Gay Studs Have A Hot Threesome

Gay Studs Have A Hot Threesome
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Hailey sat at her dressing room table trying to decide what to wear with the words of her husband Craig still ringing in her ears as he left for work, "Don't forget to pick up Sam from the kennels," he had said before carrying on laughingly, "like you would of course, you do love that dog." The strident ringing of the phone jerked Hailey out of her day dream and answering it she heard the voice of Harry, the kennel manager ooze out of the phone, "All set for your first performance?" "I am not sure," said Hailey hesitantly.

There was a slight harshness in Harry's voice as he replied, "If you don't want your husband to see the video of you and your family pet together you had better do the show like we agreed." "What's the point," said Hailey, "Once all those people see me they will have the same hold over me as you and then they will all want me to do things and someone is bound to get upset and leak a video then it's all over." The phone went silent for a short while Harry thought this over, he hadn't considered the possibility of other people muscling in on his goldmine and he had charged a small fortune for the live sex show.

"How about if you wear a mask," said Harry hoping the compromise would keep Hailey on board, "And I will ban all videos & taking pictures." "How will it work," Hailey replied more comfortable with the revised arrangements. "It's all set for midday and I have closed the kennels so it will just be the guests. There will just half a dozen people as too many might scare the dogs.

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I will even waive the kennel fees for Sam and throw in £200 to cover expenses." Harry said as he was sweating a bit at his end of the phone as he had made some pretty boastful promised to people about the show and they weren't the sort of people to annoy. "How many dogs?" said Hailey feeling the warmth between her legs, "and I don't want the audience involved." "Three'" said Harry relieved that this was going to work, then went on with, "Will see you just before 12." Putting the phone down before Hailey could argue.

"Three," Hailey said out loud to the dead phone, the thought making her tummy twitch and her pussy start to flood. Although the thought of public performance scared her the thought of three new dogs fucking her was strangely erotic. Still naked at her dressing table Hailey opened her legs and began to tease her clit imaging what it would be like to have three dogs take her. Reaching into the bedside drawer Hailey removed the vibrator she had bought a while back and switching it on ran the tip across her clit before pushing it deep into her soaking pussy.

Standing with her legs astride the dressing table stool Hailey stared at her reflection as she fucked herself deeper and deeper with the vibrator. Hailey could see her own eyes were filled with lust and could hear the slurping sounds her pussy was making as she caressed her clit with her free hand. As she came flooding onto the vibrator she couldn't help blurting out, "I love being a dog slut." ***** It was a few hours later that Hailey parked the car at the kennels, her mouth dry with fear yet still excited by the thought of what was about to happen.

Harry half dragged her into the grooming room where a dirty blanket had been thrown down and was surrounded by six empty chairs.

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"Get ready quick." Harry snarled, "they will be here soon and they don't like to be kept waiting," then ducked out of the room leaving Hailey alone. As she stripped and neatly folded her clothes in a pile Hailey looked at the peeling pictures advertising various dog products and dog health products she couldn't help wondering to herself how her Sam was.

She had just put the mask on concealing the top half of her face, when the door opened and six men walked in and sat round the blanket waiting for the show to begin. They looked at Hailey appraising her body like a piece of meat, before the door opened again and Harry walked in with brown & white border collie straining at the leash.

Hailey got onto all fours and could see that the men had leaned forward to witness what was about to happen when Harry released the first dog. In a flash the dog was over sniffing at Hailey eager to smell this strange bitch and decide if he could mount and breed her. Liking the smell, he looked at Harry almost asking permission and hearing the words of encouragement mounted Hailey, his half erect cock stabbing wildly until finally finding its target drove home.


Hailey screamed as the dog drove his sharp red cock deep into her body drawing a few murmurs from the crowd and the collie grasped Hailey's hips and began to fuck her hard, his front paws pulling her back on and his rear paws scratching the backs of her calves. It wasn't long before the young dog started to unload deep inside Hailey filling her with his seed even though he hadn't knotted, which allowed him to pull away easily spraying cum over Hailey's ass cheeks and on the floor.

