Gorgeous dominatrix pegs her sub lover

Gorgeous dominatrix pegs her sub lover
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My name is Sarah, I am 24 years old and a law student in New York City. I am a white conservative young woman from Texas. I completed all of my pre-law courses at a small university in West Texas. I applied at many law schools and was lucky enough to get accepted to a school in New York. When I arrived in New York it was very scary for me. I had never been in such a huge city and life around me was moving ten times faster than I was accustomed to.

As part of my schooling I applied for an internship at a law firm while I was in law school. I worked hard at both school and at my internship for two years. As time went on I became less and less capable of maintaining both workloads.

Law school was extremely demanding and the firm that I worked for dealt primarily in pro-bono work for low income New Yorkers. The usual clients that our firm saw were young black and Hispanic or Puerto Rican males that were involved in gangs in New York and had been arrested for crimes tying to gang affiliation and gang crimes. The gang members always made me nervous. I am 5' 6" and weigh about 105 pounds.

I am slender and tone, with 32C breasts. I always try to dress conservative but not so conservative. At times I would catch these young men, especially the gangster thuggy types, taking long looks at me when I would be assisting the attorneys at the firm. It made me so uncomfortable. Black men have always scared me; they made me so nervous that my stomach would churn when I caught them looking at me or even when I needed to be in the room with them.

I had heard the horror stories of young women being raped by gangs of men and when a rape case came into the firm I was interning at, I always tried to not be involved. I completed law school and was glad it was over. Working at the non-profit was so depressing.

I packed all my things and moved back to West Texas and looked for work as an attorney or a legal assistant. I had enough experience from working at the firm in New York that I could easily find a job as a legal assistant. I had a much harder time than I thought looking for work and finally had to start looking out of state for legal jobs.

About six months after leaving New York a firm in Las Vegas asked me to come for an interview. I went to Vegas and met with the HR Director of that firm which, led to a new meeting with two of the partners.

After a few interviews they asked me to come work for their firm as a second level legal assistant. I moved to Vegas and got settled in and absolutely loved working for the firm. New York had such a negative influence on me that I did not enjoy anything in life, I was so sick of the New York lifestyle and being involved with such a firm that dealt only in criminal law. The firm had said after four years they would entertain the idea of making me a partner. So for two years I was dedicated simply to my work, I was totally engrossed in my career.

A few weeks after my two year anniversary with the firm I was called into the lead partner's office. Augustus, the lead partner for the firm, or 'Gus' as he liked for us to call him was sitting at his desk and he invited me to sit down. 'Gus' was an older man in his mid-60's and one of the few men that I knew that was happily married.

In the two years that I worked for his firm he never came onto me. He actually was very sweet and had tried twice to set me up with his nephew. We were not super close but I respected him and was thankful that he never came onto me like so many other attorneys had done.

Gus gave me a promotion that I had no idea was forthcoming. The firm had hired a new attorney that was working in New York for a firm that specialized in contractual law, primarily for athletes and entertainers. This new attorney was named Martin and I was to be his second attorney, which was the logical step for me if I were to actually be offered a partnership.

The only negative thing about this opportunity was that the office that Martin was to work out of was there in New York. Gus handed me a folder that had a first class plane ticket leaving the next day for New York, my itinerary and hotel reservations and my credentials to get into the building in which our offices were going to be and to top it off a check for 250,000 dollars. Gus informed me that the check was my bonus and relocation funds and that when I got to New York I was to spend a week looking for an apartment and arrange my relocation.

The second week that I would be in New York I would be responsible for overseeing the setting up of our New York office. In 36 hours I was back in New York, standing in my very expensive five star hotel room looking out at the city of New York and the famous Central Park. The attorney that I was to be an assistant to, Martin was taking two weeks off for vacation before starting with the firm. I spent the first week as ordered, looking for an apartment and amazingly I found one. This time in New York was totally different than my law school years.

Monday of the second week I went to the offices. The contractors had remodeled them and had finished the week before. I spent all of the second week accepting office furniture, directing IT guys that were setting up the logistics in the office and getting the office ready for Martins arrival the following Monday.

By Friday everything was set up in the office and I just spent most of the day testing logistics and putting the final touches on everything in the office. After spending the work day everything was ready for start of work on Monday and for Martin's arrival. I sent everyone home at the end of the day and ordered up a salad and some food from the restaurant in the building along with a bottle of white wine. I spent the evening in Martins office with my feet on the window sill watching the sun set against the New York sky line.

I relaxed in the light of the ending day enjoying my salad and my wine when I heard a noise in the reception area. I tiptoed to the door of the office and cracked it open and strained to see what was causing the noise.

The building where our offices were was green friendly and at dusk the office lights dimmed automatically. It was very difficult to see anything and so I opened the door and stepped into the room. I saw a very tall figure over the receptionists desk with their back turned.

I said in a high tensed voice… "Hello? May I help you? The office is closed for the day," I said tensely. The figure turned around and took a step closer towards me which brought him into the light that illuminated him so that I could see him. The light illuminated his dark features and I realized this man was black and immediately my fear of black men rushed through my body.

I stepped back into Martins office and grabbed the door, ready to slam it in their face and lock it and run to the phone, if he stepped one more foot to me. "Hello," a deep gruff voice said and then stopped abruptly as he saw me retreating for the door.

"Miss Richards? I apologize; I did not mean to frighten you. My name is Martin Diggs." I paused when he said his name and asked him to stay where he was and to present his identification.

He did so and I cautiously approached him. I looked at his ID and red the name and looked at the picture. I was not expecting a black man as there was no picture in Martins file that Gus had given me, that he was African-American was also not in the file that I was given.

I handed Martin his wallet and said "Mr. Diggs I apologize! I was not expecting you!" I said feeling horrible about the first impression I was making on my boss. My heart was pounding in my chest and this huge muscular black man in front of me was so imposing that I thought I might just pass out from anxiety and fear.

I took a deep breath and held it as I tried to compose myself and kept telling myself that I was no longer in danger. "Yes I apologize for that, I attempted to call twice to let you know that I was arriving in New York today and would be making it into to office this afternoon.

My cell coverage in the city is crap at times, and then my battery died before I was able to call and inform you." Martin said as he stepped closer to me. "Oh, I understand Mr. Diggs…" Martin cut me off quickly. "Please, call me Martin." He replied with a smile. "Ok M…Mm…Martin. I will remember to do that Sir." I responded sheepishly, knowing that he would want to go into his office where my food and wine and shoes were spread out on his desk.

"No, No…just Martin. You and I are going to be spending a lot of time together Miss Richards. So you may call me just plain Martin. Well just plain Martin when we are alone, of course" he said as he looked past me and the door into his office. "Is this my office here? It must be it has my name on it." "Ohhh yes, please Mr. Dig&hellip.I mean Martin, please call me Sarah.

And excuse me I have been working very hard this week to get the office ready for next week and this is my first chance to have a quiet evening and it was late and…,"I was rambling and he stopped me. "Sarah, please relax. Augustus has informed me of how hard you have been working this week and how proud of you he is for taking charge getting the office ready.

So I can understand that this being your first time in New York that you might want to sit and relax and enjoy the view and enjoy a New York sunset, even at my desk." Martin said as he looked into my eyes and brushed his hand down my arm. Feeling his giant hand press against my arm I felt that churning in my stomach again.

I wanted to run as fast as I could out of the office and out of the building all the way to somewhere safe. Wait…Wait! I have to control myself!


This is nothing he is NOT going to hurt you. I began screaming in my head. I stepped into the office and walked quickly to the desk to gather my food and wine and my shoes. I started rambling on nervously mostly because my stomach was doing flips, it was that fear in my body that was telling me to run.

This always happened when a black man was close to me. I was on the verge of panic. Martin was 6'4" and stocky.

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His shaved head was smooth and his skin was a very deep rich black. "Please, leave those things, I am not territorial. Please let's sit and get to know each other." Martin said as he pulled a chair from around his desk and sat down at the edge of the desk.

"Mmmm, Ok Martin. I do apologize. I would never violate your office once you were officially here. It's just the view is so nice and…" I responded even more nervous than before. "Girl sit down, drink your wine and pass me a glass." Martin ordered as he laughed out loud. I did as ordered I poured Martin some wine and we sat and talked for a few hours. That churning in my stomach was still there but I was not as afraid to be near this man.

It must have been the wine just suppressing my fears. Martin ordered up some food for himself and we sat and talked about our professional careers and our hopes for the next few months here at this firm.

It turned out that Martin was a great and friendly man. He was funny and polite and very gentlemanly. I was still churning when our impromptu office meeting ended.

Since I was a young girl in high school I had always had a nervous reaction towards black men. It was a scary feeling and I absolutely hated the feeling. So when I got into the firms car and the driver started for my apartment, that big muscular black man away from me and the churning began to subside. Work began the next Monday. Martin met the staff and we started immediately into the business of contractual law. Three months passed and Martin and I spent hours and hours working together working on contracts, briefs and civil cases for our clients.

Every time I was around Martin that churning in my body would come back, I was so afraid of the black male image that that feeling never went away, I kept it pressed down in my body and did not allow my fear of a black man to control me. One Wednesday I was in my office going over a few contracts and Martin came in through the little relaxing room.

Our offices are set up off of a main receptionist office; my office on one side with a view of the city out of my window.

Martin had the best office; of course, his office was the corner office with a great view out of two sides of the building. His office was connected to my office by a little rest area.

It was like a relaxing room with a huge flat screen TV and a few couches and a wet bar and a small kitchen. This little room was more like a hotel room just with no bed.

It was comfortable and cozy and had a view of the city. My office was connected to one side of the main reception room and Martins office connected on the other side of this reception area.

There were two more offices for second level legal assistants with the communications and logistics room between them, but those offices did not have window views. Anyway, Martin came into my office and said that a new group that we will possibly be representing will be coming by that afternoon.

Martin informed me what to get together for the meeting and that I would need to have everything in order. He was going out of town Thursday so he would need to make sure everything was taken care of today. I got the documents ready and all pertinent files set up and reviewed the contract that we hoped to be entering with this new group. The morning flew by and before I knew it the time for the meeting was close.

