Blonde Horny Teen Masturbates With Dildo

Blonde Horny Teen Masturbates With Dildo
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"Hey mom, is dad going to be home soon?" I asked when I got home from school and went to the living room.

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"Yes he'll be home soon baby, why?" Mom asked while I dropped my back pack on the ground and sat next to her. "I was just wondering, I'm kinda glad he's not here right now." I said making her look at me and turn the tv off. "Uh oh, what did he make you mad?" She asked making me look at her.

"I'm not mad I'm just so so frustrated." I said while I looked at her. "Why?" She asked while she turned to me she touched my face. "Because you told me that he made up his mind that he was going to take my virginity for sure and he hasn't done it yet. I want him mom, I want him so so bad." I said making her look at me and smile.

"How bad is it?" She asked. "What do you mean?" I asked. "Like, how bad do you want him?" She asked making me start breathing kinda hard. "It's s all I can think about mom, it's almost scary! All I can think about is him, his hot sexy body, his abs his huge perfect dick, and how bad I want him inside of me.

Even when I'm at school all I can think about is what his boner would feel like in me." I sighed making her grin. "How often do you touch yourself thinking about him?" She asked making me slide my hand between my legs. "All of the time like, literally. Miss Trina caught me touching myself during class today.but at least she didn't see me looking at naked pics of him, she almost did though." I said.

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"You were looking at naked pics of your daddy during class?" She asked with wide eyes. "He's so so hot mom I cant help it, now I know why you have to have sex with him all of the time, oh my god he's so so sexy." I whimpered making her smile. "Want me to talk to him for you?" She asked making me get excited. "Please? Please mom, I seriously can't take it anymore. I'm going to rape him for sure if he doesn't have real sex with me.

I want his big dick in me with no condom, and I want him to cum inside of me." I whimpered making her face turn red while she gasped. "Holy shit, it's all you think about?" She asked while I bit my lip and nodded my head yes. "Mmmhmm, I even know how I'm going to rape him." I whimpered making her gasp again. "How?" She asked making my whole body tingle like crazy.

"Well, I don't think it'll really be rape, but you know how I hump his naked boner with my pussy until we both cum like crazy?" I asked. "Yes, it's so fucking hot." She sighed while we smashed our bodies together and started touching each other. "When we do that again, I'm just going to take his dick and sit on it until he's deep inside of me when he's not expecting it." I sighed while we wrapped our legs together.

"Are you going to fuck him?" She asked making me moan and nod my head yes. "Until he fills me with all of his daddy cream." I whimpered before she kissed me three times.

"I want to be his young little slut, his yummy jailbait slut." I whimpered while my little slit creamed so bad that my panties were so so wet and gooey. "Oh fuck, you're so obsessed with him. She sighed while she kind of slid in my lap and got her face close to mine.

"So so bad." I sighed while I slid my little hand on her boobs. "I'll talk to him when he gets home." She sighed. "Promise?" I asked before she kissed me and licked my tongue all slow. "Promise." She said before I kissed her back. We made out for a little while and because she knew I wanted daddy as bad as I did, we didn't have sex that time. Instead we just looked at all of the yummy pictures we had of him and even watched the video of the webcam show he did with her when they went on their first date.

Then a few days went by after that and dad had been gone the whole time because he was on another exclusive flight for someone else, so it was like a week he was gone. Then when the Friday after he left came, I got excited because I knew he was going to come home and he had a whole month off.

I don't know how I forgot that he was coming home, but I did somehow, even though I was so obsessed with him that you would literally think I was crazy like, a psycho or something. Anyway, I just got my homework done because I wanted to get straight A's and when I got done, I went to my pics and started to dream about my daddy while I looked at pics of me sucking his fat yummy dick.

I kept looking at them and started to touch myself through my pants, but then I got thirsty so I stopped and went downstairs to get some water, and while I was in the kitchen I started watching daddy daughter porn. I was loving the video I was watching because it was one I never saw before, and while I was lost in that yummy video, I felt someone slide their hands around me and hug me from behind and I knew right then it was daddy because I could smell him and oh my god he smelled soooooo so good!!

"Mmm, hi daddy." I whimpered while he slid his hand on my neck all soft and lifted my head so that I was looking up at him. "Hey baby girl." He sighed before he kissed me all slow and yummy like. He slipped his tongue in my mouth kinda slow and licked my tongue and braces before I did the same thing to him and he kept kissing me like that.

He had no idea how wet and hot he was making me by kissing and holding me like he was. It was so bad that I started to loose control and started to kiss him a little faster and harder. But then he slid his hand on my boobs without me even moving his hand for him like I did a lot, and when he slipped his other hand in my pants a little, I moaned and smashed my mouth against his and started to lick his mouth like crazy. I started to shake and my whole body started to tingle all over, but my little pussy was tingling way way worse than anything else.

That's when I started to smash my body against him as best as I could and when I did I felt his huge hard boner on my back. "Oh my god daddy, I'm so horny." I sighed after he stood up straight. "Are you?" He asked all sexy with that sexy grin of his while he slid his hand in my shirt and bra. "I want you so bad." I kinda cried while I slipped my hand behind me when he had a handful of my naked young boob.

That's when I turned around and looked, and when I looked, I creamed my pants so so bad that it felt like I just peed my pants. He was wearing his jeans but his belt was undone, his pants were unbuttoned and unzipped, and he had some really tight, low riding see through boxer briefs on and no shirt at all. And when I looked down, I could see the top part of his yummy boner perfectly.

"How was school?" He sighed while I slid my little hand in his pants and on his dick and looked up at him. "Not good." I sighed while I rubbed his yummy dick and while he started to unbutton my shirt all slow. "Why wasn't it good?" He asked while I bit my lip so hard and started to rub his dick and squeeze it. "Because I can't stop thinking about you and this." I whimpered while he opened my shirt. "You're so sexy." He sighed making me whimper.

"Mmmmm, so are you, so so sexy." I whimpered right when mom came out and found us in the kitchen. "Hey baby, we're going shopping." Mom said making me pout.

"But I want to play with daddy so bad." I whimpered while he slid my shirt down my shoulders. "Go with your mom baby, I promise I'll play with you later." He said while he slid my bra strap down my shoulder. "But my little kitty wants you now." I whimpered making his dick get extra hard a few times. "My dick wants your little kitty too." He sighed making me literally cum in my pants because it sounded like he was saying that he wanted to FINALLY take my virginity.

"Mmmm, promise you'll play with me later." I said while I rubbed his dick. "I promise I'll play with you later, promise." He sighed making me smile right before he kissed me so soft and slow. I so so did NOT want to stop like, at all! I wanted to keep doing what we were doing! He did help me button my shirt back up and stuff while we kept making out like crazy and when he was done, we still made out all soft and passionately. We stopped kissing which I didn't want to, then me and mom left and went to a store that I won't mention and shopped for lingerie.

