Girlfriend gets fucked very hard at home

Girlfriend gets fucked very hard at home
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She was my manager, as I was employed by a local pizza joint. My day ended, across the vista of red seats and plaid papered walls, I watched. She looked, caught my eye, and a small shaded glint hovered above a small smile, lip curling corners.

I beamed one back, soft smile. Her body, big bulging ass out of her behind, and belly blooming bigger, pregenant inside, her breasts, twin great ice capped mountain peaks, her bra visible through her near sheer fabric. Her face, smooth and angular, dancing laughing eyes, endowed with pregnant intuition, clam exhibition of womanliness. Looking this way. Her boyfriend was just leaving, short, slightly muscular, seemingly domineering.

I rose to take to the bathroom, a singular bathroom for employee use, she was around the corner. Out I sprung my snake, slightly elongated with sweet thoughts of penetrating her belly, a few pubes curled black fire out. The door, I left a few inches in its crack, light off. A small yellow trickle sprinkled the pot, growing wider into a sun beam of pee.

And the door opened There she was, belly round, breasts big, mouth shaped in an o, and eyes darting after my stream after she flicked on the light. A quick hold on my penis.

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"Just a minuet," said I smiling "Sorry", she said "No need to be", said I The zipper tented my penis, I flushed "Let me give you a hand", said I, letting her down on the pot, and left with that My shift ended, the workers fled to the door, and from the bathroom door she emerged.

"Better?" asked I "Much", said she "How old is she", motioning to her tummy "Six months" A quick wind rush, I moved across the room.

Washing a hand over her pregnant swell, over the shirt.

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"Well she's growing within." Putting an ear to her stomach "I can hear her." "What does she say?" "My Moma's Sexy" A laugh, rumble belly, chest heave nipple shake, as did I. Rubbing my hand over her shirt draping a hand over the small of her back, resting on the bust of her bum.

Just a little dip, my fingers penetrate the waist wrap lip, my pinky slid touching the high reaches of her bum slit. A quick glance upward, her face impassive, barring in no way. I slide her shirt up a bit, that big bulging belly, button poking out.

"So smooth, no stretch marks." Says I "And put an ear to her stomach." He kicked, an ear to ear grin. A smile by her slightly, eyes warmly ready. Wow what a feeling. Slowly sliding around her, taking her belly in hand, feeling its baby contained girth, putting my crotch into her bum. A finger slipped her button top zipper, touching lightly a pube within.

"And your breasts, wonderfully full, they must hurt I suppose." I said sliding a pair of hands above her stomach, cusping her breasts in hands.

So firm, nipples pointing through the bra, round goliath balloons of firm water. She did nothing to stop me.

"A little", she said "Let me see what help I can be…ok with you?" "Sure, if you like", whispering the last like butterfly wing flutters. A quick motion, a bra unhinge, its ballast broke, I hung a hand over her belly, pulled her close to me.


A quick rip of her shirt above her head pulled her to me. And bare in my arms the game was over, I planted a kiss on her full lips, nursing her sweet scent. Big breasts bulging nipple bullets above her blooming tummy.

Her tongue locked in my mouth. My lips jamming hers, tongue reaching her innards tastefully.


My cock stiffening quickly against my jeans, my genes spilling in little transparent droplets in my boxers. A gently rounded her bum, slipped my hands within her skirt, slid it down. It pooled in a heap on the ground.


I took a look back, a sight. "Aren't you going to fuck me?", she said, charade down. "Surly" Oh yes that sight. Round blooming thighs of plush skin, thickly nestling a bush between her legs spilling beyond a pink thongs edges. Big belly, extroverted navel, smooth skin and the glory basket above.

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Oh, great big full breasts with nipples slightly darkened, large round, firm, flawless, nipples luring forth full and sucker like, pinkish flesh slowly recessing into skin tone. A single strode, I moved toward her grasping her jaw in my teeth, tickling kisses down her bosom, round her fleshy banks. I sucked a nipple, smooth, baby bottle like, and into my mouth sprung pure, saucy, tarty tang milk. A little giggle tricked from my lover above, her breath steamed my face.

I grabbed her other tit and nipple squeezed, a spray of milk speared across the room. I closed the hole quickly and sucked her succulent flower, springing more milk into my throat, drinking like a dry parched dessert lost man, surviving on this woman's fluids. Scooping her bum, I lifted her on the table, unkempt bush bulging below the tummy barrel, baby within.

