Bigass teen stepsister gets doggystyled

Bigass teen stepsister gets doggystyled
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Last summer, my relationship with Lucy had changed. It had been almost two years since Lucy and I started living together. She was pretty and the sex was always good. However, I began to feel bored and that we needed something new in our relationship. Last month, Lucy expressed doubts about the future of us as a couple. I believe at the time she was feeling depressed because of some new pressures at work. That mood only lasted a week along with the problem at work.

After she was feeling better she mentioned something strange. She said, "Steve, Its hard to find an apartment that is this good of a deal with this location and I don't want to live anywhere else.

If we did break up we could still share this place." I wondered how that would work since there was only one bedroom and only one bed. That was last month and she hasn't mentioned it since. Even though the subject seemed to go away, things became cool between us.

We had not had sex since she told me about the possibility of sharing the apartment and breaking up. I didn't know and was afraid to ask. Had we broken up without me knowing? Was Lucy my bed partner with no sex? Last night I went to bed naked as I often did and Lucy wore only panties with no bra.

This felt somewhat exciting and possibly inappropriate. I was laying naked next to someone that might not be my girlfriend. The next morning I opened my eyes to find my hand on Lucy's thigh. Her back was turned to me as I moved closer to show her some affection. I kissed the back of her neck as my hand moved gently up and down her thigh. With her lying right there next to me, it was so easy to take it.

Without waking her, I gently removed her panties. I kneeled on the floor and lifted up the covers. Her body began to stir with these changes but she was still not conscious. I carefully eased her legs apart and brought my lips to her snatch. I began to lick her and wiggle my tongue. After about ten seconds of this she stirred even more. My tongue and lips grabbed her clit and as I sucked her eyes opened. Her only sound was, "Ahh - oh" and then into a relaxing position.

I continued to consume between her legs. She was gently moving her head from side to side with each bit of licking. From the action of my tongue, she made sounds of pleasure. I sucked and ate her cunt untill the moaning got louder.

I sucked and finger fucked untill the job was done. I got back on the bed and relaxed next to Lucy. After a few minutes she French kissed me with her cunt scent still on my lips and said, "Thank you" She got out of bed and walked into the bathroom.

After she brushed her teeth, she took a piss. Then I quickly entered the bathroom to do the same. As I finished shaving she got the shower ready, I stepped in the shower behind Lucy and grabbed the soap.

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While I was kissing her shoulders, my hands lathered up a mound of soap. My soapy hands ran over her back, abdomen and ass. I lathered up my hands again and began to wash her crotch. While one soapy hand touched her genitals the other one massaged her breasts.

As I stroked, her neck swayed and stretched to show her pleasure. My dick was getting hard as it rubbed against her buttocks. My fingers played with her cunt as my erection kept pushing at her butt. I continued the stimulation until she needed more. We quickly rinsed and dried off, then headed for the bed. Even without Lucy touching my dick, I was so hard and ready. I teased myself by going down on her again, while leaving my throbbing cock unattended. I licked, sucked and finger fucked her cunt.

After thoroughly tasting Lucy's scent, we moved to a sixty-nine position. Her legs were spread apart with her crotch above my face. My cock felt fantastic inside her mouth as her pussy rubbed against my lips.

I hadn't had an orgasm in many days so it didn't take me long. We continued the sixty-nine until we both came. The week after that, I was confused as our relationship was cool again. I continued to be naked in the bedroom waving my penis in front of this female that might not be my girlfriend. This gave a strange and sexy feeling exposing myself in front of some woman that was hanging around my appartment.

Like she was only visiting and would see me naked. On a Friday afternoon, after excercising at my health club I was talking with a friend in the sauna. I met Patrick when I first joined the club. He was there with his girlfriend who was out reading a magazine by the pool. He seemed to have a lot more freedom and opportunities than I did with dating. He knew me well enough to be able to talk about some personal stuff. He talked about Anna who was a little wild and they had been dating for the last few months.