She found the cutest little outfit ever!! It was red and black. It had red fish net stockings, red fish net sleeves that hooked around my middle finger and went almost to my shoulders, black little bra that didn't cover anything, and black little panties that you could see my little slit perfectly through. It even had a red lace choker and everything, it was so so hot! When she found that we went to the dressing room and I put it all on with mom in there with me. When she saw me like that, she pushed me against the wall and smashed her mouth against mine and kissed me so so hard.

While we were making out like crazy, I felt her slide her finger in my panties and start to rub my little button. When she did that I kinda tore her shirt open and pulled her bra down so I could grab her perfect yummy boobs and when I did that, she moaned and started to go crazy like I was.

"So you're going to model this tonight for your site, then we are going to play." She said after we stopped making out like crazy. "K, but I wanna model it for daddy too." I said before she kissed me again.

When we stopped kissing again, she helped me get naked, pushed me on the bench and started to kiss and lick my pussy. But I was breathing too hard and whimpering so we had to stop what we were doing. I was so so hot and so so horny that everything looked like it was all foggy, I was shaking so so bad and my little pussy was so so slimy! We walked around for a while and picked a few more sexy little boxer briefs for daddy before we went back home.

"I think we should just order a pizza tonight that way we can just enjoy our family night." Dad said making me smile because I knew there was going to be a lot of sexy things that were going to happen! "I love it, good idea." I said before I walked up to him and pulled his mouth to mine and kissed him. "Have you ordered it yet?" Mom asked while me and dad made out. "Yes, it should be here soon, one of you may have to get the door when they get here since you're dressed." He said with a grin making me and mom moan.

"Deal." Mom said before she came to us and kissed daddy all sexy and yummy while I unbuttoned my shirt all the way. "Me and mom got you some things too and I want you to model them for me." I sighed with a smile while I pulled him against me till his covered boner was touching my bare skin right above my belly button. "Oh really, what did you get me?" He asked while I smashed my body against his and while he slid my shirt off of my shoulders.

"More underwear like what you're wearing now." I sighed while he pulled my shirt down until I just moved my arms so it would fall on the floor. "You must like these." He said while he laughed a little and slid my bra strap down my arm. "I love them, I want you to wear those all the time and only that when we are all alone. I love looking at your hot body and your boner." I said making his dick get hard against my body. "Is that what you really want?" He asked making me bite my lip and nod my head yes.

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"You're extra horny today aren't you?" I asked while I slid my hands all over his super sexy body. "Yeah I am truthfully." He said making me moan a little. "I'm super super horny too, I want you so bad daddy." I whimpered right when the door bell rang.

"Well you may just get me tonight." He sighed while his dick pushed against me hard. "As in you finally taking my virginity?" I asked right before he kissed me hard. Even though he didn't say yes, I knew that mom talked to him and that he was definitely going to have sex with me for sure.

You don't even know how horny I was because of that! I literally had never ever ever been that horny in my life before that time, it was almost scary! I could literally feel my girl goo almost pouring out of my little virgin hole, and it was way way bad.

Our mouths were wide wide open and smashed together like crazy and we were licking the insides of each other's mouths. I loved how our heads moved like they did and I loved how dizzy I was feeling from being so so horny, my whole body was like on fire, that's what it felt like.

After what felt like forever of licking daddy's mouth and him licking mine and my braces like that, we stopped kissing and stepped away from each other, but only like an inch or something. And when we looked at mom, she was already taking more pictures of us. "I don't know if I can wait." I sighed while I pulled myself against daddy's body again.

"Let's eat before the pizza gets cold." Daddy said before I took his hand and took him to the table. "But I'm super super horny." I whimpered making mommy giggle while she came up to us. "Let's eat and then you can model your new sexy little outfit for him." She said making me look at her.

"Then no more waiting?" I whimpered while I looked at her. "No more waiting, I'll take as long as you want to take care of you, I have what you need." Daddy said making me look at him. "I know you do and I want it." I whimpered while I put my hand on his dick. "The sooner we eat, the sooner we can start and the longer we can play baby girl." Mom said making me look at her.

"K." I sighed while I took daddy's hand and pulled him to the table. Before I sat down, I undid my belt and my pants and left it like that so that if daddy wanted to molest me, it would be easy for him to. I have to say that it was probably the sexiest dinner ever because daddy had me and mom all over him like crazy. We both couldn't stop kissing him and the more we did, I noticed that he just kept getting way hornier which is good because I needed him to.

The hottest thing he did to me was that he fed me and even though I had food in my mouth, he licked my tongue and braces, he kissed me. Anyway, we actually laughed a lot and I told him about my day, I showed him the pictures I was looking at in class and I told him that my teacher caught me playing with myself during class. "So do you ladies want ice cream for dessert?" Dad asked while we stood up. "I think she wants something different for dessert." Mom sighed making me moan, slide my little hand on his dick that was soft but not all the way soft and slip my little fingers in the waist band of his underwear.

"I do, I want this." I sighed while I pulled his underwear and pants down, reached in and pulled his dick out. "Do you?" He asked making me moan a little and nod my head yes while his dick started to get hard in my little hand. "So so bad." I sighed while I pulled the front of my pants down and pulled his boner so that it would smash against my tummy. Then I smashed my body against his so that his boner would go up my shirt so that it was touching my bare skin.

"How bad?" He asked while he moved his body from side to side so that his warm boner was moving against my body. "So so bad, I want my daddy's dick." I whimpered making him moan a little while he started to unbutton my shirt while his dick got so so hard. "See, I told you." Mom sighed while she smashed her body against his and slid her hand in my pants until she was touching my butt.

"Yeah you did." He sighed before he kissed her. When I saw her tongue lick the outside of his mouth when they kissed like that, I creamed so so bad. "Can I go get ready for tonight's shoot, I really really wanna do this now." I whimpered making them stop kissing and look at me. "Yes we can, I'll help." Mom said while she backed away from dad just a little bit. "Can I show you what I'm going to do to you?" I asked while I looked up at dad, making him nod his head yes.

So I backed away, leaned down, which I didn't have to lean down very far, wrapped my fingers around him, looked up in his eyes, opened my mouth, slipped his big fat dick in my mouth and sucked him while I licked the bottom of his yummy dick. "Oh shit." He sighed while I started to slide my mouth up and down on his dick. While I was doing that to him, I lost it and couldn't stop sucking and licking him. While I was having sex with daddy with my mouth, mom pulled my pants down all the way then started to kiss him like crazy.