I had less than thirty minutes to get the conference room set up for our meeting. I had one of the secondary assistant set up the conference room as I finalized the contract. The receptionist buzzed me and told me that Mr. Diggs was waiting in the conference room with our client. I grabbed the folders and files and rushed to the conference room. When I entered into the room there were four black men sitting across the table from Martin.

The men were dressed in their gangster clothes and when I saw them I stopped in my tracks and my heart leapt into my throat.

Immediately that churning feeling in my stomach went into overdrive. My mind raced back to my intern days when I would catch those gangbangers looking at me with one thing in their minds. I quickly regained my composure but I wanted to run screaming at the top of my lungs.

I sat down next to Martin and he introduced me to the group of men in the room. They were a rap group from New York and wanted new representation. We started discussing the contract that we had been working on and we looked through the contract line by line. Sometimes when I would look up from my reading I would catch one of the guys looking at me.

I had on a red blouse that was not real tight on my breasts but snug and a few times I would catch one of the guys checking out my breasts. Each time I did, the fear inside me began to get out of control. The looks in their eyes I knew well. It was that look that those gangbangers had given me, checking me out, hungry to take what they wanted from me. As we concluded the reading of the contract the leader, his name is Gordon or Little G is what the guys called him, said that he was unclear on certain sections of the contract.

I got a little nervous fearing that I had messed something up.

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Martin assured them that any changes could be made to accommodate the concerns that Little G had. We talked for another thirty minutes about changes to the contract that G wanted made. Martin said that he would have me rewrite the contract and we could set a meeting for next week. Martin explained that he was going out of town for business tomorrow and would not be back until the next week. Gordon informed Martin that they would be leaving New York next week and were only available to sign the contract this week.

Martin advised Gordon to call the office on Friday, which I would need Thursday to draw up the new contract. Gordon and the others agreed and the meeting was concluded. Thursday came and I worked on the changes to the contract. It took me longer than usual because I was so distracted by fear that even thinking of those black men put into my body.

Martin called and inquired on the status of the contract. I informed him that everything was taken care of and ready for the four clients signatures.

He told me that he knew everything was fine and just wanted to double check. He was confident in my ability and trusted me to get the job done. The day was almost over when the receptionist buzzed me and said she had Mr. G on the phone. I took his call and told him everything was ready for him. He told me that they would be up at the office around 5 PM to review and sign the contract.

That was normally when we closed the office I told him and he said that it was necessary because, they were recording a demo most of the day. He said that he wouldn't mind coming in on Saturday but that he would have to change their flight. I told him not to worry about it that I usually worked late on Friday evenings and that I would be there after five.

He thanked me for accommodating him and we hung up. Again that churning in my stomach started again. There is no way I can be in this office with those men without Martin or other office workers here!

I would panic for a few minutes and then calm myself down telling myself this was a secure building and nothing will happen. I have a job to do and this contract is extremely important to this firm and my future here.

Friday came and I was in the office most of the morning and the afternoon. It was nearly three when I decided to stop and eat some lunch. At lunch I ordered some tomato soup and as I was eating it and I accidently poured the contents on my white blouse and skirt.

The soup stained my blouse and skirt horribly and I was in tears when the receptionist came in. She saw me in tears and offered to let me borrow an outfit that she was going to change into when she left work. The receptionist is about my height and build so, I was sure that I would fit into her clothes. She always seemed to dress very stylish and professional so I was not concerned.

I went into my office bathroom and stripped out of my blouse and skirt. The soup had even stained my panties and the stockings that I was wearing. So I stripped them off too and placed the stained outfit in a bag. I opened the loaned outfit from the clothing bag and separated the skirt which was fairly short. And the grey blouse that had a low cut in the front. 'Oh my God, I cannot wear this!' I thought to myself. I reached into the bag and pulled out a pair of thigh high sheer stockings and a black G-String pair of panties.

'Fuck, fuck, fuck I can't wear this in front of those men!' I practically screamed in my head. The receptionist knocked on the door and said she had just spoken to Mr.

G and that he and his associates would be at the building within thirty minutes. I immediately began to panic and almost informed the receptionist to call them back and cancel and reschedule for Saturday morning. I stopped before I opened my mouth and advised her that was fine and that I would be out in a minute. I wanted to get this meeting over with and be done with it. I pulled on the black thigh high stockings and panties.

I looked into the mirror to see how I looked. I looked very sexy, the stockings were tight on my thighs and the panties accentuated my round butt cheeks. 'Oh my God, I cannot wear this! This is far too unprofessional for me!' I thought to myself. I then put on the black thin bra. The tight Bra pushed my tits more to center and closer together. I pressed my head into my hands and nearly started crying. 'This is NOT what I need to be wearing in front of these men' they are going to think I am trying to seduce them!' I screamed again in my head.

I put on the blouse hoping it was not as low cut in the neck as I feared it was. But it was far too low cut for my idea of a work blouse. I cursed under my breath at the receptionist and my clumsy eating habits. I put on the skirt which barely was mid-thigh in length. I pulled the skirt up at the edges and it was only inches from the top of the black stockings.

I started crying again. 'This is not who I am,' I told myself. The churning in my stomach was getting out of control and I thought I might get sick. Then I began slowly to take a deep breath and relax a little more with each breath. When I was composed I touched up my makeup and applied some more lipstick. I opened the door and stepped into my office where I saw the receptionist. "Oh my, you look very attractive in that outfit Miss Richards!" the receptionist said in a surprising tone.

"Are you crazy?" I almost screamed at her. "I look like a fucking high priced escort in this! Are you crazy?" I repeated again. "Oh I apologize Miss Richards but that is my after hours at the bar outfit for Friday nights." She replied.

"It is the only thing in the office that is business like." "Whatever, just get out and leave me alone!" I ordered of the receptionist. I sat at my desk for a minute feeling that out of control churning in my stomach. I continued to breathe and finally got to a point where I could double check the contract that these men would be reviewing. I wanted them to sign the damn contract and then leave. The rest of the afternoon was slow and by four o'clock I had sent every one home except the receptionist.

When Five O'clock came nothing happened. I told the receptionist to call Mr G. and inquire as to their arrival time. She got no answer. By 5:30 still no answer at their numbers and so I sent the receptionist home. I went to my office and started filing the contract on my desk in the appropriate files and getting ready to leave. As I reached for my briefcase and the plastic bag that contained my white soiled blouse the phone rang.

I sat down my briefcase and answered the phone. It was Little G and they were at the front of the building and security would not let them pass. Immediately I began to panic! I cannot have those men in here if I am the only one here; that is completely irresponsible of me as a business woman! I composed myself after stuttering into the phone a few times.

I told him to wait there and that I would call the security desk and have them escorted to the office. I rushed in a panic to set up the meeting room with each participant getting a copy of the contract. The phone rang again and the security officer had called and asked to let the men into our reception area. I advised him to do so and desperately wanted to ask the man to stay while the meeting was conducted. I decided that would be improper and most likely it would insult the clients.

When I hung up with the security desk my heart shot into my throat. I took a deep breath and exhaled and then repeated the process again. I opened the door of the conference room to the receptionist area and walked into the room. I shook their hands and told them how lucky they were that I was about to leave for the day.

Gordon apologized and thanked me for waiting. I asked them to come into the conference room and to have a seat. I showed them to their seats and told them that I had taken care of the changes as they requested. As I walked around to my side of the conference table I saw in a mirror on the wall, in the reflection I saw three of the guys looking at my legs and my ass as I went around the table, my back to them.

A shot of fear went through my body and I wanted to just die! I sat down and asked them to open to a specific page in the contract.

It was the first change that Gordon had requested to be made. Ricky one of the guys said he could not find that page in his contract, so I stood up and leaned over the table; I had to reach as he was the furthest away from me on his side of the table.

I did not bend completely over, just enough for my blouse to hang down and show a fair look of my cleavage to him and Gordon. As I began to sit down I noticed Ricky looking down my blouse at my cleavage. I was so nervous and scared. These men were looking at me like I was something to be taken, something to be conquered.

The page being found, we covered the multiple changes in the contract. We came to the next change and started to cover it when Michigan, I assume was his mick name, said he didn't see what we were reading.

I stood again and leaned in but could not read it well upside down. I walked to their side of the table and walked close to his side and bent over with my hands on my knees and I pointed out the section to him that I had failed to highlight. I reached over the desk for my highlighter and accidently pressed one of my breasts against his arm. When my breast touched his arm I almost jumped out of my skin and quickly moved away from him. I reached further for the highlighter and I know I was bending over enough for the skirt to pull past the tops of my black sheer stockings and give the other guys a great look at my white thighs.

I quickly realized that I was revealing more of my thighs and cursed the stupid receptionist again under my breath and stood up quickly. I handed Michigan back his copy and walked back to my side of the table. All four sets of eyes were locked on me as I did so. This was a disaster! Here I look like a high priced slut and the fear that these men have created in me is out of control and I am being clumsy and not thinking of my surroundings.

At that moment I was so overcome by my fear that I needed to leave the room. I realized that I did not offer them any water so I apologized for not offering them any refreshments and asked if they would like anything. I told them that we had a few beers in Martins relaxation area, some wine and a few choices of hard liquor. They asked me to bring some beers and a bottle of the hard liquor and a few glasses.

I left the room and rushed to the little apartment between mine and Martins office and grabbed the beers the glasses and a bottle of crown royal.

I went back to the conference room but stopped before I opened the door. I could hear them talking through the door but it was muffled so I held my breath and placed my ear to the door. "Fuck that shit man!

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That little bitch is fine as shit!" one of the men said. "Man that bitch looks so familiar, we fucked her before?" Another man asked…it sounded like Gordon.

"Hell if I know, all I do know is I want to bend her over this fucking table and get in that shit." Another voice said. "Dude shut the fuck up! She gonna hear, hell, she just some stuck up lawyer that would just call the cops on us if we tried, stupid ass motherfucker. Just stop thinkin of that shit." The other voice nearly yelled. I stepped away from the door my heart in my throat.

This was terrible! These men are talking about me like some piece of meat! "God please, make them go away!" I muttered to myself. I accidently hit the door with one of the beer bottles, alerting the men that I was on the other side, so I struggled to open the door. I couldn't get the door open and in a few seconds one of the guys, James was his name, opened the door for me. "OH thank you, Mr. James, that is very nice of you." I said in a terrified high voice as I walked in the room my arms full of glasses and beers and the bottle of crown.

