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Jade jantzen priya price in busty bestie pussy fucked
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This is the diary of Billy Bob McTavish, a teen boy, about he and his young girl cousin growing up, having a family and a wide variety of sexual adventures, some quite bizarre. It has ten chapters: (1) Becoming a Man; (2) Marriage; (3) House Guest; (4) Satisfying Our Guest; (5) Helping a Psychologist; (6) More Sex Therapy; (7) Mutual Therapy; (8) Our Daughter; (9) Our Daughter is 13; (10) Conclusion Billy Bob Chapter 8 (Our Daughter) The last few months of her pregnancy, Leah looked like she had swallowed a melon that continued to grow till it was huge.

We kidded a lot about her melon, so when our daughter was born we just had to call her Melony. We still lived in the one-room home out in the country and didn't have money to buy a crib, so Melony grew up sleeping in bed with us. While she was a tiny baby we had to be careful to not bounce the bed so much as to throw her off.

As she grew she became accustomed to our Sunday afternoon frolic. Sometimes she would be an interested spectator, at other times she was bored and would play with her dolly on the floor. By the time she was seven Melony often crawled into bed with us to be cuddled and kissed as we relaxed and came down from our love-making. This was a sharing time that we all enjoyed. When she was eight she would sometimes get into bed during our foreplay and pretend to nurse on one of Leah's tits while I was kissing the other one.

Leah seemed to really enjoy that. Several times she removed Melony's clothes so she could have her lay on her stomach and play with Leah's breasts while I had my head buried in her snatch.

When I brought Leah to a climax with my tongue massaging her clit, her hips gyrated wildly and Melony would laugh and hold on to keep from falling off. When Melony turned ten, Leah decided that it was time for her to learn to enjoy sex. She initiated her into the joy of 69. Melony had taken a spurt in growth so that while Leah was licking her cunt, Melony could actually get her mouth and tongue down to Leah's clit too.

Leah did this as sort of a birthday surprise. Melony did seem to enjoy it, but the following Sunday didn't participate in the afternoon at all. It tuned out that she had talked to one of her friends at school about it, pretending that it was something that she had read in a men's magazine, and the friend didn't believe that things like that were really done. She said that it was dirty and that no girl would ever do anything like that. I'm not sure what else was said, but from then on Melony started taking more of an interest in me and in how Leah pleased me.

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For a number of months she observed closely but made no move to do any more than just watch. She did still occasionally cuddle up to both of us after our love-making and hug and kiss us.

One Sunday afternoon I had undressed and gotten into bed and was waiting for Leah to come to bed too, but she was busy mending a little rip in her Sunday dress. Melony got up on the bed too and asked me if I was waiting for Mommie to give me pleasure. I said yes, but that was alright because she had work to do.

Then Melony asked if she could take mommies place and make me happy. She said that she knew how to do it and wanted to show me. I was somewhat taken aback by this and tried to avoid answering her by saying that I didn't really mind waiting for Leah. Then Leah spoke up and said that it was going to take quite a bit longer to finish repairing her dress and she thought it would be nice of Melony to please Daddy. With that encouragement, Melony quickly took off her Sunday clothes, laid down next to me, and gave me a big hug.


She then moved up so that her head was over mine and started kissing me, but this was no childish kiss. She very expertly kissed around on my lips, sucking slightly on the lower lip, and then tentatively exploring my mouth with her tongue.

She repeated this several times before locking her lips to mine and extending her tongue as far as she could and sliding it over and around on my tongue. Now this was my daughter, so I was enjoying her attentions in a fatherly way and feeling a little amused at the same time. My little girl was growing up.

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She left her lips glued to mine for a long time and then I felt her hand gliding down my stomach until she felt of my penis. It was, of course, completely flaccid. As soon as she felt that, she said "Daddy, you're not cooperating" just as she had heard her mother say it before. With that she slid down between my legs and took my dick in her mouth. I started to push her off, saying that I'd wait for Leah to do that, when Leah broke in and said "Go ahead Melony and be really nice to your father." It did not take any coaxing.

My daughter was giving me head just as expertly as her mother does. Against my better judgment, I laid there and let her have her fun, initially believing that I would not respond sexually to her attentions. However, it did not take very long before I started having an erection. As she let her mouth slide up and down on my now-erect prick, she was also using her tongue to lick and circle the end and even letting her teeth very gently scrape the underside as her head moved back and forth.

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As my prick became engorged and swelled to its full size, she increased her tempo and clamped her lips around my shaft very tightly as she continued to stroke its full length. She was even able to slide my dick into her throat and to swallow while it was there; oh what a glorious feeling that was.

I tried to push her head away as I felt that I was about to come, but Leah (who had come over and sat on the bed to watch us) restrained my hand and said that Melony needed to experience the full pleasure of giving head. With that I exploded and filled my daughter's mouth with my sperm.

She apparently swallowed all of it and continued to caress my organ with her mouth as I came down from my high. "Daddy, did you like that" she asked, and of course it was obvious that I had. Then she wanted to know was she as good as Mommie, and I had to admit that she was every bit as good, and that with her smaller mouth and throat, was somewhat more exciting.

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This blew my mind. I could not believe that I had become so sexually aroused by my own daughter, and she still a child just ten years old. Not only had I been 'aroused' but had actually lain there and enjoyed it. I had to tell Melony that we couldn't do that again, trying to tell her that I certainly still loved her (when she started to cry) but as my daughter rather than a grown woman. Leah was no help either.

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She tried to tell me that it was OK, that it was just another way of expressing our love for one another. It was then that I laid down the law that from then on Leah and I would have our sexual relations in private no more Sunday afternoon pleasures.


For the next several weeks I was busy putting up a wall and a door to make a bedroom. It was tiny, only six feet by nine feet, but it still took up half the width of the house and cut out the light from one of the windows, leaving the house partly dark in the mornings.

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Leah was so put out with me that she cut me off for a whole month, but finally initiated love making one night and then resumed our Sunday afternoon sessions too. This was the way we worked things out for the next several years. However, when Melony turned thirteen she had a long talk with Leah and apparently gave her an ultimatum. Either she was again admitted to our love-making or she would accept some of the overtures from several of the high-school boys.

She said that she needed to feel loved and really needed the sexual release of being loved physically. Leah argued with me that we were pushing her out of the nest too soon and that if she let a lot of the boys screw her that she was going to be hurt terribly.

There was no way that we could keep tabs on her every action, so could not prevent her becoming promiscuous if she chose to do so. I had to agree that that alternative was unacceptable, but drug my feet on having sex with her myself. I could go along with Melony being with us as we made love, and including her in the hugs and kisses to include her in our love.

We talked then with Melony, and while she was unhappy with not being able to participate fully, she agreed to the new conditions. I was glad to tear down that wall; it had taken up so much of the house that we were really crowded in it. The following Sunday after lunch we undressed and laid on the bed together.

This was the first time that I'd seen Melony completely nude since she was ten, and was surprised at how much she had developed. She now had a heavy patch of hair between her legs and her breasts were nearly as fully developed as were Leah's. I knew right then that my resolve to not include Melony in our love making was doomed to failure.

After all, according to our ancient Scottish traditions, she needed instruction from a man on how to become a woman and it would be up to Uncle Abraham and I, as her only male blood relatives.