I thought of my own life with Lucy and even though Lucy is beautiful, I knew I could be doing other things. Patrick stood at the sauna door and asked Anna to come over. When Anna walked in to the sauna I was very surprised by her appearance. She looked very sweet and not like the horny girl that Patrick described. Like Lucy, she had shoulder length hair, only a little lighter with red and auburn highlights.

Her body was cute and trim. She wore a tight sporty one piece swimsuit that really showed a nice shape.

Patrick seemed happy to have a girl that looked like Anna. The three of us sat and talked about the upcoming summer.

Her voice was so sweet and with such a cute body, I was very attracted to her. As we kept talking I was distracted by my constant quick glances at Anna's lower half. I think she sensed that I was looking. The crotch part of her suit so nicely shaped her genital area and with such a cute ass I knew I would be jacking off before the day was over.

At that point Lucy was definitely not on my mind. I fantasized about a doggy style fuck on Anna's sweet shape. My behavior was mellow, since I did not want to piss off the friend I had in Patrick. For the next five minutes I tried to get my mind away from fucking my friend's girlfriend. Then we talked about getting together for a barbecue or something like it. As Anna got up to leave the sauna, she said with a flirty smile and sweet voice, "It was nice meeting you Steve." With that look on her face I wanted to jackoff right there.

After she left Patrick commented, "I noticed something Steve, I think Anna likes you." This got me worried, like he was getting jealous. So I replied, "Wait, what are you talking about? She's your girlfriend." "Yeah I know", he answered. "But we really aren't that committed to eachother. She's pretty cute, don't you think?" I wasn't sure how I should respond. I needed time to think about what he was getting at.

I played it safe as I said, "Well you know that I'm with Lucy right." Patrick nodded his head slightly and replied, "You were telling me earlier that you and Lucy hardly did it anymore. Don't you need something new?

Since I had been feeling the need for excitement and really was very attracted to Anna I decided to agree with whatever he said. So I said, "You're right, but I still live with Lucy. Its complicated." Patrick admitted something to me.

He said, "I want to have some adventure, something crazy." He cautiously hesitated until he finally asked, "Would - - - would you ever consider trading girlfriends for a couple of days?" I was shocked by his question and yet this is exactly what I wanted and needed.

When I was finally able to speak I answered, "I think I could absolutely do that. But now I'm not sure if Lucy would go for it." Patrick gave me confidence by saying, "Steve, if you ask her about it and can just get her to meet and talk with the four of us togather, that's all we need.

Ya see, if she only agrees to meet someone, she can do it without appearing slutty." Lucy and Patrick had seen eachother for about five seconds one day when she stopped by the health club to pick me up. Patrick said, "I think Lucy looks fantastic, let's do it." I replied, "The truth is I like slutty and I would like to see Lucy be more slutty, but I see what you're saying.

Lucy can suck your cock on one condition, --- I get to watch." Patrick smiled. The look on Patrick's face became more and more confident with the idea that this might really happen.

Patrick had another idea. He said, "To help push things along, let's meet tomorrow at Blue Song Beach." I asked, "Do you mean that nude beach at the lake?" He nodded his head, "Yes, but its really a clothing opptional beach, since there are some people that do wear bathing suits.

I read about it on the internet and its on the north end of the lake where it has been made legal by the county." I thought and said, "OK, but I don't know if Lucy will show anything." "Steve, that doesn't matter.

It is the whole atmosphere that will excite our meeting. Just make sure you jack off in the morning or blow your load somehow.

You could be trying to hide an erection for most of the day if you go there when your horny." It was getting too hot, so we showered and went in the pool. After swimming we sat on some chairs and I told Patrick about a magazine I had. I told him about the centerfold named Kara in the June 2005 issue of Playboy. She was so hot looking. She said her main turnoff was hairy guys. That was not very specific about where on the body.