With a neat little finger hook, her pink parted and arrived a view of her treacherous thicket of pubic hair. Already in the middle a few hairs were matted with juices, tossed together in a river of molten vaginal slime. She moaned into my ear with a sensational smile on her lips.

A twirl of a button, a zipper zooming, and my prick sprung to her panties. A hand folded upon my fur, her chin craned down, she gently pushed me back by my pubes to look at my pink serpent. Long length, pinker than pink cobra head, she ran a finger along my ridges then grabbed my girth. She pulled me toward her, sucking me into her factory hole, she fed my slithering snake to her whole, I grabbed my bean stock and thrust.

A perfect throw, through her panting pussy hair, parting pink lips, and into her river running cave hole I plunged into her deep. Wet was my first thought as she exhaled a breathy sigh into my neck. Her burly belly bulging against mine, my half inlodged penis, I had to dip, angle lower, so as to throw myself in her deeper, and my balls smoothed against the cold steel table.

I was in deeply within her inner bounty, and thrust again, harder, smoothly sailing against her walls, feeling her river hole caress my smooth tip. Her breast caught my hand, big grape fruit bomb shell embalmed within my palm. Juices slurping with my meat, my balls freshly sodden in dew, our pubes pushed together. A slushy sodden fest of her liquids and milk leaked down her belly from my nipple knurling.

My balls tightened, dick fattened, she curled a finger round my sack. Oh, little rivers of white lava flowed from her erupting peaks. I grabbed another nipple in my mouth, milk flowed. Little nibbles brought little trickles of nectar. Great hairy bush penetrated by my stalk, thick and dripping with her innards. I would look down, see a fat banana girth strumming her vigina and pull out to the very pink head, beneath briars, and push again, sliding my tapered thickening meat inside her to a breathy… "Ohh" "Ow" Her little baby in there squirming from little spear pokes.

"How's this" Said I bending even more for an upward thrust She pulled me by my shirt into her mouth. "How's this" she said, wry parted lips pulling me into a kiss. A sweet smile. "Better than daddies dick?" "Mmmm, Hmm," a moaning smile through lip lock.

I wondered what his looked like, likely dark, he was a dark man, and probably a pink head giving way to a tanned tainted flesh upon the girth, no telling of his size.

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"OOOOO" intensely intent indicated coming on full strong I began to rotor within her, grasping the pussy walls with my pink fingertip. A hand on her breast, squeezing and another moving to her clit parting her forest hair.

I rubbed like a winding clock. She exploded. Chest heaving, pussy sopping and panting.

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"Ooh, oh yeah." Again and again. My head thickened. White water welled in my balls She pulled me close furiously, kissing my mouth viciously. Fingernails curling my back, leaving chalk streaks, her teeth upon my lips, beginning to bite.

I let loose, loaded within her, a nine shot round, magazine emptied with white flying bullet heads. Into her pussy my pride load blew. Balls shuttered, breasts bounced fully. Dick, its curving fatness quivered and head became sensitive. Leaving my girth within her for a moment, savoring with little strokes, my banana gliding on a pavine of its own flesh. I withdrew slowly, my head exiting her flesh wound, a little river of cum water and mixed juices spilling in a pool on the table, her belly swathed in breast milk.

My dick quivered, its head dwarfed by its prodigious thickness trembled, spasmed, hinging at the base near my balls and pussy sopped hair. "That was good," I said "Better than," said she "Let me get a drink," I said motioning and moving my lips to her nipples. "Uh uh," kiss me better," shaking head I kissed her lips "No, where your rifle just shot me." Savoring her lippy smell, I thought, 'why not' Lowered to her bristling vagina.

Tickled her belly with kisses, stroking its crystal ball. And found her cunt, hair parted, and inserted my tongue with a few luscious kisses and licks.

A great mix of tangy tart juice, sweet and rich, mixed with warm thick salt water.

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I lapped up little pearls of my excretion along with her thick transparent rivers of pussy juice. They flavored a meal with sharpness, offsetting the tartness of her twat. Then arose I, Moved to her lips, a small glistening of cum dripping from my cheek and lips swathed in her barbeque sauce. And she grabbed my tongue and lapped off my taste, kissing me furiously while grabbing my smothered penis in her hand. Tugging, fingers twirling pubic hair and ball brushing.

"Mmm" Two more drizzles of pearl plunked on the table She reached down a hand, whipped, and licked little mayonnaise off. "My shift is over" I said "Will you shift me again" she said curling my penis "Surly" With that I dressed and left, feeling a bit lighter, and the air, a bit smoother