Yummy upskirt in Conference room

Yummy upskirt in Conference room
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I was 17 years old. I grew up living in foster homes, never staying at one place more than a few months. I was staying with the Groods family, They were actually pretty nice unlike many of my other homes. It was the night before my 18th birthday, I was walking home late at night after coming home from a party. I could see this woman across the street she was absolutely gorgeous, she had to be some kind of model. It looked like she was following mebut I thought I was just being crazy.

I had gotten to the part where I have to cut through woods to get to my home, I saw her turn to come through the same path as me, was she actually following me? I continued further down the path when all of a sudden she appeared in front of me!

I freaked out, But she quickly calmed me down.

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Something about her was soothing. She said her name was Aphrodite, The Greek Goddess of Love. She explained to me that due to new rules forced on the gods by Zeus, she wasn't allowed to see her children.

I asked her what that had to do with me.

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She said that She was my mom! I smiled, I mean the daughter of the goddess of love? Now that was cool. She said she didnt have much time and that I would be experiencing changes on my 18th birthday. I asked her what she meant when all of a sudden she dissapeared again. I was always told I was pretty. I Had long blonde hair, Bright purple eyes, guys always went crazy over my boobs.

My boyfriend really hated that. Guys were always flirting with me wherever we went. That night I couldnt even sleep, I couldnt stop thinking about meeting that woman. Could she really be a goddess? Was I just seeing things? I really couldnt wrap my head around it. That morning after a long night of thinking, My boyfriend came and picked me up for school.

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We always drove to a abandoned house to park and smoke a joint before school. When we got there he started pulling the papers out when he just started staring at me. I looked at him and asked him why he was staring at me. He didnt answer. He leaned in and started kissing me and grabbing at my shirt. I asked him what he was doing but it was like he was in a trance. I just went with it letting him pull off my shirt. He started pulling off his clothes and I pulled of my pants revealing my thong.

It was a lacey one, luckily I was wearing sexy panties that day.

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I moved over on top of him and he put his cock in my sweet pussy. It was amazing it felt better than ever before. His cock sliding in my wet hole, you could hear my pussy squishing around his big cock.

I started riding him harder, I always liked it rough.

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He started sucking on my pointy hard nipples. grabbing my boobs and pushing them together. I could feel his cock throbbing inside my warm pussy. I started to tighten on his cock, I started breathing heavier, hearing the wet squishing of his cock slamming into my pussy turned me on even more.


I could feel he was about to cum when I started convulsing on his cock. My body started shaking. I started rubbing my throbbing clit, all of a sudden I started squirting.

ive never squirted before Let alone have an orgasm previous to this morning. It was the best sex of my life. We cleaned up and went to school, Later in the day I texted him. I asked him if he liked when I fucked him this morning and he didnt know what I was talking about. I said remember, I came all over you. He still didnt have a clue, He said he remember us smoking the joint and leaving. I thought this was strange. Then I thought about the night before when I met that woman.

Maybe I really was the daughter of the goddess of love. Could that be some power that I inherited? Could I make any guy I wanted have sex with me?

I wanted to try this out, I always had a teacher fantasy, So I went up to the front of the room and asked my teacher Mr. WIlliams if he could tutor me after school.

He looked me up and down and said yes. After school I told my boyfriend about my tutoring session and he left to go home. I went into Mr. Williams class and I started asking him about the chemistry test. I wondered how my powers would work as he stood there explaining the test.


So I just looked into his eyes and thought fuck me. His pupils widened and he looked straight at my boobs. I really did have powers.


He got up and closed the door and covered the window. I started getting undressed. He came over to me pulling his shirt off and dropping his pants.

He had a really big cock for a teacher.

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I pulled down my G- string and he started thrusting into me. He was even bigger than my boyfriend, stretching my walls as he fucked me. I was so wet my pussy started getting creamy.

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He ripped off my bra and shoved his face into my boobs. This was the best sex ever, I couldnt believe I was fucking my teacher. He came inside my as I had an orgasm.

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My pussy throbbing against his cock, I could feel his cum dripping from my pussy, I reached down and rubbed my pussy as I pulled away. I sucked our juices off my fingers as we cleaned up.

I was about to fuck everyone.