In that same issue of Playboy, there was also an article about personal grooming for men. Some of the suggestions in the article were not really my style. While a few seemed possible. One important part of the article said that too much pubic hair makes a normal penis seem smaller. The article used the following example: Place two upright candles side by side. Pile some cotton balls half way up around the first candle and only a quarter of the way up the second.

One of the shafts will have the appearance of being longer. The Playboy article included the results of a survey answered by women on what they find attracive. With that kind of survey in Playboy, I wasn't sure how much to believe. However, the results seemed fairly believable. Anyway, one part of the survey asked women's reaction to body hair on men. The survey mentioned reactions to men's armpit hair. Without recalling the exact figures, about 40% didn't care, 50% were turned off by it and the remaining 10% found it very sexy for a man.

I said to Patrick, "Now I'm not some body builder or a professional wrestler or even a porn star. I just don't like too much body hair on me. I especially don't like armpit hair on women. However, I don't like it shaved right down to my skin.

I want my pit hair to be like I haven't shaved my beard for about about four days.

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I felt that a guy should have a little more hair than a female. So for body hair I have electric clippers with the guard attachments for different lengths. Patrick related to some of what I said and that he would think about maybe trimming his pubic hair to half the normal length. Later that night when I talked about us meeting Patrick and Anna for swapping the next day, Lucy's reaction was basicly negative. I said "Lucy, we are only meeting some people." She replied with, "Yeah, meeting some guy with a dick that you want me to suck.

We're not swingers OK." Then it was time for me to dance around the truth. "No No, its not like that." I said. "Remember we talked about the chance that we would break up. So this would only be a chance to meet new people and just because you go on a date with someone doesn't commit you to sex with him. Treat it like a blind date, if you don't like him, then that's the end of it.

If you do like him we still don't have to break up. Let's be flexible and just see where this takes us." One thing that did interest her very much was the clothing opptional beach. The more I talked, the more Lucy calmed down. After more persuading she finally agreed to go as far as the meeting.

She only agreed to the meeting, but I think she was feeling excited by the idea of a new guy. We watched TV for an hour, then she went into the bathroom. While she was in the bathroom, I pleasured myself to visions of Anna. I thought of that sweet ass and tight crotch as I unloaded my semen.

Twenty minutes later Lucy came out of the bathroom naked with a shaved pussy. She went through phases of shaving and sometimes only trimming. Now she was shaved. She smiled at me and put on her panties. Then we went to bed to rest for our beach trip. Her smile appeared devilish and I hoped that meant she was feeling slutty and looking forward to meeting another guy.

The next morning I woke up naked next to Lucy. I rubbed her thigh and felt her breast. After feeling the crotch part of her panties for about a minute, she smiled and said, "We need to get ready for our trip to the lake." I was aroused by anticipating the day we had ahead of us.

Again I showered with Lucy, holding her crotch and tits. My erection was building as I rubbed and pushed against her buttocks. I loved the feeling of my hand on a woman's bald crotch. After the soap was rinsed off, I kept stimulating her clitoris. I continued to rub her so that I could have that cunt in every way that I like. While she was thinking about a new guy my finger was inside her vagina.

I think she was feeling very slutty. After I dried off I helped dry off Lucy. I patted the towel on her butt, shoulders, abdomen and tits. I said to her softly with my obvious erection, "Lucy, I want to fuck you." When we were back in the bedroom, I watched Lucy's shapely ass walking away from me. I was still hard from the shower and wanted to get back to rubbing that horny cunt. When we were on the bed, Lucy was on her back with me licking and sucking her genitals.

As she spread her legs for me, I feel that she was wanting Patrick. I knew, the more she moaned the more she fantasized about the possible future. I licked, sucked and rubbed until she had her orgasm. Then she was on her hands and knees with my throbbing erection rubbing against her butt. My penis head was poking at her wet opening.

Then I pushed in and began to fuck. My hands rubbed her shapely buttocks with my hard cock inside. I pumped and pumped for a minute and then two minutes as my excitement was difficult to contain. I couldn't hold on any longer and then I was cumming hard inside of her.

