Pretty gal gets hardcore pussy plowing russian blowjob

Pretty gal gets hardcore pussy plowing russian blowjob
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Me and Lizzie had been friend's since god knows how long but still, we were BFFs.We told each other our problems and about our boyfriends.We'd always had a blast together.Now, since we started hitting pueberty, evertime I looked at her, I was turned on. Even though I was strait,as was she, I'd always found her attractive.I had to keep my feelings to myself becuase it would probably hurt our friendship.Plus, if my BF found out, he'd probably dump me.We were going to a camping trip together and i was really excited, I couldn't wait for the trip.I wasn't a slut, but I wouldn't mind having sex very often.I was also very athletic and ran on the track team so I always looked hot.

"This is kinda funny, i liked the idea of leaving home but now, im kinda sad."I said "Thats just how it is, Caiti" My friend, Elizibeth Me and my friend, Liz were going with me on a camping trip.We had just gotten off the bus and heading for our huts.

Of course me and Liz shared a hut.The next day we were allowed to venture into the wild and be back by 3:30pm.That day I put on a my favorite green bra with some matching panties, putting some shorts and a tank top.Liz had a pink bra with some black panties.I had to find this out the bad way becuase i accidentally walked on her in the bathroom. Though before i knew it, me and her were kissing. Her lips felt nice and moist, and her hands felt so great on my ass.We started messing around and started licking each other's fingers as kind of a tease.Before we got any farther, the Camp Leader, Rick, told us we had to get going, so i left without any satisifaction.The way there was akward, I felt so weird and I knew then that I was probably losing my mind.

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"That was kinda weird,huh Cati?"She said. "Ya."I responded but i knew i wanted more. The camp person told us we had to pick a location on the map and explore it as we wish.Me and Cati got first pick.


We set out on our journey, deciding on the waterfall. Now, only one team was allowed in one area at a time and we just loved waterfalls so we decided on that.Plus, I knew my parents always wanted to see a waterfall. "Its so beiteuful"I said in aw.

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"I know, isn't it gorgeous."Liz said We then started taking pictures to send to our folks. We stood under waterfalls, under the river, and behind,etc.

IT was very fun. Now Liz told that she needed to get new batteries so she left and I then got the big urge to masturbate.I wasn't a big of a masterbater but did it when i was horny.

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I didn't have much to show off in boobs, as i still hardly wore a 34AA bra.I sometimes got teased my boys who would always type numbers into a calculator and flip upside down so it would read "boobless".I was always sort of jealous of Liz's boobs, she wore a something B.They did always hang out a little and made her even more attractive.But just thinking of those tits and how we had kissed earlier just turned me on and before i knew i was playing with my self.

I lost my own train of thought becuase i just took off my bra,shorts, and panties out there.


It just felt so good that i couldn't stop.Now, The risk of being caught hadn't crossed my mind and was having too much fun anyway.

I always felt comfortable with my body and always got great pleasure when people told me I had a great body.

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"Cati,what are you doing?liz suprised me "Uhhhh."I just managed to gape out in embarresmant "Ohh, I get it, you were just so horny that."She said But before she finished she kissed me and and we started have some fun. She took off her shirt and the rest of her clothes and started putting her body against mine.Her tits just crushed mine but it felt too good to bother me.Before I knew it,I was kissing her boobs and soon, she started going down on me.

"What are you.Ahh shit"i said but i couldn't help it, it felt so good She was like a pro, i climaxed soon and harder than ever.

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"God, that felt so good"I said "Great, now you do me"She said I just stopped, I didn't know a damn thing about this. "Its easy, just masterbate me like you would your self and then lick it as you go."She explained I started slow and heard her groan as I got faster.Then,I got me tung and she really moaned. "Just like oh shit thats good"She said She climaxed hard and then kissed before we got our clothes back on and headed for the hut.

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"Now that was fun, we should do it again some time"Liz said "Yeah we should"I said The way back wasn't akward and i felt so alive, and all the other group members asked us how the waterfall was,we told them it was great but we didn't tell what we had done.Then,we all went swimming in the river.While it was kind of awkward, we managed and had a great time.

"Come on, I have a great idea for us to try back at the hut.So i dried myself off, raped it around me, and headed for the hut.When we got there, Liz told me she had to get dressed and so I took the time to dress into something sexy.I decided on my thin bra, and some sexy red panties.Just then I heard scuffling in the bathroom and she told me to open the door.What I saw shocked me inside out.

To be Continued.

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