I gently placed them on the conference table bending over slightly. I realized that James was behind me still, obviously checking out my ass or my legs in these stockings. I opened a beer for Michigan and handed it to him. He thanked me as I opened the other beer for Lance. I handed Lance his beer and told them that I was sorry for not offering anything earlier and for having to go and get the refreshments myself. As I poured the two glasses full of Crown I told them that it being so late I was the only one in the office now so if they needed anything I would gladly get it for them.

I paused for a second and thought how fucking stupid are you girl! You just told these men that you are alone in this office with them! As I handed the glasses of Crown to Gordon and Michigan Gordon asked. "Miss Richards, where is your glass? You going to drink the success of the contract with us?" he asked grinning. "I had better not, we still need to finish with a few more sections and it would be unprofessional," I responded nervously.

As each man had refreshment I went back to my seat and began with the next change that had been made. My insides were churning knowing that these men had been talking about me like some piece of meat to be used.

I was so scared and afraid and I stuttered a few times and lost my concentration as I read aloud to the men. We got through all of the changes and Gordon asked to speak with the others in private for a few minutes. He asked that I bring three more glasses for a toast to the signing of the contract. I excused myself and went to get more glasses. On my return I stopped again and pressed my ear to the door.

"Lance I am tellin you, that bitch will call the cops on our asses if you do anything! Stupid motherfucker!" a voice that sounded like Gordon said. "Nah fuck that shit, that bitch is dying for some dick, you shoulda felt her rubbin her tits on me and shit.

That girl a freak I am…tellin'…you." The voice sounded like Michigan's.

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"Well, ya'll fuckin crazy that bitch is white dick trained and white dick stained. Ain't no way she gonna go for some brothers up in her shit," I wasn't sure of who it was speaking. Hearing the conversation through the door I was purely terrified. My body was churning with fear that these men were going to force me to have sex with them. My mind raced, what were my options? I fought the urge to run to the phone and call security. All I had to do is get them to sign the contract then it would be natural for me to call security and ask them to escort the gentleman to their limo.

I opened the door and asked them if they were ready to proceed. Gordon said that they were but before they signed the contract they wanted to share a toast with me. I argued that I shouldn't but Gordon insisted that I take one shot of crown with all four of them. I argued again that I really shouldn't that it would be unprofessional. Gordon asked one more time and I agreed, reluctantly.

I fixed all of the guys a shot and myself one as well. We toasted the contract as everyone signed. I thanked the men for coming in and asked if I could get security to escort them to their limo. Gordon said that was not necessary and thanked me again for staying late and accommodating them. I showed them out of the main door to our office and as soon as the door closed I placed my back to the door and crouched before it breathing heavy and fast as I had overcome my fear of these men and completed the business with them.

Immediately the line rang in Martins office and I ran into answer his personal line. "Hey Sarah, are you still at the office? He asked after I said hello. "Yes, we just finished with signing the contract and they just left.

But it is all signed and everything is good on this end." I said. "Well, why so late?" Martin replied. "Oh they got tied up recording and didn't get here until six or so.

But it's all signed and taken care of. "Ok Sarah, have a great weekend and great job with the contract. We did well." Martin said cheerfully and hung up the phone. As soon as I hung up the phone I felt and heard the air in the room shift.

Immediately he was on me. His hand covered my mouth, I tried to scream but couldn't. I could only breathe heavily through my nostrils. "You fucking lawyer Bitch, who you think you are, dressing like some high priced hooker in front of us?

Showing off them fine ass legs and showing those big titties. You think you can tease a brotha like that? All I know is I am taking' your pussy, right now." He whispered in a gruff husky voice. With his hand over my mouth I couldn't breathe or scream for help. He held my mouth tight and I squealed, he placed his other hand around my throat and turned me around. Lance tightened his grip on my throat squeezing tight around it and removed his hand from my mouth.

After he moved his hand I tried to talk but he was squeezing my throat so tight I couldn't breathe. All that came out of my mouth were faint whispers pleading for him to stop. "Shut the fuck up you stupid bitch!" Lance said in a deep pointed tone. My attacker leaned into me pinning my body against the desk just below my waist. I could feel his crotch pressing into my butt. With one hand around my throat he pushed my torso forward slightly making me lean over the desk just enough to keep me off balance.

His hand on my throat pulled my neck back to him. I felt his free hand slide up my legs at the knees and up my thigh as he licked my pouty red lips with his tongue. I was paralyzed with terror. My body was rigid my eyes wide with fear. This was really happening, my worst fear. The fear that I had all my life of being not just raped but raped by a black man was burning in my body like a wildfire.

I was so scared and I needed to breathe, I tried to suck air into my lungs through my mouth but Lances grip on my throat restricted the air from passing into my lungs.

I was terribly frightened and flashes of the rape played in my head along with questions and questions of how this was happening. I felt his hand slide up my thigh and grab my panties as he ripped them off of me. He brought the panties up to his nose and inhaled deeply. Then he stuffed them in my mouth and then he tore my blouse off of me and stuffed it in my mouth and then spun me around again.

He released his hand from my neck and pulled the blouse tight around my head. With my panties in my mouth and the desperate need to breathe I tried to scream but the sound was weak and muffled and I had to try and breathe through my nostrils to get air. By the time I had enough air in my lungs to let out a good scream or to try to pull away from him he had my blouse tied tight and my hands pulled behind me. He yanked one of the lines from the phone on the desk and pulled it out of the phone.

I tried to pull my arms free but his grip was too tight. He then used the line from the phone to tie my hands together at the wrist. Now that he was not choking me I was able to pull some air into my lungs through my nostrils and I began to relax just a bit. As he was messing with the phone cord I tried to get away, I kicked wildly and fought with every bit of energy I had to get away, but it was pointless. He was pressing his weight on me and he was so heavy that I could not get free. I could feel his cock pressing into my ass through my skirt and his pants.

Lance tied my hands tightly behind my back and he began grinding his hips against my skirt as he started pushing my torso on top of the desk. My legs are as tall as Martins desk and so when my torso was completely laid out on the desk I was in a perfect L shape.

Lance kicked my legs wider with his feet and then began grinding his hips against my buttocks and crotch. He leaned on top of me his full body weight on my back and his crotch pressed against my ass and I could feel his large cock bulging in his pants. As he lay on my back I could hear him whisper in my ear. "Damn bitch you got one fine ass on you.

I am gonna take that pussy of yours. Gonna fill you full of fat black cock." He growled in my ear. His words resonated in my ears. I was completely panicked and desperately wanted to get away from him. In my mind I saw what he was about to do to me; forcing his cock in me, taking my exposed and helpless pussy. I tried to fight him off again raising my chest off the desk, but he grabbed my tied wrists in one hand and raised my arms up and grabbed the back of my neck with his other hand and pushed my torso on top of the desk with force.

"Look you stupid bitch, just let me take what I want and you won't get hurt." He ordered as he growled in my ear. Lance removed his hand from my neck and I could feel him rubbing on my ass and squeezing my butt cheeks in his hands. My heart was racing and I could do nothing to get away. I started screaming but the gag in my mouth was turning the screams into quiet muffles from my mouth. He reached down my leg and slowly pulled his hand up my leg and thigh. "God damn, you are one sexy ass bitch.

Daddy gonna enjoy takin his time with you." He growled into my ear again. I strained against his forceful control over my body.

I was getting weak from fighting him and used the last of my strength to try and escape his dominance over me. I wiggled and kicked and thrashed my body all over the desk. I have black shoulder length hair and he grabbed a fist full of hair and slammed my head onto the desk.

I lost consciousness only for a few seconds. As I came around I could feel him caressing my legs and I began to sob heavily. I was totally spent. I had no energy left and I began to sob and cry uncontrollably.

I felt him caress my legs and thigh again and was unable to fight anymore. My worst fears were coming true. This black bastard was going to do to me what I always feared. The fear that I had always felt in my body anytime I was near a black man was still burning in me. Lance pulled his hand up my stocking covered leg and thigh. He reached the top of the stockings and I felt his hand on the top of my thigh.

I sobbed deeply, feeling of his skin on my thigh. Then I could feel his hand on my bare ass as he ran his hand up my skirt. He massaged my ass and leaned over me placing his chest on my back. He was so heavy that it made it even more difficult to breathe through my nostrils, his heavy mass pressing on me constricting my lungs from pulling air into them.

I felt his lips kissing on my neck and his tongue darting from his mouth, lightly touching the skin of my neck. I thrashed my body again but I was too exhausted. There was nothing I could do to stop him. He pulled his weight off of me and said in a deep growl, "Now let's see what you got for Daddy, bitch." I felt his hand against my thigh as he grabbed the edge of my skirt and slowly raised it up my thighs and ass.

I could feel the delicate edges of the skirt caress my body as it slid up slowly. Lance pulled the skirt completely up and bunched it up on my back. I turned my head the other direction and saw in a dressing mirror, my exposed ass and legs standing straight against the desk my upper half pressed against the top of the desk.

The site was sexual and brutal, my stockings were still tight on my legs and I was completely exposed and bent over the desk. With his free hand Lance began tugging and pulling at his pants. In seconds his pants were at his feet. He wiggled and pulled on his boxers and soon his half erect cock was free and pressing against my ass cheek. I began sobbing again and turned my head away from the mirror and again I tried to thrash my way free. Lance raised my tied arms high above my back.

"Nah bitch, settle down now, you gonna like this big black cock. Gonna love how it feels as it slides into your tight pussy.

So quit fighting it." He ordered as he raised my hands higher over my back. I stopped resisting, there was nothing to do but let him do as he wished and hope that he didn't kill me when he was finished.

Lance lowered my arms back to my back and let them rest. He placed his hand that he had been holding my arms with in the center of my back and pressed down to pin me to the desk. With his free hand he grabbed his cock and rubbed it against my white ass cheeks. I turned my head back to the mirror forgetting it was there and I saw his huge black cock against my white ass cheek.

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Lance was fucking enormous, his black cock was much bigger then I had thought. He had to be at least 10 inches long and much bigger around than any other cock I had before.