When we got to the parking lot at the lake, Patrick and Anna were already there and unloading their car. I introduced Lucy to both of them. I said, "Lucy, you remember meeting Patrick, right." I could tell that Lucy had a good impression of him. Anna gave me a naughty smile and said, "Steve, its so nice to see you again." As we walked, Anna talked with Lucy and commented on how she loved Saturdays in the sun.

Lucy reacted in a very friendly way with lots of chit chat. The ladies seemed to get along well. We got to the nude section of the beach where we put down our towels and lunch baskets. Probably more than half the people we saw in the distance were either nude or partially nude. A couple was walking nearby. He was nude while she was only topless and they seemed natural.

Lucy and Anna had their shorts and shirts off still wearing their two piece bikinis. Patrick immediately stripped off his shorts and briefs, standing naked in front of the girls. I was surprised at his quick action with this bold behavior. Lucy looked like she was trying to play it cool, but I could sense an interest coming from her.

I felt apprehensive but I knew that this was the best time to strip. While hiding my nerves I pulled everything off and stood there in front of Anna. There was a tiny little smile hiding on her face. The two girls kept their bikinis on as they began to apply sunscreen. It was almost lunch time, but Patrick said he didn't want to eat just yet. Patrick said he was going to take a walk and asked, "Is anyone else coming with me." The girls weren't interested but I went with him.

Both of us were walking with trimmed groin areas and our dicks swinging in the wind as we passed groups of people. All those bare tits and asses had my attention as I tried not to stare. There were two pretty women walking toward us. One was topless and the other wore nothing with a shaved pussy. That vision seemed too unreal. We talked about how things were with our girlfriends and how we got them to agree to the meeting. Patrick said, "It wasn't hard getting Anna to say OK." After I told him about how Lucy was unsure he asked me, "Be honest, what are you thinking about with Anna?" I wasn't worried about being graphic.

I answered, "Patrick, all I can think about is her cute ass and eating that cunt." Patrick smiled and made a similar comment about Lucy. Then he added, " I think Lucy is fantastic and everything seems to be working out fine." After about ten minutes of walking we went swimming to cool our dicks. Our morning orgasms helped prevent inappropriate erections in a public place. However, there were still limitations to our control.

Then we headed back to our blankets. From a distance we could see that both the ladies were topless and I was feeling that things were definitely headed in the right direction. Anna's behavior was as if nothing was different about her while Lucy looked proud of her ability to show her breasts in public. As we got closer and stood in front of them, Lucy kept herself in full frontal view for both of us. Anna was there with her firm and bare breasts. I loved the look of Anna's youthful bare chest.

Twenty minutes after eating lunch, we all went into the water. The water was calm and the temperature was ok. We all were at about waist deep when I whispered to Anna, "Get on my shoulders." She agreed as I ducked under the water and came up between her legs. I said to Lucy and Patrick, "You want to play and wrestle a little?" With out asking, Patrick swam under Lucy and came up under her legs. Lucy was surprised but obviously enjoyed the playfulness. Patrick and I got closer and then the two girls did a little patty cake like action and then a little pushing.

I was feeling Anna's firm thighs as I saw Lucy with a smile. Seeing my girlfriend grinding her cunt on another man's neck made my cock start to stir. The more aggresive our play, the more rubbing and grinding the girls did.

After the wrestling was done, we stayed in the cool water a few more minutes to get my dick back in control. Then the four of us walked around a little more seeing the other tits, asses and cocks.

Anna and Lucy were taking in all the eye candy. When we got back to our blankets, we ate some lunch. Anna gave a suggestion to all of us. "How about if we play Question and Answer?" Lucy asked, "What kind of questions?" Anna replied, "Well, you know, Its all sex talk.

