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THE PERFECT BOY YANCY Yancy floats up to his mom for intimate docking in their pool. Based on art from Pandora's Box - email me if you want the drawing. Veronica remembered a line from Auntie Mame, ". all the girls crouch down on the floor and pretend to be lady fishes, depositing their eggs in the sand .

and all the boys do what gentlemen fish do." Of course, she wasn't on the floor, but in the pool. However, her son, Yancy, certainly was about to do what gentlemen fishes do: fertilize her eggs. He had his penis out as he floated behind her bare behind. He had slipped his right hand in her bikini and had her swimsuit panties pulled over her hip exposing her pussy. Talk about a cheeky move!


She put her hands to the side of the pool to steady herself for the thrust about to come. His wrist was still beneath the material of her bottoms as leverage, he'd need it. She felt the tip of his youthful cock make contact with her cunt. Veronica turned back to her floating follower and said smiling, "Are we playing fishies?" Recently they had watched a nature program on 'Animal Planet' that had detailed the sex life of tropical fish.

During the program, her companion had remarked that sex in water was fun. A surprising remark from someone so young. "How do you know that?" asked his mother next to him.


"I heard you and pop doing it late one night, in the pool. You said, you 'loved screwing in the water'." "You heard everything?" "Everything. Someday I'd like to play fishes with you." "Oh?" this amused Veronica, more that outraged her, since she and her husband were quite open and honest about sex with their offspring.

"Do you think your big enough to play fishes with a woman?" "Yeah, I'll introduce her to my 'Moby' Dick"! It was true that he did have a rather large member. Of course she had seen it when bathing him as a child. She wondered that now that he was a precocious pubescent juvenile just how large his peter would become as a man?

His father was lengthy, would the genetic blessing be bestowed upon the scion? But why did he think that he could 'fill in' for his father?

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Had she ever shown him any inclination that she might consider allowing incest to happen between them? She was sure that she hadn't.

Especially since that very temptation was a tiny enticement to her. Ever since she had surprised him skinny dipping, when he had thought she would be home late from her bridge club.

There he was diving into the blue, all pink and naked, his ding-a-ling dangling. She had walked over to the side and tossed him his shorts. She laughed to see the expression on his face. "You'll startle old Mrs. Grundy, if she looks out her bedroom window!" She teased him about their neighbor, an elderly lady. "She doesn't mind watching, she likes to peek at me!" Bold as brass he climbed out of the pool to dry off with a towel, before putting on his army-green trunks.

While he stood before his mother, rubbing his crotch, his willie had gained some tumescence. While not a bona fide boner, still the turgid muscle gave promise of a manhood to be proud of, even though he had yet to reach his full stature.

Indeed, she was astonished to be wondering at what her tender teen's stalk would look like straight and tall. Thus the seeds of an insidious desire for a taste of incest with this innocent took root in her libido. Or not so innocent it seemed, as they sat there watching fishes make small fry.

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"And what makes you think that your mom might allow you to fool around with her in the pool?" Veronica followed up her first question, going to the heart of the matter where his handsome hard-on obviously was mentioned on purpose to his mother. "Because I know that you want to have another baby, only dad can't give you one, but I can." "Your dad had a vasectomy. Do you know what that is?" "Yeah, I looked it up on line. You told dad the other evening at dinner, that now that he was promoted, perhaps it was time to have a second child." "We were speaking of adopting, though." "Wouldn't you rather have one of your own?" "Yes, if your father was still fertile.

But since he's not, that is not an option." "I'd still like to play fishes with you. And if you got pregnant, you could say it was a miracle!" "It would take a miracle, for me to let you make a baby with me." He whispered quietly, boldly putting his hand on her thigh, "No it wouldn't mommy, it only takes a sin.

. ." Then before she could stop him, his hand snuck up her smooth thigh, under the robe, to Veronica's bare bush, and he discovered to his mom's shame, she was soaked. Today, Sunday, her spouse was gone for his usual golf game. They were alone. Mrs.

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Grundy had left for church. She floated in the pool with her arms over the yellow mat.

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Veronica's thoughts were reviewing the recent events, when out came Yancy to join her. He had a woodie tenting his swimsuit, so she knew what his thinking was about. Sex in the water, they were on the same wave length - his length in her wetness. Putting on a red life vest, the youngster walked down the steps and swam toward his mother. She was by the side in the deep end. 'I hoped I'm not in over my head in more ways than one, with my son!' Veronica thought to herself.

Yancy floated in the water with a balanced buoyancy that held his head just above the waterline. Which meant that his dick was in line with her labia, as she was about to find out. He ducked getting his dark hair damp, the same raven locks as her own.

She saw him wriggle and when he came up, his suit was down! She could just make out his erection like the prow of a ship jutting from his thighs. She was not about to play 'Marco Polo with his pole! But she didn't panic. In her head she told herself, 'I am the adult, I am in charge, I am in control, I'm.

. in trouble; because I'm in denial about my own control.' She was shocked but she was sure she was about to commit adultery with her own child!

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She realized that she wanted it; wanted him, wanted another baby in her womb. Yancy could do that, with that lance of his in his mother vagina. It made her quim swim with it's own juices in preparation for penetration. 'God help me on this sabbath morn,' she silently prayed. 'I'm a sinner wanting my Honey's horn to blow in my sacred holy temple, all seven inches!' she confessed to herself.

She felt his hand slide into the back of her bikini.

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"Are we playing fishies?" She quipped, as she felt the touch of his knob knocking on her delicate tissues. His left hand hugged Veronica's waist as he pushed to enter, a wicked grin on his cute face. 'Why does the naughty turn me on?' She wondered.

It always had. 'That's why I got knocked-up with Yancy so young. His dad first had me when I was barely 18, and now my exposed buns are about to be once more the recipient of seeding, this time by the scion. I have a tough time resisting temptation, especially any as yummy as Yancy, my only child.' She could only hold out for so long, but now that their union had begun she realized that she was a goner!

She was going to love his lengthy dong do it to her! She could tell, that even with the few inches that were succeeding to sink inside her, that he had plenty to cork her with, and float her boat. Her nipples sprung out, as did 'the little boatman', in automatic arousal to her son's erotic swordfish sawing in her hollow.

'I do love sex in the water, and my kid's cock is plunged in my cunt further that his father's fatter frankfurter has in a while.' She admitted.

It was reaching the very mouth of the uterus.

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But when he withdrew they lost contact. "Let's move to the shallows, Babe!" She said and slipped from the floating mat to swim over to the steps. Yancy followed after losing his shorts to the deep end.

When he reached her, he untied the top of her black bikini and skimmed off the bottoms an instant later. Now both were nude, she spread her legs for his pleasure. He wrapped his arms around his mom to grasp her tits and once more his rigid rod was seeking her cavity from the rear.

He found it fine, and filled it full, and fucked Veronica forthrightly. His feet could now get purchase on the floor and his pull on her breasts gave him all the leverage he needed to ram his mother, battering her insides. The water frothed with their motion, the slapping of the waves in the pool echoed along with their moans and groans of ecstasy.

Veronica could sense he would cum in her quim quite quickly, the pace was brisk and the urgency brusque, as his prick pushed in her pit with passion. She too, was speeding to a climax from the racy ravaging by her own son, the perfect boy, Yancy; to give his mother his own sibling. She hoped it was so, as Veronica screamed when his semen splashed inside her vagina.

'If not, we'll just have to try again!' She laughed at the thought, even as Yancy turned her over for yet more fishy fun.