I turned away as fast as I could, not wanting to see my rape in that mirror. Lance brought his black cock head to my exposed pussy and rubbed the head up and down my pussy. "Damn bitch you is dry as hell." Lance said in his deep rough voice. "Daddy will fix that right now," as he brought his hand back to my hands and raised them high over my back and then he squatted behind me. Suddenly I felt his lips kissing on my labia and then I felt his tongue spread my pussy open as it licked my pussy lips up and down.

I tried to get free again, mainly out of instinct but I only got my arms raised higher over my back; my shoulder sockets straining to keep my shoulders in place. I quit thrashing and sobbed again. I prayed that someone would come in.

Surely security was wondering where this man was. And where were his friends? Maybe they would come in and put a stop to this madness. I felt I had been under his forceful control for hours but it had only been fifteen minutes since he had begun his assault. I felt his tongue thrust into my cunt and he continued to lick and thrust his tongue into my pink pussy.

His tongue then touched my clit and a wave of energy flashed through my loins. 'Oh my God!' I thought to myself as the surge of energy traveled through my spine and up to my brain. "No, it doesn't feel good!' I yelled at myself. My clit was betraying my mind by sending a wave of pleasure through my body.

Again he flicked his tongue over my clit and another wave of pleasure surged through my body. I stopped breathing and held my breath as the surge of energy pulsed through the nerves in my body.

"Ahhhh hell yeah girl, you like that don't ya?" Lance said as he pulled his tongue from my clit and pussy. I wiggled and screamed obscenities into my gag and tried to fight myself free again. Again, Lance raised my arms high above my back forcing me to stop my thrashing and I sobbed again. I then felt his long thick finger slide between my pussy lips and enter my pussy. I sobbed heavily; disgusted at the assault of my body and the betrayal from my clit and pussy that were sending strong sexual sensations of pleasure up my spine and through my body.

As he slid another finger deep into my cunt I felt his tongue licking and flicking at my exposed clit. Another huge wave of pleasure raced through my body and I began to since that I was becoming excited. My pussy was beginning to moisten from his touch and licking. As the waves of pleasure began to diminish I started sobbing again desperately pulling air into my lungs through my nose.

Lance continued to stroke his fingers into my pussy and lick my clit with his tongue. I would sob for a minute and then another wave of pleasure would stiffen my body as the wave made its way through my nervous system. "Ok bitch, I'm gonna slide this black meat up in that shit. I know you like it cause your pussy is all wet and sticky with pussy juice. But you fight me and I'll slam that shit in you and fuck you up." Lance said in his deep dark voice.

I sobbed heavily again, wishing for death right then; anything to be free of this black man who was about to fill me with his black cock. Lance spit in his hand and rubbed his palm over his cock head and then slapped his cock on my ass cheek a few times. I could tell he was completely hard as his fat hard cock bounced off my tight ass. Then he rubbed his cock head up and down my wet and exposed pussy. "Oh fuck yeah bitch, you pussy so wet, you gonna take all this dick nice and slow. Gonna feel good sliding into that tight pussy." Lance said as he placed his cockhead between my pussy lips and slowly pressed his hips into mine.

I was sobbing hard as his fat head split my cunt lips. I stopped sobbing and held my breath. His massive cock head pressed against the opening of my pussy. "Damn girl this is some nice looking pussy, those big pussy lips of yours is wrapped around my fat head." Lance groaned in a deep sigh.

He pressed a little harder and his cock head entered my pussy. The sensation made me sick to my stomach and I thought I would be sick.

There was a feeling of pleasure as his head entered my pussy, as announced by another wave of pleasurable sensation through my body. My mind was yelling at me, 'You stupid ass this is not pleasurable you are being raped!' As the thought raced thru my mind I thrashed my body as hard as I could and again Lance grabbed my hair and slammed my head into the desk.

I was semi-conscious as he pulled my head up and back by my hair. "Ok stupid, you want it to hurt it will hurt." He growled at me. With one quick thrust he forced his cock half way into my pussy. I screamed violently into the gag in my mouth as his prick forced its way up into my pussy and stretched my cunt open forcefully.

He stopped abruptly and I sobbed and breathed heavily from the pain. "Ok bitch, this is the last time I take it easy. You either quit fighting me and enjoy this black cock or I am going to tear your pussy up and then your ass, you understand me?" Lance asked forcefully as he yanked my head back by my hair.

I shook my head yes as fast as I could, my eyes wide with fear. I could not fight it. So I resigned myself to just being raped and have it over with.

Let this monster have what he wanted and be done with it. Lance released my hair in his fist and my head fell back to a normal position. I rested my head on the desk and sobbed deeply. Lance sensing that he now had complete control of me, physically and mentally, he placed his hands on my shoulders and used his feet to spread my feet wider. He slowly began pressing the rest of his cock into my open pussy. He stroked inch by inch slowly as his big black cock invaded and stretched me open.

I could hear him moaning and could feel his cock going deeper and deeper into my cunt. His strong hands gripping my shoulders tightly, my cunt was alive with pleasure from this massive cock pressing it wide, his mass touched every spot in me that released the waves of pleasure up my spine.

A few seconds more and I felt his cock head pressing against my cervix. His big cock had completely entered me. "Fuck yeah, I love you tight white bitches." Lance growled heavily. "Damn, I knew you tight pussy would take all this black cock, got you balls deep bitch." I was breathing heavily from the sobs and the pain and pleasure from my full pussy. I had never had a cock this size in me before.

Most of the guys I had been with never filled me like this. Having this black cock stretch my pussy to the limit and fill me completely was a sensation I had never felt before. My body was on fire and the sensation of fear that I always had when I was near a black man was not gone but intensified and coursing through my body from the pleasure this black cock was giving my cunt. Lance held his fat cock deep in my pussy for about thirty seconds.

I could feel his cock pulsating in my pussy with the beat of his heart. Slowly he began to withdraw his cock from me and the pleasure and pain of his cock buried in my cunt began to subside. He completely withdrew from my cunt and I could feel cool air flowing into my exposed opening.

"Mother fucker that is one tight ass pussy, girl." Lance said as he held me down with his arm and brought his head to my pussy to look at the stretched pink opening.

He brought his mouth to my opened pussy and spit into it. Then he ran his tongue over my clit and again waves of pleasure flowed through my body. After a few licks he stood up again and placed his cock head in my open pussy and slowly stroked his cock all the way back into my cunt.

The surge of pain and pleasure stopped me from breathing and instead of sobbing I moaned deeply. The feel of his fat cock pressing and stretching as it filled me deeper and deeper; I had no control, the moan just escaped. It was not the sobs or the crying from the pain. It was a deep sensual moan acknowledging the pleasure this big black cock was giving me.

As Lance pressed on my cervix with his massive cock head he then began to pull back out of my pussy. Before he was completely withdrawn he then altered his direction and pressed his cock back into me. He repeated this a few times and I just laid there. The sensations were confusing me, this monster was raping me! But yet, the pleasurable sensations that my lower body was sending to my brain was saying, Please, let this continue. I started crying softly as he began thrusting faster into me.

He brought his hands from my shoulders and grabbed my hips tightly as each stroke increased in speed. Faster and faster he would stroke his black cock into my pink pussy.

I continued to cry but in my thoughts, my crying seemed fake in some way. I was being raped by this black man and I was reacting like a woman being raped would, crying, fighting, resisting in every way.

But it seemed fake and I could not understand why. Lance was moaning harder and harder and would tell me what a sexy bitch I was and how tight my pussy was. His hands gripping my hips were getting tighter and tighter as he plunged his black cock deeper and faster into me.

I realized that not only was I crying, which still seemed fake, but I was enjoying the feel of his hands on my hips, him pulling my body into his thrusts. And I was beginning to enjoy the feel of his massive black cock filling me, taking me deep and pleasuring my pussy like no other man had.

My breathing was getting quicker and quicker in time with the thrusts of his cock into my cunt. 'What the fuck are you doing you stupid bitch!' I yelled at myself. 'This animal is fucking raping you, taking you! You do not like this! Make him stop, stop now!' I screamed again in my head. Soon the screaming in my head was replaced by another voice. A voice that was just a small whisper and was growing with each thrust of this black cock into my womb; this new voice started out with low whispering moans.

Then the new voice grew to deep ohhhhhhhs escaping into not only my head but the gag in my mouth. As Lance continued to thrust his cock into me he continued to increase the speed of his hips.

An urge shot through my mind, an urge to turn and look into the dressing mirror and watch this rapist slamming into my pussy with long forceful strokes. I closed my eyes tightly and held my breath. The first voice in my head yelled in a last and fruitless screech, 'No!

You don't want to see this! Don't look! This is not who you are, you do not like this! With each word the passions between my legs silenced the first voice and soon, as Lance continued to quicken his thrusts into me, in a small whisper, the first voice faded as it screamed into the void of my mind, 'No!

Please this is terrible he is raping you! You cannot be enjoying this!' The new voice took over and now was saying not just into my mind but into the gag in my mouth, 'Oh, fuck!

This feels so good! um, Yes fuck me harder!' I turned my head and in the mirror and I saw my opened pussy taking long strokes of Lance's thick black cock. The second voice continued in my mind and escaped from my throat into my gagged mouth, 'OH God that looks so fucking good and feels so fucking good! Yes! Stroke that big black cock into me!' "Damn bitch, I told you. I knew you would love this black cock. You like that black dick in your pussy don't you slut?" Lance asked breathing heavily through his moans and grunts.

I raised my head and took my eyes off of the mirror and my eyes met with Lances. I shook my head up and down as Lance began thrusting harder into my pussy, the motions of his thrusts knocking my head back and forth. I let a long deep moan of ecstasy escape my throat as I looked away from Lance and I looked back into the mirror watching Lance stroking his black cock into my pussy faster and faster.

Lance looked over his shoulder and saw the mirror that I was watching the reflection of him taking my pussy. "Damn that looks good don't it, bitch?" He asked as he began to slow his strokes into me as he watched the reflection in the mirror. I continued to look into the mirror as I started shaking my head up and down and moaning as his cock slowly stroked deep then shallow into my cunt. "See, I told ya you would like this black cock in your tight pussy, bitch.