When they stopped kissing, I popped him out of my mouth and licked all the way around his head for a second before I sucked him in my mouth and started to move my head up and down on his boner. I even pushed his boner in my mouth until I felt his head almost go in my throat, and even then he wasn't even half way in my mouth. When I popped him out of my mouth, he picked me up all gentle and put me on the table. Then he took his dick while I watched him and slid it against my panty covered kitty all slow and teasingly, but what made me start shaking and breathing way hard, was when he took his dick while mom spread my legs as wide as possible, and pushed it against the one spot that I've been wanting him to put his dick!

He pushed it against my little virgin hole all slow and gentle until he pushed my panties inside of me just a little. I looked up at him with my mouth and eyes wide open because I was gasping so hard! I knew for sure that I was finally going to loose my virginity to him that night! "You promise daddy?" I whimpered through the heaviest gasps and exhales ever making him nod his head yes like, seconds before mom kissed me.


When she kissed me, I felt dad's dick get extra hard while he humped my little kitty. When he was doing that, mom was kissing me just like she kissed dad and how dad kissed me, now my head was spinning and my whole body had this buzzing feeling.

I was so horny and hot that it was so so crazy! But then he pulled my panties out my by leg and slipped his boner on my bare pussy and started slide his warm hard boner against me all slow. It made me moan in moms mouth while we made out harder than we ever had because we could hear how wet I was.

But then mom stopped kissing me, and when she did, I didn't even get my eyes open before dad was licking my tongue, braces and the insides of my mouth like crazy. And while we kissed, I felt something that made me go so so crazy!

I felt him push his dick head against my virgin hole and push hard until just his head was inside of me and pushing against my virgin cherry. It made me stop kissing him, wrap my arm around his neck and hold on to him. "Oh my god daddy." I cried quietly through the heaviest and most abnormal breathing ever while he took his boner and rubbed his head up and down on my pink little slit.

"Fuck, you're definitely a virgin, oh my god." He groaned while I pushed my head against his and look in his eyes. "How tight is your little girl baby." Mommy whimpered making us both look at her. "You have no idea." He sighed while he pushed his dick against my little hole again. "Does it feel good, does my little pussy feel good daddy?" I whispered through gasps and sharp exhales. "It feels really good." He sighed before he kissed me hard over and over and over again.

"You should see what his dick looks like right now." Mommy whimpered with a shaky voice making me stop kissing daddy. I leaned back and looked dad in his eyes, then I looked down while mommy started to kiss my neck, my chin and the corner of my mouth. I came, I couldn't help it when I saw what I saw. Daddy stretched mom so so far and yummy all of the time, and now I was looking at my own young little pink kitty being spread wide, wide wide by the top part of daddy's boner head!

All I know was that mommy moaned and I ended up closing my eyes with my mouth wide open. Daddy's boner felt sssssoooo so so good, you have no idea how amazing just his head felt! I know I creamed all over his big fat head and that it was dripping off of him! That's when mommy kissed me really hard again, but then he pulled his head out of my little hole making me moan in moms mouth because I wanted way way more.

Then out of no where, I felt him put his open mouth right on my pussy and lick me several times like he was trying to get all of my cum out of me.

I wasn't even trying to, but I ended up pushing my little pussy against his mouth while he ate me out all slow and sexy. But when right when mom stopped kissing me, dad stopped eating me out and started kissing me and sliding his warm hard dick against my little pussy making that yummy wet squishing sound, Before I knew it, me mom and dad were all kissing at the exact same time.

"You promise daddy, you promise you'll have sex with me?" I whimpered after we stopped kissing and while mom sucked on my neck and chin. "Promise." He sighed. "Mmmm, I'm going to go get ready for this shoot." I sighed after mom stopped kissing my neck. "Sounds good." He said before I kissed him three times all slow while I moved my hips so me and daddy were humping each other. "I want more, way more." I sighed while I moved my hips like crazy and while he kept making really wet and sexy squishy sounds by humping my pussy with his yummy dick.

"I'll give you all you want." He sighed making me moan while his lips brushed against mine and his breath blew in my mouth after I put my hand on his neck and pulled him so that our heads were pushed together.

"I want it all daddy, I want you inside of me so so bad." I sighed making my lips brush on his while I looked so deep in his eyes. "Do you?" He sighed making me nod my head yes while I tried to catch my breath.

"Good, because I wanna be inside of my little girl too." He sighed making me open my eyes really wide and gasp. "Yeah?" Was all I could say since he made me cum on his boner a little when he said that. "Yeah, and I'm going to be inside of you tonight." He sighed making me moan with a shaky voice.

"Promise?" I sighed through the heaviest breathing ever. "Promise." He sighed before I licked his tongue while I put mine in his mouth and kissed him. "Help me down, I'm going to go get ready so you can have sex with me for my shoot." I sighed making him kiss me three times and and back up.

He was so gentle and sweet when he picked me up and lowered me to the floor.

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"Be right back." I sighed while I wrapped my little fingers around his slimy slimy dick. "Ok." He sighed while mom took my hand and started to pull me to the stairs while I looked at dad's dick while we walked away. When we got to my room, I couldn't stop making out with mom, I was so way beyond horny that I couldn't even think. It was so bad that mom had to undress me and I was shaking all over. My legs were all shaky and almost weak, and the best part of it was that I could still feel the tip of dad's dick pushed on my virgin hole.

"Oh my god mommy, I'm so so horny." I whimpered through really heavy breathing. "Mmmmm, good." She sighed while she helped me put my stockings and sleeves on.

"He's taking my virginity, you talked to him huh?" I whimpered while I put my black little panties on. "Mmmhmm." She sighed while she nodded her head making me grab her and smash my opened mouth against hers and kiss her like we were kissing on the table. "So does that mean he's doing it for sure tonight?" I sighed after we stopped kissing. "Yes, and he's not using a condom either, just like you want." She sighed making me kiss her again while I whimpered. "I gotta look way hot for him." I sighed after we stopped kissing.

"I think you have that covered already baby." She sighed making me look in her eyes. "Yeah but I wanna look even more hot." I said while I grabbed my little bra and put it on. "Anything you want." She said while she took my hand and took me to my desk with the mirror. After that, she did my hair and put a really fancy red ribbon in it.

She put it in a ponytail but left my long bangs out so they hung over my eyes and stuff. Then she started to do my makeup after I put the black choker on and when we were done, I looked even younger than I already was and I looked hot. I even wore the shiniest lip gloss ever and mom put body glitter all over my face, my neck and my boobs. I couldn't wait till daddy saw me like that, you have no idea! Anyway, when I got done, I got up and and felt a string of goo coming from my kitty, so I looked down and could see this yummy thick thick string of my girl goo coming out of my panties and stringing to the floor and all over the insides of my legs.