Everyone gets a chance to ask someone a question about sex and anyone can comment or add anything if they like." I replied, "Well Anna, that could cause a situation for us guys. Some of the things that might be said could cause ahh -- ahh you know, erections." Lucy reassured me by saying, "Steve, Anna and I are big girls.

We can deal with a couple of hard-ons. We've seen them before, right Anna? We are also far enough away from other people that it will be relatively private." I said, "Great, let the game begin and since it was your idea, why don't you ask the first question OK Anna." This had the feeling of being out of control. With our naked cocks in their sight we were about to hear about fucking and cock sucking.

I thought, If Anna says anything about spreading her legs, I might just blow my load right there. Anna started first. "Alright Steve, what is your favorite part of a women's body? I thought and said, "The erotic shape of a women's ass.

But it really would have to be a tie between the buttocks and the genital lips." Patrick added to that by saying, "Its tough choosing between all those things. Its funny, so many women will say about a guy, things like the eyes or the smile to avoid appearing too sexual." Anna replied, "Oh for me it is definitely a guy's butt." Lucy added in by saying, "If you're talking about only below the neck, I would also have to say the butt. However, a nicely shape dick is pretty good." As the ladies were saying these things, the sight of their bikini bottoms was so awesome.

The crotch part of their bikinis fit so snugly as they positioned their legs in a casual way giving a nice view. Their legs were gently swaying, spreading, opening and closing, Then their legs would come to a rest at a comfortable and yet erotic pose. I couldn't stop taking quick looks at Anna's crotch. Anna knew that I was looking and was ok with it. These two lust kittens knew exactly what they were doing.

They were getting off on the fact that Patrick and I were being teased. It was obvious to them how we were obsessed with female genitals, crotches or snatches, whatever we call it. They were getting off on the cock teasing. Now it was Lucy's turn. She looked to Patrick and asked, "Do you prefer boxers or briefs?" He answered, "I like briefs. Its like that Kramer character on Seinfeld where he says, "My boys need a home." Also I get the sporty style with with no fly.

I never heard of a guy using the fly, unless they are like a needle dick or something." I added, "I wear briefs if I'm wearing something like jeans. At the office, when I wear loose fitting dress pants, I choose boxers." I continued with, " When I walk around the office with my dick unrestrained it will bounce on the left and swing on the right.

If I haven't fucked or jacked off for a week, the sight of a lot of attractive women at the office creates an interesting day as my dick rubs against the fabric. Its not a real problem since it only happens a couple times a day and only lasts for a minute or two.

There is a strict company policy on dress and sexual behavior. So I feel like I'm getting away with something." So now it was my turn to ask a question. I looked at Anna and said, "Now you said anything about sex, right?" She nodded and said, "Yes." Then I asked, "Anna, how often do you masturbate?" The feeling I got when I brought up this subject with Anna gave me a thrill in my cock. She opened her mouth with a surprise and a smile at the same time. She answered with, "Oh, probably about three times per month." With a comparison, I replied, "I could get by with that in a typical week." Anna added with, "I like to lay back on my bed and just let my fingers take over.

There are lots of ways to receive this pleasure." Lucy interrupted and asked Anna, "What about using the back of a guys neck?" Lucy immediately covered her face while making a screaching sound and said, "I can't believe I just said that." We all smiled and I said, "Anything that gets the job done, right Lucy?" She just smiled. This sex talk was turning Lucy in to a wild woman as my dick became half erect.

I kept my legs closed to hide my growing arousal. They kept teasinig us with their bodies. They showed us their crothes but kept their bikini bottoms on. They knew we were looking. Their bodies were so tight with tits so bare, I wanted to jack off right there. I needed to ask a second question. I asked Anna, "How do you feel about these other women on the beach with out there bikini bottoms. Better yet, how would you feel if you were not wearing them right now?" While looking at me, Anna tilted her head and looked defensive.