You ain't fightin me no more." Lance said as he began thrusting faster into me. I let a few low and quick moans escape my throat as he began fucking my pussy faster and faster. Lance turned his head and tightened his hands on my hips and started pounding deep and fast into me. My body rocked on the desk top as he continued pounding into me. His pace was quick and deep, his massive black cock stroking my pussy in all the right places. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of his cock in my cunt; the power, the size, everything about how he was fucking me was perfect.

I was still confused as to how I could be responding to this. This black gangster was raping me and I loved it, every fucking minute of it! My clit was being slapped by his heavy balls and with each slap, a wave of ecstasy and pleasure raced through my body. Soon, as Lance continued to stroke his black cock into my cunt, my pussy began contracting and my clit began tingling.

This rapist and his black cock were going to send me over the edge! I started squealing in short sharp moans. Lance knew he was about to make me cum and he began fucking my pussy faster, slapping his balls against my clit faster and faster. My body tensed as my pussy contracted and quaked on his cock. The orgasm flooded my body as Lance continued to stroke his thick cock into my sopping pussy. I had never had an orgasm of that magnitude. All of the fear, or so I thought, of the day was released through my quaking pussy muscles and my body was electrified from the sensation.

As my mind flipped over and over between the fear of the dominant black male that scared me so many times to the point of uncontrollable hysteria; and the realization that this black man was raping me and the sensations of pleasure I was getting from this barbaric assault, a thought entered my head.

The fear that has controlled me since I was in high school isn't fear, it was desire; a hidden and shadowed, deep desire in my consciousness to be used by black men at their pleasure.

This was the feeling I felt every time I was near a black man, especially the gangster or the tall thick muscular black man. It was a primal lust to have a black man take me in a barbaric way and make me addicted to his primal acts of conquering me sexually. My mind was still flipping and racing. The voice in my head pierced my mind 'No! That is not it!' These animals are rapists and thugs and brutes that will hurt you and God knows what else!

These thoughts raced through my mind as my orgasm and the electricity that raced through my body began to subside. I was still moaning and breathing deeply into my gag. I was in ecstasy. Lance laughed as he continued to stroke his cock into my pussy as the first orgasm passed and he said in his low gruff voice, "Ah yeah bitch, tight fuckin pussy cumin all over this black cock. MmMmm, you like black cock don't you? Like feeling a black dick all up in you white pussy, don't you little white bitch?

I was still reeling from the orgasm from the barbaric fucking this black bastard was giving me. I was lost in pleasure. Lance slapped my ass hard with his hand and asked me again, "Bitch, your Daddy is talkin to you, you stupid cunt!" He slapped my ass again as he asked again, "You like this fat black cock don't you, bitch?" I quickly made eye contact with him and shook my head in a positive response. "Yeah I know you white sluts, but I am gonna make you into a first class black cock slut.

You hear me slut?" Lance demanded of me in a deep growl. I shook my head faster as he began stroking his cock faster into my soaked pussy. "Fuck yeah, gonna make you beg for this black cock!" Lance said as he grabbed my hips tight again and slammed his cock deep into me.

"Oh fuck yeah, this is some fine as pussy slut, gonna fill it with lots of hot cum! Deep in your cunt, bitch." Lance said as he continued to furiously thump at my pussy.

As my mind processed what he was saying I thought it over and over in my mind. 'He's gonna what?!' I yelled into my mind and my mouth gag. My eyes went wide with fear again and I began thrashing my body hard, trying to get away from his cock before it exploded into my womb.

The fear of rape was full in my mind again and the first voice was back yelling at me pleading for me to get away from this thug who was about to fill me full of sperm. Lance slapped my ass hard and told me to stop fighting him.

I immediately stopped as he slammed deep into my pussy, slamming his cock into my cervix, forcing a heavy grunt out of me. "Oh you don't want my shit in your pussy bitch?" Lance asked as he slammed long slow strokes deep into me. I shook my head nervously from side to side, my eyes wide and locked on his.

"All right I'll make you a deal, slut. If I don't cum in your pussy I gotta cum somewhere," he said as he continued to stroke his cock deep into my wet used opening. "First though, I am gonna cut your hands free, cause them fuckers is turning purple being all tied up and shit." Lance said as he looked down at my hands.

"So I do that for you, then you promise not to try and slap your black Daddy, you understand bitch? You just put those hands in front of you and grab on to that desk." Lance was barely stroking his cock into my pussy as he was giving me instructions. The relentless thrust of his cock into me now stopped, my body sent a strange message to my brain.

Please! Don't stop! I wanted to feel his cock thrusting into me. I wanted it badly. The pleasure of him filling and stretching the walls of my pussy was overwhelming. I shook my head up and down in a positive response.

"You gonna do that for your Daddy? I mean it, put them fuckin hands on the desk and grab on to the edge cause I am about to ride your pussy good and fast." Lance said with a smile on his face.

Again I shook my head quickly up and down. Lance pulled his cock out of my pussy and removed both of his hands from restraining me and watched me for a few seconds. I lay perfectly still and watched him as he ran his eyes up and down my body; I could tell he was still greatly turned on by the sight in front of him.

My long white legs with black stockings running up to my tight white ass and my exposed pink pussy, splayed wide open by his massive black cock, my upper body flattened on the desk.

Part of me screamed that this was my chance to try and get away. Another voice screamed back, No! He will only catch you and hurt you! And a third voice overpowered them all, I want to obey him! I want to feel him taking me and feel that cock deep in me! I will not resist, I want this! I must have this! Lance reached behind him and pulled a knife out of the pocket of his pants. My eyes went wide with fear.

The first voice came back, 'You stupid bitch! You should have run! Now he is going to cut you!' Lance saw the fear in my eyes as he turned around and opened the knife. He looked in my eyes with a blank look and spoke. "This knife scaring you, ain't it bitch?" I looked from the shiny blade and up to his eyes and shook my head up and down quickly. "Well you behave and we won't need to worry about this knife." He said as he reached for my hands and cut the phone wires free from my wrists.

My arms felt like they weighed a ton. I looked back at Lance as I pulled my arms in front of me on the desk, watching him holding the knife and remembering his command to put them in front of me and leave them there. "Now you want some more of this black cock slut?" He asked in a deep growl. I shook my head slowly up and down. I didn't even think and the voices I heard before were gone. I knew I wanted more.

I had to have him fill me and feel that black cock thrusting and pounding deep and fast into my cunt. I placed my hands on the edge of the desk and turned my head away from him, anticipating the feel of his hands on my hips as he pulled in close behind me.

Waiting and wanting to feel that fat cock head to press against my pussy lips, straining to enter my pussy. I rose onto my tip toes raising my legs and hips a few inches. I heard lance spit in his hand again and he leaned in carefully and pulled his tongue over my still sopping pussy. "I knew you was a slut for black cock. I fuckin knew it!" he announced as he took a step back to look at my long stocking covered legs and white ass. "I can pick you closet black cock sluts from a mile away.

You just think you scared of the black man, but that aint it. You really want that big black cock even though you think you don't." he said through a chuckle. I knew it was true, the voices in my head were gone except that last voice that told me that my fears were not fears but locked up hidden desires to be a slut for black cock. I bounced up and down on my tip toes again, anxious to feel him grab my hips and stroke that black cock deep in my pussy.

"Take it easy slut I got plenty of black dick for you." Lance said as he watched my ass jiggle from me bouncing up and down on my tip toes. "Now remember, if I can't cum in the sweet pussy of yours I gotta cum somewhere, slut.

So where you want this thick load of cum?" I looked back over my shoulder and looked in his eyes as he continued.

"You want this cum deep in that ass of yours, bitch? I shook my head side to side nervously. There was no way I could take that black cock in my ass. "Aight, then what about you swallow my shit down your mouth and let it slide down your throat? You want it like that bitch?" He asked with a grin on his face. I paused and then shook my head side to side. Not that, I never swallow any guys cum I thought to myself. "Well then I guess I'll just pray and spray, cum all over that fine tight ass of yours." He said as his eyes scanned my heart shaped ass.

I shook my head up and down as a positive response and then looked back the other way at my hands grabbing onto the desk that I was bent over. "Aight, that's what we'll do slut. This time." He laughed though his tight jaw. Immediately I felt his hands, which were a little chilly now, grab the sides of my hips tightly. My heart jumped into my throat at the feel of his touch. That feeling that I had so many times since high school was back in my stomach. I knew what it was though now, it was that desire that had been hidden until my black conqueror had released it and helped me realize that it was my desire to service black men and pleasure them as they took what they wanted from me.

I felt his massive cock head push against my pink pussy lips. His cock was dry and sticky from my earlier pussy juices and he had to pull back and spit on his cock head. I could feel the warm spit being rubbed into my pussy as he rubbed his head up and down my exposed lips. As he pressed his hips to mine the feeling of his cock entering my pussy felt so wonderful. I laid my head on the desk and let a groan from my throat escape into the gag still in my mouth. Lance slowly pressed his black dick into me, and again I could not breathe.

Even though he had been in my pussy stretching it with that black cock five minutes prior, the elasticity of my pussy walls had already begun to pull tight which made my pussy tight again.

I let out a deep groan as he evenly and forcefully stroked his cock slowly into me. His thick black cock pressing my pussy wide and filling me completely as it did before. His head hit my cervix and my moan turned into a squeak. "God damn you have some fine white tight pussy on you girl" Lance growled as he tightened his grip on my hips. "Daddy gonna fuck this sweet pink shit all night, you want that don't you slut?" I shook my head up and down quickly hoping that was the truth.

"All right this gag shit is pissin' me off, now how about I take that shit off? You gonna behave for Daddy slut?" Lance asked as he began to pull his black cock from my pink pussy. I shook my head again in a positive response. Not even looking back at my black conqueror. Lance pulled his cock from my hungry cunt and pressed his thick black shaft between my ass crack as he leaned over me laying his chest onto my back his weight, again making it difficult to breathe.

"Ok Sarah, my sweet little white slut, I'll take this gag off, but if you start screaming for help or say shit I don't like that motherfucker is going back on. You hear me slut?" lance whispered into my ear in a deep dark tone.

