Young petite bookworm and horny stacked mom seduced by hung black stud

Young petite bookworm and horny stacked mom seduced by hung black stud
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As a guy of 24, I naturally had an eye for the ladies. I would check them out in the shops, walking down the street, wherever. I'd also play the pulling game on a Saturday night, and try my luck with whoever took my fancy. Sometimes I would fail, left to go home alone and put on some porn, and sometimes I'd get lucky and fuck some girl that I may or may not regret in the morning.

Eventually though, I found a girl who was more than a fuck. Granted, we started off that way, but I found myself still wanting to fuck her even after a few months.

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So then I decided that I might knock the single life on the head and try settling down. Thankfully, Gina was also thinking the same as me and agreed to become my girlfriend. Now this was unusual for me, after living the good life for about 4 years, but I thought she was worth it. Beautiful long hair, eyes you could stare into for days, and just sweet, sweet tits. A few more months passed, and me and Gina were still going strong.

We were spending a lot of time together, the sex was great, and I was actually happy. It was the longest I'd ever been in my life without fantasising about other women. I didn't need to with Gina, I had what I wanted. One Friday evening we were heading into town to meet some of Gina's friends in a local club, and they were from a particular circle of friends that had meant, for one reason or another, that I hadn't met any of them.

There was a small group of three that we were meeting and I was looking forward to a few drinks and getting drunk, but mainly getting home so I could fuck my girlfriend into the night. We walk into the club and Gina waves over as she see's her friends in the corner. I follow over behind, glancing quickly at the bar, but knowing that the polite thing to do was say hello first.

Even if it meant throwing myself in to a night of listening to women talking over and over about subjects that I had little or no interest in. As I got there, Gina introduced me and I said a polite hello to the first two, Saidy and Jo. I then turned to see the third, who Gina introduced as 21 year old Charlotte, and her beauty struck me. I was in awe. She had shoulder length blonde hair, with piercing green eyes that I felt burn straight into me.

She had full lips that were pulling me to her. Now Gina had told me on the way (not that I was paying much attention at the time) that Charlotte had recently had a boobjob. All of a sudden I was paying an interest! She was wearing a semi see-through black top that was quite low cut and teased her lacy black bra underneath.

Her newly formed DD's sat there perfectly, and left a cleavage outline on top, in full view. They were incredible. I quickly realised that I had been staring, and tried to divert my eyes. However all that happened is that they wandered down her body, and over her thigh high skirt. This girl wasn't shy. And for a short girl, had deceptively long legs.

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I asked Gina to go to the bar for me, and sat myself down next to Charlotte, who was very welcoming. I introduced myself and made small talk, carefully trying to avoid staring at her chest. This had become difficult as the closer I'd got to her, the better the angle to see down her top, and my view had upgraded from a bulging cleavage, to having a birds eye view that went down to the laced edge of her bra, which barely covered her nipple.

Gina came back with the drinks and the conversation turned back to the group. Drinks then started to flow more rapidly, and it became a normal boozy night out as we all knocked back more and more drink. Saidy had then brought up the subject of Charlotte's boyfriend, Mike. Now at this point, my heart seemed to sink.

I don't know why, because I had Gina, but I knew the thought of Charlotte being taken wasn't a pleasant one. As the conversation progressed though, it seemed that Mike wasn't in Charlotte's good books. He'd done the usual, boys nights out, neglecting her etc etc, but it was when she mentioned sex that my ears pricked up.

Apparently sex wasn't Mike's forte. Charlotte had been growing tired of his selfish loving, and claimed that the only orgasms she's had in the last couple of months were from her new toy.


At this point I can't lie, I had the image of Charlotte in my head, laying back on here bed, completely naked with her legs spread wide as she slid her new toy into her pussy. .Yet I was quickly snapped out of it by a comment Charlotte made. 'I bet you don't have that problem do you Gina' giving me a gentle squeeze near my groin in the process.

'I bet your new man knows how to make a woman tick.' I didn't even hear my girlfriend's reaction as my eyes started right into Charlotte's, who hadn't yet removed her hand from my groin. In fact, it was moving further up. Charlotte then got up to go to the ladies, and I made my excuses to go to the gents. My mind was full of Charlotte, her incredible tits, and the raging erection she'd given me from a simple squeeze.

I was in this world of my own as I walked into the gents, and felt someone walk in behind me. I only realised it was Charlotte as she spun me round and locked her lips onto mine.


I was in shock. I didn't expect it at all, firstly she's Gina's friend, but evenso, not many woman are that forward. And I couldn't kiss her, I was in a committed relationship. A happy relationship. Which is why it shocked me even more that I was kissing her back. I was kissing her back, feeling the same butterflies as a 13 year old having their first kiss.

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This woman was beautiful, and dressed like that she look stunning. If I was single would have been doing everything in my power to get her home between my sheets. And yet, here I am, a taken man, and I still cannot resist her. Her hands gripped my side, and I instantly grabbed hold of the side of her head as the passion ran through us. There was no backing out now. My cock knew this too, as I felt myself get hard for -the second time tonight.

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She knew this to as her hand reached down and ran over the front of my jeans. I almost exploded, the rush ran through me and I pushed her into the cubicle and up against the wall.

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My hands wandered lower this time, and my fingers ran over her breasts, underneath her bra, and ran over her nipple. I felt a shiver from her, clearly Mike had been neglecting these fabulous tits. I ripped off her bra and kissed her chest, working over her nipples with my tongue.

It felt amazing, these tits were perfect, they sat on her chest as pert as when she had a bra on, and felt so smooth to the touch. Charlotte then undid my button, and dropped my jeans to the floor. In just my boxers you could see how hard I was, and she eagerly pulled my hard cock out and guided it under her skirt. I then felt the outline of her sweet, wet pussy with the end of my cock.

She didn't have any panties on!

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This turned me on even more, the slutty nature of this stunning girl meant I had to have her. I slid my cock inside her and heard her moan as each inch went further in.

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I pushed her back against the wall, thrusting into her warm inviting pussy. She lifted her leg to pull me in closer, and begged me to fuck her harder. I ripped off her dress to see her amazing figure standing there, but didn't get distracted from my rhythm, and got harder and harder as she asked to be fucked like the cheating slut that she was.

It was then that I remembered we both had partners. We were both cheating. Yet for some reason I got an even bigger urge in my loins and felt myself even more turned on - probably the most I ever have been.

I turned her round and bent her over slightly so I could fuck her from behind, hearing her tits slam against the wall in the process. She then shouted 'I'm coming!' so loud that I'm sure people just outside must have heard. Hearing her say that was the final straw.

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I felt a massive surge through my body as I fired load after load into my screaming slut. I'd had one of the best orgasms I had ever had and was feeling completely satisfied as she stood up and turned to face me in all her glory, with my cum dripping down her legs. I took one last mental photograph as we went back out to the group, acting as if nothing had happened.

I think I'll be encouraging Gina to be arranging more nights out with this group of friends.