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Bondage gay twink fuck tube Sebastian had the folks confine Luke on
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Uncle Dave just asked me to go out with him and his new girlfriend! The idea had me fairly dancing around my room. I mean, I just turned 13 and most guys didn't even look at me twice. I was skinny and except for puffy nipples, I was flat as a pancake still. So, I guess I was maybe fantasizing about going on a real date. Uncle Dave was kinda good looking, you know, for an older guy. And, he had messed around with my pussy for a few years now. He had not put his cock in me, but we played with each other as often as possible.

I could hear Uncle Dave down the hallway in the living room talking to my mom.


I came out of the bathroom wearing a light sundress and flip flops. I did not put on that hateful training bra that mom always wanted me to wear. I did put on my tiniest bikini panties.

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"Look at you, gorgeous," Uncle Dave said as I bounced into the room. "Hi," I gave him a quick squeeze around the neck.

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Then turned to Mom, and gave her a squeeze also, "Bye mom, love you." Uncle Dave just shrugged as he and mom shared a laugh over my obvious excitement. He followed me out of the door. He opened the front passenger door, 'Hop in the front. You can sit between me and Maria." Well, that is unexpected. But, I climbed in.

He had not picked Maria up yet, so it was just he and I. He backed the car out of the driveway, and headed down the street. Once we were well out of my neighborhood, he turned to me, "C'mon sweetie, scoot over here in the middle. Let's pretend you are my girlfriend until we get to Maria's." This was so cool! I so wanted to date and have real sex with boys. To tell the truth there were a few girls at my school that I would not mind playing around with also. So far, this is as close as I had gotten to a real date.

Might as well, get into it.until we picked up the real girlfriend. I slid across the seat to the middle. Uncle Dave smiled and put his arm around me as I leaned into him. He brought his large hand around to lay lightly on my right breast. Or rather, were a breast would be if I weren't so flat.

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My nipples were very sensitive, and every so often, Uncle Dave's hand would brush over it. It was driving me crazy. As if he could read my mind, he inserted his hand inside the strap of my dress and began playing with my rock hard nipple. 'mmmmm' I moaned. "Baby girl likes that, right?" he asked. All I could do was moan again.

Oh wow, I could feel my pussy soaking my panties. The car slowed and Uncle Dave pulled over on a dark stretch of the highway. He pushed the strap aside and lowered his mouth to my nipple. He sucked and nipped at it until I thought I was going to cum right there.

"You taste so nice, sweetheart. Maria is going to love to taste you!" What? Did he just say what I thought he said?


Oh my. Now I was nervous and excited.

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Uncle Dave had brought Maria to meet my mom and I a couple of weeks ago. She was a dark haired, exotic lady with round full breasts, a flat stomach, and gorgeous legs.

She also was very affectionate with me. She hugged me close a couple of times during their visit, making sure she pressed my face into her cleavage which was shown off by her low-cut blouse.

And now, Uncle Dave was telling me that Maria wanted to taste me! I thought maybe I had died and gone to heaven. We pulled apart and he headed the car back down the highway. Maria lived in the city in an adorable little apartment.

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When Uncle Dave knocked, we could hear her call out for us to come in and have a seat. We entered the neat and tidy apartment and sat down on the sofa. "I'll be right out," she called. Maria emerged from the bedroom in a sundress that was very nearly see-through. I think I began to drool as I could just make out her dark nipples through the fabric. She came toward me with her arms open. "Oh, Lana, you look so so cute!" She embraced me as before pressing her ample breasts into my face.

As she held my head with one hand, her other hand lightly squeezed my tiny butt cheeks. "You are just adorable," she said as she leaned down a kissed me right on the mouth.

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I don't know why, except for the fact that I was so horny at that moment that my mouth went into gear before my brain, I blurted, "Uncle Dave said that you would like how I taste." I was immediately mortified as they looked at each other, momentarily shocked. Then, they burst into laughter. "Yes, little one," Maria finally said, 'I think I will love the way you taste. I can hardly wait to have my tongue inside your little pussy."I swallowed hard.

I could hardly wait either. Well, since we all are of the same mind, why don't we just get undressed and have some fun?" Uncle Dave said, still sitting on the couch. Maria and I immediately pulled our dresses over our heads.

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She reached out and pulled my panties down, taking a moment to kiss and lick my tiny titties. "OOOH that feels so nice," I said as I noticed that Uncle Dave had undressed also and was rubbing his cock.