I shook my head up and down quickly. Lance pulled his weight off of my back and I could breathe easier. I turned my head only inches and looked into the dressing mirror and watched the reflection of his muscular black torso hovering over me; his tight black butt flexing as he struggled to untie the knot in the blouse that he was using as a gag. His weight pressing against my legs and ass and seeing the slight sections of my leg, with the black stockings and the curve of my white supple ass cheeks sent a shiver down my spine.

I felt something that I never truly felt before and it was the satisfaction of being sensual and sexy. Just the reflection of our bodies pressed against each other started a fire in me. I knew that in a sense, I had been reborn in a way and my life would never be the same as it was. Finally Lance pulled the knot free and he pulled the blouse from around my head. He then threw the blouse to the floor as I used my tongue to try and push the black G-String panties from my mouth.

Lance reached in and grabbed the panties and threw them to the floor as well. I coughed and tried to spit as I said, "thank you," through the worst case of cotton mouth I had ever had. Lance didn't respond in words, he ran his hand under my chin and then pulled my face to the side and up to him. He leaned in and kissed me deeply, sliding his tongue in my mouth. I sucked greedily on his tongue trying to pull moisture into my mouth.

I was damn thirsty and feeling his weight on me as he pulled me up to him, his kiss was keeping the fire of wanting him to take me alive. He pulled from our kiss and asked in a low voice, "You thirsty girl? I'll get you a tall glass of crown and water if you want it?" "Yes, please I am so thirsty." I said through a hoarse voice.

"No bitch, that won't cut it. See I am your black daddy now, and you will call me that when you answer a question or beg for my black cock. You understand me slut?" Lance said grabbing my hair again and pulling my head back in a quick forceful motion.

I swallowed deeply, no moisture in my mouth and responded in a higher pitched voice, "Yes Daddy I understand." "There you go slut, alright, your black dick daddy will go get you a drink. If you move one fucking inch then I will get dressed and walk out this mother fucker and never give you any dick again, you hear me slut?" Lance commanded as he pulled his hand from my hair and down my back to the crack in my ass.

Even before I could think I nearly yelled, "No Daddy, please! I promise not to move at all!" "Hell yeah, that's what I like to hear. So you be still and I'll be back in a second with some good booze for my slut." Lance said as he used his arms on the desk to shift his weight off of me.

Lance went into the conference room to grab my drink and I laid on the desk in the same position he left me in. My pussy was aching to have his black cock in it again. I pulled my hand from the edge of the desk and reached behind me and began rubbing my fingers up and down my pussy lips. My fingers found my clit and I flicked and rubbed it in quick motions. I began breathing heavily as I pleased myself with my fingers.

I heard Lance come back in the room and I pulled my hands back to the edge of the desk. "Sorry Daddy, I wanted to keep my pussy nice and moist for you" I said as I locked my eyes on his cock as he walked to the side of the desk. His cock was huge and he wasn't even completely hard! I couldn't believe that I was able to take him completely in my tight cunt.

I had never had a cock as thick and as long as Lances. "It's all good girl, I want that shit ready for me as soon as you get my cock hard again" he said as he handed me my drink. I was so thirsty that I drank my drink in a few gulps. Lance filled my glass again to the rim with the Crown that he brought from the conference room. I drank it slower and it took me a minute to finish it off. "Thank you Daddy, I was so thirsty" I said as I looked him in the face. Then my eyes wondered down his muscular body and then to his thick cock.

I was mesmerized by it, it was a perfect cock, its shape, its look and its size. My mind strayed and I thought that how two hours ago I was so terrified to be in the same room with this man and now all I could think about was this magnificent dick in front of me. My stomach started to churn again with what I knew now to be a deep locked away desire to be taken by strong and forceful black men. Lance took a pull straight from the bottle of Crown and asked, "Sarah, have you ever had black cock before?" It seemed odd that he didn't call me slut or bitch and my stomach that was churning didn't like the fact that he didn't call me something derogatory.

"Oh hell no, I have been afraid of black men since I was young. It is exactly as you said.

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I thought the feelings inside me all these years had been fear but it wasn't. What I thought was fear I realize now as a hidden desire that I was afraid to allow to come to the surface." I said as I looked quickly to his face and then locked my eyes on his long, thick black cock. And it was true. I felt like a new woman with new desires and needs. And that is what had been bottled up in me for so long, that fear was really a hidden desire to be taken and used by black men for their pleasures.

"Yeah I knew it slut. I can pick out you white sluts for black dick a mile away" Lance said as he walked to the side of the table that I was facing. I was still in the same position since this had all started, my chest lying on the desktop, my stocking covered legs against the side of the desk.

Lance moved to the other side of the desk, his black dick inches from my hands. "Daddy? May I touch it?" I asked sheepishly, my eyes still locked on it. "Yeah stroke that dick bitch, what you think I am standing here for?" Lance said after taking another pull off of the Crown bottle. I reached with one hand and gently took it in my palm at a few inches from his cock head.

I slowly wrapped my fingers around it and almost could not reach completely around. I pulled my hand slowly towards me and his loose skin on his semi hard cock pulled up his shaft with my hand.

I then slowly ran my hand back down his shaft and then repeated the process with a little faster motion. I brought my other hand up to his dick and placed it around his cock but below the other hand and stroked his cock with both hands. Watching my white small hands pulling on this magnificent black cock was keeping that fire in my stomach alive. The contrast of my white hands on his pitch black cock was intoxicating. "OH, it feels so good in my hands" I said as I looked quickly up and Lance and then immediately back to his cock.

"Just stroking it in my hands is making me wet and hungry for it." "Damn girl those little hands of yours feel good on it" Lance said taking another pull from the Crown bottle. "Daddy? Can I have another drink, please?" I asked as I continued to stroke his cock, increasing the speed of my motions. "Sure bitch, get that sweet ass over here" Lance demanded.

I raised my chest slowly from the table. I had been in the same position for at least an hour and my pussy though wet was a bit soar. I stood up straight and started walking to the side of the desk. "No you stupid slut, get on your hands and knees on top of that desk and crawl over to me" Lance commanded again. "Yes Daddy" I responded. I climbed onto the edge of the desk and Lance moved to the opposite side, so I had to crawl over the desk long ways.

I crawled slowly and as sensually as I knew how. Taking my time looking into his face and smiling and then I would look to his cock as I got closer and closer. "M, Hell yeah, that is how a white slut approaches her black daddy slut, on her hands and knees. But get your chest down and stick that ass in the air, I want to see that heart shape of your ass as you crawl to me, begging for my dick" Lance ordered in a deep voice. "Yes Daddy" I said meekly as I pulled my chest lower and pushed my ass higher.

Lance's cock was laying on the table and as I got closer he did not move. I continued to crawl to him and finally his cock was inches from my face.

He grabbed his half erect cock and began slapping me in the face with it. He would slap my cheek and then the other side, then he would slap my nose and then start the process again.

Lance then began to slap his cock head on my lips. "Open your mouth slut, and stick out that tongue" Lance demanded as he continued to bounce his cock on my lips.

I began getting nervous again, I have sucked cock before but I was not sure I was good at it. And Lances cock was so big I was sure I could not fit more than the head into it. "Daddy," I paused and looked at him. "Slut open that fucking mouth and stick out that fucking tongue now, or I am leaving" Lance said looking at me disapprovingly. I immediately did as I was told. I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue into the air. "Open that mouth wide slut, and flatten that tongue" Lance said as he slapped his cock on my cheek.

I opened my mouth as wide as I could and flattened my tongue. Lance bounced his cockhead on my tongue and the nervousness in my body turned back into that desire for black cock. After a few more times of bouncing his head on my tongue Lance ran his free hand to the back of my head and grabbed my hair again and pulled my head back. "Get on your knees" Lance ordered still hanging onto my hair. I did as ordered and pulled my knees under me and rose slowly and then rested my ass on the back of my lower legs.

Lance was still about three feet taller than I was as I sat kneeling on the top of the desk. Lance then pulled my head back by my hair further until I was looking at the ceiling. "Keep that tongue out bitch, I'm gonna give you your drink but as I pour I want you to swallow the entire time, just swallow as the shit hits your mouth. You hear me bitch?" Lance asked looking down at me. I shook my head up and down in a yes response. Lance brought the bottle to my mouth and began to slowly pour the crown.

As instructed I began swallowing. He poured slowly so the constant stream of liquor into my throat did not choke me. After a few seconds he increased the flow of liquor and I continued to swallow yet, with increasing difficulty. He increased the flow some more and now it was flowing faster than I could swallow it. I began hacking and choking and Lance stopped pouring the fluid into my mouth.

"That right there is how you will swallow my cum, slut, you understand me bitch?" Lance said as he pulled on my hair pulling my head further back. 'Oh my God! He is going to make me swallow his sperm?

I thought to myself in a panic. I have never swallowed any mans cum, but I guess I should expect this as a necessity for being his slut. I shook my head slowly in up and down answering his question. Lance sat the bottle of Crown down and then released my hair. "Take that fucking bra off" Lance commanded of me. I reached behind my back with both my hands and released the catch of the bra as I responded, "Yes Daddy." Once the catch was free I pulled my thumbs under the shoulder straps of the brassiere and then pulled my hands to the front of my body.

I pulled the cups slowly off of my breasts and brought my arms in tight squeezing my tits together, letting the bra slide from my hands to the floor. "Holy shit, you got some big titties for a skinny petite little bitch" Lance said as he leaned into them and grabbed one breast in his hand and began massaging and squeezing and sucking and licking the other breast.

Lance grabbed both of my tits in his hands and began sucking and licking both my nipples in turns. He would wrap his big black lips onto my nipples and pull on them. Then he would lick my erect sensitive nipple and flick and lick it with his tongue. Lance began pressing me backwards and I realized he wanted me to lay on my back. Lance pulled away from me and I pulled my legs in front of me opened wide and raised with my feet on the desk. Lance moved back between my legs and kissed me deeply, sticking his hot pink tongue into my mouth and rubbing it on my tongue.

Then Lance started working his way down my chest and licked and sucked and fondled my tits for a few minutes before sliding further down my stomach until his head was between my legs. I could feel his hot breath on my skin as he would move in close to lick or kiss me. As soon as he was in place I immediately felt his tongue pull between my pussy lips.

