Beautiful kasia masturbating on the couch

Beautiful kasia masturbating on the couch
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After Heather went to bed that night I decided to stay up, and wait for my husband Jimmy. I was so eager, and excited for him to fuck me in his usual fashion that I laid their still in my bondage outfit minus the strap on.

I had lit some scented candles, and played slow music with the volume on low so it wouldn't keep my daughter up, and sipped on a glass of wine. I thought about all things that me, and Heather did this past weekend, and knew I made the right decision. The fact that she'll be staying home a little more to spend time with us was even more indicing which made me want to continue our endeavors more. It was around midnight, and not a peep in the house, the wine had made me light headed, and I almost past out til Jimmy came through the door.

He smiled, and looked down at me in my erotic clothing, and began getting undress. Removing his suit jacket, and then slowly undid his shirt, I gazed with lustful eyes at my man as he started doing a little strip show for me.


He danced with the music, and removed articles of clothing til his 7' hard cock finally sprung free. We didn't say a word, we knew that we needed each other as my index finger motion for him to come closer to which he obliged.

I sat up, and grabbed the base of his cock, and started to pump it in a circular massaging motion while looking up at him looking down at me, his face showed lust as well. He moaned gently as the tip of my tongue circled around the head of his dick.

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My mouth then gripped his member, and fully submerged it down my throat sucking with my mouth, and still pumping with my hand more furiously with each stroke. He moaned as his hand caressed my cheek, and moved the bangs of my hair out of my eyes as I looked up at him, with a smile on my face well the best I could with his dick in my mouth.

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I loved it, his cock was so smooth, clean, and thick as it took so much room my tongue could barely swirl around it. Pulling my long raven hair off his dick, and closer up to him, we shared a loving passionate kiss. Our tongues swirled, and danced around each others, my face flushed red, and my knees grew weak as his hands fondled my soft breast, and entwining his fingers against my brown nipple. He laid me down gently our lips still pressed together as we sucked on each others tongues.

He slowly broke the kiss placing smaller ones against my jaw, neck, collar bone, going down further taking each of my nipples in his mouth. His tongue flicked, and rolled gently against them making them harder then they were as he his hand squeezed, and massaged my breast. I moaned loudly, he was an excellent lover, and always made feel like a true woman.

Lifting off my chest, he kissed just below, and in between them, sucking against my leather covered belly button gently as he then licked it. He looked up at me as he kept moving down, his face showed anticipation, and yearning as he slowly teased my body. Finally his lips found a way to my pussy as his tongue traced along the puffy wet lips. I moaned lightly, and ran my fingers through his hair. He then pinched the slit together, my clit throbbed as it was exposed to him.

I moaned deeply loving how he storked it gently, and then flicked his tongue against it. As I did him, he submerged my little nub into his mouth completely, and sucked against it. His tongue going deeper in my hole as I bucked against his face. My back arched as my hands clinched the sheets in pure lust. Moans echoed through the house which must have woke Heather cause I seen her through the door with her hands down her panties as she looked at her naked father eating me out.

I motioned for her to join us, and Jimmy must have seen me since he freaked as his daughter came to view half naked. "Heather, what are you doing your suppose to be a sleep." Jimmy yelled a bit trying to cover up as he had a confused look on his face since came to hug me, and sucked on my nipples.

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A wicked smile grew on my face as I began to explain to him. "It's ok Jimmy, I've been teaching our daughter what sex is, she is just curious." I giggled as he slowly moved, and sat on the bed watching his daughter, and wife fondling each other.

The erotic scene must have turned him on a lot because started fondling our little girls ass a little, his body trembling as his nerves started to settle in. "It's ok baby, go to daddy." I told her, and spanked her butt lightly. Heather obliged as always, and sat on her daddies lap kissing him the way I showed her earlier.

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My husbands hands began fondling her little nubs her tiny arms wrapped around his neck as I rubbed my hand against my pussy softly.

It was so wet, and throbbed about as I massaged the red puffy lips. Her father began bucking his hips. The shaft of his cock rested in between her cute little butt cheeks as they kissed a long time til Jimmy finally broke it.

"Mmm, what a great surprise dear, there is nothing better than loving my beautiful wife, and daughter." He said kissing us both gently on the lips. Laying Heather down next to me, he began eating the both of us out sticking his finger inside the one he wasn't licking.

His hand massaged our pussy, rolling our clits in between his fingers as he sucked, and flicked gently against the others. Me, and Heather fondled each others breast, and kissed wildly as he let her father finger, and tongue fuck us.

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He seemed to pay a little more attention to his daughter which I thought was great considering she was my present to him. I was content having her kiss, and play with my breast. Jimmy then got up, and slapped his big thick cock against our daughters pussy lips to which she yelped a little. Our faces were flushed, and our nipples pointed to the ceiling as hwe laid, and watch Jimmy slowly trace his cock head against his daughters lips.

"Are you ready for this dear?" He asked her to which she timidly shook her head yes. "P-Please daddy, I want it M-mommy all ready prepared me." She said as Jimmy then looked at me, and shared a devilish smirked. "That's right, I fucked her earlier with that strap on." I said replying to her statement. Jimmy looked at his daughter, and began massaging her body slowly inching his cock in her.

Heather moaned in pain at first, her eyes clinched shut, and tears fell from them.


Me, and Jimmy both massaged her as I rubbed her shoulders, and Jimmy rubbed her stomach, and breasts. I kissed Heather gently our tongues rolling against hers as I sucked on it gently.

Her moans muffled as she held my hand tightly in hers, Jimmy's cock stretching her lips even more than I did as he began thrusting harder for a few times, then he grinded against her clit gently. Heather started ohing, and ahing at her fathers cock being deep inside her. His thrust becoming a little more faster as he continued to massage, and take care of our daughter making sure this would be one of her best experiences.

Her tears of pain were now pleasure as he thrust herself onto more of Jimmy's big hard thick dick, his shaft continuing to massage her clit widely. She began to convulse, her body twitched, and spasmed while her breathing became more erratic than before.

She screamed loudly as both her, and Jimmy came still deep inside her, he collapsed over his daughter body, and kissed her neck, and lips passionately as he held her head closely to his. "Oh god baby daddy loves you, and mommy very much." Jimmy said, and rolled over between us, we were all worn our, and decided to cuddle against each other with me, and Heather on one side of his chest.

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We talked about how we loved each other, and our plans to be together more til all fell asleep happily next to one another.