"Mommy look." I said while I looked at her and smiled. She looked at my pussy, grabbed me gently and pushed me to my bed, then made me sit down.

Then she pushed me back, pushed my legs wide open while she got on her knees. Then she pulled my panties to the side, then put her mouth on my pussy. "Mmmmm, I love it when you lick my kitty mommy." I whimpered through the heaviest breathing ever while I watched her mouth and tongue. "Fuck you're so so wet baby, so much cream, I've never seen you this wet." She sighed before she pushed her open mouth against my pussy and licked my little button like crazy.

"Yes, like that, like that mommy, mmm." I moaned making her moan into my little kitty. After that, she stopped eating me out and pushed her tongue in my mouth and started to kiss me while she pulled my panties back where they were before.

"Your panties are literally soaked all the way through baby, do you wanna change them?" She asked after we stopped kissing. "No, I want daddy to see how wet he made me." I whimpered before she kissed me again and again. "Let's go do the shoot, I'll have your daddy change into his new boxer briefs for you while we start." She sighed. "No, I don't want to pretend to model for him, I want to model for him for real." I whimpered while I sat up, closed my legs and put my feet on the ground.

"Ok, he's in the shower now, which ones do you wanna see your daddy in, white, blue, black or red?" She asked making me kinda grin. "The red ones, you wouldn't let me see those when you picked them and I wanna see those, plus I want him to match me.

And can you tell him to wear his sweat pants? I wanna take them off for the shoot." I said while she touched my lips with her fingers. "Perfect perfect choice, you're gonna love those and I'd be happy to baby." She sighed before I licked her tongue and kissed her twice. "Tell him to wear a shirt too, I wanna take all of his clothes off." I sighed before she kissed me two more times.

"Ok, anything for you baby." She sighed making me moan just a little. "Thank you." I whimpered before I kissed her two times. "You look so fucking sexy, god." She whimpered making me grin. "Think daddy will like it?" I asked making her nod her head yes.

"Good." I moaned. After that I grabbed my little pink robe that was not see through because I wanted to surprise daddy for the shoot and mom left my room. I was way excited because mom and dad set up a whole thing in the den where we were going to do the shoot. They even closed all of the blinds and locked all of the doors so no one could see me have sex with my daddy for the first time ever!

So I went to the living room and waited for mom and dad to come out while I made sure my make up was perfect.

I loved that I looked way younger than I already was and I loved that I had glitter all over my body. I literally looked like a really really young little stripper and I knew daddy wouldn't be able to control himself when he saw me, which is what I wanted, especially when after he already put the tip in me.

I even fixed my little outfit and made sure I looked perfect for him. Anyway, after only a few minutes, mom came out with daddy, and when they came out, I looked at dad and started to go crazy again even though he had all of his clothes on still.

He was wearing a yummy black tank top and red sweat pants and that was it. I could still see his hot sexy body way good. "You ready?" He asked while he came up to me and hugged me all gently while he leaned down and kissed me all soft and yummy. "I've been ready daddy, you just liked teasing your horny little girl." I sighed while he pulled me against him tight. "But it made you crazy." He said with a sexy grin while mommy set the cameras up.

"So so crazy, I want you so bad." I sighed making him lean down and kiss me three times like he did when he first got in the den. "Oh my god Haylee, you look so sexy. He moaned making me smile. "Thanks daddy." I sighed before he kissed me twice. When he and I stopped kissing, mom pulled his mouth to hers and kissed him so hard while I slid my hand in his shirt and touched his yummy abs. When they stopped kissing, she kissed me the same way and then she stopped. "Can we start already?" I asked making mom moan and dad laugh a little.

"Yes we can, baby, you have to go sit on the couch." Mom said while I took his hand and pulled him to the couch. "You have to sit in the middle." I said while I pulled him to the spot where we wanted him. "Why the middle of the couch?" He asked teasingly.

"Because it'll be perfect for this shoot silly." I said while I giggled. "Ok, I'll sit here then." He said with a smile while he sat down. After that, I went to my spot and stood there while mom started taking pictures. I started to do some sexy little poses and when I was doing that, I watched daddy watch me.

Then I just started to model for him. I started to tease him with my robe by acting like I was going to take it off and then I would stop and watch him start looking at me like he was ready to come and rip it off of me. After doing just a few poses like that, I went and got him so I could do some poses with him. I loved that he started to pose with me and touch me all over without me taking my robe off and I loved that he was having fun.

Finally I pulled him down and started to kiss him for the camera and when we kissed, I started to loose control again. I knew he was loosing control when he exhaled through his nose hard, smashed his open mouth against mine and started to lick my braces and everything.

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It was slow at first but then I couldn't take it anymore and started to really really lick his mouth like crazy. After we stopped kissing like crazy, I just smashed my body against his and looked at the camera while I pulled his sweat pants down.

I only pulled it down a couple of inches and then let go, and after I let go, I stared at the camera and slid my hand on dad's dick. When I was doing poses with him and touching his bump, I felt him getting hard. I loved how fast his dick got bigger and harder. But when his boner got extra hard twice after he was all the way hard, I started to cream my panties so so bad that my legs got all slimy and wet. I started to shake and hurt all over because I wanted him in me so so bad, but mom wasn't letting me do anything else yet, we were doing what she wanted to do, which is normal for a shoot.

After almost a few minutes, mom just stopped taking pictures and walked up to us. "Ok, from here on, do what you want whenever you want and I'll try to keep up." She sighed before she kissed him, then kissed me. "Mmmmm, finally." I whimpered after we stopped kissing.

After that I took dad to the couch and made him sit, and when he was sitting, I looked in his eyes while he laid back. Then I got so close to him that my legs were touching his knees making him sit up so that he was way way close to me, which is where I wanted him to be. Then I watched his amazing green eyes before I moved my hand so that he could watch it.

He did, he watched me take my belt on my robe and untie it, and when I had it untied, I opened my robe all slow while I watched my daddy lick his lips and stare at my young tight jailbait body.

I loved how he just stared at my little boobs before he looked up at me. "Oh my god baby girl." He sighed making me grin while I pulled my robe open all the way and slid it off of my shoulders. "Do you like it?" I asked while I dropped my robe on the floor, took my sleeves and hooked them around my middle fingers. Oh my god oh my god, the look on his face, in his eyes and the way he was checking me out made me start to move my hips and I started to breath so so hard. "Fuck, I love it, you look so fucking hot, so fucking sexy." He sighed while he slid his hands on my sides and pulled me against him.