I let a moan escape from my throat as his tongue touched my stimulated clit. Lance licked and sucked on my clit for a few minutes as I caressed his back gently. The feeling of his hot tongue on my clit was heavenly. My breathing was becoming faster and deeper. The sensations of his tongue licking and flicking my clit and his lips pulling it into his mouth were sending waves and waves of pleasure thru my body.

My clit was throbbing after a few minutes of him pleasuring me with his tongue and mouth. I pulled my hands to his head and began pressing his mouth and tongue into my pussy. Lance then slid a finger into my cunt and slowly began stroking the upper side of my pussy wall.

His thick finger entered sliding in my wet pussy and it felt amazing. Lance inserted another finger and quickened the pace of his fingers stroking in my cunt. He shifted his fingers so that he was pressing on the upper wall of my pussy and hit a spot of nerve endings that sent shocks of electricity through my body.

"OH! Fuck yes Daddy! Right there baby, OH my God that feels so fucking good" I screamed into the air as I pulled harder on the back of his head with my hands. Lance immediately began sucking and licking hard on my clit as he continued to stroke his fingers on the bundle of nerves in my pussy. In seconds he had me at the verge of cumming. I was breathing and panting hard, moaning; Oh god and fuck yes and that feels so good. My breast were heaving with my labored deep breaths which then turned to quick breaths of air into my lungs as my clit sent an orgasm thru my body and I came all over Lance's face.

He continued to suck on my clit and stroke his fingers into my cunt. I was trembling from the sensation being shot through my body as I screamed, "OH! Yes! Yes! Oh fuck God I am cumming!" Lance pulled his fingers from my pussy and began lapping his tongue up and down my pussy lips, sucking and licking my warm sticky cum.

After a minute of licking my clit Lance stood up and grabbed the bottle of Crown and took another pull from the bottle. He handed me the bottle and I took a few gulps between the breaths I was trying to take into my lungs. "Now get on the floor and get on your knees slut," Lance demanded as he grabbed the bottle from me. "Your gonna suck this black dick hard again or no more cock for you." I began pulling myself off of the table and answered sheepishly, "Yes Daddy, but your cock is so big I can't get it all in my mouth and I am not very good at sucking cock." "Well bitch you better suck good cock or this night is over, but don't worry little slut, I will tell you what to do," Lance said as he placed his hand on my head as I began kneeling in front of him.

"Ouch, the floor hurts my knees," I said with a grimace on my face. Lance walked over to a couch in the office and got one of the decorative pillows and walked back and handed it to me. I placed the pillow under my knees as Lance moved in front of me placing his cock inches from my mouth.

He grabbed his half erect cock and began slapping my cheeks again. After a few seconds he bounced his cock on my lips and as I did before I opened my mouth wide and stuck my tongue out of my mouth pushing it flat. "There you go slut, you learn fast don't you?" Lance asked with a smile on his face. I shook my head up and down as Lance placed his cockhead on my tongue.

"Anytime I slap this dick on those lips you open up that pretty mouth of yours, slut, you understand?" Lance asked as he pushed his cock head over my flattened tongue. I shook my head in quick up and down motions. "Good slut, now lick that head bitch, just like it's an ice cream" Lance instructed.

I did as I was told; I ran my tongue up the back of his cock head and then ran a circle over his entire head. His head was so huge I had no idea of how I would fit it in my mouth, but having his cock head sitting on my tongue and the feel of his cock skin on my tongue was making that desire to service him churn in my body. I licked his cock head in circles and flicked my tongue in his piss slit a few times, which he seemed to enjoy as he moaned and grunted in response to my actions.

I then reached a hand for his shaft and wrapped my white fingers around it and began to stroke his cock as I licked his head some more. Holding his thick cock in my hand and the feel of his cockhead on my tongue was so sensual and stimulating for me.

The trepidation that I had before about having to suck his cock was gone and replaced with the desire to feel that cockhead in my mouth. I pulled my tongue into my mouth and took his head into my mouth. I wrapped my pouty full red lips around his cockhead and began licking his head in my mouth.

The feel of my lips and the feel of his big thick head in my mouth sent chills thru my body. A thought flashed thru my mind that felt so liberating, I had a black man's cock in my mouth and it felt wonderful and proper. I began to suck on his head gently pushing and pulling my mouth up and down the tip of his cock as I still stroked him with my hand.


"OH fuck yeah slut, that's good. Love them red full lips locked on my cock," Lance said as he ran his fingers thru my hair. I looked up at Lance and sucked his head tight in my mouth and pulled my head back; pulling his thick black cock taught as I used both hands to stroke his thick shaft up and down furiously as I licked on his head. "Damn girl you got some skills at this, uhm, let's see how much more of this black dick you can take" Lance said as he pulled my head closer to him.

I released my suction from his cock head and pressed my tongue flat in my mouth and used my lips to pull another inch of his cock into my mouth. I had about three inches of his cock in my mouth and I would push down until I could feel his head getting close my throat.

Then I would suck tight and pull my mouth slowly up to his head making sure to press my tongue to the bottom of his shaft. I would repeat the action increasing my speed and suction each time I took his cock. I was bobbing on his cock with such force and so quickly that I could feel my hair shifting and sometimes it would fall into my face and Lance would pull it back around my ears.

I pulled off quickly needing to get a good breath of oxygen as I continued to stroke his cock.

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I gasped and panted as I jerked his shaft with my little white hands, making sure to stroke over the ridge of his head which would make Lance twitch. There was a trail of spit from Lance's head leading to my lips and I used my tongue to twirl the spit around my tongue slowly as I brought my mouth back to his dick. I licked up and down the bottom of his long black shaft as I continued to stroke him with one of my hands. I grabbed his heavy balls with my other hand and massaged them as I continued to lick up and down his thick black cock.

The feel of his cock in my hand and on my tongue was making me so fucking wet. I never enjoyed sucking any guys cock but I was overwhelmed with passion and desire and wanted to please my new black lover.

"Mother fucker I love that little mouth all over my dick slut. You like having that fat black cock in your mouth slut?" Lance asked through his moans. I pulled my head back to the tip of his cock and responded, "Yes Daddy, I love it. It feels so natural having your big black cock in my mouth" I said between licking his cockhead.

I wanted to devour that black cock completely, feel it in my mouth and in my throat. I took his cock into my mouth bobbing furiously inch by inch until his head was pressing against my throat. I began gagging slightly so I just pushed and pulled my mouth up and down his cock for a few minutes. I brought my mouth back to his head and sucked and licked as I caught my breath and readied myself for my next action.

I placed my hands on his hips and pushed my tongue out of my mouth and began pushing his cock into my mouth. When his thick cockhead hit the opening of my throat I gagged a little but continued to push my head down his shaft making his cock head pop into my throat. I got another inch of his cock into my throat before I gagged violently and pulled off his dick quickly. Spit trailed from my lips falling onto my tits as I gasped for air.

Lance laughed and said "Good try slut, but you gotta breathe thru your nose and relax your throat, believe me I have taught many a white slut how to suck their daddy right." I continued to gasp and swallow, forcing the urge to vomit back into my stomach and looked at Lance and said, "Ok Daddy I will try but its hard to do with a big cock like yours." "I know bitch, but you better get good at taking cock down your throat or this shit won't work" Lance said matter-of-factly.

"Please Daddy no! I promise to learn how!" I said almost panicking. I immediately took his cock back in my mouth and grabbed his hips. As his cock head entered my throat I started to breathe thru my nose and just held his head in my throat. His cock was fully erect now and it was easy to push my throat on it so I relaxed and pushed a little further. The sensation to gag was there but as long as I relaxed my throat I didn't gag violently.

I pushed a little further down and began to gag, I tried to relax but I was not getting enough air thru my nose. I gagged violently and felt my stomach heave as I quickly pulled off his cock. I didn't throw up but I heaved loudly as though I was throwing up. Thick slimy spit covered his cock and spit drooled from my lips and I gasped for air. After forcing the urge to puke back into my throat and when I had composed myself I wiped the tears from my eyes and grabbed his cock and stroked the thick slimy spit all over the tip of it.

I grabbed his hips again and pushed my mouth and throat down his cock again. As before when his head pressed on the entrance of my throat I relaxed and began breathing thru my nose, as I took his head past my throat opening into my throat. It was getting easier. I wanted to get all of his cock into my mouth and throat as I gripped his hips tightly and pulled his cock deeper into my throat. I began breathing faster thru my nose and started feeling that gagging sensation.

I slowed my breathing and pulled on his hips pulling more of his cock into my throat. I started gagging but kept him in my throat and continued to breathe. I closed my eyes and pulled his cock completely into my throat as my throat gagged and vibrated on his shaft. I felt his crotch hairs tickling my lips and I opened my eyes. I had all of this black cock down my throat, and I held it for as long as I could.

I pulled off of his cock not needing to heave just needing to breathe. As his cock cleared my throat I began choking on the spit that filled into my throat. I coughed and choked as I pulled him from my lips and gasped hungrily for air.

"Damn slut! You are a natural born black cock sucker!" Lance said loudly. "You had all that black cock in your throat. Mother fucker you are one fine ass white bitch and can suck some black dick too." As I wiped the spit from my lips and chin I looked at Lance and smiled as I said, "Thank you Daddy, I wanted to feel that black dick all in my throat, I wanted you to know I could take it all." "Fuck yeah, you practice a little bit and you'll have brothers around the block to feed you their dicks," Lance said as he stroked his hand in my hair.

"You gonna be a first rate black cock slut, woman." As his words floated in my head a surge of energy shot into my loins, it was true I wanted to suck black cock.

I felt the truth in my stomach as I looked at his cock inches from my face. That desire in my gut was aching and burning at the thought of getting to suck big black cocks. Lance moved back over to the long side of the desk and kicked Martins chair against the wall as he ordered, "Get over here and lean over this desk again bitch, time to fill that pussy up again." I rose quickly and moved to where he ordered me to go, Martins desk was the perfect height for me as I bent over it the edge of the desk snuggled into my crotch perfectly as I laid my chest back onto the desk.

