Asian girl enjoing on webcam

Asian girl enjoing on webcam
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Whitney is a exotic looking 10 year old girl with black hair, deep brown eyes and olive colored skin. She stands 4 ft tall and is my neighbor's daughter. Her mother is a whore, she sleep around and has a reputation for it in the neighborhood.

Her mother is unfortunately a gross pig.

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My wife and I have no children and prefer that way. However Whitney spends a lot ot time with us as her mother leaves her for hours at a time, she has even spent the night. My wife, works for a bank, and is required to travel at times. I am unemployed currently and my wife is the breadwinner, which means I have to fuck her good a couple times a week. My wife announced she had to fly to Washington for a three day seminar and she would be home at the end of the week.

After I saw her flight leave, I came home from the airport to see Whitney sitting on our porch. She was hungry and there was no food in her house. She was wearing blue sandals, white tight shorts and I could see no panties, and a blue shirt, a size too small. As I looked at her I felt my cock get hard.

I tried to ignore and quickly left the kitchen, leaving Whitney to enjoy her ham sandwich and chips. When i realized I had left my wallet in the kitchen I went to retrieve and was shocked to see Whitney was taking money out of it.

She turned and saw me standing there. Busted.little bitch was busted. I began to yell at her and she cried. I stopped and opened my arms and she ran to me, hugging me so tight that my cock immediately got hard. I looked at her and said if she needed money I would have helped her. I told that if she helped me I would help her. She said she would help me. I grabbed her by the hand and took her to the bedroom.

She asked why we were here. I told her she needed to help me get relief. She did not understand at first.

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I told that my wife sucks my cock every day and for it I giver her money. A light went on in her head and she said "like when mommy sucks on the owners penis when the rent is due" Smart girl. I told her to do what she see her whore mommy do.

Whitney walks over to me and unbuckles my pants. Her little hands puling my sipper down. She tugs on my pants and they fall to the floor. Wow she said as my cock stretched against my underwear. I have a 6 inch cock.

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She pulled my shorts down until my cock was free. She seemed timid. So I placed her hand on the head of my cock and asked her to stroke it.

I thought I was going to shoot, having her little hand on my throbbing cock, my load. Her fingers explored my cock and then my balls as I laid on the bed. Her little fingers started pulling on my shaft, up and down, up and down. Slowly her face came closer to my cock. I said lick it like you would a lolli pop. Her little tongue darted out, licking my cock, at first hesistantly.then getting stronger.

She was able to get an inch in her mouth and worked her head slowly, up and down on my shaft.


I could feel her teeth as she nibbled on the head of my cock. My hand reached down and fondled her ass through her shorts, making sure I rubbed her inner thighs every so often.

Soon she had three inches of cock in her mouth.working it, working it. I started moaning."fuck Whitney I'm going to cum in your mouth" She started to move her head but I grabbed her hair and forced it down deeper on my cock as gobs of white spunk shot down her little girl throat. I watched with glee as cum came out her nose.lets say I gave more than a full load. There was cum all over her as she gagged and coughed it up.

I threw a towl at her and told her to meet me in the kitchen. From my wallet I gave her 5 dollars and told her as this is your first blowjob, and it wasn't very good. I old she had to practise on me every day.

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She would get more money if she sucked better and agreed to do what I tell her to do.she agreed. I told her she had to sleep over with me in the big bed tonight.that made her smile.

I looked at her and said Whitney have you ever sucked a pussy before.she said no.


I told that my wife always wanted her to suck her pussy. If she agreed I would giver her more money. She agreed. I told Whitney to undress and grabbing her hand I took her to the bathroom where I turned on the shower and we both got in. With soap on my hand I started sudsing down her body.I rubbed her ass, sticking my finger in a little way. I rubbed her little buds and rubbed her clit her up.

I leaned her against the wall with her tight little add facing me. I got down on my knees, kissing her ass, my tongue licking her asshole as the water pounded on the two of us. My hands rubbing her little breasts as she moaned.


I turned her around and started to kiss her thighs.then slowly my tongue found her little 10 year old cunt.

I started to lick her tongue flicking her clit.

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She started to moan as I ate more of her sweet pussy.nice and tight it was, tasted sweet and innocent as my tongue sucked on her clit, so hard.