"Thank you daddy." I whimpered while he looked up and me and started to kiss me right under my boobs. I wasn't expecting him to loose it as fast as he did, and I only know he did because he started to lick and kiss my body all slow and yummy like. He was making me as horny as I was when he only put the tip in me earlier just by doing what he was doing.

I got the biggest chills ever and even though daddy was making me feel like I was going to explode, I looked at the camera. But then he slipped his hand on my little pussy, and when he did, he sent the biggest waves of the best feeling in the world through my whole body. I was looking at the camera when he did that but all I could see was fuzz and stars.

That's when I just turned to him, lifted his head up and pushed my lips against his, but before my mouth was smashed against his, my tongue was already in his mouth.

"Mmmmm, perfect, I got the best shot of that." Mommy hissed while me and dad swirled our tongues together and licked the insides of each other's mouths so hard that our heads were moving.

Oh my god I was so so ready for him to put his boner in me, and I mean I was so ready that my body was hurting! I was so hot and so super horny that I could barely stand or breath! So I stopped kissing and looked in his eyes. "Mom said that she got you some new underwear for me." I sighed while I tried to smash my whole body against his making him wrap me in his arms and hold me.

"She did, do you want to see them?" He asked with the hottest and sexiest look on his face. "Please daddy?" I whimpered making him moan. "Step back a little." He sighed making me bite my lip and back up. "I wanna take them off." I sighed while he stood up. "Its all yours." He sighed making my whole body get really really tight a few times while my little girl cream came out of my little pussy like crazy.

"Mmmmmm." I whimpered while I looked up at him and untied the string that was keeping his pants up. After I untied his sweat pants, I started to pull them down while I got on my knees. I kept looking up at him because I wanted to surprise myself, so I didn't look at his dick at all while I pulled his pants all the way down. But when I looked at his dick, I felt like I just got shocked a little by some electricity because, oh my good god!!

His underwear didn't cover his dick up all the way! They were boxer briefs, but they were too small, they didn't have a spot where his dick would be comfortable and it was see through! I could literally see every detail of his perfect perfect fat boner only it was tinted red by his underwear.

But that's not all, it rode way low, and because his yummy daddy dick was pointing down, the part of his dick that was right next to his body was sticking out like crazy. "Fffuuuuuuck" I sighed quietly through major gasps and huge exhales before I could stop saying that word, I never said that word before. "Oh god she loves it." Mommy moaned while I stared at his dick. "Do you like it?" He asked while I slid my hand on the part of his boner that he put in me earlier and slid my hand all the way up to the naked part.

"Mmmm, god daddy." I whimpered, since that's all I could really say, while I looked up at him. I couldn't help myself after that and just like the very first time ever, I slowly licked his perfect dick all slow. I LLLLOVED the look he got on his face when I licked his boner like that!

It made me lick him again, only this time I licked the naked part and kissed it while I looked up at dad and the camera mom had pointing down at me from his shoulder.

After I licked it, he lifted me by my chin and started to kiss me so so hard and yummy that I completely lost it, and I mean I lost it! So when we stopped kissing, I made him sit down and then I reached behind me and undid my bra. "Oh my god baby girl." He sighed while I pulled my bra off and dropped it on the floor. "I'm so so horny daddy, I'm so horny for you." I whimpered while he pulled me against him and started to kiss, lick and suck on my boobs.

When he did that he made me like, so crazy for him! It was so bad that I didn't even notice that mom was taking pictures of us. But after he made me almost cum in my panties just from sucking and licking my boobs like he was, he stopped and that's when I started to kiss him so hard that I kept licking the outside corner of his mouth.

I was breathing so so hard and I was whimpering, and when he touched my pussy again it may things way way worse for me. So when he did that, I stopped kissing him and looked in his eyes while he rubbed my pussy all slow.

I was not expecting mom to pull my panties down at all, but she did after she got behind me and pulled me away from daddy a little bit. "Oh my fucking god." Daddy sighed while he looked at my shiny wet little shaved pussy.

"See how wet I am for you daddy?" I whimpered while I walked to him and pushed my pussy towards him. "You're so wet baby girl, such a perfect little pussy." He sighed making me moan right before I kissed him hard.

After we made out for a long time, we stopped kissing and mom was pulling me away from dad just a little. I was so shaky and hot that I couldn't even think, then mom had me start pulling his underwear off.

While I was doing that I got on my knees and looked up at him while I pulled his underwear all the way down and let him step out of them while I wrapped my fingers around his fat yummy boner. I was going to put him in my mouth because I wanted to suck his dick in the worlds worst way, but mom made me stand up.

I even had my mouth wide open and my tongue was all the way out and when I was standing up, I was still trying to get him in my mouth. I moaned because I was kinda frustrated, but then she had me smash my naked body against his naked hot body and look at the camera.

I loved how his hot warm boner felt against my body so so much! I loved it so much that I started to smash my body against his even more and squirm against him.

"Oh my god, mmm, the look in your face baby girl." Mommy moaned while she took some pictures of that. Then she had daddy back off and had me lay on the couch to do some sexy yummy poses on my back while I stared at daddy and kept looking at his dick. I couldn't help myself, I had to touch my pussy and rub my little button while I drooled and ached for dad's boner. When mom was done, I went to sit up so I could suck my daddy, but then mom stopped me and started to kiss me so so hard while daddy sat in his chair to watch.

And when I noticed that mom was all naked, I lost it even more. She started to rub my kitty while we licked each other's mouths and when she did that, I slipped my finger inside of her. We were both moaning and whimpering in each other's mouths like crazy and when we stopped kissing, she pushed me back on the huge huge ataman so I was laying on my back and spread my legs.

"Ooooooh my god!! Oh god mommy!" I cried while she started to lick and eat my little kitty. She wasn't being all gentle this time, she was really licking and kissing me, and when she pushed her tongue in me a little, my little girl cream started to pour into her mouth.

She even reached up and started to squeeze my boobs. I could hear daddy, so I looked over at him, and when I did, I saw him slowly rubbing his dick while he watched me and mom. But then the room started to spin and I started to feel like I was floating.

My body was moving like a wave almost but I wasn't even trying to do that. After a while longer, I opened my eyes because mom stopped, and when I did, I saw dad's huge perfect dick in my face.

"Ffffuck." I whimpered while I reached up and grabbed his dick. I looked up at him and then his dick before I turned my head, opened my mouth, stuck my tongue out and pushed my mouth on his dick. Mommy didn't eat me out again and I was guessing that it was because she was taking pictures of us again. I was right so it was a good thing that I was sucking daddy all slow so I could taste him. While I was doing that to him, I felt him start molesting me and when he did that, I didn't keep sucking him all slow anymore.