Lance moved in behind me and spit in the crack of my ass. His spit slid down my crack over my ass hole and down my swollen pussy lips. He then rubbed his cock head, still covered in my thick slimy saliva, up and down my pussy lips and in a smooth motion pressed his cock back into my wet pussy.

The feel of his cock entering my cunt sent a shiver up my spine and I let out a low moan. He grabbed my hips tightly and slowly pressed his cock deeper into my pussy. Slowly he filled me deeper and deeper, his big cock stretching my pussy open as it pushed deeper into me. "Oh fuck! That big black cock feels so good!" I moaned as I rested my head on the table, enjoying the pulses of pleasure from my pussy as he filled me with his cock. Lance then began slowly pushing and pulling his black cock in and out of my cunt, the feeling was amazing and pleasurable and I was in pure ecstasy.

"Oh yeah, I love this tight pussy, God damn this shit is good. I am gonna fuck this shit all night slut, what you think of that? You ready to be black dicked all night, slut?" Lance asked as he began thrusting into me faster and faster.

"Yes Daddy" I moaned loudly, "fuck my pussy all night, fuck it feels so good, I love the way your cock feels in my pussy." Lances grip tightened as he began fucking me harder. He began pulling my hips back into his as he stroked his dick into me.

I was breathing harder and faster moaning heavily at the pleasure I was receiving. Lance continued to stroke his black cock into me from behind, pulling on my hips and calling me his little slut and grunting and groaning. From this angle I could see in the dressing mirror a frontal view of Lance taking me from behind as I was bent over the desk.

He towered over me, his thick black arms and hands holding my hips as he took my pussy with fast deep strokes of his black cock. A shock of electricity raced thru my body as I watched this black gangster fuck my pussy hard, my white body rocking to the motions of his thrusts, my black straight shoulder length hair swaying back and forth. A mini orgasm shot through my pussy and thru my body as Lance continued to stroke his cock into me. "Oh yes fuck me Daddy! Fuck my pussy so good!

Fuck I love this black cock, oh fuck it feels so good," I screamed as the mini orgasm coursed thru me. Lance brought his hands from my hips up to my shoulder and started fucking me hard and fast. His long deep powerful strokes into my wet cunt forced me to hold my breath as he slammed deeper into me. He grabbed my hair with one hand and pulled back on my hair as he continued to stroke his cock into me.

"Fucking shit! Tight fucking pussy! You like that black dick deep in you hard and fast don't you slut?" Lance said as he increased the force and speed of his thrusts. "Oh fuck Daddy it feels so good. Oh my God your cock is so fucking big! Fuck me harder," I screamed as I laid paralyzed on the desk. Lance began fucking me as fast as he could, making me scream and moan as he drove his black cock into my pussy hard and fast like a piston.

I looked at the reflection in the mirror of him mounted on me, slamming his cock deep into me. My body was rocking back and forth to the violent thrusts but my body was tingling with pleasure.

My pussy was flowing with electricity, the intensity of the feeling building with each thrust of his cock into my cunt.

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My pussy was so wet I could hear the squishing of the moisture in my pussy as his cock stroked deep then shallow into me. Instantly my body went rigid, I let out a high pitched shriek as my pussy muscles contracted tightly on Lances cock.

I raised my chest from the desk and Lance wrapped one of his muscular arms around my torso and held me as he stroked deep into my pussy as I came. "Oh my God Yes! I am cumming again!" I shrieked in a high pitch. As the orgasm began to subside I laid my head back on Lances broad shoulder and in my ear I could hear him whispering, "Oh yeah cum all over my cock baby.

You love this black dick up in you. Sexy ass bitch, thought you was too good for black dick, now you can't get enough of it, aint that right?" "Oh fuck yeah, I love black dick.

I love it deep in me," I cooed as he continued to stroke his cock into me at a steady deep pace. "Damn woman you are one fine ass sexy bitch.

You look fucking sexy as hell taking my cock from behind. Got my dick all hard for you bitch, now I am about ready to fill that pussy full of cum," Lance said as he grabbed one of my tits and massaged it in his hand. Lance began sucking and kissing my neck as I responded, "No Daddy not in my pussy, I am not protected." "Like I give a fuck, I am gonna fill you full of my shit and breed your ass," Lance said lifting his head from my neck.

"No please Daddy, let me swallow you. Let me take it down my throat then I will clean your cock" I said in a soft pleasured voice.

"Ok bitch that works for me, but you better take it all down your throat, you hear me slut?" Lance said as he began fucking me faster.

I moaned as his cock stroked deeper into me, "uhm, yes Daddy. I will take it all." Lance moved his arm from around my breasts and placed his hand on my back and began slowly pushing my torso back to the top of the desk. I reached across the desk and grabbed onto the edges and gripped tightly as Lance moved his hands to my hips and began pulling my hips back into his thrust, driving his black cock deeper into me.

I began moaning and panting again and Lance was breathing harder and faster. "Oh my God I have never been fucked so good baby," I moaned in a deep husky voice.

"Fuck yeah, I have turned you into a black cock craving slut haven't I?" Lance said as he continued to pull my pussy up and down his cock. I did not respond, I just lay there moaning as he took me from behind powerfully and completely. Lance continued to fuck me alternating speed from fast to slow to slamming into my pussy. I felt his hands tighten on my hips and he began stroking deep into me, slamming into my cervix. Lance began grunting heavily and I knew he was close to cumming.

"Fuck! Fuck! I am going to cum bitch!" Lance grunted loudly as he pulled his cock from my cunt. I spun around quickly and went to my knees.

I opened my mouth and pressed my tongue to the tip of his cockhead as he stroked his cock. I reached for his balls and took them in my hands and gently squeezed. A deep and husky fuck here it comes escaped his throat as he shot a stream of hot cum onto my tongue that went up my tongue and to the back of my throat.

I gagged as another stream of cum spurted on my upper lip then slid on top of my tongue. The taste of his cum was salty and bitter, but I kept my mouth open waiting for more cum. A second of waiting and the largest load of cum I had ever known shot into my mouth followed by a few smaller squirts.

"Motherfucker, you look fucking hot as shit taking a cum shot in your mouth," Lance grunted as he shot the last bits of his load into my mouth and on my tongue. I bent my head back, my mouth still open and my tongue fully extended as I showed him the thick cum in my mouth and on my tongue. I used my finger to pull the rest of the cum on my lip onto it and then placed my finger on my tongue. I pulled my tongue back into my mouth and closed my mouth and closed my lips around my finger.

I was so turned on knowing I just let a black man fuck my pussy then cum in my mouth, I was hungry to swallow his salty bitter load. In one gulp I swallowed his cum down my throat. I could feel it slide slowly down my throat as I sucked greedily on my finger. After swallowing all of his cum I opened my mouth and extended my tongue for Lance to see. "Damn girl you like swallowing cum don't you?" Lance asked as he pulled me up to my feet.

"Um, I think I do Daddy, that is the first time I let any man cum in my mouth and much less have me swallow it" I said as I wrapped my arms around his neck.

"No shit? You never swallowed a guy before? God damn, I have created a black cock cum crazed slut," Lance said as he leaned in and kissed me. Lance picked me up as I reached for the bottle of crown and he carried me to the couch and he sat down with me in his lap. I took a pull on the bottle and gave him a drink. "Well girl what did you think of your first black cock?" Lance asked me looking down into my eyes.

"Honestly Lance I have never been fucked so well. I never realized how erotic and overpowering sex with a black man could be. I am glad you quote forced me into it.

It was barbaric and sexual and animalistic. It doesn't even bother me anymore that you started this by raping me. Once I had that first orgasm everything changed for me. I hope that you will take me often and this is not just a onetime thing because, you have opened something in me that I want to explore," I said as I reached for the bottle of Crown.

"Well don't you worry Sarah, you are one fine piece of ass and I plan on taking that pussy on a regular basis" Lance said as he rubbed his hand on my thigh.

I let out a low moan as I rested my head on his stout chest and said, "Um, thank you Daddy. I promise to be an obedient little slut for you." "How did you get back in the office anyway, Lance?" I asked in wonderment.

"The door was unlocked. I was going to knock and put some charm on you and talk you into giving that pussy up but the door opened and I walked to the door of this office and waited for you to hang up," Lance said after taking another pull of the whiskey. "As I watched you talking on the phone I knew I had to have you. That sexy ass of yours was driving me crazy and I wanted that shit. So when you hung up I knew as soon as you saw me you were going to scream so I snuck up on you and grabbed you." "Well what if I didn't start enjoying the fucking you were giving me?

What if I kept fighting you, what would you have done to me?" I asked looking up at him. "Bitch I don't know, I prolly would have fucked you then left. I am sorry about attacking you but you were driving me out of my mind and like I said, I knew you wanted this big black dick.

I have turned a few of you stuck up white snobby bitches to black a few times. I just knew I could turn you.

Where do you come from slut 'cause you don't sound like a New Yorker?" Lance asked. "I am from a small town in Texas" I answered. "Yeah, I fucking knew it. You snobby white conservative girls from Texas are the best black cock sluts. You act like you would rather be hit by a fucking truck then be around a powerful black man, then you get that black cock in that pussy and everything changes. I giggled softly as I interrupted him, "Damn sure changed me, that's for sure." "Yeah I am going to enjoy you girl.

So anytime I call you better be ready for this black cock," Lance said as he kissed my arm. "I will, Daddy" I said as I pulled my head up and pulled his face to mine and kissed his black lips. We kissed for a few minutes and I guess the two hours of constant fucking and the combination of the whiskey got to us because we both dozed off.

We slept for an hour, me in his lap my head against his chest. Lance started snoring and woke me up. I sat in his arms as I listened to him sleep as I thought back on everything that had happened that night. The pleasure of him inside me and the awakening of my deepest desire to be with a black man sent a chill through my body. I could not believe I had been so foolish for so many years.

All this time I could have acted differently on that feeling in my stomach when I was near a black man, I closed my eyes and began recalling the sensations that went thru my body as Lance fucked me. His black cock filling me completely and stretching my pussy and touching every part of me that needed touching.

I thought about how odd the feeling was to have his cock in my throat as I gagged on it, the feel of it in my mouth and down my throat. I loved every minute of this night and felt content that this had happened, even if it didn't start out in a good way.