my dick from bottom to top until all the cum and juice was gone. The she turned back to the girl and kissed her deeply, then turned to me and did the same. "Oh Camilla, Rick, I love you both. Thank you for letting me be your sister!" the young girl said with a satisfied look on her face. (look for chapter 3)