I pushed his dick to the back of my throat so many times while I sucked as hard as I could, and I was licking him at the same time. I started to cum a little bit when I felt his dick get extra extra hard in my mouth over and over again and when it did, I could taste his yummy daddy cream. After a few minutes of doing that, I popped him out of my mouth, sat up and licked him while I pulled him to me.

I loved that mommy was right in my face with the camera because those were going to be some yummy pictures for my website. Anyway, after sucking, licking and kissing daddy's boner, mom had me look at the camera.

That's when I noticed that my spit was stringing from my lips to his dick, but I still looked at the camera while mom took the pictures. When she got done taking a bunch of them, she shoved her tongue in my mouth and started to kiss me like crazy over and over again while I stroked daddy. And before I knew it, me and mom were taking turns sucking daddy and we were kissing with his dick between our mouths. I was way done, I needed daddy in me now!

So I sat up on my knees and pushed him down on his back while mom grabbed the camera again. Then I slid in his lap, smashed my little pussy against his fat hard dick and started to kiss him so so hard. I started to moan in his mouth while he smashed his dick against my pussy hard over and over again at the same time I slid my slimy slit against him. After a few long hot minutes, I stopped kissing him only for him to roll me on my back and for him to start sucking and licking on my neck, chin and shoulder.

He kissed lower and lower until he was sucking on my boobs again. "Daddy." I whimpered after I pulled his mouth off of my boobs. "Yes baby girl." He sighed while I tried to smash my little kitty against his dick.

"I'm so so horny." I whimpered making him moan. "Yeah?" He sighed making me nod my head yes. "I want it." I sighed and whimpered through the heaviest breathing. "What?" He asked making me so so dizzy with lust and want for him.

"Your dick." I cried while he slid his fingers on my little slit. "Where do you want it?" He asked while he moved so his dick would slid on my pussy. "In me." Was all I could say, but it was through the biggest gasps and exhales. "Yeah?" He sighed while he kissed and licked my boobs. "Mmmhmm." I said while I bit my lip so hard and nodded my head yes. "Tell me what you want." He sighed while he kissed down my body until he was eating me out all slow and so so soft and sexy.

"I want your dick in my little pussy, please daddy, give it to me please." I cried while my body shook like crazy. He moaned in my little pussy while I started to push into his face and he was making me feel so so good that I was trying to find the edge of the ottoman but couldn't because it's so big. But then daddy did something that made me love being eaten out by him more than when mom did it! He made me come so close to having a huge wet orgasm that it wasn't funny.

My whole young jailbait body felt like it was on fire, I couldn't breath and I was shaking. I literally felt like I was going to pass out and I didn't think that I was going to last much longer. But somehow, daddy kept me right there, right on the very edge of drowning him in his little girls cum for the longest longest time! Just when I thought I was going to cum, he would stop doing certain things with his mouth, but he didn't stop licking my pussy at all.

He would make me get so so close, as in, if he would have licked my little button one time I would have cum all over his face, and he somehow kept me right right there. I literally felt like I was floating and falling at the same time! I had the worlds worst itch, I don't know how else to explain it at all, I just know that I could feel so so much girl cream coming out of my virgin hole and it was mixing with daddy's spit.

He was doing all of that with his mouth and that was it! He wasn't touching me with his finger because he was squeezing both of my boobs and I was sucking on his fingers!

It was so so amazing, incredible and heavenly that I didn't even notice that mom put a pillow under my head while I was getting ready to cum all over dad's face but when daddy stopped eating me out I noticed it. But I also noticed that daddy was kissing and licking me all over my body all slow like he was exploring his little girls tight young body.

And before I knew it, he was on top of me and he was rubbing my little pussy with his finger while he was kissing my body and sucking on my boobs. But then I felt him move up and smash his dick on my little slit and when he did, I lifted my hips so I could smash myself against him too. I loved how wet I was and I know it wasn't just because I was wet, but it was because he just ate me out like crazy and almost made me drown him with my girl cum. It was making the yummiest and loudest squishy sounds every time he slid all of his boner against me.

"Gimme daddy, please, I want it so so bad." I cried while I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him against me with them so that his warm boner was smashed against my hot little pussy so so hard. He didn't say anything at first, he just slid down and kissed me all slow and so deep and yummy so many times. "Daddy please, I can't take it anymore, stop teasing me." I cried through the sharpest gasps and exhales of all time while that itch and that ache got so bad that I was about to go way beyond crazy.

"I love you baby girl." He sighed while I felt him move and watched his right hand go away. "I love you daddy." I cried through really weird heavy breathing while he got his face as close to mine as he could. "At anytime you want me to stop, I want you to tell me, ok?" He asked so so sweetly while I touched his lip and pulled it down.

"Yes daddy." I cried again making my breath blow in his mouth. "Promise?" He sighed while I slid my hands on his face and looked in his eyes. "I promise daddy." I sighed right before he slipped his tongue in my mouth making me moan because he wasn't putting his dick in me yet. But then he stopped kissing me, then he got up a little and before I knew it, I felt him move and spread my legs so wide that my knees were almost up to my shoulders. Then I stared in his eyes and then I felt him, I felt him push his dick head against my virgin hole, and when he did that, my girl cream started to come out so so bad.

It just got way wetter after that because I felt him push his dick against my little hole hard until his head finally went in me. I started to make these little whiny and crying noises because I was right where daddy left me for the longest time ever when he ate me out. And when I did, I kept both of my hands on his face and looked in his eyes.

Then all of a sudden. I felt him push his dick in me all slow, then pulled out a little, then in more. I could feel him stretching my virgin cherry. He was so so amazing because he kept kissing me and looking in my eyes, but after a few minutes, I felt his boner break my cherry and slip inside of me a long ways!

"Ow ow ow ow ow ow daddy, ow." I cried when I felt that sharp stinging pain from him finally taking my virginity. "Remember, if you want me to stop, tell me baby, are you ok?" He asked while the worlds most amazing sexy feeling started to mix with the pain and start making the pain not so bad at all. "I'm ok daddy, I don't want you to stop, I want this." I sighed before he kissed me so many times. "You sure?" He asked with the warmest most loving smile ever making me nod my head yes before I pulled him to me and kissed him while I slid my hand on the back of his head.

We didn't stop kissing for a minute, and while we were kissing, I noticed that the pain was almost all the way gone. So since the pain was almost gone, I started to move my hips so that I was making his fat yummy dick go in and out of me a little. "Oh my god Haylee." He sighed through his clenched teeth making me open my eyes to see his closed so tight. I even looked down his body to see if I could see what he looked like when he was pushing his dick in me deeper and deeper.

I couldn't see his dick since I was laying on my back, but I could see all of my boyfriends muscles get so so tight that I could see his veins and everything and after a few more seconds, daddy was so deep inside of me that I lost it.

