Ich Will Deinen Schwanz Saugen

Ich Will Deinen Schwanz Saugen
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Fbailey story number 585 Mom Acting Weird The week before I turned fourteen my mother started acting really weird around me. She seemed very nervous, she dressed sexier than normal, and somehow I kept getting glimpses of her bra or her panties. Mom almost never opened her legs up for me. That was something that she reserved only for Dad. Then on the morning of my birthday Mom entered my bedroom wearing only her bra and panties.

She looked absolutely beautiful, her bra was plain white and simple, and her panties were also plain white and cotton. Her panties were stretched tightly to her body, her pussy was outlined perfectly, and her pubic hair made a nice dark spot. Mom handed me a pearl necklace and asked me to hook it around her neck. She turned around and I placed it over her head.

I looked down and I saw the most beautiful ass crack in the world, my mother's ass crack. She did not say a word as I admired her smooth skin and the roundness of her ass cheeks.

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Finally, even with my hands shaking I was able to hook her necklace for her. Mom turned around to thank me and saw my morning wood bursting to get out of my underwear.


Mom smiled and said, "I'm awfully excited too and my pussy is leaking, I need to change my panties." I said, "Please don't." Mom smiled again and said, "Won't you be needing my wet panties when you jerk off?" I replied, "I'd rather get them later after you have worn them a while." Mom laughed and said, "Okay!

How about I let you smell the real thing while you jerk off. That way I can watch." She did not even wait for an answer, she just pushed me back on the bed, and wrapped a leg over my face placing her panty-covered pussy an inch from my nose. The fragrance was over powering and I started jerking off immediately.

All too soon I was ready to explode, then I felt Mom's hand on my cock, and I was firing gobs of cum into the air.

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Right at the end I could feel Mom's mouth sucking on the head of my cock. She gave it a few licks and then she stood up. Mom said, "Happy birthday" and walked out of my room.


I smiled at my mother all day long and then my fourteen-year-old birthday party started. It seemed strange that just my parents, Mom's sister, and Dad's two sisters were the only guests. Dad kept going out back to tend to the barbecue. We were having chicken and Dad was trying to cook them like the local fire department does. So every few minutes he came in to check on us and then run right back out.

Meanwhile, whenever Dad was not in the house, the four women would talk about sex. They talked to each other, but of course I was sitting right there the whole time.

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They told me all about how, when, and where they had lost their virginity. Mom lost hers to the boy down the street when she was thirteen in his father's garage. She let him fuck her every day that summer but once school started she found several other boys that wanted to fuck her. She admitted to being a slut right up to the day that Dad married her, that was fifteen years ago.

However, in later discussions she admitted to cheating on Dad at least once a year with a complete stranger. She would get dressed up like a whore and go to a bar in another town and let some total pig pick her up. She told my Aunts that she loved to have dirty sex, just as dirty as she could get it. Mom's sister said, "Why not let your son fuck you up the ass whenever he wants too.

That should be dirty enough even for you." Before Mom could answer her, Dad rushed in telling us that the chicken was finally done. The women grabbed the salads, the condiments, and the drinks. I carried the tray with the plates and silverware on it. After we had finished eating Dad stayed inside and the conversation became squeaky clean.

That evening Mom started acting weird around me again. The women kept Dad fairly busy by constantly asking him to fill their wineglasses for them. Whenever Dad would leave the room to get the women more wine to drink, Mom would squirm around in her seat and flash me her panties. I smiled at how wet the crotch of her panties had become. At the end of the evening Mom told me to say my goodnights and go to bed.

Mom got a kiss on the cheek and I said goodnight to Dad, who had gone out into the kitchen to open another bottle of wine. My three Aunts each gave me a kiss on the lips and felt of my ass. Mom's sister brushed her hand against my hard-on, kissed me, and then whispered in my ear how much I had grown. I had hardly gotten into bed when Mom's sister came into my bedroom. She told me that she was on her way to the bathroom but that she just had to tell me how nice my cock had felt through my blue jeans.

She also wanted a better feel of it if I wouldn't mind. Of course I didn't mind. She put her hand down under the covers and into my underwear to grab a hold of my bare cock.