Hailey could feel the cum dripping out of her when she felt the cold wet nose of the second dog and gLancing behind Hailey had to stifle a scream of fear as the dog sniffing her was a mean looking doberman.

Hailey felt him rise and the weight was much heavier on her back than the collie as he started to thrust looking for her pussy. Hailey gasped as she felt the dog ram home, much larger than she was used to with Sam, and he started to fuck like he owned her, which he did. Hailey was moaning loudly and Harry turned to the crowd and laughed, "see how the slut loves dog cock," and despite the shame Hailey couldn't help but push back to increase the pleasure she was enjoying.

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The dobeman fucked with an intensity she wasn't used to, it almost seemed more measured and slower and intent on getting as much of its 9 inch cock inside her as it could.

Hailey felt the knot banging at her lips demanding entry like an angry tennis ball and even as her head was telling it wouldn't fit the doberman forced it inside her pussy. Hailey opened her mouth to shout and found it filled with a cock which she recognised from the taste to be the repulsive Harry.

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Hailey was unable to object as Harry grabbed her hair and started to face fuck her as the doberman unloaded inside her. The splash of warm cum inside her overcame the revulsion of the cock in her mouth and Hailey moaned in orgasm as she felt the dog spurt inside. There was a sudden blinding flash of pain as the dog turned to stand ass to ass, causing its knot to rotate inside Hailey and continued its filling.


At the same moment Harry grunted and nearly choked Hailey as he shot his seed into Hailey's throat, continuing to fuck despite her protests. "Best you use her mouth now if you want to," said Harry cruelly ignoring Hailey's previous request for no audience involvement, "before the grand finale." Hailey was still gasping for air and spluttering so was unable to audibly protest before a new cock was shoved into her mouth.

The man almost tore Hailey's hair from the roots as he savagely face fucked her mouth, not caring that she was gagging on his cock. Soon his seed joined Harry's in Hailey's stomach and then each man took his turn using Hailey's mouth until Hailey had seven loads in her tummy. So concerned with trying to breath Hailey had hardly felt the tug as the doberman withdrew allowing his and the collie's cum to drip onto the ground.

"Time for the star attraction," said Harry with an attempt at showmanship, "please meet Bruno," and into the room walked a huge great dane.

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The dog was a pure harlequin breed and the muscles under its black and white coat rippled with pure power. It stood nearly a metre tall, but what caused the audience to fall silent was the size of his cock swinging underneath.

"In case you are wondering," said Harry flourishing his hand towards Bruno, "our star's cock is nearly 12" and he weighs in at 160lb of pure fucking machine." The great dane turned his head towards Harry regarding him with his soulful eyes and then slowly turned his head to look at Hailey.

At the same time Hailey turned her head and locked eyes with the dane then shifted her glance lower to observe the massive member hanging down. As she watched the angry red cock dripped slowly onto the floor leaving a slimy pool of precum and the knot looked the size a man fist. Hailey felt a shiver run down her spine, half in fear and half in lust as she knew that very soon that huge cock would be inside her. Bruno moved behind and sniffed loudly at Hailey's pussy and despite her fear Hailey couldn't help but wiggle her ass in encouragement.

Hailey felt the weight on her back and had to brace her arms to stop herself from collapsing as the dog moved its hips to find her pussy. Seeing he was missing his mark Harry leant under and grasping the dog cock guided the tip to Hailey's pussy lips before releasing it and the yell that erupted from Hailey's mouth echoed round the room. It wasn't so much a word but a primeval scream of lust and fear as Hailey was opened like she had never been opened before.

The two dogs before had eased the way for the dane and Hailey knew had she not been warmed up in that way she could have been damaged inside, but nothing had prepared her for the pure size. Even when Hailey had got vey carried away with a prosecco bottle it had never gone this deep, it was like a baseball bat had been stuck inside her.

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Then the dog settled into his position and began to fuck Hailey who shook and writhed under him like an impaled rag doll.