I looked up at him and in his eyes when he pulled his dick out of me more than half way and pushed back in me. And when he did that, he made me feel everything I was feeling when he ate me out, he had me so close to cuming that it was so crazy, only this time, it was so so much stronger than then, which I didn't think was possible.

The way he was sliding in and out of me was amazing because his body kept rubbing my button, and his yummy fat huge boner was so so big that it was rubbing this one spot that sent me to the moon! He felt so so heavenly, amazing and massive inside of me and I honestly couldn't believe that he was finally having sex with me!

But he was, and because he was, those feelings started to get so bad that I lost control of my little body and I was crying out for daddy!

And when he pulled out almost all the way and pushed back in me until he literally couldn't go anymore, it was over for me! All of a sudden everything went white and I felt like I was floating and falling from the sky, only it was so much stronger than when he was eating my little pussy, when I was a virgin! He was still going slow and being so gentle and so amazing but I still lost it. All I know was that it felt like a bubble or something inside of me that got broken by his dick and I started to cum so so hard that I literally couldn't breath!

"Oooooohhh daddy!" I cried once I felt my little kitty squeezing his boner so so hard over and over again. "Ooooh god, oh god baby girl." He sighed right when I had thee biggest orgasm of all time!

I was cuming so hard that I literally felt like I was going to pass out! I could literally feel my cum forcing its way out of me and all over dad's fat sexy dick and I could feel him get stuck inside of me. I don't even remember my back arching so bad and that I was moving my arms all over the place and I didn't know if my eyes were closed or open, all I know was that I saw white and the worlds sexiest feeling go through my whole body so so hard and so so fast!

I didn't know where I was or what was happening for I don't even know how long. I even heard my own voice making the sexiest noises ever, but I didn't know it was me at first. But when I started to come back, I noticed that I was still laying on my back and daddy was on top of me and when I looked up at him, I reached up and pulled his mouth to mine.

I kissed him over and over and over again while I started to move my hips so his dick would go in and out of me again, but then we stopped kissing and he got up on his knees.

He held my feet and my legs open and up and then he started to push his dick in and out of me. While he was having sex with me, mom took a bunch of pictures before she got behind me and sat me up so I could see what he looked like in me.

"Oooohh my god." I cried with a shaky voice once I noticed how wide he stretched my little slit! I started to cum again because not only did I see how wide he stretched me, but I could see so so much white cream mixed with my virgin blood all over his dick!

I LLLOVED how he stretched me and how he felt inside of me. I even looked up at him and moaned while he started to squeeze and play with my boobs, and when I noticed that his dick was rubbing that one spot inside of my pussy like crazy, I started to cum over and over and over again! Mommy was behind me and I was basically laying in her lap which must have been perfect for her because she was taking some pictures of everything I was seeing.

Then I looked up at him and when I saw the look on his face, I knew he was about to cum. "Yes daddy, gimme, gimme daddy, cum inside of me, I want your cum in me." I cried through the heaviest breathing.

When I said that, I felt his dick get extra hard over and over again, I watched all of his muscles get way way tight and I watched his head fall back while he actually moaned my name! That made me cum again, but what made me cum so hard that I almost passed out again, was that I felt his dick vibrate like crazy, and then I felt his daddy cream shoot deep inside of me.

He pushed his dick inside of me over and over again with every huge yummy shot of his cum, and once I felt him fill me up with his cum, I had the worlds biggest orgasm. I don't even know what happened, all I know was that everything went white again and I felt that falling feeling again.

But after a few minutes of that, I woke up and noticed that daddy was sitting back and my hips were still moving up and down. Daddy's dick wasn't in me anymore and I wanted more, I just couldn't move yet. Then he laid next to me and moved me so that we were both on our sides and he was behind me and the next thing I knew, he was sliding his dick inside of me again!

I always thought boys lost their boners after they cum like that so I was way surprised that daddy was still as hard as he was before. After he put his dick back in me, I rolled over as best as I could and started to kiss him like crazy while he started to push his dick in and out of me slowly and gently while he squeezed my boobs and pinched my nipples all gentle and sweet.

"I love you daddy." I whimpered while he made that way sexy feeling ever start to get stronger and stronger again. "I love you too baby girl." He sighed making me moan and kiss him again. I didn't even know that mommy was taking more pictures until I stopped kissing daddy. I looked at the camera and couldn't help but moan and cry while daddy made me feel like the sexiest girl in the world. When she was done taking pictures, me and daddy watched her start rubbing her button and fingering herself.

That's when me and daddy reached for her. She moaned and bit her lip so hard while she came to me and right before we we started to kiss like crazy. We made out while daddy kept fucking me all slow and gentle.

Then she stopped kissing me and started to lick and suck on my little button and when she did that, I had another huge and sexy orgasm! After I came that time, daddy pulled out of me and mommy started to suck his dick like crazy. Then I watched while he sat up and mom got on her knees, and while she was on her knees, daddy got behind her and pushed his dick in her. I thought they were just going to have sex, but I was so so wrong! She started to eat me out like crazy only this time, she started to finger me at the same time all while daddy had sex with her, we were having our first official family threesome!

Mommy was eating daddy's cum out of me and daddy was having sex with her! That kept happening until mom started having the worlds biggest orgasm, and when she was done with hers, I moved so that I was on my knees and mom moved so that she was on her back. Daddy had sex with me again while I ate mommy out and made out with her! We kept taking turns sucking and having sex with dad and licking and making out with each other for the longest time ever and it was heaven!

I loved it when me and mom had our kitty's smashed together so we could slide them together while we took turns sucking dad's yummy boner! But mommy wanted him to finish in me again and I wanted him to also! I wanted him to fill me up and stretch my little pussy again and he did until he filled me up with cum again!

When we were done and way way tired, we all just laid there together, but what I loved the most was that dad's dick was still in me. Me and daddy kissed over and over and over again, then mom and him kissed, then me and mom kissed while we laid there. After a while we all got up and took a shower together in their bathroom.

Then when we were done, we just stayed naked and we ate more pizza before we went back to the den and took the lights and stuff down. When we got done with that, we all laid on the huge ottoman together and just relaxed. That night I got to sleep with them which was amazing because I woke up so horny that I couldn't stand it and since dad had a boner, I just climbed on him and had sex with him again. It kinda sucked that I was so sore the next day, but oh my god was it so so worth it!!

I finally got my daddy to take my virginity and now he was my boyfriend! He was a lucky lucky guy because he was married to a hot and sexy woman and he had a young young girlfriend, me!

The next day I was way sore, it was bad but like I said, it was so so worth it and my boyfriend was so so incredible and amazing to me the whole time. Even my girlfriend was awesome, they pampered me like crazy and I mean they really really pampered me. They spoiled me rotten I mean, I didn't even have to get out of bed but I wanted to spend time with my boyfriend and girlfriend, so daddy carried me to the den so I didn't have to walk.

