Blondine liebt ihre weit geöffneten Muschi zu zeigen

Blondine liebt ihre weit geöffneten Muschi zu zeigen
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I watched along with the rest of the lords and merchants as the slaves were bringing brought off the boat. I walk throught he crowd pushing so i can get a closer look and they move knowing that im of high rank.

I spy the male slaves being brought off the boat no i dont need a male slave i have 100 all togather at my home near the nile. Indeed a 100 males to work my land and kill my cattle and 100 woman to wash clean around my home and sometimes to ease the need that comes over me often.

Being that I'm not marriged i can do this if i did this with a wife she would be aloud to cut of my cock and throw it inthe nile. I fold my strong arms over my wide clean shaven chest the woman and small children are coming off. All the slaves are from africa i suppose if one interest me i will ask and see if they do indeed come from here. Slaves from africa are not as pricey as the ones from far in the east.

I spy a very dark young girl limping she falls she is kicked and she scrambles to her feet. I spit I need to drink soon im parched but i want a girl for my bedroom. I watch as girls and small children are lead onto a stage infront of us.

Men yell asking showing us how good thier slaves are.


Then my amber eyes catch somthing. A girl no more then 15 or 16 is trembling as she is being pulled off the boat. She is so perfect i note her long black hair straight not curly like a afro she is not from africa. What startles me is she has blue eyes like prescious gems they look around fearfully. She is pushed up on stage they want gold for her not silver. I lick my lips many men are doing the same i want her i to myself. She is not naked like the other slaves a wrap is around her hips and around her breast.

They swell under the cloth she is so perfect. I growl rasing my fan to the men another man barks more money i curse at the other man and again give a large some. The man backs down i win her. The eyes look towards me she looks as tho she would piss herself.


The merchants pull her from the stage and into the tents in back. I go quickly heart pounding. I eneter the tent the men smile at me she is sitting on a pillow her eyes down caste i note how full her eyeslashes are and how pink her cheeks become she is embaressed ashamed of this and what is going on.

" A 200 gold lordship and the girl is yours," the smile meekly at me. " tell me about her and then you get your money," i say. They smile coyle and push her to her feet. They tell me she is from the east she is only 15 young how i like them. She is in good shape round breast perk and copper pink. They point out her very full pouty lips the way her neck is long and slender. How she trembles and will be a good slave once she is trained. I smile rubbing my thumb across my bottom lip.

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They lift the wrap around her hips to show me her pussy no hair im startled at first the men chuckle. " She shaves it but since she would slit our throats if we let her have a knife we shaved her ourselves," I felt my palms become wet. Her eyes met mine intence they were. They captured her alone she lived in a clan of people i smile then she had faimly i run my finger along her jaw i slide my finger over her lips.

" Nay!" one man yells as she tries to bite off my finger i growl snatching my hand back. " She does bite but im sure you can beat the beast out of her," i sneer at her she glares that sends lust through my body. I give them thier money they tie her hands behind her back i watch her breast wrapped in that damn cloth thrust out they tie a rope to her ankels and neck and give me the end. We walk out i can here her growl and whisper things i dont know her tongue.

My home is not far we walk along the nile until i see my home the marble feels good as i brush my hand over the pillers. My slaves come to me i tell them to bring her to my bed chamber and get her ready for me they obey and i walk into my studie.

I sigh deeply my cock is hard and pushing at my pants i rub it softly through the silky material i want her badly. A slave comes to me and tells me she is ready i smile i want to scare her i will make her wait.

I undress in the bathhouse and wash my self rubbing olis over my body i shave my face clean shaven like all men here in Egypt my head i bald to only because i shave it. I sigh pulling on a thin robe and tie it around my waist losely no sence in covering up. I walk down the long marble halls to my room and open the door i peer in my slaves have done a good job.

Lotus and olis make my room smell so lovely and the oil lamps burn softly.


There she is. She whimperes she has been trying to bite through the ropes holding her to the bed posts. I close the doors behind me i know she can see me she just will not look. She is naked except for golden bracelets that have been slipped over her pretty wrists and a gold anklets on her ankels. I smile the slaves could do nothing more with jewerely she had no pericings whats so ever.

I made a note to have her ears, tongue, and clitty pierced. I sigh standing at the end of the bed. She growls again saying something coldly in her tongue.

I watch her she watches me i notice how pink she is down there hot pink and looks like the slaves made her wet with thier fingers.

" I am Osir," i say softly her eyes flame. I climb on the bed and hover over her body she hisses and bucks thrashing her bigwobbling breast look so yummy. I love the way she looks angry her eyes so blue and on fire. Her cheeks are red she is still ashamed of me seeing her naked. " I am Osir," i point to myself she understands she spits at me.

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I slap her hard she cries out her head turns away from me tears spilling from those eyes. " I am Osir your master," she gasps her eyes widenen she knows what master means she must have heard it befor maybe her clan knew of slaves and master.

