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PervCity Busty MOM UpHerAssHole Interracial
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This is a true story. In part 1 my wife and I seduce a young man We had just had explosive 3 way sex for the first time.


We sat up all 3 of us naked. No one was embarrassed or looking for their clothes. We started to talk about what we had done and we all agreed it was great. That day we had sex over and over again. I fucked you then he fucked your sopping cunt. I felt and sucked my first cock and loved it.

You were the center of our sexual frenzy with your tits turning red from sucking and your cunt gaping with all the fucking. We had sex in any combination we could think of. I fucked you from behind and you sucked his cock. We jerked off kneeling over your naked body and came on your tits.

We couldn't get enough. It was like none of us had never had sex before. We were a sexual trio. We bought a King sized bed to give us room for more sexual romping.

You loved using a vibrator and a small sex toy to make your self come.

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When you did that we would knell over your hot naked body and stroke our cocks, or we would stroke each others cock. Sometimes we would be on the same side of you and I'd grasp both cocks and rub them together until we came on you and each other.

We came on you so much we needed to keep towels to clean you off or we'd lick the come of off you. The three of us would suck cock, lick cunt, and lick you all over. We'd both finger fuck you at the same time until you came gasping.

There were times when you would jerk one of us off while the other would be licking your cunt. You gave great blowjobs. I loved to watch you suck his cock and I would fondle your tits or finger your ass. A favorite was when you and I were in a 69 with you on top.

He would come up behind you and put his cock in your cunt just above my face. I licked both of you and could taste all the sex juices. The sensations you were feeling, of being fucked and sucked at the same time, gave you loud intense orgasms. When he came in your cunt you would sit on my face and I'd suck all the come out of you. While I did that he fondled my prick and then sucked it until I came in his mouth.

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This went on for months. We were naked, horny and accessible all the time. I bought a camera so I could take pictures of you fucking or sucking cock. Then I would take one of you two lying there your cunt freshly fucked and his cock limp and wet flopping over onto your leg. I still have a picture of you fucking, his cock in you, your legs over his shoulders, tits and neck flush with lust and your toes curling.

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When I look at it I'll talk to you about what a dirty girl you are and you'll have your vibrator going and I'll jerk off until we come. We loved to go out dancing and you'd shake your tits and hump towards whoever you were dancing with. You sometimes wore a clinging black dress with deep cleavage. You never wore a bra with it. We would sit in a elevated table in the crowded nightclub.

There was always a live band.

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You would bend down to flash your nipples and keep crossing your legs to flash your underwear. You were brazen about your body. I loved to watch you slow dance. You would mold yourself to his body, hot and sweaty, press your cunt to his leg and your tits to his chest. He would get hard and push his erection on you.

You liked to do this directly in front of the band so they could watch you. When you did a fast dance your would move your hips and hump at the band and let your dress float up so they could see your underwear.

As the evening went on we would ask you to go and take your underpants off.

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You'd come back from the ladies room and brazenly put them on the table. You'd sit back down at the table and he and I would be rubbing your legs running up to near your cunt. We'd lean into you and feel your tits. You had nothing on but your dress. You loved to dance naked. You'd cross and uncross your legs and flash your naked cunt.

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People would look at the three of us and be scandalized and I think envious. When we drove home you would pull your dress top down and he would grope you from the back seat.

Sometimes you would get in the back seat with him and pull out his prick and lick and suck it until he came. Other times we would urgently pull over to the side of the road, lift your dress and fuck you with your hands on the hood and he would stand there watching and jerking off.

I'm sure we were seen several times. One time we were out to brunch and you were wearing your white gauze top so that everyone could see your nipples. We were having chocolate fried dough and we both smeared chocolate on your chest.

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We pretended to clean you off while groping your tits. You smiled and loved it.

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That same day we went to see the movie the story of O, a sex filled French drama featuring a naked woman sex slave. At the movie you sat in the middle, pull down our zippers and fondled our pricks until they were hard. You would then bend down and alternately suck both pricks. Meanwhile we would be feeling you up, one on your tits and one in your cunt.

We got caught and were asked to leave.


We left all three arm in arm, smiling at everyone. We loved being sexual and brazen. end of part 2