Mom got me some Mydol, daddy went and got me any candy I wanted and everything, I was loving it and it was making me love the fact that I had sex with daddy even more than I already did! Later we all sat on the couch together and went through all of the pics that mom took of the night before and we picked all of the best ones we had.

Then we edited them and cleaned them up before we put them on my website with a title that said, "First Time With Daddy (daughter looses virginity to her lover, her daddy.)" I LOVED the pictures!! I was so not expecting them to be as hot and yummy as they were!

They were so so perfect, even the ones where my virgin blood was all over my boyfriends dick! I got so so hot and so horny when I saw how wide my daddy stretched my pussy oh my god!! I hated that I couldn't have sex with him again, but me and mom did suck his dick after that! I so couldn't wait until I was all healed because I really really wanted to have sex with him again. Thank god that day finally came when I wasn't hurting anymore!

I was so glad because now I was basically addicted to daddy, I mean, he is super super hot and sexy for one, and he has thee nicest dick ever. It helped that he is basically a god in bed and knows how to make me cum so hard every time he has sex with me. And of course there's mommy, my lesbian lover who is just as amazing in bed. I will say, that it's because she's my real mom, because I had sex with Kennedy and Amy and they weren't as good as mom is not even close! My favorite is having threesomes with mom and dad!

After I lost my virginity to dad, mom and me started using a two sided toy to have sex with each other, but I love sucking dad's dick when we were doing that. I LOVE his dick and I seriously can't get enough of it at all! I mean, I still do all of the things girls my age do and I still model and cheer at school, but there are days that me mom and dad do nothing but have sex all day long and nobody but Amy and Kennedy know about it. There was one day that mom had to leave for a week for her work and dad got to take the whole week off for it.

Well, mom told me to keep him happy and she told me to invite Kennedy over to have sex with me and him so I did and Kennedy couldn't walk normal for a day after that, she was not use to dad's huge dick. Me and mom surprised dad for his birthday and took him to Jamaica and we took him to the nude beach.

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Me and mom had sex with him right there in front of everyone and when he was having sex with me, we had a whole bunch of people watching us. I'm still young but not as young as I was when I lost my virginity so now I know a lot more about having sex and making boys cum now than when I did back then.


But daddy is still my favorite and he's the only one I actually have sex with because no one but him and mom can make me cum like they do. Plus daddy is literally my boyfriend. You're probably thinking that I might be doing horrible in school and that I might have some bad problems from everything, but you're wrong.

I wanted all of it, I started it because I wanted it.


I promise you right now that if I didn't want any of it, none of it wouldn't have happened at all. You just don't understand how hot my dad is, you don't get it.

I do know that my crush on dad started way way back when we met him at the airport I mean seriously. Remember when I couldn't stop staring at him, well, that's why he's the hottest sexiest guy alive and I seriously feel like the luckiest girl alive because my amazing and sexy mom married him! I LOVE my family and I love our little secret, I also love that grandma, grandpa, my uncles, aunts and cousins have no idea that we are so kinky and that we do what we do! I can't say what will happen after a while and I don't want to think about it because I love my life, I love everything about it!

I have two lovers, my boyfriend who is my dad and a girlfriend who is my mom. But it gets better, I'm making so so much money all by myself because of mom since she's the one who helped me start my website which I still model for. And yes, mom and dad are in most of my sets. That and I still model for an agency, and now I know how to fly helicopters and I go with dad a lot when he has to do flights. It's always during the summer or on long weekends when I go with him, but what's even better is that mom flies with us sometimes.

Dad got another brand new helicopter that's almost exactly like the one he had. It's the same exact kind, but this one is like, a million times fancier than the last one.

It's so fancy that mom works as a flight attendant on it sometimes and I get to do all of the flying when I get to go with him! And I mean I get to do everything, I get to talk to the tower, taxi, take off, fly and land!

I even did a photo shoot for my modeling agency with dad's helicopter once and I didn't even know it until I got to my set in Kansas City! I was sssooo so excited when I saw that helicopter and my boyfriend (daddy) standing there, my girlfriend didn't even tell me that he was going to be there or that I would be modeling with his helicopter! That's also when Amy met my dad too because she was doing a shoot with me and everything. Anyway, I can't say it enough, I love my life and I love my family, I am the happiest girl ever because I have the best life anyone can think of, and it's not just because of the amazing sex.

Hermosa joven mujer follada POV

It's for a lot of reasons and the biggest reason is that dad came into the picture, he made my life the best ever like it is, but he changed my mom too. He was way beyond rich, but he literally taught me that I have to work for what I want which is awesome because now, I do. I love that he doesn't try to control me or mom in anyway. He also taught me how to manage my money and how to save it instead of spending it all and because of that, I have so much money in my own savings that in a few years, I can buy my own helicopter and I'm buying his smaller one, the Euro Copter EC145.

I already bought my own car with my own money it's a black Mercedes C class. Daddy said that he preferred that I got an suv because of the winters, but I saw that car and fell in love with it! My boyfriend, my dad, was more than perfectly ok with it and even helped me get insurance on it and everything. I pay my own insurance bills though and that's more than ok because that's how I wanted it. Even mom was amazing with her money too and she didn't just go buy things just to buy them either.

She's actually retired right now and she works with dad all of the time as his flight attendant. So as you can see, my life is so beyond amazing and so so awesome and if I'm being honest, I don't think it would be like it is if it weren't for my sexy boyfriend, even my girlfriend says that all of the time. But dad is either very modest and humble, or he's just stubborn as hell because he refuses to see it that way.

He says that me and mom made our lives the way it is now, but me, mom, my uncles and aunts all know different. They love him, and I mean they LOVE him and they love the new person that my mom is now.

They love him and mom so much that they spend a lot of time at our house and we spend a lot of time doing things with them. It wasn't like that before my man at all, we were just tolerated basically and we didn't spend any time with them. Now it's not like that at all, I even get to fly my cousins around on dad's helicopter just for fun, of course my daddy/boyfriend was with me but you get it.

If you asked me if my life would be as amazing and awesome as it is now when I was six and I knew then what I know now, I'd say no way. But I can say that it is amazing! I have an amazing life and you already told you why.

I have a crazy life because of everything that happened from the day I saw my man for the first time till now and I have a sexy life because c'mon, who else has their own mom as their lesbian lover and a daddy who is their boyfriend boyfriend?

Who else has sex with their parents like me? I can only think of two besides me and that's it. I know this might be annoying and all, but I can't say it enough at all, I LOVE MY LIFE!!