She hissed her teeth clenching i smile and rub her hair i smell it letting it run through my large hands. " Mmm.such a pretty thing and such a naughty thing you are," I let my hand come up her outer thigh she squeaks as i run up her leg.

" You know what master is what else do you know?" i ask my hand suprising her and cupping her mound. " Ni! Ni Ni!," she screames her legs kicking underneath me. Ni her first words to me i guessed it meant no or maybe you bastard i laughed. " Ni? do you mean No?" she looked at me wide eyed. " Ni!

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No! Nooooo!" she kept saying no and ni over and over agian i slapped her agian she stopped. " Quit i dont like hurting my slaves," i push one of her legs up and spread it. She screams i see her fingers dig into her palms i smile looking down at her little pussy. " I wonder," i said softly i slide one finger in she cried saying no over and over agian. " No wonder," i mutter she was high price she was unused a virgen her flower was still there i could feel it.

Her pussy sucked my finger hard almost cutting off serculation i took it out. I slide off the bed and took off my robe i heard her gasp. " Ni!" I smile showing her my great erection I have pounded many a puss with it. I smile jacking it infront of her pretty face.

Im big maybe to big i never thought of it and wide. " Mmm look at it this is a cock you cant refuse," she trembles there on the bed she wiggles looking away. " HEY!" i grab her her face in my hand and bring her to look at my cock. " Im your master," I say through clenched teeth. She looks at me scared i press my cock head to her lips to my surpise she takes it right away.

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Her red lips part and i slide my cock in. She knows how to suck her tongue is teasing my small piss hole. Her lips swallow half of me i cant belive it she can deep throat.

" Ah.girl you have tricks," her eyes are closed she dosent want to see me. I brush her hair from her face as she sucks longer and harder on my cock.

My balls burn with cum with need. " If i untie you I shall not hurt you as bad," i say moaning and taking my dick from her. She searches for it i tease her open mouth but dont let her have it. " Understand dont run or i shall break your wrists," she nods i point to the ropes and slolwy untie them. she trembles as one hand is free she covers her breast.

then the other is let go she pulls the sheets over her naked body.

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I grab her pushing her down on the bed she fights me. Her hands push at my chest it turns me on how agressive she is but she is not strong enough. I grab her arms and pin them over her head she squeaks as i use my knees to open her thighs.

" NI!" she screams again im getting tired of her ni's and no's. I tie her hands to gather and then push her thighs apart she dosent have time to stop me i slide my tongue into her pussy. She dosent know what hits her my tongue is everywhere on her little clitty in her pinkness in her hole.

She moans i bring her legs over my shoulders i feel the souls of her feet on my back i suck her little nub and slide one finger into her pussy. " Ahhhh O.Siirrr.Ni!" I groan she said my name well not really well but still i heard my name.

I finger her harder i try my best to slide another finger in she screams it hurts her i push two in. I lick and nibble her little puss until she cries out her back arching those tits wobbling. She cums hard her first time she is slik and wet pinker then befor.

" taste like sugar cane," she whimperes in after shocks. I slide up her body my cock taps her pussy. She looks at me those eyes i look to her lips and then grab her hair yanking and our lips meet she is innconent to kisses too!

I egarley fuck my tongue aginsted her she cant move she can only moanher hands press to my chest they are tied she likes it. I bite her lip she gasps her hips buck aginsted me.

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" Mm.your name tell me your name," she looks at me her eyes searching mine. " Nana." she says softly i look into her eyes again. I tap the end of my dick at her pussy she knows im going to fuck her and she cant do anything about it.

She bites her lip as i push the big head into her pussy tightness. " Ahh," i groan she is biting down hard on her lip blood drips. I stab into her pushing more and more of myself inside her. " AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" her scream is so loud i cant even belive it comes from somthing so small. I cover her mouth with my hand she trembles her body is sweaty.

I grab her breast and suck on them taking each nipple in my mouth as my hips slowly move inside her. She is gasping as i fuck her her pussy clenches.

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" ah ah ah," her voice in pleasure is so pretty i fuck her softly her legs spread wider for me inviting more of me in. I slide to her side and push one leg up. " Im going to really fuck you now," she looks at me. I begin i start poundding away she will bleed but she shows no signs of pain.

" Ahhh Osirrrr," she gasps and moans as i pound. The sound sof us fucking are loud she cries out alot i grab her breast as i cum. Rope after rope spirt into her virgen womb. I collasps spent her body is sleek and wet she breaths heavily i pull her over my body her dark hair is a mess i like it that way.

She moans looking at me her lips are puffy from the sex she is leaking on my leg. " Mmm.Nana," i moan grabbing her firm ass she whimpers as i circle my finger around her cute little pussy lips. She falls asleep like that aginsted me i soon follow her.