"Steve, you guys are such snatch hounds. Are you asking to see my pussy right now?" I answered by explaining, "No - no, I am only asking how you feel about it." Anna was silent for a few moments and finally said, "Well Steve, it would feel a little too out of control. If I walked down the beach with strangers seeing my bare genitals, I would feel unprotected. However, I would have to admit that it would be kind of exciting but I just don't have the nerve. I will let you know that I am shaved." Then she looked at Lucy and asked, "How do you feel about it?" Lucy remained silent and then stood up.

She pulled her bottoms down and off her body, showing her bald crotch with the vertical slit. Patrick and I were so pleased as she remained standing there. With Lucy's demonstration Anna slowly stood up and did the same. Both women were clean shaven and stood there for us so we could get a good look. The hairless crotches were beautiful with their fleshy cunt lips exposed. Now my half erection was growing to almost a full hard-on. Steve seemed to be facing the same situation. The two females sat back down with their legs open just enough so that the genitals could be seen.

Now the two were getting off on exposing themselves. Lucy was becoming the slutty girl I had hoped for.

Now it was Patrick's turn to ask. He asked Lucy, "What is your favorite sex position or activity?" She thought for a second and replied, "I guess it would be lying on my back while I receive someone's tounge." When I heard Lucy answer Patrick's question, I wanted to start eating Anna's cunt right then and there.

Both Patrick and I became completely erect and we both kept our legs closed to hide the fact. As we did this motion it was obvious to the women as they smiled. Lucy continued with her talk of the sex position. "You know as great as it is when you get my pussy with your mouth, it is only fair to return the favor. It is either the sixty-nine position or sucking dick alone.

But let's be clear about something. Its more than just sucking, Its a blowjob with an emphasis on job. The job is to really pay attention to your technique." As she talked, she demonstrated with her fingers against her lips.

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I couldn't stop watching her slow teasing motion. With her tounge, probing fingers and the sides of her cheek, that was it. Now both of our erections were going full blast with her teasing. I didn't care anymore so I opened my legs and let Anna see everything. Patrick loved Lucy's demonstration and could only say, "Oh wow." Anna looked at my cock and slowly wagged her tounge. I announced, "Anna, I want to do something right now.

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I want you right this second. I want you with licking, sucking and fucking. I don't care if we get arrested, I want you" Her eyes opened wide as she said, "Oh Oh --- Whow now, I'm getting horny too, but we need to take it easy. There is plenty of time. She asked Lucy, "Lucy I don't want you to be upset or jealous about us. What do you think, about this situation?" She answered, "Like you said, take it easy.

Maybe we could go somewhere else." Patrick announced, "I need to jack off right now or I'll go nuts." Anna had an idea. "Patrick and I have a hot tub at our place. We could grill some dinner on the patio and have a great time. Why don't we go to our place? I answered, "Absolutely." Patrick announced again, "I'm serious, I can't stand up like this. People will see." I could see Lucy looking while trying to hide her interest.

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Then she turned her back with a smile as she packed up our things. We finally got our clothes on and headed back to our cars. We followed Patrick and Anna in our car while looking forward to time in the hot tub. I wanted to hear Lucy's feelings about the four of us, but didn't want to press to hard.

So I commented, "I like spending time with Patrick and Anna. They are really fun." Lucy responded by saying, "Fun, are you kidding? That's quite an understatement don't you think? Has you're erection gone away yet?" Her tone seemed funny, so I wasn't worried about anything. After we ate dinner, it was time for the hot tub. As the sun went down the air was still very warm and the mood seemed sexual.

We all got naked as I looked at Anna's bare ass and hairless croth. Then we entered the hot water and relaxed. After we had been in the hot tub for a few minutes, some of the sex talk had resumed. Both of Anna's hands were under the water and I had the suspicion that she was touching herself. I wondered about Lucy. Would she be a slut for me and give herself to Patrick. Patrick looked around a said, "We need something to drink. Sodas and beer or something.