Hailey felt wave after wave of orgasms rushing through her as the dog literally pounded her like he was trying to tear her apart with his cock. Hailey felt the stab of pain as the cock went deep into her cervix and beyond and the huge knot banged against her pussy lips demanding entry. Finally, the dane managed to insert its knot and at that moment Hailey almost lost conciseness as the hot cum started to spray deep inside her womb like a warm hose. Hailey's face was matted with sweat and cum as she panted in synchronisation with the dane as she felt her belly swell with the copious amounts of seed being pumped into her.

Deciding he had done his job the dane dismounted and Hailey yelped with pain as he pulled away causing a rush of semen to splatter on the floor joining the collie's and doberman's from earlier. Harry laughed at Hailey's face as she tried to recover and gripping her hair said with a vicious sneer, "you have made a mess of my floor now clean it up," and with that held Hailey's face to the pool of dog seed.

Realising she had no other choice Hailey slowly licked and cleared as much of the cum as she could from the blanket trying not to be sick in the process. As she cleaned she noticed out of the corner of her eye Harry collecting a large bundle of notes from the men as they trooped out. Harry threw some notes at Hailey and said, "You did OK slut but next time there will be more people and more dogs, so you had better build your strength up." ***** Hailey loaded Sam into the car and cleaned herself up as best she could with wet wipes from the glove box before driving home trying to steer through the tears stinging her eyes.

"Oh Sam what am I going to do?" Hailey sobbed as she pulled into her garage so she could sneak in and get tidied up before any of her neighbours saw her. ***** Half an hour later Hailey stood in the kitchen with her robe wrapped round, her skin still tingling from the scrubbing in the hot shower. As she waited for the kettle to boil Hailey reflected on the events and whilst the taste of the men in her mouth still lingered the memory of the rest was actually quite exciting.

The fast fucking of the collie, the slower more measured fucking by the doberman and the oh so huge great dane, and as she remembered she couldn't help sliding a hand under her robe. Touching herself Hailey closed her eyes and found herself getting wetter as she teased her clit recalling how full the dane had made her feel.

A growl at her feet made her open her eyes quickly and she found herself looking at Sam who was tugging at her robe trying to pull it away.


Sam had been starved of her company for a week and also he could smell that other dogs had been with his bitch and he needed to reassert himself. "Oh, Sam baby," Hailey cooed, "You are still my first true love," and kneeling made a big fuss of him letting her robe fall open as she did so. Sam licked her nipples and then nuzzled lower, starting to lick at Hailey's thighs, his tongue trying to find her sweetness.

"Looks like I will need another shower after this," Hailey laughed as she laid back on the kitchen floor and opened her knees wide to allow Sam's talented tongue to work its magic. Before long Hailey was revelling in some glorious orgasms and seeing Sam's cock hanging down giggled, "guess you need your release as well boy," and with that rolled over onto all fours and presented to Sam.

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Sam wasted no time in rising up and gripping Hailey's hips started to thrust wanting to breed his bitch. Hailey loved the perfect weight of Sam on her back, not too heavy but just heavy enough to make her feel owned.

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Reaching back between her legs Hailey guided him home moaning with pure pleasure as he sank into her open pussy. Sam fucked with a frenzy and Hailey loved the feel of his cock slamming in and out and when he tried to knot Hailey pushed back hard to make it easier for her lover.

As the knot slipped in Hailey gasped with joy and as Sam pumped her full of his seed Hailey rubbed her clit sending waves of pleasure through her body, "You are the best Sam," Hailey moaned between orgasms. Hailey had her head down panting trying to catch her breath as Sam stood ass to ass filling his bitch with his seed as was his rightful place, when she heard a squeak from the open bifold doors that joined the breakfast kitchen area to the patio.

Lifting her head Hailey found herself staring into the face of her neighbour Marge. "Oh my," said Marge as she stared at Sam locked inside Hailey, "this is something I never expected to see." "Oh my God," said Hailey closing her eyes hoping it would all vanish, but when she opened them again Marge was still standing there.