She then placed my hand up under her skirt onto her panty covered pussy.

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After a minute she pulled the covers down and kissed the head of my cock. To return the favor she let me kiss her pussy. But first she removed her panties and then she threw one leg over my body, placing her wet juicy slit right onto my lips.

I enjoyed kissing her pussy while she sucked on my cock. It was more than a virgin teenage boy could handle and I spewed forth with a torrent of cum, which she swallowed. She put my cock back in my underwear, pulled up my covers, and then she removed her pussy from my lips. My Aunt then kissed and licked my face clean before she left my bedroom.

I smiled knowing that she had tucked her panties under my pillow before she had left. It was summer vacation so Mom let me sleep in the next day. When I came downstairs to breakfast, Mom was sitting there with a smile on her face. She asked me how I had slept. It was as if she knew what my sexy Aunt had done to me. Mom asked me if I wanted scrambled eggs, toast, and orange juice. I said, "Yes" and then watched as Mom stood up. Sitting down Mom had looked dressed. She had on one of Dad's white button shirts and the upper part had been closed.

However, when she stood up Mom had only that shirt on and it only had one button connected right between her breasts. The upper part opened up and both of her breasts fell out as she bent over to stand up, the bottom half separated just enough so that I could see her hairy pussy, and what an ass that woman had when she reached up to get me a glass.

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Mom was every bit a MILF and I found myself lusting after her. I had never thought of my own mother as being the Mom that I would Like to Fuck. I watched Mom flutter around the kitchen getting eggs out of refrigerator, a bowl out of cupboard, and a frying pan out of another cupboard.

A plate, a glass, and the orange juice were placed on the table before me. Silverware was added and the bread was put in the toaster and pushed down. Mom mixed milk in with the eggs and stirred it together. All the while I was treated to her breasts bouncing around and out, her pussy playing peek-a-boo with me, and her fine ass winking it's incredible puckered hole at me.

Finally breakfast was served, Mom got another cup of coffee, and sat down opposite me. Her shirt was not closed up like it had been and one whole breast was visible. I had never enjoyed a breakfast that much before. Mom said, "You may have noticed me acting a little weird lately. You see I had made a promise to your three Aunts to take your virginity when you turned fourteen.

Yesterday they made sure to remind me of that promise. I'll tell you that I am more nervous than when I lost my own virginity. Then my sister told me that she had sucked your cock and that you had sucked her pussy.

She also said that if I didn't take your virginity, then she would. Of course your father's sisters also want you to fuck them, after I get my fill of you first." I was shocked but asked, "You mean that I can really fuck you?" After a moment I added, "And my three Aunts too?" Mom laughed and said, "Yes, you can. Where would you like to do it?" I asked, "Can we do it in my bed?" Mom just smiled and led the way up to my bedroom.

I watched her ass twitch with every stair that she climbed. I could see the wetness between her legs and I knew that she was just as excited as I was. Before we got to my bedroom, Mom entered her bedroom. She came out without the white shirt but she was holding her panties from the day before.

She smiled as she handed them to me. Mom laid on my bed on her back, opened up her legs, and then she opened up her hairy pussy. Mom then said, "Stick it in here honey." I undressed, crawled between her legs, and stuck it in her hole.

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As I fucked into her I watched her big breasts bounce around on her chest. Mom saw me watching them and laughed. Her hands went up over her head to grab a hold of my headboard. She was all mine. When I filled her with my cum she just smiled, thanked me, and asked me to do it again. I enjoyed my mother six times that day before Dad came home. We had cleaned up and gotten dressed by then. Right after Dad came home my mother's sister stopped by to take me to dinner and a movie.

We never did get to the movie and dinner was anything that I could stick into her pussy. We fucked and we raided the refrigerator. I never knew that a woman's pussy could hold a cucumber that big before but my Aunt's sure could. Not only could I get that cucumber into her but she also let me stick three carrots in her at one time. I fucked her good with a yellow summer squash too. Afterwards she cooked up the carrots and the summer squash, we ate them.

I got in one last fuck before she took me home. That night I was told that Dad's two sisters wanted to take me out too.

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I just smiled at Mom and she smiled back at me. She was no longer acting weird. The End Mom Acting Weird 585