What else do we have in the kitchen?" Anna said, "We have that small cooler with some drinks in it. I'll go get it." I offered to help as I followed her to the patio doors and into the kitchen. She opened the cooler to see what was available. As she bent over I was in awe of her cute shapely ass. I used this time alone to say to her, "Anna, I am so attracted to you. You are really beautiful." Standing naked in the kitchen, my arousal started to stir.

She looked in my eyes and placed her hand on my butt while biting her lower lip.

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She replied to my compliment by saying, "Steve, we're gonna have fun tonight." We both grabbed an end of the cooler and walked out on to the patio. After taking two steps outside, we both stopped and put the cooler down while viewing our surprise. We were both looking at Patrick standing outside the hot tub with Lucy kneeling in front of him. Her finger was lightly tapping the head of his penis.

While Patrick was fully erect she put the tip of her tongue on the head of his penis. She licked his shaft and then his balls. Then his erection was in her mouth as her head moved back and forth. As Lucy was sucking cock, I walked up behind Anna and placed my hands on her waist.

While we both watched Lucy perform, I kissed Anna's shoulder and smelled her hair. Lucy had become the cock sucking slut that I had fantasized about. The sight of Lucy sucking on another man had me very hard. Anna could feel my hardness on her buttocks as I stroked her hips.

The more his cock went in and out of her mouth, my desire to hold Anna's crotch increased. As Lucy sucked, my hands traveled to Anna's titties. I rubbed her breasts and felt those nipples. While one hand stayed on her chest the other started to move lower.

I cupped my hand to hold her crotch. My hand was on her hairless crotch as my fingers moved to feel her cunt lips. I kept watching Lucy with his erection in her mouth as I stroked Anna's genitals. I could see the side of Lucy's cheek bulge as she slowly moved Patrick in and out of her mouth. Anna and I moved over to the patio table. She laid her tight little body on the table as I rubbed her legs. She spread her legs wide for me to completely show her bare cunt.

Then I lowered my head down to her crotch area and smelled her clean sex scent. My tongue moved up and down her slit as I continued to rubb her titties. When I began to suck on her clitoris, she made soft noises of pleasure. As I tasted her I could tell that her pussy juices were flowing. Patrick and Lucy had moved over to a lounge chair where Lucy had reclined on it. Patrick had proceeded to go down on her as I had done with Anna.

Both of us guys were sucking on hairless cunts as the two females kept spreading wider and wider. The two women spoke with greatful gestures and pleasurable moans. I finally had to finger fuck her so that she could climax. After five minutes of eating pussy, Anna and I moved over to another lounge chair near the other two.

Anna got me ready with about 30 seconds of sucking and then both women got on their hands and knees. Patrick and I got behind them to do doggy style. As I approached Anna, I rubbed her bare ass and then slowly entered her vagina.

Patrick and I were both pumping their vaginas as we held and rubbed those wonderful asses. For the next two minutes the intensity in my cock kept increasing.

Patrick and I stopped as we pulled our throbbing shafts away from the women. Then Anna and Lucy put their mouths around our dicks and continued to suck. After a minute of sucking I couldn't last any longer. I began to cum inside Anna's mouth as she continued to suck.

As the semen dribbled out of her mouth she kept stimulating my penis. Patrick's orgasm happened only about 10 seconds after mine. All that sexual tension that had been building up at the beach had finally been released. For the next week, we visited the other's bedroom to sleep over. Sometimes I would stay and Lucy would go. Then other times I would go see Anna. Now I was more turned on by Lucy than ever before. THE END LIVE IT FOR REAL The beach that is, I can't help you with the girlfriend swapping.

Visit these PUBLIC clothing opptional beaches. Jack off before your visit and try not to stare. Rooster Rock State Park (east end) Oregon Wreck Beach - Vancouver, British Columbia Black's Beach - La Jolla, California (not officially nude, but authorities pay no attention) Haulover Beach - Bal Harbour, Florida Gunnison Beach (Sandy Hook) - Gateway National Rec Area - New Jersey